The Lingerie Incident Ch. 04

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Introduction from the author

This is the fourth chapter of a longer story titled The Lingerie Incident. I greatly appreciate any and all who read the previous installments and left comments or voted. Special thanks to blackstallion21 for taking the time to edit this for me.


The weeks that followed were a blur of activity for all of them — both in and out of the bedroom. Misty and Kevin were both very busy with work, often leading each of them to late nights at the office trying to get caught up. On top of that, a strange mood had come Misty since her sister moved in and her libido was in overdrive.

Kristen was progressing steadily with her pregnancy and looking sexier and sexier each day as her body changed. To top it off she was just as horny, if not more, than she was before. Several late nights were spent in Kevin’s office with her sprawled out on his desk, moaning and writhing as he shot his seed inside her.

One Thursday afternoon, about four months after she moved in with her sister and brother-in-law, Kristen called Kevin at work.

“Hey Kris,” he said, answering his cell phone.

“Hey. I just got back from my checkup.”

“How’d it go?”

“Pretty good, they said the baby is growing fine. They were worried about my blood pressure being high though.”

“Is that bad?”

“It can be. They want to keep an eye on it. I also talked to the doc about that test he told us about, remember? The Chorionic Villus Sampling?”

“Sure I remember. He said they could see if I was the father with that test.”

“Right, well I asked about it, and he said that because of the blood pressure he thinks we should hold off just too be safe.”

“Oh ok. Yeah if he thinks it’s best to wait, we should wait then.” Kevin agreed. He was more than a little disappointed though. He needed to know if that was his kid or not.

“So…” she asked quickly changing the subject. “What time are you coming home? Want me to meet you at the office?”

“Nah, I’ll be leaving on time today I think,” he told her, “Misty won’t be home until late though. She has some presentation to finish up.”

“Ooh, so we’ll have the house to our selves then?” The suggestiveness in her voice was impossible to miss.

“Yeah- hang on a sec, Misty’s calling in.” he clicked over to the incoming call without waiting for her to answer.

“Hey babe, what’s up?”

“When you get off, can you come by my office for a while? I need your help with some stuff.”

He cursed under his breath.

“What? I didn’t get that.”

“I said ‘sure honey, no problem’.” He assured her he would be by as soon as he left his office and quickly clicked back over to her sister.

“Hey sexy.”

“Hey handsome, I’ve been laying here on your bed thinking about what we’re going to do tonight.”

“Yeah, um about that. Misty needs me to come by her office to help her with something. I’m sorry baby.”

“Dammit!” Kristen whimpered on the other end, clearly upset. “What am I supposed to do with this freshly shaven, dripping wet pussy?”

Images of her beautifully plump pussy filled his mind. “You’ll just have to keep it wet until I can give it proper attention.”

“Mmmm..I think I can do that. But you have to try to hurry, I need you bad! ” Her voice wavered as she hung up and he closed his eyes, his vivid imagination painting an erotic scene in his mind: Kristen sprawled naked on the bed he shared with her sister, teasing her throbbing clit with Misty’s vibrator. He shook his head to clear the distracting thoughts and tried to focus on his workload. It was going to be a long day.


When he got to Misty’s office later that evening he found her in the large conference room, surrounded by books, reports and little paper boxes of Chinese food. The office was silent and deserted save for the two of them.

“Hey baby,” she said, looking up from a two-inch thick bound spreadsheet. “Thanks for coming by.”

“No problem.” He kissed the top of her head as he took a seat beside her. “It looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you. What’s going on?” He motioned to the stacks of books and paperwork spread out on the table.

“You can say that again. We’re finally going to trial on that hi-rise collapse from last year. You remember?”

“Remember? How could I forget?” Kevin’s firm was originally contracted to be the lead designer for the project, but the developer changed directions at the last minute. From what he had heard the developer was cutting corners and using substandard materials to save costs.

“I’m just glad you weren’t a part of that fiasco.”

“Yeah me too, so what did you need help with?”

“See that stack of reports?” She pointed to a foot-tall tower of paper at the other end of the long table, “Those are the structural specs and test reports. Can you look over them for me?”

“Sure.” Eyeing the massive pile he made his way to the other end of the table and sat down. He quickly sent Kristen a text message:

Hey sexy…looks like we’re going 2 b a while. Sry illegal bahis 🙁

A moment later his phone vibrated against his leg. Misty was engrossed in her work and not paying a bit of attention to him at the moment. He pulled out the phone and checked the message on the screen.

🙁 No!! I need u so bad! What am I supposed to do with this?!!

Attached was a close up picture of her very wet, very pink pussy spread open and waiting.

God ur killing me! I’ll try to hurry. He shot back.He turned his attention to the massive report, determined to get through it as quickly as possible.

As it turned out, hurry was not going to be in his vocabulary. They spent the next few hours going over their respective reports and idly chatting about their workdays. Sometime around seven-thirty Kevin looked up from the last page of his report and noticed that Misty was no longer in the conference room. He hadn’t seen her leave, but then again he had also been preoccupied with the monotonous reading and the hard-on he was sporting from the progressively sexier and dirtier pictures her sister was sending to his phone. He finished the last page of the report he was reading and stood, stretched and adjusted the bulge in his pants to what he hoped was a less noticeable position then went to look for his wife.

The main office was dark, the only light coming from the exit signs and the island of light spilling out of the conference room door. At the far end of the hall was another island of light and he made that his destination. Misty was in her office searching her bookcase for something. Her back was to the door, and she was bent at the waist, giving him a very nice view of her pin striped slacks cupping the curves of her ass. He snuck up behind her and grabbed a double handful of the luscious rear making her jump and squeal.

“You scared the shit out of me!” Misty quickly spun around to face her husband.

He gave her his best evil grin, “I just couldn’t resist. You had your ass stuck out and it looked so inviting.”

“Oh yeah, and just what did you intend to do with it?” She sat on the edge of the large cherry desk, leaning back slightly with a playful smirk on her face. Her blouse was pulled tight against the perky lumps of her tits teasingly. He stepped forward and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Well,” he said as he pressed his bulge into her crotch. “I thought I’d start with this.” She looked down and then back up to him, her grey-green eyes sparkling, daring him to do something. Their mouths pressed together tightly, tongues searching and finding their counterparts easily while his hands fumbled with the buttons on her blouse. He kissed his way down her neck as he stripped it and the black lace bra it concealed off of her. Misty thrust her chest out, presenting the soft orbs of her breasts for his attention. He took each nipple into his mouth in turn, softly biting and suckling the hard little nubs and causing her to moan and giggle.

“Ahhhh.” she breathed in an uncharacteristically husky voice, “you want to fuck me on this desk stud? I can see that you do. You want to bury this throbbing piece of meat inside of me don’t you?” She accentuated each word with a thrust of her crotch against his own.

“God, do I ever.” he hissed back at her.

“I sure hope the boss doesn’t catch us,” she winked, “she can be an uptight prude sometimes.”

Now it was her turn to fumble with his buttons as she tugged at his shirt and belt. Soon enough she had him exposed, slowly running her hand over the swollen shaft. Each stroke milked another drop of pre-cum onto her hand. Without a word she slipped to her knees. Her face was warm and smooth against his skin as she rubbed his cock all over it, pausing now and then to kiss or lick a spot. She kissed her way up the ridged underside to the very tip and planted a little kiss. She looked up at him again, smiling with the head of his distended penis resting on her pouty lips. Without taking her eyes off of him they parted and he melted into the wet velvet of her mouth, sliding further and further down until her lips met the smooth skin at the base.

Kevin loosed an inarticulate groan as he felt her throat and tongue working around the new intruder of their domain. Suddenly she pulled back, letting him fall from her mouth and gasping for air. Thick saliva coated her chin, dripping down to her breasts.

“That big dick felt sooo good in my throat.” she purred. “I bet it’s going to feel even better in this tight little pussy.” Her right hand was between her thighs, rubbing her mound through her pants. She stood, stripping the hip hugging slacks that started all of this from her waist while leaving the black lace panties beneath them on, and bent over her desk. She looked back over her shoulder at him, swaying her hips back and forth. He couldn’t help but stare at that beautiful round ass.

“Are you going to fuck your horny wife or not?” she asked playfully after a few seconds, snapping him out of his stupor.

“I’m going to fuck you like you’ve illegal bahis siteleri never been fucked before baby!”

With his cock in hand he stepped forward and pulled her wet panties to the side to reveal her glistening slit. He slid the head over her swollen lips, stopping with the tip just inside her folds like a nocked arrow waiting for release. Misty pushed back against him, eagerly urging him to penetrate her. They moaned in unison as her elastic lips stretched around the head of his cock and it sank into her. Her tight walls squeezed it in an iron grip, clenching and releasing around his girth, massaging him, trying to drag him in deeper until he was completely inside of her. He could feel the hard rock of her clit brushing against his balls as she ground herself into him.

“Oh god that feels sooo good.” his wife moaned when he started to rock back and forth in long, slow strokes.

“You like that baby?”

“Yes, I love your big cock Kevin. Fuck me hard. Make me your little slut!”

Her words energized him, and he started to pump his cock into her in earnest; pulling out almost to the tip before slamming the length back into her. With each thrust his pace quickened until his cock was a blur of meat impaling Misty’s taught body. An obscene narrative was pouring from her mouth, invigorating him further.

He paused long enough to grab Misty’s waist and flip her onto her back on the desk before slamming back into her. Their eyes locked, and he saw pure ecstasy staring back at him in hers: she was as close to the edge as he was.

A shudder rocked her body and as if reading his mind she cried out. “Oh fuck Kev! Don’t stop! I’m going to cum!” Quieter, she begged, “I want to feel you come inside of me.”

Kevin looked at her, stunned by her words, his rhythmic thrusting slowing. Images of that first time with Kristen flashed through his mind; she had said that exact phrase that fateful night.

Misty was moaning loudly and shaking in his grasp as her orgasm finally tore though her. “Oh Kevin, fuck me! Fill me up!”

The sight of his wife writhing in pleasure brought him back to the moment, and he renewed his thrusting. A half-dozen more strokes into the molten forge of her pussy and he exploded, pumping her full of his seed.

She cried out in pleasure with every twitch and spurt of his ejaculation. “YES! OH YES!”

Finally it was over and Kevin collapsed into her open arms, resting his head on her heaving chest while his cock wilted inside of her. Above them, unnoticed and inconspicuous, a small black eye and smaller red light looked on in cold electronic observation.


Later, driving home behind Misty, Kevin phoned ahead to her sister.

“Hello?” Kristen asked sleepily.

“Hey gorgeous, we’re on our way home.”

“Mmm hey. Sorry, I fell asleep. What happened? You stopped texting me back all of a sudden.”

“Sorry, I was, ah, preoccupied for a while”

“Oh yeah?” she asked sounding more awake. “Did it have something to do with my sister by chance?”

“You could say that.” he offered.

“Well maybe you’ll have to fill me in on all the dirty details.” she said suggestively.

That wasn’t the first time she had inquired about his sex life with Misty. It seemed like she wanted to know every detail so that she could one-up her sister in some way. Not that he was complaining about it or anything.

“I might just do that,” he teased, “if you’re a good girl.”

“Wouldn’t you rather me be a bad girl?”

“Yes” he said smiling to himself, “very bad.”

“Well hopefully I can show you just how bad I can be when you get home.” She purred. He looked down at his watch and winced. It was quarter to eleven already.

“We’ll see. We should be home in about fifteen.”

“K.” she said and hung up.

When they finally arrived home the house was dark and Kristen was nowhere in sight. Misty excused herself to the shower with a quick peck on the lips while Kevin plopped down on the couch to catch the late news, hoping Kris would come down stairs. He must have been more tired than he realized, because one minute he was staring at the talking heads droning on and on about the economy and which Muslim blew up what embassy, and the next he was opening his blurry eyes to an infomercial for a blanket with sleeves. Groggily, he looked down at his watch. To his surprise it was almost two a.m. he clicked off the TV and headed to bed.

As he was passing the kitchen something caught his eye through the French doors leading out to the pool deck. The pool lights were on. He walked over and stuck his head out the door to look around but didn’t see anything, and was just reaching around to switch off the lights when someone cleared their throat. He spun to the left and there was Kristen in the pool, her head just visible over the stone edge.

“I was beginning to think you were going to sleep there all night.” she giggled as he strolled over to her. “Care to join me?”

The night had turned out hot and humid and the blue water looked extremely canlı bahis siteleri inviting but he hesitated, shooting a glance up to his bedroom window that overlooked the pool deck. No lights on up there, Misty must have gone to bed without him. When he looked back down Kristen’s bathing suit top was on the deck beside his feet and she was swimming away across the pool in a slow, fluid back stroke that left just the white globes of her breasts and the growing dome of her tummy exposed above the water. The increasing pressure in his pants told him that his mind had been made up. He quickly stripped down and slipped into the tepid water. He wasted no time in following Kristen to the far side of the pool near the shallow end.

As he swam up to her, she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, pressing her body to his. “I almost gave up on you, you know.”

“I’m very glad you didn’t.” he told her while kissing down her neck to the deep ravine of her cleavage.

“Was it worth it?”

“Was what worth it?” he asked, genuinely confused.

“Making me wait, was it worth it?”

“Oh, uh”

“Did she fuck you good?” she asked pointedly. She let him slip from her embrace and stood in front to him, grasping his semi-erect penis under the water. “Did my sister take good care of my big dick for me?” Kristen was staring at him with a cold look of calculation.

“Yes, she took very good care of it.”

His sister-in-law’s eyes reflected millions of stars overhead as tiny pin pricks of light as she stared at him intently. “Did she suck your cock?” Her hand was sliding gently along the lengthening shaft as she interrogated him.


“Did she let you cum in her mouth?” Her grip was tight around his now fully erect penis.

“No, I uh, didn’t cum in her mouth.” he told her.

“Tsk tsk, naughty girl. I’ll have to have a talk with her.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’ve been giving your wife some ‘sex education’. You know, since I’m the whorish one and all.” she said with a wink.

“Yeah she mentioned that a while back. I guess she’s been listening. Tonight she…” Her finger across his lips stopped him in mid-sentence.

“Not now. You can tell me all the dirty details another time. Right now I want you to eat my pussy,” she instructed.

Kevin gladly obliged, lifting her up and setting her on the edge of the pool deck. The soft moon light glistened on the wet folds of her pussy as she lay back on the deck and spread her legs. The skin was smooth, without the slightest trace of hair, and he noticed that her lips were fuller and darker; protruding further from the cleft of her vagina than they had the first time he had the pleasure of seeing them. It was another of the physical effects brought on by her pregnant state that he immediately fell in love with. He dove in with gusto, sliding his tongue up and down her lips to taste the sweetness of her. Her body responded, opening up like a rose to reveal the soft pink petals of her vagina.

“Mmm that’s nice.”

His tongue dipped further, pushing into the warmth of her canal, while his hands roamed over her body. The wetness of her flooded over his searching tongue and he slurped it down greedily. His mouth found the protruding bud of her clit and clamped down tightly.

“Ahhhh.” Kristen shivered in his grasp. “Yes!”

He sucked hard on the little nub, making her squeal and squirm with pleasure. He felt her fingers slip through his hair and twist themselves into it andshe thrust her hips against his advancing tongue, trying to fuck his face.

“Eat that pussy baby! Oh don’t stop! I’ve been playing with it all night, thinking about you. When you -OH YES! When you stopped texting me I knew you were going to fuck her. I played with my pussy while I pictured your fat cock sliding into her pussy, but I wouldn’t let myself cum.

“I wanted to save it all for you. Oh god, I’m going to cum for you!” she called through clenched teeth. Seconds later her thighs clamped around his head, her back arched off of the cool pavers of the pool deck and his mouth was inundated with her milky wetness. He slurped up the sticky flood while she writhed about with one hand pressed to her mouth to stifle her moans and the other still gripping his hair tightly. When he finally pulled his head from between her thighs Kristen sat up slowly, breathing heavily and wiped a stream of her juice from the corner of his mouth.

“You love the taste of my pussy don’t you, you dirty boy?” she teased, licking her finger slowly.

“You know I do.”

“Good. Don’t wash your face tonight. I want to still smell my pussy on it when you wake up in the morning.” She quickly stood and strutted back to the house without another word. All he could do was stare at those beautiful hips swaying back and forth. When she was gone he looked down to his throbbing penis jutting into the pool water and sighed.


Kevin awoke Friday morning to the blaring of his alarm clock bright and early at seven thirty. The bed beside him was empty, and not recently judging by the coolness of the sheets. He checked his calendar on his phone and saw that his day was mostly clear, so he shot off a quick email to his assistant letting her know he wouldn’t be in and collapsed back into oblivion.

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