Vanessa at the Bachelor Party

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Big Dicks

This story involves a wife’s infidelity. Without any repercussions. If you do not like these types of stories… please move on to something you do like. However if such stories are something you appreciate — realizing they are mere fiction and fantasy — please enjoy.

This story is dedicated to Vanessa, a reader who reached out to me years ago and asked to be in one of my stories. At the time I was focused on a different kind of story and I don’t think she was happy with the one I did. And when this idea came to me I remembered the photo she’d shared and immediately she became my muse. I don’t know if she’s still reading, but I hope if she is, she enjoys this ode to her beauty.


“Let me get this straight. Jason’s little brother is getting married and you want me to be the entertainment at the bachelor party?”

“Not the entertainment… Well yea, kinda I guess. We just want you to do a burlesque-style strip tease.”

Vanessa looked at her husband incredulously, unable to make clear sense of the request.

“Again,” Tom sighed. “Bill and his buddies are kinda religious, and his bride is serious about it. So they don’t want a stripper. But they want a bachelor party. So me and Jason thought this kind of thing was a nice compromise. And with your background in dance… We just figured if you did it, then everyone’d be okay with it since you’re not… you know, a stripper.”

“But Tom…” she started, then hesitated, trying to think what to say. In the end she offered the only thing she could think of. “A strip tease in front of a bunch of strange men?”

“Me and Jason will be there, so it won’t be all strange men. And you know Bill too.”

Vanessa thought about this. He wasn’t wrong. Jason had been Tom’s best friend for years and after being the best man at their wedding he’d been a constant presence in their marriage. And Vanessa absolutely adored him. He was smart, sweet, and funny. In fact, she occasionally wondered how things would have gone if she’d met Jason first since he was just as good-looking and well-built as Tom. And she had met Bill, a mirror image of his older brother. But she’d never realized he was religious.

“I just don’t know,” she shook her head even as she accepted that the basic rationale behind the idea did sort of make sense. She had studied dance for a number of years. Not seriously, just dabbling, taking a few classes here and there for the exercise. She enjoyed it. And unlike a professional stripper, she would make sure any routine remained relatively modest.

“It’ll be fun,” Tom stressed. “And you’ll make a few hundred bucks that you can spend any way you want.”

“Any way I want?” She already knew what she’d spend it on.


She had to admit the idea of actually performing was appealing. She’d never gotten to do that before. But a strip tease? Did she really want to do that?

“Burlesque style?” She raised an eyebrow.

“Yea. You know. Like they did in the 50s or whatever.” His smile told her he knew she was seriously contemplating doing it.

She did know what he meant; ladies in long dresses with full length gloves and other non-essential items they could peel off to music while maintaining a certain level of modesty. She’d seen snippets of them in various movies and TV shows. But she’d never done anything like it, never studied it. Still, she figured she could put something together given enough time.

“When’s the party?”

“Three months from this Saturday.”

“You said a few hundred. How much exactly?”


“Make it five.”

“I don’t know, Babe. Jason’s on a budget.”

“Well I’m gonna have to buy an outfit and I’m not payin’ for it.”

“Of course not. That’s understood. So you’ll do it?”

“Yea, I guess I will,” she sighed.

“Great. I’ll let Jason know,” he said, reaching for his phone with a huge grin.

“Um, Tom… Honey, how much should I show?” She asked. Although she’d just agreed to do it, she still felt apprehensive and wanted some reassurance from him. Afterall, she’d be stripping for other men.

“As much as you feel comfortable with,” he smiled.

“Ok,” she breathed, although something about his smile did nothing to calm her apprehension. In fact, it made it a little worse. Yet, she had agreed.

The next day Vanessa set about learning how to do a burlesque strip tease. Although there weren’t any classes nearby, she found plenty of videos on-line. She hadn’t known it, but there was an annual competition for it. Among the videos there were even a few grainy black-and-white ones from the style’s golden age. Within a month she had the basic routine figured out and had bought the outfit. Then she spent the remaining time fine-tuning and practicing the routine, a couple girlfriends helping her by critiquing it. Although they found it kind of odd that her husband had asked her to do this, they offered good tips and eventually the final routine was worked out. And since she wasn’t much for make-up or fancy avcılar üniversiteli escort hair-dos, one of them that’d been a make-over artist taught her how to do these things.

The party was in a suite at one of the best hotels in the city and Tom reserved the adjacent room for them as an added thanks for all her work. Thinking it was a chance to have a little extra fun, Vanessa planned a special surprise just for him. Along with the burlesque videos, she’d found a lot of more risqué ones; ones with real, complete stripping routines and lap dances, and she secretly worked out a routine to do for him in their room after the party.

The day of the party she packed the smaller pieces of her outfits into a bag. The dress itself hung on a hanger. She never would have bought it, much less wore it, except for this one, unorthodox reason. Floor length and sparkly blue, it had straps over the shoulders and a high slit up one side with a zipper running from it up to the hem under her arm.

Meeting Jason at the hotel, they checked in and headed up to the suite to get things ready. The room was huge, with two bedrooms, a dining area and a good-sized living room. While Vanessa hung a handful of silly decorations, the men arranged the living room for her show. Moving the coffee table into one of the bedrooms, they shifted the two couches into a V-shape facing the open space. They also swapped out the room’s lightbulbs with special ones designed to enhance her during the routine. There was a little desk with a high-back chair and Vanessa decided the chair would work as her prop, so they set it at the center of the open area. Then the three of them worked together to set up the dining table for an into-the-early-hours poker game, lining the counter with snacks, bottles of alcohol, ice buckets, glasses, and mixers. Finished, they inspected their work.

“Ness,” Jason said, giving her a side-hug. Him and Tom were the only ones allowed to call her that. “I know I’ve already said it, but thank you so much for doin’ this.”

“About a dozen times,” she hugged him back. “But I still like hearing it.”

“I know you’re gonna be great,” he grinned. “You are so beautiful.”

“I never get tired of hearin’ you tell me that,” she smiled.

“Do you two need to get a room?” Tom playfully scowled.

“We have one,” Jason chuckled.

“Three actually,” she clarified, turning to him. “Which one should we start in?”

“Anyone you want, Baby.”

“Just let me know which one to set the video camera up in,” Tom said.

“You wish,” Vanessa huffed.

“Well, what say we go get something to eat? We’re all set-up here,” Jason said, ending the playful patter.

A few hours later they were back at the hotel, the men hanging out in the suite, leaving Vanessa to get ready in her and Tom’s room. Now that the time was quickly arriving, her nerves were trying to get the better of her so she took a few hits of a joint while making herself a stiff drink. Sipping at the alcohol she fixed her hair and make-up, then put on the slinky panties and glued a pair of gold tassels over her nipples. After putting in a pair of dangling earrings and hanging a heavily bejeweled necklace around her neck she inspected herself in the mirror.

She thought she’d done a good job with the hair and make-up, especially considering she didn’t usually do such things. The rouge on her cheeks wasn’t too garish, she’d gotten the powder smooth and even, and the bright red lipstick enhanced her elegant lips. Her eyes were highlighted by thick, smoky eyeshadow and she’d even managed to attach fake, long eyelashes. She’d curled her long, dark brunette hair into flowing waves then piled the majority of it at the back of her head and held it in place with easily removed pins, while a couple curly-ques hung down on each side of her face.

Pleased with this, she inspected the only items that would remain at the end of the show. The lacey panties were a darker blue than the dress, their straps rode high on her slim hips while the front and back dove down in a sharp vee, the former over her cleanly shaved sex, the latter across her round little asscheeks. She’d thought about getting a G-string, but wanted to be as authentic as possible and she didn’t think they’d been around during burlesque’s hay-day. At the front of her full, B-cup breasts the tassels made for brilliant decoration. Thanks to her active lifestyle and good genes her twin mounds were still fairly firm and jutted out from her chest prominently, the necklace hanging down between them. She made her breasts actively roll several times, swinging the tassels around to test the spirit glue holding them in place. Happy with the results, she put on a bra that matched the panties in style and color.

Checking the time, see saw that it hadn’t taken her as long as she’d expected and she had time to kill. So she slipped on the fluffy robe supplied by the hotel and sat down in front of the TV. With nothing to do, her nerves avrupa yakası escort started bothering her again and she finished the joint while sipping at her drink.

She’d just stubbed out the joint when Tom let himself into the room, coming to an abrupt halt when he saw her hair and make-up.

“You look great,” he sighed.

“Thank you, Honey. But I know you don’t like make-up,” she smiled.

“No-no,” he shook his head. “I mean, yea, you are naturally beautiful, and I do prefer you without it. But you really did a great job. Your hair and your eyes. And my God, that lipstick.”

“You’re so sweet,” she said, his praise helping to calm her nerves before a sudden thought alarmed her. “It’s not time, is it?” She yelped, starting to stand up, her mind racing with all that she had left to do.

“No. It’s not,” he assured her, waving for her to remain seated. “I just came over to check on you. See if you needed anything.”

“Thank God,” she sighed, sipping at her drink.

“You okay, Babe?” He asked, his tone showing concern.

“I’m just a little nervous,” she admitted.

“Well, here, why don’t ya take one of my muscle relaxers?” He offered, digging into his overnight bag.

“Yea, ok. That might help.” Accepting the pill, she washed it down with her drink.

“You want me to hang out with you?”

“Don’t be silly. Go back. I’ll be fine. The guys are here, aren’t they?”

“Yea, and about all they can talk about is you,” he smiled. “Bill’s been tellin’ his buddies how sexy you are. Gettin’ ’em riled up for the show.”

This bit of news caused her face to flush and a nervous smile to cross her lips.

“How many guys again?” she asked, her voice shaking slightly.

“Nine total, counting me and Jason.”

“Ok,” she sighed, finishing her drink, hoping it would calm her nerves. “Um… Honey, are you sure about this?”

“Well, if I wasn’t, it’s kinda late to be backing out now,” he smiled.

“Yea, I guess so,” she forced a smile. “So you’re okay with me… um… with me stripping for them?”

“Honestly, Babe, I’m stoked by the idea. You know I love showin’ you off, and this is the ultimate in that.”

“Pervert,” she chuckled. “But you do realize they’ll be seeing more of me than usual.”

“Babe, I trust you. It can’t be much more than some of your bikinis.”

“Yea,” she nodded. Not only had she kept him from seeing her routine, he also hadn’t seen any of her outfit except for the dress. But he was essentially correct. She did own a couple skimpy bikinis that covered little — if any — more than her panties and tassels.

“Ok, so I’ll come and get ya in about an hour.” He gave her a kiss before leaving.

Left alone, Vanessa tried calming her nerves by fixing another drink and sipping it in front of the TV until it was time to finish getting dressed. While she was slipping into the dress, she noticed her nerves weren’t bothering her anymore and she sighed with relief. In the next second, she realized she was actually feeling pretty good and her eyes darted over to her empty glass. Without realizing it, she’d drank the entire thing, and that — on top of the first one, the joint, and the muscle relaxer — had her head buzzing a little. Not wanting to be too impaired, she got a bottle of water to drink while waiting for it to be time for her show.

Once again, when Tom let himself in, he froze and stared at her in amazement.

The heels she was wearing added inches to her demure frame and the dress clung to her subtle curves like a tailored glove. Her push-up bra did its job of providing plenty of cleavage at the dress’ diving vee neckline. The slit running up the one side allowed flashes of the white, sheer, thigh-high stockings underneath and the silky, white gloves road high on her arms.

“So, you like?” She smiled, striking a pose for him.

“Fuckin’ amazing,” he grinned. “I swear. Babe, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were straight outta one of those movies.”

“So I did good, huh?”

“Absolutely,” he kept staring as if in a trance.

“Good. Now, are the guys ready?”

“Um… Yea, yea,” he snapped himself back to the present. “They’re all in their seats, waiting, and Jason’s got the music cued up for when you enter.”

“The path’s clear?”

“Yea. You go straight to the right after walking in. The chair’s right where you wanted and there’s nothing in your way.”

“Um…” she hesitated. Now that the moment was upon her, her nerves were starting to act up again and the buzz she’d felt just moments earlier was rapidly wearing off. Thinking about what she was about to do; walk into a room full of strange men and remove her clothes, she suddenly feared she’d either freeze up or simply forget the routine.

“You okay, Babe?” Tom asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Um… Yea… just really, really nervous all of a sudden.”

“You want another muscle relaxer?”

“I don’t know,” she tried taking a few deep breaths bağdat caddesi escort to calm the nerves. “It-It won’t have time to help, will it?”

“I’ll text Jason and tell him ta give us a few minutes,” he shrugged, pulling out his phone.

“I don’t wanna be out of it either,” she said, still uncertain.

“It’ll be okay. Once you start dancing, it’ll run through your system pretty quick.” He’d sent the text and was digging the pills from his bag. “It’s just to get ya started.”

“Yea… Yea, maybe I will,” she conceded to his logic.

While they waited for the pill to take effect, he brushed his hand up and down her back, sending a tingle racing along her spine. Then he leaned in to kiss her and she pushed him away.

“Whoa, Big Boy,” she chuckled. “You’re not messin’ up my make-up or hair. It was too damn hard to do, and I’m not retouching it.”

“Ok. Ok.” He held his hands up in surrender.

A few minutes later she felt the majority of her nerves calming, the pill doing its thing.

“Ok, let’s do this,” she said, stealing herself against the remaining nerves.

“Alright!” He beamed, texting Jason again then opening the door for her.

As she walked into the hall Vanessa’s eyes darted around, worried that running into anyone that happened to be out there, seeing her in the outfit, might reanimate her nerves. Not seeing anyone, she breathed a sigh of relief as Tom hurried past her and opened the door to the suite. From inside the room the music she’d put together started playing.

“Gentlemen, for your entertainment… Vanessa!” Jason’s voice rang out.

Taking a couple quick deep breaths, she strutted confidently through the door and to the right, over to the “stage.” She was surprised by the mixture of applause and cheers greeting her entrance, and even more so by the surge of excitement they generated in her. Reaching the chair, she turned toward the place where the two couches met and started her routine.

Prancing around to the music, she slid her hands over the contours of her body, the white gloves contrasting against the blue dress. Turning around, she shook her ass for the men. Leaning forward, she displayed her cleavage to them. In those first minutes she sought out the two faces she knew; Jason and his brother. It wasn’t easy since the room’s lighting had been set to highlight her and cast the men in shadows, but she managed to locate them. Jason was the easiest to spot since he was sitting on the couch’s armrest to the far right where the music was coming from. Bill sat in the center of the other couch, sandwiched between some of his buddies.

Wanting to do a good job of giving them a show and not just unceremoniously remove her clothes, she’d set cues within the music to help her remember when to take off certain articles. When the first one sounded, she peeled one of the gloves off. Whipping it around, she danced toward one of the couches and sent it sailing through the air to one of the men. Peeling off the other one a moment later, she did the same with it, tossing it toward the other couch.

Then she danced around some more, her hands again highlighting her curves, until the next cue sounded. Taking a seat in the chair, she crossed and uncrossed her legs a few times in exaggerated fashion, kicking her heels off to the side in the process. Then she teasingly reached under the dress and slowly rolled one stocking down and off. Standing up, she danced over to Bill and took her time laying it over his head before leaning forward to give him a special view of her cleavage.

This got her a chorus of hoots and Bill a couple congratulatory claps on the back.

Returning to the chair, she again crossed and uncrossed her legs then removed the other stocking in the same teasing fashion. This time she pranced over to Jason. Looping the stocking behind his head, she pulled it back and forth a few times while giving him an extended view of her cleavage.

The gloves and stockings had been one thing, they were just show, and peeling them away didn’t reveal anything. But the dress was the next item to be removed and it was different. When she removed it, she’d be down to her bra and panties in front of the men. Dancing around with this thought running through her mind, making her heart race, she nearly missed the musical cue. A tingle ran along her nerves as she stood sideways and slowly drew the zipper down, stopping every couple inches for effect. When it was completely unzipped, she held it closed while sashaying around. Still holding it closed, she slowly drew one strap down off her shoulder and along her arm. Then she danced around a little more before drawing the other strap off. Holding the dress in place she sashayed around some more before scooting down behind the chair to use it as a barrier against the men’s gazes as she pulled the dress off and tossed it aside.

The moment of reckoning was upon her . . .

She was about to dance out from behind the chair in nothing but her underthings . . .

For all these men to see . . .

She’d expected to be hesitant . . . maybe even a little scared. She’d expected her nerves to be jangling at this point and had prepared herself to fight through them. But she wasn’t . . . and they weren’t. Her nerves were singing, but with excitement instead of unease. She was actually feeling thrilled . . . empowered even.

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