The Plumber

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Hey, this is my first story here and I would really appreciate any feedback just keep it gentle 😀


Lesley tapped her foot impatiently against the tiles of the bathroom floor, she needed these pipes fixed immediately. She knew that she would have to end up calling the new plumbing service in her hometown. She had recently moved to New Mexico and had only a brief time to adjust to her surroundings. She wrang up the plumbing company and a deep voice picked up.

“Hello this is Robert’s Plumbing, how can I help you?”

Lesley was struck by the firmness of his voice and hesitantly answered “um… I-I need help with my kitchen pipes… please…”

The other side took down her address and told her to wait right there. She knew she wouldn’t be going anywhere soon. She was looking for fun in New Mexico and maybe this manly voiced plumber could help her with that…

Lesley decided she had enough time to run a hot bath before the plumber got here so she turned the hot water on. As it bubbled away she undressed herself taking time to appreciate her body in the mirror. Her breasts bounced gently as she shrugged off her bra, her nipples stiffening under the cool blast of the AC. Her gaze moved downward past her flat stomach down to her hairless pussy, which had become slightly wet after she had started to fantasize about the deep voice on the telephone. She turned off the tap and slid slowly into the steaming bath, her hand sliding down her legs and rubbing her clit.

She was lost in her dreams until she became aware of a slight draft. In alarm, she caught the eyes of a man standing in the doorway, which were focused on her nude body. He was tall and muscular, his thin T-shirt revealing a set of toned abs as it canlı bahis şirketaleri clung to his body.

“I’m… sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude” he said as he tore his gaze away from her body.

“It’s quite alright, I need a new wrench to tug on anyway.” Lesley said as she slowly lifted herself out of the bath, her dark hair clinging to her naked body.

She became aware of a tent growing rapidly in the plumber’s overalls, becoming more and more strained against the fabric of his clothing. She raised one eyebrow as she made her way over to him, deceptively slow. She made her way, dripping with water, to the man she assumed was called Robert, standing in the middle of her bathroom, whose urge for her body had become almost too much for him to handle. With deliberate slowness she undid each button of the Robert’s jeans, as he stood paralyzed with lust. Her hand ventured into his denim and then into his boxers where it encountered a warmth that she knew was his cock.

Lesley gently caressed his pulsing member as it pushed against the final fabric of his boxers, and then she lifted it as it sprung free from it’s cage. She gasped. He was larger than she had expected and his cock was throbbing with anticipation. He looked up at her with a nervous smile that was filled with deep desire as she dropped to her knees ready to take him into her mouth. Lesley’s mouth moved over Robert’s cock and closed, embracing it with a wetness that made him groan with pleasure. Moving her lips up and down the surface of the member Lesley felt desperate to pleasure this strange worker and tried to take more and more of him into her mouth. His hands guided her head up and down until she stared to gag on the enormity of his cock. As she did canlı kaçak iddaa so her rounded breasts bounced methodically, her bald pussy becoming more and more wet as she pleasured him.

Without Lesley expecting it, Robert grabbed her by the shoulders and lifted her on the washing machine that sat leaning against the tiled wall. He placed his rough hands on her knees and with a tender, slow motion; pushed them apart and crept his hands up the inside of her legs. By the time they had reached Lesley’s inner thigh she was quivering. Her entire body was shaking gently. She was at his command. Then, as if snapping out of a trance he pulled her to the edge of the machine. Without thinking she rested her knees on his hips. Suddenly he grabbed her round, plump ass and thrust his hips towards her. She squealed with surprise at having him fill her, his cock was so big she was unsure if she could hold him inside of her.

He almost pulled out of her, only to thrust his cock back into her with long, lustful strokes. It sent tingles of pleasure into Robert’s groin, and made him grunt with satisfaction. As Lesley took him into her over and over again she started to murmur with pleasure herself, as her delicate pussy was pounded over and over again. It became a warm welcoming sensation that spread through her groin sending sparks of relief. As Robert sped up his movements he moved one hand away from Lesley’s ass and grabbed her breasts, her nipples now completely stiff with erotic passion. He massaged them in his one hand while he went faster and faster into her.

Taking a deep breath Robert slowed down and slid Lesley off the machine, her barefoot feet finding the bathroom tiles. He grabbed her by the shoulders and stared at her nude canlı kaçak bahis body. She was panting heavily and her large breasts heaved with her chest, sweat and water dripping down them and onto her stomach. Lesley’s pussy was reddened and completely wet from the action it had been getting and her eyes stared back into his with fiery passion. Filled with lust, Robert turned her round and bent her over the washing machine so that her ass pointed upwards into the air, as if it was seeking him.

Unable to hold back his desires any longer, he dove his cock into her tight asshole. Completely taken aback Lesley grabbed the edge of the machine in a mixture of shock and pain as Robert filled her with himself over and over again in her most private of spaces, his balls smacking against her thigh. While she moaned with this newfound pleasure, Robert brought his hand back and then swung it forward to smack Lesley’s soft, perfect ass. It quivered under the force of the impact as he steadied it with a possessive grab.

Then Robert and Lesley both felt the familiar feeling of what was about to happen next. Robert felt a tightening in his balls as he knew he was about to cum, for Lesley this had already been achieved with a intense heat that spread throughout her groin, up her stomach and into her chest. Robert pulled out of Lesley’s ass and swept her off the washing machine so that she ended up kneeling on the floor in front of him with anticipation, her mouth wide open and her eyes shut. As Robert hands ran themselves furiously up and down his cock he knew he could contain himself no longer. He felt the all to familiar feeling of a rush through his groin as white, goey cum sprayed onto Lesley’s willing face.

They both heaved with each breath, completely drained; their naked bodies filled with numbness after their passion. Lesley remembered that her kitchen pipes were still not fixed. She thought that she might have to make sure her other pipes “broke” mysteriously as well in the future…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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