Virtual to Reality Pt. 01

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Our first encounter was a virtual one through an online game. My name is Noah and I was a host of a strong alliance in the online game and she, Jane was a new member to the alliance.

Jane had come over from a dying alliance and I was one of the best players in the game. Jane knew she could learn from him and become a stronger player.

We chatted a lot about the game, I gave her more responsibility and they became closer.

Jane opened up and expressed her feelings, she lived in Tasmania and her husband worked away from home, only being home at weekends, so she was lonely and spent a lot of time online playing this game. I listened and opened up some of my life; I lived in the UK and worked on private military contract, usually abroad in the Middle East. I was also away from home for extended periods, though was never bored with work.

I started to charm Jane. I typed, “Sit on my knee”.

A message appeared on my screen Jane, “OK I’m sitting on your knee”.

I realised that perhaps I could be Jane’s’ master, she had a strong side but was open to being submissive to the right person.

One day whilst I had virtually pulled Jane onto my knee Jane described güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri herself to me. She was about five foot five a little overweight but with very large breasts. I smiled to myself, my favourite type of lady.

I decided to push things on a bit, I told Jane that I had big hands and I was putting my hands on her breasts and fondling them. Jane didn’t reply for a few minutes, I waited.

A message appeared on my screen, “I’m a little shocked but I liked it” (with an embarrassed emoticon).

I smiled, that was good and described how I was lifting her top and rubbing her breasts through her bra.

Jane described her bra as being black and silky and how her nipples were getting harder.

I smiled and decided to push it a little more, “Is your pussy getting wet?” I typed. Once again there was no reply for a few minutes.

Then a message appeared on the screen, beside it an embarrassed emoticon, “Yes, a little” was the reply.

I smiled and typed, “I have to go, I’m needed”, even though I was on a rest period. I waited.

“Bugger, you’re needed here as well” was the reply on the screen.

I typed, “Catch you later” güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri (with an evil grin emoticon). I signed off and smiled.

The following day I signed on the game and straight away a message from Jane popped onto the screen.

“I’m jumping onto your knee, please play with my breasts.”

I replied, “I’m taking your tits out of your bra and squeezing your nipples, they are very hard.”

“Yes, they are.” Jane replied.

I started to type, “Is your cunt getting wet”.

There was a longer pause than usual on the screen then a message appeared, “Please don’t use that word, anything but that”.

I thought for a while and typed, “So your pussy is wet”.

“Yes” was the immediate reply.

I was a little angry and decided to push things a little faster than he intended.

“I want you to get off my lap and kneel in front of me and undo my trousers take out my cock and make it hard with your mouth” I typed.

I waited for the reply.

“I have been bad so I need to be punished, I’m licking your cock all the way down the shaft, it’s getting so hard, and I’m sucking on your balls. Please fuck my mouth for being güvenilir bahis şirketleri a bad girl.”

I smiled and replied quickly, “I’m holding your hair and fucking your face, you are very bad, I’m going to make you gag on my hard cock.” I waited.

“Please fuck my face harder, please” Jane replied.

This exchange carried on for a while until I typed,” I’m going to come all over your slutty face.”

“I’m going to come over my fingers as I imagine your cum all over my face.” appeared on my screen.

I imagined Jane playing with her clit as she came over her fingers, stroking my cock as I came over her lips and mouth.

After our erotic chat we played the game for a while before signing off.

Our online exchanges continued every day Jane told me more about herself where she lived and her daily routines, our role-play getting more imaginative and steamier.

One day I typed, “I’m bending you over, lifting your dress, pulling your panties to one side and rubbing my cock head on your little asshole.”

There was no reply for a while, then “Don’t do that.”

I started to get angry I typed, “So I can’t say cunt and I can’t fuck your virtual asshole”.

There was no reply.

After that Jane virtually ignored me and if she did communicate it was short and to the point.

I got mad and knowing that I was going to be in Jane’s part of the world in the near future I would plan a surprise for her, but that is another story… to be continued.

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