The Horse Farm

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They had met the day before at the dude ranch. It was a natural. They both rode English, not Western, and the ranch actually had some English trained horses. They spent the day riding through the wood trails. They shared the picnic lunch by secluded stream, horse hobbled, eating grass. Laughed and giggled. Then, not knowing where her boldness came from, she kissed him, hard. And he had kissed back.

She was frightened by her reaction. She had just met the man 2 hours ago and she was wet down below. They rode some more and as the sun set headed back towards the ranch for the nightly bonfire and sing along. It felt good to be in his arms, singing the silly camp songs, smelling his smell.

As the embers died and happy couples and lonely single went back to their cabins, she turned to him.

“I want you,” she said, “Please make love with me tonight.”

He had smiled and kissed her. Back in his cabin they undressed with the moonlight coming in though the windows and then made love illegal bahis tenderly for hours. Her orgasms were some of the best she had ever had. And she knew his were also. She had read all the right magazines, Cosmo, Glamour, and even surfed Adult web sites looking for sex tips, new positions to try and so on. Sexually, she was very satisfied with herself, she knew what she wanted and how to get it.

When she awoke next to him the next morning, something was odd.

“Don’t be frighten my darling,” were the first words she heard. “I have bound you, just a little, and will release you if you want.” She noticed that where were leather cuffs with rings and buckles on them around each of her wrists and ankles.

“I would like to show you something, something I think you will like, something I think you have never before experienced. At you word, I’ll stop. Do you trust me?”

She was strangely turned on. He could be this pyscho killer from LA, she’d seen a television special on that a illegal bahis siteleri few months back. But her heart told her otherwise, and her pussy also told her otherwise.

She slowly nodded yes.

“There are two rules. The first is you have to do anything I say. The second is that if you don’t want to, you don’t have to, but the game is over. I will have control over your body, but you control the game by being able to stop it. Do you agree.”

Again, she nodded yes.

“Let go outside.”

“WHAT?” she yelled.

“Do you want me to stop the game?” he asked.

“People will see us.”

“It is early, barely after sunrise, no one will see us, and besides, what if they do? Do you want me to stop the game?”

She shook her head slowly no.

He open the cabin door. The cold air caught her by surprise, but it wasn’t’ too bad. It was going to be another scorcher today. He led her over to the dressage track then quickly handcuffed her to the top rail.

“What canlı bahis siteleri he hell?”

“Do you want me to stop the game?” he asked.

She was scared, but very turned on. She wanted to run and hide and go back to the comfort of the accountant who knew how to lick her but whose dick was never hard enough, or the carpenter who was rough with her but always needed a bath. She was safe there, her girlfriends all had boyfriends like that.

She shook her head the way her cunt voted, to stay.

He cuffed her legs to the post, she was spread out, vulnerable.

“In the city, I’d use a gag to give you the freedom to scream, out here, it won’t be necessary.”

He knelt before her and buried his face in her cunt. His tongue invaded her. She’d been licked before, by countless guys and girls and even by him last night. She loved it. But she had never been licked like this before. She was his, totally his.

Her orgasm hit and her cry split the morning sky. A brace a pheasants was flushed from the brush. His tongue never let up. She saw colors and smelled smells. Her orgasm would not stop.

When she came to, he was standing next to her. Her body still shook.

“Do you want me to stop the game?” he asked.

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