The “Wrong” Man

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Michelle Foster sat in the back of the limo happier then she had ever been. She had spent the whole 25 years of her life despairing about ever getting married. Yet, today was her wedding day.

Michelle never considered herself attractive. Besides being too tall, (she topped out at 6′ even on her 18th birthday), she was full figured with huge tits. Add that to her plain brown hair and blue eyes. Not every man’s dream.

She lost her virginity five years ago to an old man she paid $50.00 to fuck her. Not exactly a self esteem riser.

Michelle met Robert Foster 2 years ago at an office Christmas party. He is the CEO’s nephew who was spending the holidays with his parents.

As soon as he walked in the door, her body went into overdrive. The man was gorgeous. At least 2 inches taller then her and built like a linebacker for the 49ers. His blow away hair is a couple shades lighter then her own and his brown eyes would sparkle when he smiled.

She was standing with a coworker talking when her boss brought Robert to meet her. She flushed as his eyes moved down her body then gasped when she was suddenly locked in his arms with his mouth on hers.

He didn’t apologize for the kiss afterwards, just put his arm around her waist, holding her close.

They left the party early, spending the next 24 hours in his hotel rooms king sized bed, fucking each others brains out. 6 months later he moved in with her and a year later he proposed. Now she was Mrs. Robert Foster.

Michelle was brought out of her memories by Robert shoving his hand roughly down the front of her dress, almost ripping the material as he slobbered on her cheek.

“I wuv you baby.” He slurred as he groped at her.

Robert had been drinking steadily through the reception and it showed in his actions. He was roaring ass drunk. He squeezed her nipple a bit to enthusiastically making her cry out in pain. When he locked his mouth on hers, kissing her hard, she tried not to gag at the whiskey smell on his breath.

Finally he pulled away, shoving her head roughly down into his crotch. “Suck daddy’s cock baby.” He growled as his head lolled against the backseat, his eyes barely open slits. He held her tight against his crotch as she pushed against his legs.

“Easy tiger save it for the honeymoon.” A soft voice said as a hand pulled Robert’s from her hair and helped her to sit up.

The man was still holding onto Robert’s hand as Robert smiled drunkenly. “I got married today Brad. I’m in love with my wife.” When he made to grab Michelle again, she shrunk back while Brad pulled his arms away from her.

“Yes Robert, we know.”

Michelle licked at her bruised lip as she looked at the third occupant of the car. Brad Jones was 33 and had been Robert’s best friend since college. He was Robert’s height but his build was slimmer. Michelle thought he was attractive in his own way. His dark brown hair was almost black; his green eyes sparkled in amusement as he looked at Robert.

Michelle had known Brad for a little over a year. Even though they got along pretty well, she still considered him a mystery. She had never seen him with another woman and he had no interest in any of her friends. When Michelle mentioned to Robert one night that she thought Brad might be gay, he laughed so hard he fell of the bed.

Now Michelle watched Brad as he kept Robert’s roaming hands to himself. “Thank you.” She said softly lowering her eyes while fixing the bodice of her wedding gown.

Brad just smiled at her. “You’re welcome.”

Michelle looked at her new husband, then gasped in shock as he suddenly rested his head against the back of the seat and began to snore. “Well that’s just great.” She grumbled shaking Robert hard.

He just continued to snore. She looked at Brad who looked at Robert in disgust. “It’s my wedding night, I haven’t been illegal bahis fucked in two days and my husband is passed out in the back of the limo.”

Brad was about to say something when the limo pulled up in front of the hotel. The doorman helped Michelle from the car then when Brad promised to pay him, helped him carry Robert up to the suite. The two men dropped him on the couch in the sitting room when Michelle flat out refused to have him in her bed.

Brad stood by the couch watching Robert as Michelle stomped into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. His cock was throbbing almost painfully in the pants of his tux but he just ignored it. Brad had had the hots for Michelle since he met her a year ago. But she was his best friend’s girlfriend so he left her alone. Now he stood there looking at Robert snoring with his arm hanging off the couch towards the floor.

Brad had been cleaning up Robert’s messes since their freshman year in college. As he looked at his friend passed out drunk, he knew the groom wouldn’t be doing his new bride any good tonight. He slipped out of his tux jacket, laying it over Robert, and then walked towards the bedroom door. This was one mess he was dying to clean up.

He knocked gently on the bedroom door as he slowly opened it. “Michelle?” he called softly as he stepped into the room.

Michelle was sitting on the edge of the bed in just her shift. Her dress was in a pile on the floor at her feet. She had pulled the pins from her hair so it lay in waves around her shaking shoulders as she cried into her hands.

Brad closed the door silently then walked over to her, sitting down on the bed, he gathered her into his arms. “It’s okay baby.” He murmured kissing the top of her head.

Michelle wrapped her arms around his back as she buried her face in his chest. “This is supposed to be the happiest night of my life and it has turned into my worst nightmare.” She sobbed.

“I know…I know…” He comforted as he ran his hands up and down over her back.

She pressed herself closer to him as she cried, forcing him to suppress a moan when her hand brushed over his hard cock. He knew that Robert would kill him if he ever found out what Brad planned to do. One rule they always had was you didn’t mess with each others women. But Robert was passed out cold and would probably be out until morning at least with as much as he had drunk. Michelle was alone on her wedding night and to Brad’s thinking that was just wrong.

Her sobs lessened until she finally pulled away. “I’m sorry.” She cried when he handed her his handkerchief. She blew her nose then wiped her eyes, balling the material up in her hand.

“It’s okay baby.” Brad said turning her face to his. He looked into her eyes, and then slowly lowered his lips to hers. The kiss was soft, almost tender.

Michelle’s eyes widened at the touch of his lips, and then slowly lowered as she melted against him. She let him kiss her for a minute then quickly pulled away. This man wasn’t her husband. This was the wrong man and he shouldn’t be kissing her. “No…We can’t …I mean…You’re Robert’s best friend and I’m his wife.”

Brad looked deeply into her eyes as he cupped her cheek. “Robert is passed out cold Michelle.”

She put her hand over his but didn’t pull it away. “I know but…” Her words were cut off as he kissed her again, this time harder, deeper. When his tongue probed at her lips, she slowly opened them sighing when his tongue swept into her mouth.

She didn’t resist when he pushed her back on the bed or when he covered her body with his own as he continued to kiss her.

Michelle tried to resist, telling herself that this was wrong, but when his hand cupped her breast she moaned. “No one should be alone on their wedding night love.” He said softly then lowered his head, taking her nipple into his mouth illegal bahis siteleri through the material. He sucked gently at her breast making her moan as she ran her fingers though his hair.

She closed her eyes as he continued to suck on her breast through the material of her shift. When he suddenly lowered her bodice so her breasts were open to his gaze, she gasped. “Brad…no…” She said trying to cover herself.

He looked at her with passion filled eyes then brought his lips to hers again. Kissing her hard. He pulled her arms to her side gently. He moved his hand back up over her breast, squeezing it gently while he caressed her nipple with his thumb. She moaned against his mouth pressing herself closer to him as her hands moved up around his neck.

He slowly lifted his mouth from hers, looking into her eyes as he continued to caress her. “Robert can’t do you any good tonight baby. His is out cold. I’m here though. I have wanted you for so long. Please, just let me have one taste of you. Then you can go back to your husband. Just let me have one night with the woman I have hungered for, for over a year.”

Her eyes met his in surprise even as she lifted her breast closer to his caressing hand. “You have wanted me for over a year?”

He moved his mouth to her breast, licking the nipple then looked into her eyes again. “I have dreamed of this for so many nights. Ever since the first day I met you I wanted you in my bed.” He licked her nipple again, feeling her shiver. Then he took the small bud between his lips, sucking gently.

“Oh…” She moaned quietly as she closed her eyes. She knew she should stop this before it went too far. She was a married woman. But his mouth felt so good against her skin and she was so horny. Her panties were soaked with her juices.

When he sucked harder at her nipple, running his tongue over it, she cried out then clung to his head, holding him tightly against her. “Oh yes. That feels so good, don’t stop.” She begged.

Brad groaned against her breast as he felt her give in to him. He knew from talking to some of Robert’s leftovers that he was a good lover, but Brad knew he was to and he planned to show Michelle that she could get just as much passion from him as he she could get from the man passed out in the other room.

He kept his mouth on her breast, feeling her pressing tightly against him as he ran his hand over her stomach, heading for the treasure between her legs. When he cupped her pussy, she spread her legs wide, giving him complete access to her body.

He moaned again when he felt how wet her panties were. She was hot; he knew it wouldn’t take much to push her over the edge. He ran his hand up over the waistband of her panties then slid his hand inside. He brushed over her curls, sliding lower until he felt her pussy throbbing under his hand. “Oh Brad, touch me.” She cried softly lifting her hips against him.

He sucked harder at her breast as he let his finger brush lightly against her clit. She whimpered in need at his touch.

He took his mouth from her breast, kissing his way down her body as he lifted her slip up until she could pull it over her head and throw it on the floor. She lay back on the pillow looking at him with desire filled eyes. He kissed her stomach then continued on his journey to the treasure he knew she had waiting for him.

He didn’t bother to pull her panties down; instead he just pushed the crotch to the side then drove his head between her legs. “Oh god, Eat me.” She whimpered grabbing his head as he drove at her pussy with his tongue. He ran it over her clit, then down to her slit, sliding it inside. He pushed it in and out a few times hearing her cry out as she lifted herself against him. “Eat my pussy baby. I need to cum so bad.”

He lifted his head, grabbing the crotch of her panties. With a hard yank canlı bahis siteleri he ripped the material from her body then dove between her legs again. He was like a mad man. His tongue dove inside her repeatedly as he mauled her clit with his hand.

Michelle was purring like a cat and whimpering as his mouth drove her towards release. Robert was good at eating her pussy but he had nothing on Brad. Brad’s tongue was slicing in and out of her hole like a fish dangling on a hook. His fingers were pinching and pulling at her clit forcefully making her cry out in pleasure and pain. She mashed her pussy against his face as her hips rose hard against his sucking mouth. “Eat me. “She begged; clamping her hands hard on his head to keep him buried between her legs. “I’m cummmmiinnnngggg….” She cried then bit down on her lower lip to keep from screaming as her body convulsed in release.

Brad had planned to see if she would suck on his cock. Since the first time he met her, he wanted to feel her lips around him. But with her cumming so hard in his mouth, his cock was throbbing painfully in his pants. He knew if he didn’t get inside her soon, he was gonna cum in his clothes.

He tore his mouth from her body as he sat beside her on the bed. He pulled off his boots then tore at his clothes.

She watched him through passion filled eyes as he ripped his clothes from his body. Her eyes moved down over him when he was gloriously naked. He was a bit smaller then Robert but right now she didn’t care. She opened her arms to him. “Make love to me Brad.” She said huskily.

He growled like a bear as he launched himself at her. His body covered hers, pressing her deep into the mattress. His mouth locked on hers as he shoved her legs further apart until he was resting comfortably between them. His cock was poised at her entrance. When she nibbled at his lips and purred, lifting herself against him, he lost control. He wrapped his arms tightly around her as he thrust forcefully into her body. He impaled her completely with one thrust.

“Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh…” She gasped as he slammed himself into her.

Brad’s thrusts weren’t slow and gentle, they were hard and fast. He was hammering her pussy hard with his cock as he probed deeply into her depths. Michelle wrapped her legs tightly around his waist as she met his powerful thrusts with thrusts of her own. “Fuck me.” She screamed clawing at his back as he took her violently.

“Oh baby. I have dreamed of this for so long. You feel so fucking good.” He growled against her ear as he continued to slam violently in and out of her body.

“Fuck me Brad. Ream my pussy with your hard cock. I love it.” She cried slamming her body brutally against his as he slammed her repeatedly into the mattress.

The couple fucking on the bed prayed that Robert was out cold cause if not he would be hearing their screams of pleasure.

Brad pulled his arms from around her, and pulled her legs from around his waist. He pushed them over his shoulders as he continued to hammer her pussy while he kissed her deeply. His cock slammed hard and fast deep inside her. “Cum for me baby,” He panted. “Oh cum for me…I need to feel you contract around me.” He begged.

As if his words had triggered something inside her, she suddenly let out a soft scream as her body convulsed around his hammering cock.

He locked his mouth on hers, smothering her cries as he continued to pound into her.

Michelle clung to him as he ravished her body with his own. Her cries were lost in his mouth as he sent her flying not once but twice more into ecstasy. Finally he stiffened above her, her name torn from his lips as he started shooting deep inside her.

She came again as he filled her with his seed. They rode the waves together, and then kissed softly before he pulled out of her. He looked down into her satisfaction filled eyes. He kissed her one more time before rolling over onto his side beside her, pulling her back against his chest.

As she lay there in his arms, she knew that Brad was the best man. In more ways then one.

The End

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