We Never Said Once Ch. 02

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It was very dark, and as soon as she’d said it, she closed her eyes again and gently drifted off. She felt something other than outright exhaustion, and what she had taken earlier may have caused a reaction, but that was kind of where she was at in her life, entrenched in that delicate dance. Trying to unclutter the cascade of medications, prescriptions, and issues that had gotten her to this state. Based upon that foundation, her dreams just then were wild, with Nick carrying her up the driveway to her home. He made her do embarrassingly filthy things to herself while telling him what she was fantasizing about, and told her he wanted to watch her do certain things to herself before he would indulge her further. As soon as one dream would end, another would pick up, with her adjusting her role in them to more closely fit what she thought he’d want.

She later awoke in complete darkness, and ran her fingers instinctively up and down her body, lightly skritching herself. It was something completely innocent that she had done upon waking ever since she was young. Her head had been fuzzy, since before she even ran into Nick, through the car ride home, and now, whenever now was, it felt loads better. She ran her fingers up her neck and realized it was so dark because she had a sleeping mask on. As she reached for it, his hands pried hers apart, and forced them down, one on each side of her head. Her heart instantly began sprinting and she bit her bottom lip as he slithered up to her.

He pinned both her hands above her head with one of his and wrapped a tie of some sort around, over, and through, and cinched it to something past the pillows above her as she sank into the bed. When he finished, he ran his fingers up and down her body, narrowly missing the places she desperately wanted to be touched, running the back of his nails down her body, and the tips of his fingers back up, essentially mimicking what he’d seen her do a moment ago. He continued until her nipples hardened and her body writhed off the bed, magnetized to his hands, and just then he kissed her. His hand along the side of her neck, guiding her lips to his, pulling her to him like he could never get enough.

By then he was tired of denying himself and positioned himself, with her help, where he was kneeling between her legs. Becca moaned for him, feeling him there, and in particular his engorged head pressed upon her other lips. He forced her legs up towards her shoulders and ran it through her mess, she wiggled her hips and rear side to side as the end of his member traced down her area, and then she jumped sharply when he pushed it upwards, gliding along her clit. Seeing that she loved that part the best, her captor used his hand to press his piece firmly down against her spot there, directly where she needed it, and began massaging her with it, left to right, to where he could feel her flesh popping out from beneath it as he shifted each way.

She shifted her body with him, rubbing against him after feeling exactly what he was up to. There was so much she wanted to say, but only moans and primal affirmations would spill out when her mouth fell open. She knew it was him, he didn’t have to say a word, she didn’t have to move her sleeping mask, it was his touch, or maybe the attention to detail, to her details, and definitely his scent. There were no aphrodisiacs in the world except that. It reminded her of their first time, vividly, and the tangled mess they were. If heaven was perfect, she often thought, it’d be a DVR-type recorder of your entire life, and that’s where she’d go, the crease of her elbow around the back of his neck, pulling him onto her as hard as she could, her nose tucked between his shoulder and his neck. This was him, it had to be.

She pulled on her bindings, loving the thought that she was going to be taken by him no matter what, but wishing she could replicate that moment, wanting her arm around his neck. Lost in that moment, she jumped as fingers traced her exposed holes, how he was able to manage all that as well confused her, because he never stopped rubbing her spot with his remarkably hard member. Beneath her mask, her eyes were free to cross and roll back, and the moment his fingertips broke her plane, just barely, it all came to a head and her entire being went dark.

The minute or so that went by felt like an hour in the darkness for Becca, she was still trembling when she finally heard him. He had kissed her breasts, her neck, and then her while she came, but she was only present for the next bit, him at her ear, his deep, sex-filled voice whispering to her, “I love it when you do that.” And in a whirlwind, he was flipping her over, powerfully, like she wasn’t used to, onto her elbows and knees, wrists still affixed together with silk or something similar, and he squeezed two big handfuls of her ass, and finally set the head of it against her opening and slowly pushed against her, harder and harder until he could finally feel her warmth swallowing him.

“YES!” Becca cried as his head grated bahis firmaları slowly in, grinding against every delicate little ridge inside of her. He was gentle and slow, his hands clutched her hips, steadying her until he was nearly half way in, then all the way out, and when he did, long white streaks coated him, then got squeegeed off as he slowly went in again and again, causing a run of it to trickle down. His fingers were soon running through it, as his hands danced around where they were joined. But all she could feel was him inside of her, again, finally. Emotionally, mentally, his apparition, for that moment, she wanted to be with him again, to let him into her life again, but when she started down that rabbit hole, it wasn’t a place she needed to go just then, so she eventually returned to the physical. And physically, he made her toes curl and her back arch sharply, and then without a thought about, she pushed back against him a little, rocking with his motion. He wasn’t deep, he still seemed guarded in his movements, but when he moved, she could feel every direction being forced out to make room, just enough to make it all feel amazing.

She squeezed her muscles to hold him in, and at the depth he was at, when she did that and shifted her rear higher for him, it felt like he was smashing it against that spot inside. It was like he had nowhere to go except directly against it when he went it, and equal to that, when he’d pull out, all the way, she begged him and God alike that he’d put it right back in where it was. The truth was whether or not he was that good, or any good for that matter, had no bearing on what she was feeling. She had built up this mental image of that moment for years, and her body had been trained by her own hands to respond in that exact way. And it worked. Over and over in a constant flow, it worked perfectly. Only one thing was missing, she released his poor pillow from between her clenched teeth, wiped the streams of tears pouring from beneath the mask onto it, and turned over her shoulder to him, “Play with my ass while you fuck me.”

Not the most lady-like way to put it, but to the point, and that point was founded on the blurred lines between the real and her persona she imagined during her multi-year buildup to this point. And no sooner had it effortlessly rolled off her tongue, his grip tightened around her waist, and he began to speed up. Then after running his fingers around through their mess again, he ran two of them in circles, letting the slight movements it made as he slid in and out provide the only pressure. It drove her absolutely mad when he grazed against her back there, but he eventually became much more interested in the way her flesh stuck to him as he slowly pulled out each time. He wrapped two fingers and his thumb around what he hadn’t used yet, and began masturbating with the tip still inside of her.

The helplessness, mixed with their unspoken trust, she loved it. And for a long time he alternated between that, and giving her what she had asked for. He eventually told Becca in no quaint terms that he had fantasized for years about doing that inside of her, and that her telling him about her fantasies made him really want to try his. When his fingers were a complete and utter mess, he would simply bring them to her lips, and she would enthusiastically clean them while he fucked her. The way she did it told him she wanted his cock in her mouth instead, but there was no way he was wasting a second of how her body felt. She was close again and he could feel her slowly tensing up, every time it pressed against her spot inside, she got another step closer, and he was ready.

The thought of finally being able to finish with her again, but with no condom this time, there was no stopping it, “I’m not going to stop, Becca, you have to tell him,” he said, plunging a little deeper, but still at a good, slow pace that let her feel the distention in her body as he worked. He could feel the friction perfectly against the underneath of his shaft. They were working in waves now, it would build and build, until she would finish again, and slicken everything inside.

“What? I don’t want to talk about him, just fuck me just like that…” and she pulled on her bindings and went back to imagining what he looked like, his slightly muscular, but not gymed-out body, his eyes, the hunger in them, the filth he wanted to do to her inexplicably written across his face. She knew at any moment, he was going finally put it in her ass, but until he touched her there again, she was going to just keep grinding back against him every time he started in again, and beg him to when he got there.

“I mean I’m not going to stop, after this. This just feels right,”

“I know, right there, keep doing that, I can’t stop cumming when you do it like that!” she said, still blindfolded, tied down, and being taken. Now she was on her back, and she wasn’t entirely sure she remembered being flipped over. She half-remembered being pushed over onto her side at some point, kaçak iddaa and run through like that, but it was all running together.

“Goddamn it, listen!” he yelled, partially fueled by how close he was to finishing. “I want you, Becca, not just like this,”

She threw her head back, cutting him off again, first with another boiling hot gush inside that suddenly made it sound like someone was trudging through ankle-deep mud, then with her persona’s voice, “It doesn’t have to be like this, I want you back there too, I want you to finger me while you fuck me back there. Cum for me first though, I want you to cum right there while I finish again, then swap.” It was long, breathy, broken into pieces, and there were a lot of sexual interjections in between her words. By the end of it, what he actually meant with his words was lost.

He finally thrust all the way in, and bent her further in half, while working on untying her wrists as fast as he could. Becca cried out as he bottomed out, and before she could finish he kissed her again, chasing her tongue with his. The pain was intense, and he stopped pushing in when she let out a whimper, fearing he had hurt her, but her hands went immediately around his body, grabbing his butt with both hands and pulling him into her. She moaned uh-huhs and yesses right after, and ground her body against his until she felt him pulsing. She threw her blindfold off right away, slung it to the wall. Her follow-through bumped a glass of water on the side table, and she quickly grabbed that and threw it across the room too, letting it shatter against the far wall in an unhinged fury. Like still in the throws of it, she looked over, and knocked his clock and a lamp off of his bedside table, backhanded them like she owned the place.

He never flinched, not for a second, Nick’s muscles were swollen from the work, glistening in very low light, both of them gasping for air, that’s what she remembered from her first glimpse of him on top of her. She could feel him pushing against her cervix, which he hadn’t hit once during all of this, and she knew what it meant. Another warm, wet wave erupted inside of her, her own, and he immediately told her he was cumming. “Me too! Do it! Go!” she yelled breathlessly, gently grabbing the couple inches he still couldn’t fit inside, and giving him a bit of a handjob as he came, for a second anyway, but she soon lost herself in the moment.

Becca was nothing if not imaginative, and her eyes rolled back and her toes curled when the first warm spurt erupted inside of her. It wasn’t going to be a waiting game of any sort for it to reach her ovaries, as they sat on the whitest sandy beach, just watching the sun come up, sipping Mai Tais and waiting patiently in their weathered wooden lounge chairs for the tide to roll in so they could just stick a toe in, no, it was a twenty meter high tsunami coming ashore at 200 km/h. She saw them both drowning, dragged fiercely down by the undertow and completely submerged after helplessly clinging to palm trees to stay afloat. As they were both drug out to sea, they both gave a single thumbs-up as they slowly went under, seemingly never to re-emerge.

Time slowed down for both of them, Becca counted off four times that he released more inside of her, but she had begun to finish as well and lost track of the rest. It was when he forced her knees to her shoulders, grabbed her by both sides of her face, kissed her like she had never been kissed in her life, all while pinning her down completely on the end of his member so he could finish all the way in, that did it for her. Every bit of her was filled with uncontrollable lust for him, for giving her this feeling, being his Goddess (as dumb as it sounded in her head), and without another thought in the world, she could have died right then and there, and had been perfectly content about it. She was actually about 85% sure she did die at some point during it, but by now she was feeling loads better.

It could have been a minute or an hour that passed before she snapped to, her brain was still orgasming with all the fantasies being generated when she heard him say, “Call him,” while still inside of her, softening to a more comfortable fit for both of them. He began to slide it out, and loving the way she felt, knowing what he’d just done, he too could have died and been just fine.

She shook her head no, and rolled out from under him, pushing him onto his back and getting on top. She put her finger over his lips so he knew not to talk, and then fixed her hair, stretching both arms over her head, tightening her breasts and pulling them up a touch. His hands went to them, and she slid her vagina up and down the entire length of it, like she was going to slide it back in, but instead just running it longways through her mounds. Then she gave him a smirk and slowly laid on top of him, and ran her breasts down his body like they were fingertips, and took him into her mouth. There had been at least a dozen times she had wanted him to make her do it while she kaçak bahis was tied down, but he had to know. Almost vanilla wasn’t her anymore, and before this was over, she wanted to impart that to him. She could just tell him, that she wanted things in her mouth while they did it, but she wanted to show him, because it soaked her through to show him.

“You should stay here, call him and tell him. I don’t want you to leave, Becca. I want you again,” and she could feel him swelling again inside her mouth.

The interruption during her moment, especially concerning that was too much to ignore, “Why do you have to say shit like that? I feel bad enough already, just… fuck! Let it go!”

Nick’s heart sank. If this is all there was, it was a huge mistake. He sat up and looked confused, like he needed clarification from Becca, and she looked at him and could see she had hurt him. After a deep sigh, “I’m sorry, this was, amazing, but I don’t know what I want right now. I don’t want to even put what we just did into context.”

“So this was just sex to you?”

“That’s not fair. I have a husband, we have a life-“

“It was never going to be fair, you don’t think I know what it feels like to be him? It’s not fair to either of you, I know that, but so did you-“

“So what, after all these years, and this,” she yelled, failing her hands at her and Nick’s positioning, “I’m just supposed to drop everything and what, exactly, Nick?”

“Jump.” When he said it, he meant it, and the look he had told her.

“Jump!?” she question-screamed, actively looking for her clothes. She was suddenly wishing she’d had this epiphany a few hours ago, but only because she had now quenched most of her body’s needs. She looked at him, and for a second, she remembered that same look he had, very long ago. He was chest-deep in pitch black water after jumping off a dock they’d been star-watching on. He told her the same thing when she was terrified to join him, and when she did, she was clutched against him the whole time, her legs innocently around his waist, her arms around his neck. He took care of her then, never let her legs dangle where the things that lurked there could get her, even for a second.

“I can’t,” she said sadly, eyebrows raised, eyes wide, but still somber. It took her that long to remember he wasn’t her-Nick, and the fights they had weren’t won or lost in the same manner as this one. Hers was stubborn, which was nice sometimes, and this one had a much harder exterior, but for all the time they’d been together, she was inside where he was much softer. She had said her peace before she remembered how sensitive he was, not that it would have changed anything, her feelings always came out.

“I know, but I had to try. I meant everything from earlier, before we came here,” he said tailing off, knowing it didn’t matter right now, “I’ll bring you home, just let me…” and he stood up on the bed, his flag still at half mast, but much larger than what she had become accustomed to. Not that that was the end-all, be-all, she liked how comfortable it was with her husband, but her eyes didn’t leave it until this Nick had his boxers back on.

“No, I’ll get a cab,” she said, putting her dress on that he had dried and laid out over a reading chair nearby, and then heading to the bathroom to clean up. She wasn’t sure what she was going to tell her Nick yet, but whatever it would or wouldn’t be seemed like it’d be a bit worse with someone else’s cum running down her legs as she did.

She sat on the toilet, pushing as gingerly as she could, trying to get everything in a better state while she found a ride through her app. When she exited the restroom, Nick came to her and gave her a massive hug, and when he did, she fought back her tears and swallowed hard to no avail.

She knew him, and despite everything they’d just done and worse, said, she knew he was trying to tell her goodbye. She turned to him and whispered ‘bye’ and left, wandering through the hallways of his sprawling home until she was outside and felt like she could breathe again. She stood for a long time with her hand on the door handle, not sure if she should go back in or not. She needed time to decide, even though he needed her, it seemed, she knew if he pressed her she wouldn’t be able to say no for long, so she left. And when she did, she couldn’t honestly say what set her off, why she was angry, or why the fight had begun, she knew, but it didn’t even make sense to her. It was like her feelings weren’t lining up with her head, and she didn’t know why, but she knew she had to be somewhere else.

Nick plopped back on the bed with his palms smushing his brows and rubbing his forehead. He had said his peace, fulfilled a promise he’d made to himself to try tell her what happened, and then wrecked it all to Hell anyway. He gave no thought to what they’d just done, but rather he kept replaying her leaving, over and over, envisioning the things she’d said as more and more vicious by the number. He set himself to writing something while his feelings were still brimming, set it out, then curled up alone. For his part, he had someone to tell as well, friendly benefits that needed to be severed, and he did not expect that conversation to go well.

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