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Not being very open about her past relationships, Leana was a curiosity both emotionally and sexually. What was she like? What drove her crazy?…these are some of the questions that I had, and guess everyone thinks about when they first start going out with someone. I was about to find out.

We had gone out to all the possible parties, reunions, dances, cultural events and the like, and were getting bored with very little that we had accomplished together. Leana suggested a party, and not being in the most comfortable position with her (not even deeply kissed yet), I did not feel that I would enjoy myself should the situation arise that either of us get drunk and “lose” ourselves, but I half-heartedly agreed.

Since it was her town, (she knows “everybody”), we invited mostly her friends and acquaintances. The night of the party, I drove over to her place early to help with the preparations and was greeted at the door by Leana- she was wearing a red and black leopard print top with tight black vinyl jeans that were so shiny and slippery looking, I could hear the squeaking sound of her legs coming together and the friction the vinyl caused as she walked and could see her pussy lips outlined by the ultra-smooth plastic. I was turned on and off at the same time. All the guys who will be there will be seeing the parts of my girl that I haven’t even seen nor had fun with. When they showed up, we had a total of about 11 guys and 6 girls. Things got started slowly, and after the typical party bullshit that goes along in the beginning, things started to really warm up.

Leana and I had spent most of the evening together, me feeling like a complete idiot, trying to steal kisses from her as she teased, while everybody else was in a dry-humping position somewhere. After the third try I decided that I would just cool off and get her a drink. “Tequila please”, she quipped. When I returned with her drink, she was talking to a group of guys that weren’t paired off with prospective “fucks” for the night. I walked ataköy türbanlı escort up and gave her the drink, she introduced me to the guys and continued her chatting. I walked around and talked with the few people that I knew, and after about an hour, she came over to me to ask if I would get another drink for her. I got her a highball of straight tequila this time, thinking that if she wants to get drunk, for some reason, then it is better here in her apartment. What a mistake that was!

I gave her the drink, and leaned over to whisper something romantic in her ear. She responded by jerking her head away and looking at me as if I just killed someone. (I remember thinking- Who the fuck needs this shit!!), and walked outside to get some air. I was so livid, again me, the fool of the century, wasting my affections on this bitch…Geez, I’ve done better before, I could do better again!. So with false bravado all mustered up, I decided to walk around the block cursing her name, vowing to dump her as soon as possible after this party.

After being away for about an hour, it was time to return. Walking up the stairs to her apartment, all I could hear was the music- the loud talking was over except for a few laughs.

I opened the door and almost had a heart attack! There she was, kneeling on the floor, bobbing her head in a slow sensuous rythym as she sucked one guy sitting on the couch. She was simultaneously jerking two other guys off, and still two others stood next to her and jerked themselves while they watched. She alternated between all 5 guys, sucking their hard cocks, making them moan with delight as she slicked up their shafts. I could only stand in total disbelief. As she moved from guy to guy, the only sounds were the soft moaning, sucking and slurping wet sounds and her vinyl jeans squeaking against the floor. She was obviously into what she was doing, because she was lightly moaning as well.

I moved to a more “covert” location, ataköy ucuz escort so I can see without being seen. She kept up her serving, until the last guy she had in her mouth shot his wad, catching her unaware, as he squirted first a drop or two in her mouth, then all over her face. This seemed like the sign for the rest of the guys, because they all started shooting their loads all over her face, tits, and floor. She was in seventh heaven as she rubbed the cream all over exposed tits and mouth, licking at the discharged goo. “Is there anybody here who is going to fuck me?” she said with half-closed eyes. The guys went crazy. The guy on the couch, unzipped her jeans, and lowered her tight asshole on top of his cock, she bent her head back in ecstasy as she slid down on his entire length. Another guy, in a semi-crouch, guided his cock into her quivering, oozing pussy. She almost screamed as he pumped her. Another guy walked up to her and while grabbing her face, pulled it onto his still slick cock. She swallowed it with one gulp. As she rubbed the other two guys’ (the ones who were just watching before) cocks against her tits, she cooed.

They switched positions and soon the guys were shooting off again, this time inside her mouth, cunt, ass and all over her jeans. When the climbed off her finally she slipped her hands on the sticky vinyl surface, and giggled: “Look at all this cum!” and got up to go to the bathroom to clean up. As she started walking, I could see the extent of the cum-job, it was incredible!. She was completely covered. Her lips/mouth, neck, tits/nipples, stomach. Her jeans had globs of sperm dripping down. She still squeaked as she bent down to clean off the cocks that served her so well. She licked all 5 of them completely, and finished off with a deep kiss good night to each and every guy. As the last guy left, and she closed the door, I could see her body still shaking from the many orgasms she had, as she was almost in convulsions.

She ataköy üniversiteli escort went into her bedroom and before she closed the door, I made my move…I walked up to her, forcing the door open behind her, she spun around, stunned…”Oh my GOD, I forgot!!””It’s alright, I saw everything” I quipped back as nastily as I could muster with my apparent hard-on squeezing against my leg. “Well, all I want to do is take a shower and go to bed. Don’t worry about cleaning up, I’ll do that tomorrow-I am beat!!” Then a long pause…”That’s it???!! I screamed, “You sucked and fucked 5 guys and you decide to “call it a night”???!!…I think I you should at least kiss me if you intend on fucking me over!!”

I was livid the second time that night and wasn’t seeing things too clearly. So with one swift grasp I pulled her cum-soaked body to me and kissed her using my tongue to test hers, I was not going to be abused by this bitch anymore! I could taste the cum of the other guys and her cunt juices on her breath as she responded (finally). I pulled her vinyl-encased ass to me and felt the slicked surface as it squeaked with the grasp of my hand. I bent down to suck her nipples, “Be gentle, they are real tender” she said softly.

“No shit!” I said toughly. I sucked and bit gently, as I massaged her breasts. She started to moan again, and I figured that I should I get to the “hot spot” soon. I sat her down on the edge of the bed as I slid my hands and body down her slippery jeans till I was in between her legs, looking at the remnants of what must have been a gallon of cum sprayed all over and inside her pussy, ass and jeans. “Suck my cunt…clean it up for me” she begged. As I leaned to stick my tongue inside her, I could taste the saltiness of a freshly fucked pussy, and some cum still oozing out in globs out of her slit. Her clit was so raw and red that all I had to do was breath on it for her to cringe….screw this!, I lifted her sticky legs up and with one complete thrust, slammed my cock home.

The silky smoothness of her pussy, drenched and reamed open was so hot, that I too felt myself losing it too soon, but I caught myself, and put things in the proper perspective-she didn’t want any part of me prior to her drinking and orgy with the guys.

So I pounded into her with relentless energy, and when I finally came, I went- for good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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