The Hoodie

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*** Pretext: All parties in below mentioned story are 18+ in age.

I suppose you could say that my sister Karen and I were your typically siblings. We generally got along well but there were many occasions were we’d argue, get on each others nerves, and have to battle it out to solve dilemmas. My parents were divorced and Karen and I lived with our mom and stayed with our dad on most weekends. Our mom worked second shift, which meant that we were home by ourselves most nights.

There wasn’t a whole log going on. Neither I nor Karen were out with friends or working. We were in just lounging watching some TV. Having not much to do, I lit up a joint and offered Karen to partake. As we sat on the couch, our lunges full of smoke, we slowly exhaled, staring at the plumes of smoke that filled the air. Before long we were feeling the affects of the joint and obtaining that mellow buz we were looking for.

Whatever show we were watching had ended. Karen went to take a shower and I decided to go to my room for the night. Lying on my bed in my boxers, I intently stared at my phone. Images of naked women in various poses and sexual positions is what peaked my interest at that moment. My cock began throbbing, and I instinctively began rubbing it.

I hear the bathroom door open as Karen walks down the hallway to her room wearing her long night shirt and carrying a hoodie. I ataşehir escort bayan cover myself just enough so she can’t see my raging hard-on. But as she walks past my doorway, I take notice that the hoodie she’s carrying is mine, one which I haven’t seen since lending it to her some time back.

I yell out to her “hey, is that my hoodie?”

She pops her head in my doorway and says, “um…no! You gave this to me, remember?”

I shout back, “No, I lent it to you to wear and I haven’t seen it since. Now give it back!”

She replies back, “Fuck you! You can’t take back something you give someone” and then she goes off to her room.

Feeling slighted and taken for, I jump off my bed and chase her to her room. She jumps on her bed holding the hoodie tightly to her with one hand and covering her upper body with one of her big pillows with the other. I try reaching under the big pillow to grab the hoodie but she turns away from me. She’s lying stiff as a board, legs clenched together holding that hoodie tightly to her body with one hand and holding the pillow atop with the other hand.

I jump on her bed and try to pull the hoodie from the other side. Our disagreement turns into a wrestling match. Eventually I’m able to get a hold of a sleeve of the hoodie, but she’s determined not to let go. Knowing that she’s ticklish, I use that to my advantage escort kadıköy and eventually I’m able to pull the hoodie from her grip.

Lying on her – well actually lying on the pillow that’s in between us- I hold the hoodie behind my back so she can’t take it. As an attempt to keep me from running off with the hoodie, she wrap’s her legs around me and pulls my shirt to her in a bare hug so that I can’t get up. But it’s at that point that I become aware that my cock is now poking out from my boxer shorts, and is at full erection. I don’t think she realizes the position that we’ve gotten ourselves into, but I suddenly am aware, and try to move off of her. Unfortunately she doesn’t let up her grip on me. With my arms tightly gripping the balled up hoodie behind my back, I’m unable to reach down and reposition my cock back into my boxers.

I arch my back off of her so that my raging hard-on is no longer poking at her pussy, but she remains locked onto me and doesn’t let go. Too embarrassed to say what’s really happening, in a more serious tone, I tell her that she needs to let go of me. Unfortunately she stands her ground and maintains her hold of me.

I can’t hold my hips off of her for long and our struggle continues. Shockingly I become aware that my dick is now poking at her WET behind. Initially, I cannot tell where my cock is poking, but I can tell that it’s bostancı escort now wet and warm. I’m not sure if Karen is aware, or just ignoring the consequences of our struggles, but she doesn’t let up. We continue wrestling and it gradually becomes more evident that I’m now pushing into her pussy! At first I try my best to lift my pelvis off of her, but it’s near impossible in the position we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Eventually I am fully penetrating her and oddly enough, we continue wrestling for the hoodie as if we’re both ignorant to what’s actually happening. She continues yelling and pulling as do I, but our tones have changed now a bit. A pure lustful sensation has taken over me and I continue to ride the pleasurable feelings that my dick is now controlling. As gross and strange and odd as it is, I’m engulfed with the forbidden pleasure I’m feeling.

Karen’s yelling grows more throaty and her movements under me to get control of the hoodie become more jerky and shaky. At that moment I feel a rush of sensations flow through my body as I too begin a more jerking motion as I push into her. I’m cumming! I bury my head in the pillow and scream with the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had.

Our wrestling adventure probably only lasted several minutes, but it was quite the experience.

A little freaked out about what had just occurred, I let go of my grip on the hoodie and tell her “fine, you can have it” to which she immediately released her grip on me. I pulled myself from her, quickly tucking my still hard cock into my short and say “psycho” as I walk out of her room, to which she simply laughed as I shut her door.

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