Tricked Chicks: Caroline

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Episode 2: January 8th, 1998

Lester Graves was flexing his pretend muscles in front of the expensive stainless glass mirror in the back of his office, the only place in the world where such an elaborate fantasy could be played out. Lester wasn’t with his physical appearance in real life. But in the mirror he didn’t see his scrawny little body, his pencil neck, the twigs he called legs, the weak little arms and of course the thick glasses were gone as well. In the mirror his reflection revealed a much more admirable person. He had arms legs a wrestler, his legs were thick and strong, his face made female hearts melt and the glasses were replaced with bright, lustful eyes that could look

into any woman’ soul. Lester Graves could almost feel happy.

The door leading to the front entrance of the office opened suddenly. In came Dale, Lester’s only real friend in this world. Dale was small, strong and very stupid and he was one hell of a cool guy. He was also good with the camera. Still, a look of disappointment came upon the face of Lester Graves when he saw his friend.

The fantasy was ruined. He reached for his shirt and put over his weak chest.

“Caroline rescheduled her appointment,” Lester said. “She’s coming in about an hour.”

Now this was good news. Lester smiled a wicked smile. Caroline was going to be the second of seven girls featured in the first edition of his magazine, Tricked Chicks. The girls who came were expecting to pose for a cheap magazine and help

launch their modeling careers, but with a little trickery, Lester got them to get down and dirty. The magazine was all apart of Lester’s master plan to get back at every girl who’d ever rejected him. An eighteen year old girl named Toni had been the first to be tricked. The chunky beauty came into the office and posed in this

very office. Lester offered her money to pose in her bra and panties, offered a little more to get naked, and by the end of shoot he’d paid her two hundred dollars, in fake cash, to suck his cock. He squirted her cute face with a massive amount of

cum, leaving her dazed and confused. The whole time Dale had been behind the camera taking pictures. Tricked Chicks would be the greatest magazine ever, he had no doubt about it.

“That’s lovely news,” Lester said.

“I brought this in here for you to review,” Dale said.

“What is it?”

“Caroline’s file.”

Lester walked over to Dale and took the folder from him. Dale then returned to the front of the office. He walked over to his sofa and sat down. Lester was no longer sad or tired. He was full of sexual energy. Seven girls had come to him so

far. Seven wasn’t a lot, and no girls have showed up in the past week, but Lester was feeling confident. They would come. Caroline was the third girl to show up. He’d called her yesterday to set an appointment. She said she’d be there January 12th. Apparently something happened to make her change the appointment, but Lester wasn’t at all interested in what happened in her life recently. He wanted her to come in and pose. From there he would exploit her with money and fame, get the clothes off her and have her do things her mother would never approve of.

On the floor just below his feet, sticking out from underneath the sofa, was a red photo album. In the photo album were the pictures Lester had selected from Toni’s shoot. He had put the whole thing together the previous night, selecting six with her fully dressed, seven with her in bra and panties, four with her naked, nine with her sucking his cock and seven with cum all over her face. A day from now he’d be doing the same thing with Caroline’s pictures. This made Lester happier. After thirteen years in the working world, Lester Graves had a job he liked. And more

importantly, after twenty years of life, Lester Graves was happy.

He began to read Caroline’s file. Caroline was a nineteen year old high school graduate with long blond hair and pretty blue eyes. She worked as a waitress at a small time fast food restaurant. According to her file she enjoyed dancing, singing

and she was a very athletic young female. She hoped to go to college one day, but for the time being she wanted a break from all the pressures of school. She viewed modeling simply as a hobby with special benefits. She lived at home with her mom and dad, two younger brothers and three sisters; one older, two younger. In the future she hoped to be a nurse or a veterinarian. Lester Graves read everything on the file with great interest, and her looks he knew from memory. On the day she came to him, she had been wearing a light green shirt and a tight pair of shorts. He

remembered the way her ass was exposed through her tight shorts. Her perfect tits were pushed up against the light green shirt. Her breasts weren’t nearly as big as Toni’s breasts, bahis firmaları but Caroline’s weren’t exactly small. They were about the size of grapefruits. Her complexion was light and her smile was flawless.

He rubbed his hands together anticipating the young girl’s touch. He could already feel her sensual hands rubbing up the base of his cock. She could feel her mouth tightening around him. He was beginning to visualize all these glorious things, and at the same time remembered that unlike the fake strong Lester in the mirror, this

fantasy would soon become a reality. Caroline was going to be here in less than an hour. She was coming here for a modeling opportunity, she would leave with a lot more than she expected. These thoughts brought a wider smile to his face, a smile that in time turned into a hardy laugh. The nerd was taking his revenge.

“Soon you’ll be here,” Lester said to himself. “You’ll have fun. You’ll model for me. But wait to be you hear about my special benefits.”

He went up and down the back of the office, picking things up off the floor and preparing everything for the shoot. He wanted Caroline to feel welcome when she got here, after all. He checked through his pockets to make sure he had the fake cash on him. He did. This was going to be fun. And after living life in a state of

daze and hate, fun was all one could really ask for.


Tricked Chicks latest victim arrived at one in the afternoon. Caroline followed Dale through to the back room where Lester waited on the couch peacefully. He showed none of his happiness on his face. Everything about him was absolutely

business like. He got off the couch and shook Caroline’s hand.

“Nice to finally meet you,” he said.

“It’s a real pleasure,” she said.

“We’ve been scouring the whole city of Chicago and most its surrounding towns for talent. I can’t believe someone so beautiful has actually showed up.”

She blushed. “Thank you. This place is kind of small though. Isn’t it?”

“It’s all I can afford for the time being. Someday I hope we have a much bigger place of business, but for now this is all we need.”

Up close and personal Caroline proved his memory false. She was actually more gorgeous than Lester had remembered her. She had a perfect face, she kind of reminded him Lester of Nicole Kidman. Her breasts were a little bigger too, and her ass stuck in a Jennifer Lopez sort of way. She wore a tight outfit, it looked brand new. The heavy Nike coat she had come in with was on the sofa. Her blue eyes were the color the ocean was supposed to be.

Dale was behind the camera getting ready for the shoot. His hazel eyes glimmered in the room’s light. Like Lester, he really enjoyed this job, although he didn’t have the same reasons. The truth be told, Dale was a pervert. Lester knew this, but also didn’t hold it against him.

“We have a busy schedule to keep,” Lester lied. “We would like to start as quickly

as possible. We have other engagements to keep.”

“I’m sorry about that,” Caroline said honestly. “I’m leaving to Florida on vacation though, and the trip is scheduled for two days before we originally agreed to meet. Again I’m really sorry about this.”

“Not a problem,” he continued to play the part. “Why don’t you step in front of the camera and show us what you have?”

“Sure.” Caroline smiled and walked in front of the camera. Lester’s excitement became showed on his face as soon as she left his sight.

Lester sat on the sofa, one leg folded over the other, hands together, his eyes focused on young Caroline like a laser beam. Fifteen feet separated them. Dale took the pictures without speaking. His office wasn’t the greatest place in the world to be doing this. Tricked Chicks was an amateur magazine run by a bunch of amateurs though. They didn’t have the great lighting, the strong cameras and the professional photographers and models. They did their best with what they had, and they did have great women and the closest damned thing there was to a pro

photographer. In the future Tricked Chicks would have all the power, skills and equipment as a Playboy or a Hustler magazine. He tried not to let any of this get hold of his mind, but he couldn’t help it. He watched Caroline posing and knew he could give no justice to her beauty. Sure the pictures would good, but they would not be great, and great is what the customer wanted to see when the featured girl was as pretty as Caroline.

Her body moved gracefully in front of the camera. She was the kind of girl who just wanted to have fun. The camera really loved her. Her long blond hair ran down to the crack of her ass. She went to many various poses, making love to the

camera with her clothes on. Lester could take very little more of this abuse. His cock was beginning to the throb in his pants. He turned kaçak iddaa to Dale and motioned for him to stop taking pictures.

“Caroline,” Lester called. “You’d you mind stripping down to bra and panties.”

“Sure,” she said. Lester was surprised by the quick answer.

“You wouldn’t be uncomfortable?”

“Why would I be? Girls pose in just bras and panties in JC Penny catalogues. I’m not ashamed to reveal my body.”


Lester motioned for Dale to start shooting again. She pilled off her very tight shirt and her breasts stood out firm in her bra. Her nipples shot out of the bra. They were thick, pointy and seemed delicious. She cupped her breasts with her hands. He could see the nipples through the material of her bra. Lester licked his lips. His mind was racing with excitement. She moved her body up and down, making her breasts bounce for the camera. Becoming hypnotized, Lester wiped sweat off his face. There was now a huge bulge in his pants.

Caroline removed her shoes so she could take off her pants. She wore tight black panties. She bent over to show the camera her perfectly curved ass. Lester could not help but to wonder how many guys who knew Caroline dreamed of having her in this kind of situation. He laughed at every one of them fools. She moved her body into a reversed doggie-style position. Her breasts bobbed down to the edge of her collar bone. Lester saw the opening of her pussy through outline in the material of her black panties. His heart almost stopped. It skipped a couple beats, stopped,

and start back up again, though that was a enough to convince Lester that he was going to die and go to heaven. But as the cliché for a person in this situation goes: What a way to go.

She popped back and moved down into a split position. She truly was an athletic young girl. She was the type of girl who could defend herself against the mugger. What a combination? A good time girl and an athletic intimidation. She glanced at Lester and flashed a cute girl smile at him. She tried to look like an innocent

school girl, however, she couldn’t help but to look like a kinky whore.

“Want me to take off my bra?” she asked. Again the eagerness took Lester by surprise. She was making the work easier for Lester. She continued to dance and let her bra fall to the floor. Over by the camera Dale was breaking into a sweat.

Her lovely nipples invited all for a taste, and Dale was like a puppy dog locked behind the gate. Her breasts were full and breath taking. They beamed with perfection. She cuffed her naked breasts in her hands and pushed them up to her

face. Slowly moving her tongue along her nipples. Caroline wasn’t going to need much more convincing. This girl was as good as done.

“I won’t take off my panties,” Caroline said. “I’m not that wild. But I think this should give you guys something cool to run with it.” She winked.

She gave her breasts hard squeeze and let them fall out her hands and away from her pretty face. Lester took too deep breaths before he got up. He wasn’t sure if he could find the strength. But he did, for the sake of the revenge, he did.

“I’ll pay you an extra hundred if you do more,” he said. Dale had stopped taking pictures. He waited to see if the business transaction went down. His hazel eyes were staring a whole through his back, Lester had no doubt about that. The pervert friend of his really like to see women like this.

“I don’t want to take off my panties,” she said angrily.

The angry voice made Lester hush up. He stood and thought of his next words. “I don’t you to take off your panties if you don’t feel comfortable doing it. But I did have something else in mind.” Not knowing what came over him, Lester pulled out the fake hundred dollar bill and with his other hand unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect nine inch cock.

“Wow!” she exclaimed. “Looking at you I would never have thought you’d have a dick that big.” She looked down to the floor. Lester wasn’t mad at the words the young girl had spoke. He found it to be a complement. “You can’t fuck me,” she

said. “But I can provide some other pleasure.” She came over to him, pulled him by his shirt and took him front of the camera. She took the fake hundred dollar bill from his hand. “This isn’t any ordinary magazine is it?”

Lester said nothing. Caroline just shrugged her shoulders. It appeared she didn’t give a damn about what kind of magazine Lester ran. Her hips moved gracefully as swung down to her knees. She steel hard nine inch cock into her soft hand and

gave the head of his penis a slow kiss, using her tongue, poking it between his pisshole. Lester’s body took an involuntary shiver.

“This thing’s huge,” Caroline cracked, and shoved his cock deep into her mouth. He feel the tip of his penis brushing against her tonsils. She worked her kaçak bahis tongue around the base of his shaft, while she his cock rest in her hot mouth. Her blue eyes looked up into his own sexually weakened eyes. He could barely find the will

power to hold the long stare. She began working her head in and up-down motion, really tightening her sweet lips around his cock. She used her hands to jerk him off and all this made Lester feel powerful. Another girl who would be featured in his magazine. Another girl sucking his cock. Another bit of revenge gained.

The nineteen year old knockout undid his pants and let them drop to his feet. He lifted his legs out of them. Next to drop were his underwear. Through his thick glasses Lester watched Caroline take his cock deep into her throat. This sweet

bitch was deep throating him like a pro and it was all being caught on camera. His cock would be the envy of all men.

“Suck me,” he managed. He grabbed by the back of the head and began fucking her sweet face as if it were a pussy. Her head moved with the quickness of each thrust. Her hands were sinking into the skin of his ass. Judging from the pain he

felt, she had drawn blood with her nails. He grabbed her by the ears and furiously fucked her mouth to the back of her throat. Not even her innocent gagging could slow him down.

“I love this,” he moaned. “I love this so much.”

He slid his cock out of her mouth and rubbed along her face. The cute girl was out of breath. But she didn’t complain. Instead she took his cock back into her mouth and began bobbing her head between his legs. If she became a doctor sometime in the future, would her patients get this kind of treatment? Lester couldn’t help but

to wonder about this. Would she suck off the owner of hurt pets if she became a vet? How did she become so good at this?

His balls gently smacked against her chin as Lester slowly fucked Caroline’s little mouth. He thought of her resemblance to Nicole Kidman and decided that when she gave head she looked even more like Nicole Kidman. He slid his cock out of

her mouth and rolled over in her blond hair. A look of anger flashed across her face, but she didn’t speak her mind. The power. He could really feel the power.

With strands of her wrapped around his cock, Lester began to jerk off. Her hair was soft like silk. It made his cock feel even stronger. He could feel the pressure building in his balls. Before he came though, he wanted to do one more thing.

“Let me fuck your titties,” he said.

“For fifty bucks you can fuck away,” she countered.

“Sure,” he quickly agreed.

Caroline laid down on the cold floor. Lester positioned himself between her large white breasts. He held them together tight and slid his cock between. He rocked back and forth, his cock getting the great treatment between her tits. Lester’s mouth dropped open. The hot teen was sucking her fingers, another hand was all over his back, rubbing up and down. Lester fucked harder. His balls were feeling with cum. He was going to burst any second. His cock struck below her chin. He fucked faster. He pulled his cock from tittie heaven. He position two inches from

her face. Caroline kept a close eye on his cock. Lester jerked off like a man possessed.

Lester Graves through his head back and let out a mighty stream of cum that struck the right side of Caroline’s cheek. It continued upwards in a weird angle, catching her right ear and a few strands of glorious blond hair. He held onto his

cock tight and continued to stroke the steamy semen out of him. A second long stream of cum shot out his enlarged penis head, cutting through air and striking the bridge of her nose and upwards to the middle of her forehead. A few lone freckles were soon vanished under a small puddle of gooey semen. Three smaller shots shut

Caroline’s left eye and made a few more strands of blond hair pearly white. A few drops of cum fell helplessly between her breasts.

Lester looked down at Caroline’s cum covered face. When she came her earlier she sure wasn’t expecting this. His cum covered most of her face. Her features were now a gooey white. Behind him Dale was snapping the last of the pictures.

The favorite part of the experience for Lester was seeing this cute teen girl’s sweet bewildered face. Her mouth was half hung open, her right eyes was wide with panic. She didn’t know what to do with all this cum on her face. Lester tossed her a towel after the pictures were done being taken.

“So long,” Lester said. They shook hands. “Don’t forget to take a look at the first issue of Tricked Chicks magazine when it comes out. I’m sure you’ll see someone you recognize.”

“I’m sure I will,” Caroline returned. She walked out the office and never came back. She was mad about the facial blast. Everything up until that had been fine.

Tell it to someone who cares, Lester thought to himself. This my revenge.

He left the front of the office. He wanted to get the film developed and start sorting through the many terrific pictures.

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