The Maiden Aunt

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“Hello Tom, where’s your mother?”

Tom lay sprawled across the sofa and looked up from his book as Zil came into the sitting room. Just turned twenty, he was a tall rangy young man with that interesting studious look, young men have about them at that age.

“She’s gone out shopping.” He said smiling and always pleased to see his Aunt Zil.

“Oh damn, I wanted to go too.” Zil sighed.

“Never mind, you’ll just have to let me entertain you. Come and sit down here and we can have a chat.”

Tom patted the sofa beside him and moved up to make room for his favorite aunt to sit next to him.

Zil smiled at her handsome nephew and asked him exactly what he had in mind as to a way of entertaining her?

Tom blushed slightly and told Zil she was just so wicked sometimes.

“Alright then, tell me how you are getting on at college. Have you got yourself a nice girl friend?” Zil sat close and squeezed Tom’s arm fondly, wanting to know all his news.

“Well nothing serious at college, not at the moment. There has been a few, but the trouble is that young girls don’t do much for me.”

“Really? You aren’t … a bit? …no of course not, silly me.” Zil laughed teasing him.

“No Auntie, I’m not gay!” They both laughed. ” It’s just that I like the older mature woman actually, always have. I find them much more, well grown up, if you know what I mean?”

Zil punched Tom’s arm fondly, thinking what a lovely toy boy he would make some older woman, as he put it.

“Girls do go on don’t they?”

“All a bit fickle, you mean Tom?” Zil suggested.

“Yes, always a bit frivolous and shallow, where as a real woman knows what she wants and just takes it.”

“Gosh, I do hope you are not being ‘taken’ too much, well not without being asked first, that is?” She grinned at her dirty thoughts as they flashed across her naughty mind.

“Actually,” Tom turned towards Zil and looking seriously into her eyes, said, “I’ve never told you this before Auntie Zil but it’s always been you that got my motor buzzing for me.”

Zil jumped with shock and looked at him in amazement. “Sorry, but what did you say Tom?”

“I said it’s always been you that got me going. Always has been, for as long as I can remember, I’ve had this wicked fantasy for years to f….”

“Shhh, please, I don’t want to hear it Tommy.” Zil scolded him, putting her hand to his mouth, and trying to look angry.

“But it’s true, I’ve been lusting after you for as long as I could wank myself off.”

Zil looked long and hard at her nephew and suddenly saw him in a whole new light. Where was the funny shy boy she’d always known?

“It’s just a … a… oh hell I can’t think what you call it, but it’s something that just happens to young men and then passes when you find someone your own age dear.” Zil fumbled with her hands and felt very uncomfortable sat on the sofa next to a young man who had a stiff cock for her, which she could see now tightly bulging in his pants.

Tom saw her looking at it too.

“Look Auntie Zil, see how much I want you right now.” He pointed to his pants smiling proudly.

“No Tom, please stop it this minute.” Zil turned her head and looked away.

“Feel it Auntie, feel how hard I am for you.” He took Zil’s right hand and pulled it over the top of his throbbing cock as escort bostancı it burst to get out of his jeans.

Zil snatched her hand away and stood up to rush out of the room, but Tom quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her back down onto the sofa and this time forced her hand back onto his cock and held it there so she could do nothing else but feel his hardness, and it’s frantic twitching inside those jeans.

“No Tom please, this is not right, I’m your aunt for heavens sake.” She felt him squeezing her tightly held hand so that his cock twitched even more beneath the denim and she was forced to look down at it for the second time.

“Let me take it out and show you him properly.” He pleaded.

“No Tom, no way, definitely not! Your mother would have a fit if she caught us doing this. She’d never speak to me ever again. I mean the shame …”

“She’s going to be ages Auntie Zil and I do so want to show you my cock … I think it’s quite a beauty. I know you’ll love it.”

“Look, I’ve told you, I really don’t want to see it, do you understand? Now let me go and we’ll say no more about this.”

Tom let go of her hand, but slowly pulled his zip down and undid the top button of his jeans and standing up in front of her let his pants fall to the floor and his cock jump out right before his aunt’s startled open mouth.

Zil’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as she looked in total amazement at this huge young mans’ manhood. Her nephew’s cock, the very one he had told her he’d been wanking off for years as he fantasized over her. Her mouth was now so dry she couldn’t say a word but just looked on in wonderment.

Tom stood there and fondled the whole length of his hard quivering flesh. Rubbing it lovingly and then very slowly deliberately pulling his short foreskin back to fully expose the whole of his damp shining knob.

Zil knew she was lost the very moment she saw it. How could she even think straight with this pleasure monster right there before her eyes and with in touching distance? Her cunt was jumping with joy and lust and felt like it was cumming six to the dozen. Without thinking twice or wanting to even stop herself, she put her hands up to touch this true beauty. Gently she took hold of this huge wonderful length of throbbing pleasure, and breathed out one long sigh.

“Do you like it Auntie?”

Zil nodded her head and whispered “Oh yes Tommy, oh yes I do like it!” trying to clear her throat and bring some saliva back to he mouth and moisten her dry tongue.

Suddenly as if by magic her mouth just gushed with saliva. It ran like a dog’s for a bone. She felt like a bitch on heat and this bone before her made her tongue hangout and drool for a suck of that beautiful tasty morsel. She leant forward and opened her mouth to stick her now dripping tongue out and run it over this tantalizing sucky sweet.

She purred with pleasure as she felt that welcoming shared warmth of another’s body inside her and tasted that musky spunky taste that only a cock could give to an open wanton mouth like hers.

Tom took her by the hair and held her hard and fast so that she could not escape him this time as she let his cock go ever deeper down her throat.

He moaned loudly as he had never seen, let alone felt his cock be swallowed by anyone else before. So deep and yet ümraniye escort so wonderfully tight as he rocked gently back and forth on his aunts open mouth making her gurgle and squirm around on the sofa like she was begging him never to stop fucking her face.

It was when Zil felt Tom suddenly start to tense up and gasp louder that she quickly pulled her mouth away from his dripping saliva covered cock. “Not yet Sweetie.” She hissed, “don’t shot it yet, I want to play some more.”

He swore and clenched his throbbing cock it in both hands as he fought to control the start of an approaching orgasm. Zil watched him fight to stop shooting all his seed free as he let the spasms pulse one after the other in his tightly held hands. He may be young, she thought, but he had found out the secret of how to stop himself from cumming.

She watched as Tom coaxed his aching cock back under control with only the loss of a couple of little pearls of spunk dripping slowly out of his knob end. Zil lovingly licked these away, smacking her lips, well pleased with her sexy nephew.

“This is too dangerous doing it down here Tom,” she told him. “Let’s go up to my room where we can at least lock the door.”

Zil didn’t wait for a reply but lead the way up the stairs and into her bedroom where she locked the door securely behind them and started to eagerly undress her nephew.

He had a lean youthful body that was not yet fully developed but had lots of room to fill out. His shoulders were wide and with narrow hips and powerful thighs it gave him an almost Greek God like appearance, standing there fully naked and sporting one hell of a huge rampant prick on him.

“Oh yes, it’s a three hander”, she had laughed as she grasped his cock in both hands with still enough cock showing for yet another hand to cover up its length.

“Now me” she told Tom after reluctantly letting go of him. “I want to be nice and naked for you.”

She let him strip her slowly, enjoying her young nephews gaze on her body and his fumbling nervous hands as he struggled to control his desire not to rape her where she stood. He lovingly fondled her firm tits and kissed her hard big nipples as he discovered she had no bra on. And then he tentatively explored and fingered her cunt when he found out that she had no knickers on either.

“See what a dirty aunt you are Auntie Zil, going about without any knickers on, I mean, no wonder I wank myself frantic all the time. I can smell your cunt calling to me ten yards away!”

Zil laughed, telling him he was a dirty little sod, and threw herself on her bed. She opened her legs really wide deliberately played with her cunt as Tom stood and watched.

She pushed in first one then two and finally three fingers into her drooling hole and slurped them around and then sucking on them and licking each one of them clean after being covered by her flowing juices. She pulled hard on her right nipple as she watched her nephew start to wank his rampant cock with excitement, loving the expression of wanting her in his eyes. Pure wanton lust to fuck her legless.

“Want to suck me Tom?” she asked him moving to the edge of the bed and pulling up her knees towards her tits and offering up her beckoning cunt to him as she reached with both hands around her thighs and pulled open her cunts lips to expose kartal escort bayan her cummy wetness and soft silky interior.

Tom knelt on the floor and went down on Zil eagerly and tongued his way up and down her cunt till she smacked her lips loudly and kept saying “Oh yes … yes … over and over. Then he lingered long and purposeful on her hard throbbing little clitty. She clenched his hair with both hands and told him what a ‘wonderful dirty little cunt sucking boy he was,’ and she wouldn’t be long if he kept that tongue up her pussy.

Suddenly she cried out and arching her back on the bed screamed, “Oh fuck … yes Darling … yes!” Bucking and trembling, she locked her legs tightly around Tom’s body and holding him firmly onto her cunt, came all over his face. She knew it was one of her big wet gushing orgasms and moaned loudly as she got it all out of her horny hole and only then did she slowly slide back to earth again, smiling at seeing her nephew’s wet and slippery cum covered face.

“It’s my turn now,” Tom insisted.” Let me fuck you Auntie, or I’ll burst with all this spunk in me!”

Zil agreed, and let go of him and moved back onto the bed with her legs wide apart offering him her aching hole to plunder and spill his hot load into.

“Okay big boy cum and fuck your favorite Auntie then. Make me scream. I want you to fuck the hell out of me, cos’ I really need it Darling!”

Tom had only just knelt on the bed when they both stopped dead and turned their heads to the bedroom window.

“Christ it’s a car!” Tom whispered startled and looking up to try and see something from the bed.

“Go and look.” Zil urged him.

Tom crept to the window and gasped aloud, “Hell it’s mum back! She’s bloody early!”

“Right, grab your things and go to your room now!” Zil told him springing off the bed and gathering up some of Tom’s clothes. “Put some music on and get dressed and look as if you’ve been there all morning.”

“But I need to fuck you…”

“I’m here for another three days so you’ll have plenty of time and opportunities for fucking me, don’t you worry.”

“But I’m going out of my mind …”

“Go now!” Zil commanded him, pointing to the door, “I’ll take the dogs for a walk and you can come too if you like. Say in ten minutes time? Now for heavens sake go Tom!”

“Can we fuck in the wood?” he whispered as he opened the bedroom door.

“Yes, in the wood, up against a tree, bent over a log or anywhere you like just so long as you go now and get dressed you dirty boy.”

Zil threw on her robe and rushed downstairs to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of milk from the fridge just as her sister Annie came bursting in and calling out.

“Hi there Sis, what have you been up to while I’ve been out?”

“Oh not a lot, I’m just getting changed. I thought I might take the dogs for a walk, I could take Tom too if he wants? He’s been shut up in his room all day. Do him good a bit of fresh air and a good wank.”

“A good, what dear?” Zil’s sister asked in amazement, not too sure what she had just heard.

“Err, a ‘Good Thank!’ I owe him a good thank you, for helping me fix my laptop. And a good walk and some fresh air, it’s the stuff young men need to keep themselves fit and healthy, so they tell me.”

“Oh yes,” Annie nodded. “Do Tom a power of good. Well have fun!”

“Yes I’m sure we will.” Zil smiled wickedly as she went to put some clothes on, and of course remembering to leave some off too. She wanted to make herself very easily gettable for that horny nephew of hers, whichever way he wanted to have her.

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