The Small Package

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Edited by lgustosmio with thanks


“So you’re going to try and entertain your cousin a bit when they get here?” his mother asked Zach again as she scurried around the house doing last minute tidy up. He was sprawled on the couch in the rec room playing a video game on his phone.

“I know you weren’t overly impressed with her when we were at their place … wow! That was over a year ago now! But we don’t see them very often, and it’s really nice they agreed to come spend Christmas with us this year.” Zach’s family lived in a suburb of Toronto while his mother’s sister had married a man from Nova Scotia and had moved to Cape Breton Island. His cousin, Miss Elizabeth Mary MacTavish, had inherited her father’s Scottish looks with flaming red hair, pale skin, and turquoise eyes. He also remembered her to be tall, boyish, flat-chested and knocked kneed.

“What time is the little hillbilly supposed to get here?”

“Zach!” his mother exclaimed, but couldn’t help from laughing. “Your father is gone to the airport now. You be nice to her and let her hang out with you. You’re both the same age, and she really didn’t want to come.” She scurried off then to tidy other parts of the house.

“Don’t expect me to make her cum,” he snickered to himself. As an eighteen year old male sex was never far from his mind, especially since he was a very frustrated virgin. He was tall but thin. He had spent the last year really trying to put on weight and went to the gym almost every day. It had some impact on him. He had put on about ten pounds and all of it was muscle, but still he was very lean at five foot ten and about one fifty. He had short, but unruly, mousey brown hair and deep brown eyes.

In time, he heard the front door open and the squeals from his mother and her sister. “Oh well,” he muttered to himself, “Ho ho ho, can’t wait from them to go go go.” He got up and went to the door to pretend to be happy to see them. He noticed Elizabeth, or Liz as they called her, right away. He couldn’t really not notice her. Her hair was long and curly, one could call it magnificent. Left over summer freckles danced across her face as she turned her turquoise eyes to him. He reluctantly had to admit that she was really very pretty, in a wild Gaelic sorta way. She was also quite bundled up, in a large ski jacket, scarf, gloves, jeans, and big fluffy Ugg boots.

He hugged his uncle and aunt but balked when he came to Liz, it was already uncomfortable. He had to do it though, and briefly embraced her around the shoulders. “How was Everest, Liz?” he snickered.

“Just as cheeky as ever!” His aunt slapped his arm. “It’s milder on the east coast, Zach. We don’t get this continental cold you guys get.”

“Our luggage is in the van, Zach,” Liz told him smugly. “Mine is the heavy one you can take to your room. Hope you fumigated.”

“Liz!” her father chuckled. “They’re at it like sister and brother already!” he told his brother-in-law.

“Going to be a fun Christmas!” Zach’s father laughed. “Now go get the ladies’ bag, buddy!”

Zach had to make several trips, slipping on the ice and snow in the driveway, to get the luggage in the house. He’d better not complain about it through, or his father would have him out scraping and salting it. “She’s pretty. I’ll give her that,” he muttered to himself. “Probably still has a body like a two by four though.” When he got it all inside, he checked the tags and found Liz’s bag, the largest of course, and started dragging it to his room.

Everyone was in the kitchen now, and Liz stepped out from around the corner. “Don’t damage that.” He looked at her and had to do a double take. She was still very slender but the two by four body certainly was getting a bit curvy. There was some semblance of hips and while she still barely needed a bra, a set of cute shapely breasts pushed out and up from the flatness he remembered. He had to drag his eyes from her before getting embarrassed. “Here! That’s for your trouble!” She dug in her pocket and flipped him a loonie.

“You’re too kind.” He deftly caught it from the air and pocketed it. He wasn’t proud. A dollar was a dollar.

“Show me where it is again,” she said, following him as he hefted her suitcase and carried it down the stairs. His bedroom was off the rec room which was all decked out in gaudy decorations. There was a guest room upstairs her parents would occupy, and he was to sleep on the couch in the living room upstairs. “You’re filling out a bit since I saw you last,” she mentioned, as he pulled her bag down the hall. He blushed. It was something he was self-conscious about, something he had worked on so hard. Her compliment, coming from what he remembered as a saucy snot (as they’d say out east) who had turned into a bit of a babe–well, it went right to his ego.

After he finally dragged the beast of a suitcase into his room, he turned to her. If she was a regular girl he’d never have the guts to say it, but she was different, “And I’m gonna say it, just a second cause it’s not easy, ok here pendik escort I go, may regret it, but … you’re after getting half hot.”

“Gee,” she smirked. “Thanks, I guess.”

“You got any other bags?”

“My carry on. It’s in the porch.”

“Yeah … get it yourself.” He smirked, as he shouldered past her.

“Asshole!” She laughed, as she pushed him from behind.

He laughed back as he sprinted upstairs, ducking a novel that she sent spinning after him. “Your daughter has issues, Uncle Al!” He grinned, as he went back to the kitchen.

“Takes after her Ma!” Al chuckled.

“Yeah, sure with a head fulla blasty boughs, she takes after me.” Zach’s aunt laughed and tousled her husband’s red hair.

“Jesus, Aunt Steph, you’re talking just like them now!”

“Language, Zach,” his mother said disapprovingly.

“It’s Jesus’ birthday isn’t it?” he called over his shoulder as he went for the rest of the bags.

“Not for another week yet!” she yelled after him.

He finished bringing all the bags to the rooms, having to slalom past several annoying nutcrackers his mother had set up around the house, and went back to the couch to relax again. It was the holidays after all, and he had just finished a challenging first semester at the University of Toronto. He didn’t have much time to himself before Liz joined him, plopping down at the other end of the couch.

“Whatya doin’? Playin’ with yerself?”

He looked up. “Speak English please. And I guess I’m playing with you now?”

“You wish.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself!”

“You already said I was hot. You can’t take that back now.”

“Actually, I only said half hot.”

She mused that over awhile. “So what half?” she said eventually. “My top half or my bottom half? Or maybe it’s my front half or my back half? My tits or my ass?” she whispered as she smirked at him.

“Hmmmm, you know I haven’t had a real good look at your ass yet.”

“Well I’m not about to pose. Yours isn’t too bad though.” she smirked.

“Jesus, I was supposed to water the tree yesterday! Shit!” He jumped up and went to the bathroom to get a jug and filled it with water from the sink. He went to the tree and passed the jug to her. “Here. Want to do the honours?”

“Sure.” She shrugged, and taking the water jug got on her hands and knees to crawl under the Christmas tree.

“Yeah, that’s nice,” he said, while trying not to laugh.

She put her head down on the carpet when she realized what happened. “You ASSHOLE!” She laughed.

“Yeah … forget about the half part.” He watched as she poured the water into the tree stand. “Pretty cool you’re finishing the job though.”

She backed out and gave him the jug back. “You’re still an asshole,” but she grinned wide as she said it. They went back to the couch and sat on opposite ends, with their backs to the arms to look at each other. He had one leg hanging off the couch and the other curled up. She put her two tiny sock clad feet over his shin. “Don’t mind if I do that?”

“Yeah, that’s ok.” He casually laid a hand on one of her feet.

“So how’s U of T?”

“So fucking hard.” He grinned at her, his cock fully erect after all. All tangled up and uncomfortable in his jeans.

“What are you taking?” she asked, but the little grin tugging her lips suggested that she got the innuendo.

“Just first year stuff. I haven’t decided on a major yet. Got to get through first year first. How about you? Where do you go again?”


“Whatya taking there? Farming? Fishing?”

She grinned and kicked away his hand. She put her foot back in the same place though and he returned his hand. Just that smallest bit of contact with her had got him incredibly aroused.

“Acadia is one of the best Universities in the country, buddy. Architecture I hope.”

“That’s pretty cool.”

“Do I have something in my hair or what?” she asked, as she forked her fingers through her thick red hair.

“No.” He laughed and felt himself blush a bit.

“What then?” She smiled knowing already.

“It just looks good, that’s all.”

“You’re like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Monster one minute and so sweet the next.” She tousled up her hair. “I hated it at first. Growing up. Kids would make fun of me. But I like it now.”

“It’s hot, Liz.” He punned about her fiery locks.

“Say, do you have a girlfriend?”

“Naw. I don’t even go out much or party since I started at Uni. I have to study, otherwise I won’t be passing. I don’t want to serve fast food the rest of my life. You?”

“Do I have a girlfriend?” She smirked.

“Jesus, stop it!” He laughed and gave her foot a squeeze.

“I’m single. I want to concentrate on school.”

“If I was at Acadia, and you weren’t my cousin, I’d be following you around like a puppy.”

“There you go getting sweet again.”

“Just think, I used to wish you weren’t my cousin, and now I’m really fucking wishing you weren’t my cousin.”

“Gee thanks, maltepe escort I guess!” She laughed.

“Come up for dinner, kids!” his mother called from the top of the stairs.

They had a big meal of Beef Wellington with fresh bread rolls and garden salad. Candles flickered on a table covered with a huge festive table cloth. They had coffee at the table before all going to the rec room.

The men had beer and the ladies wine. “Sip it!” his mother told them as she gave them both a glass of wine.

“Did you clear this with the commandant?” Liz laughed as she took her glass.

“We did discuss, Elizabeth,” her mother said stiffly. “Sip it.”

“Be so funny if I chugged this right now!”

“Elizabeth!” her mother said, shocked.

“I warned you, mom.” Zach laughed. “She’s trouble. You’d never see me doing something like that,” he said, before tossing off his full glass.

“Chug! Chug!” Liz laughed and the men had to turn their heads so their wives wouldn’t see them laughing.

“So you kids have had a chance to get reacquainted?” Alistair MacTavish asked.

“Not really. He was just slagging Acadia. I think I may have dozed off.”

“Zachary,” his mother said dangerously.

“No, mom, really! I was just asking Miss Elizabeth what program she was considering. Major in coal mining with a minor in sheep shearing, I believe it was?” he looked at Liz innocently.

“They don’t have those programs at Stuck Up U do they?” She took a delicate sip of her wine.

He grinned back, wondering if that was a pun. He reached and took a beer from the bowl of ice on the coffee table. “Zach!” his mother snapped, but he popped it open and took a mouthful. “What? It’s Christmas right?”

They all passed the evening catching up and Zach was glad he was eventually able to sit next to Liz and talk quietly while their parents talked about the good old days. They talked about their Universities and told stories and laughed about certain professors and classmates. His mother calmed down a bit when she saw they were actually getting along and that Zach did spend the rest of the evening sipping on the one beer and Liz her single glass of wine.

“Want to go downtown tomorrow and walk around?” he asked her. “See some things. We can pop into U of T too?”

“Say, mom! We don’t have any plans right? Zach is going to show me around downtown and U of T.”

“Sure, honey. We’re here to relax and enjoy the season. Do whatever you want. Go to the Eaton’s Center when you’re there and get some new cloths for Christmas, like we talked about.”

They called it a night about midnight and went to their rooms while Zach had to go up to the living room couch. His mother had it all ready with blankets and a pillow while he had a kit bag with a few changes of cloths and a shaving kit. He went to the bathroom and got changed into sleep pants and a fresh shirt. He lay down and pulled up the comforter and started to think about Liz. His hand went inside his pants almost immediately. “Jesus!” he swore as he got up and went to the bathroom to finish himself off, her beautiful red hair and turquoise eyes in his mind as he discharged into a handful of bathroom tissue.

Liz got under the covers in a tank top and sleep pants. She closed her eyes but immediately started thinking about Zach. She tossed and turned before she realized that if she didn’t masturbate she’d be up all night thinking about him. “Hmmmm,” she thought as she looked over to see his dresser. She got up and went over. She selected a pair of his boxers and an older battered cotton tee shirt. She stripped off her clothes and replaced them with his. Returning to his bed she lay back and started by rubbing his boxers into her pussy. She was already incredibly aroused so her hand soon found its way inside the boxers, and she rubbed her clit with her middle finger and ring finger tight together. Within minutes she started to climax and rolled to her stomach, and with her open mouth pushed into the pillow, she had a marvellous orgasm as she thought about his lopsided grin and deep brown eyes. She curled up then with a grin on her face and drifted off to sleep.

Liz was woken the following morning by her and Zach’s parents in the rec room . She pulled on her bathrobe and padded out in bare feet.

“Hi, honey!” her mother called, “Did we wake you?” They were all sitting around drinking coffee with big stupid smiles on their faces. She didn’t answer but instead rubbed her eyes and pushed back her hair as she went upstairs.

“She’s grumpy in the mornings, Mandy,” her mother whispered to Zach’s mother,

“I should go up and get her some breakfast, Steph!”

“No. She just has juice and yogurt in the mornings. She doesn’t mind helping herself and Zach’s up there anyway.”

“Hi, doofus.” She yawned as she went into the kitchen.

“Hey, sexy.” He grinned, “Want some coffee?”

“Naw.” She pulled off her robe, threw it over a chair, and walked to the fridge.

“Holy fuck, Liz.” With mouth kartal escort gaping wide open, he stared at her in his old tee shirt and cotton plaid boxers. Her legs were ivory white, very smooth and shapely. She took out a bottle of orange juice and two yogurts. He was amazed at how fast his cock was at full mast.

“I slept in them.” She smirked. “So comfy.” She put on her robe again after he had a good eyeful.

“Its cold shower time.”

She grinned, pleased with herself. “So when are you taking me downtown?”

“We can go whenever you want.”

“How are we getting there? You driving?”

“We’re taking a bus to the GO Train and downtown on that?”

“The subway?”


“That’s not dangerous, is it?”

“Naw. It’s just like the bus.”

“The loser-cruiser?” She sniffed.

“Oh, my God!” he scoffed. “Who goes to Stuck Up U now? This is the big city, Miss Elizabeth Mary MacTavish. Most people use public transport.”

“Do you have a gun to loan me?”

“That’s just in ‘Merica. Don’t worry.”

“I have to shower first,” she told him as she got up and padded off. He enjoyed the view of her little backside wiggling away before he realized she had left the yogurt cups and orange juice bottle for him.

“Yeah!” he called.

“What!” She stuck her red head back in.

“The mess you made!”

“Here!” She flung something at him. “That’s for your trouble!” She took off again.

It wasn’t a loonie this time. He caught the bundled up cloth before he knew what it was. “Holy fuck! Oh, my God, holy fuck!!!” he hissed when he realized it was his boxers that she had just been wearing. Still warm. He immediately turned them inside out and pushed his nose into the crotch, breathing deeply. The musty odor was faint but unmistakable. “Holy fuck!” He bolted to the bathroom, where he locked the door and ripped out his hard cock. Holding the boxers to his nose he inhaled again and again as his hand blurred and he almost tore off his poor cock.

When he came it shot out with force. “Shit!” He swore, realizing he hadn’t thought of wrapping a few tissues around it and hadn’t noticed with the aromatic boxers covering his face. “Oh FUCK!” The cum had shot up and onto his tee shirt but had also flowed over his hand and some had dripped on the freshly washed fluffy bathroom rug. He carefully put the boxers on the vanity before frantically grabbing tissue and started mopping up. He washed it off his hands and belly, then wiped as much as he could from his tee shirt before getting a hot wet face cloth and tried to get it off the rug. He sprayed air freshener on it and hoped his mother didn’t notice the wet spot. Looking out then he quickly made for his kit bag so he could go back and shower. “Shit!” He swore again, realizing he had left the boxers on the vanity. “No damage done,” he whispered as he took them, breathed deeply from the crotch a few more times, then neatly folded them up and put them in the bottom of his bag. He rinsed the bottom of his shirt in the sink, dried it off as much as he could in a towel and put it at the bottom of the laundry basket. Finally he took his shower. “Fucking Liz!” He panted when he was in and the warm water was flowing over his body, “God, I want her!”

He waited patiently for her to get ready. Finally she emerged in a long sleeve snug grey shirt and tight black jeans tucked into high dark burgundy leather boots that had a gold buckle high up in the back and gold wire around where the leather met the rubber sole.

“Dress warm, honey,” her mother told her with concern. “Be careful downtown. Is your phone charged?”

“Yeah.” She shot Zach a quick smug glance. Her rich thick hair was freshly washed and looked natural and very beautiful.

“Here’s my credit card, honey.” Her father passed it over. “Remember the limit your mom said,” He winked at his daughter and only child.

“Thanks, daddy!” She grinned back with perfect white teeth. She pulled on a burgundy down jacket and good black leather gloves. Zach had jeans and a black down jacket with ski gloves and a toque.

“You look delicious,” he told her as they started walking in the crisp but sunny December day, the snow scrunching under their feet.

“You enjoy your tip?”

“You shouldn’t tease me like that. It’s inhumane.”

She laughed. “Oh, so I’m a tease!”

“That’s one name for you, I suppose.”

“What are some of the others?”

“Gorgeous, Beautiful, Sexy, Hot …. Cilf.” He grinned.

“Cliff?” she asked, confused.

“No, dummy. Cilf. You know. Sorta like a milf.”

It took her a moment then she burst out laughing, looking at him, “You’re bad!”


“Ok! We’re!”

An elderly couple from down his street were also waiting for the bus and beamed at Elizabeth, telling her how lovely she was and how beautiful her hair was.

The bus came and they embarked. “Thank God! I didn’t think those two farts were ever gonna shut up.”

“Liz!” He laughed. “That’s awful! Holy fuck, you’re even shocking me.”

“I mean I like hearing it from a hot guy like you, but that was getting a bit creepy. I thought they were going to invite me back to their place for a threesome.” He didn’t reply but exulted inside that she had just called him hot.

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