When Cupid’s Arrow Missed

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This story is entirely fictional – NONE of the email addresses are real- any similarities to persons living or dead are entirely coincidental.


Jim had everything going for him. He had just turned 30. He had a beautiful, California girl, type fiancée with whom he had just bought his first home. He was about 6 feet tall and had a nicely built body, with a few carefully sculpted muscles. To top things off he had finally gotten out of a job that he hated and was beginning a career as a buyer for a high end store. Things couldn’t have been going more perfectly for him. Then he started his new job…

For the first few weeks that Jim was working for Pure Style he was in closed training with the more experienced personal of the purchasing team. During this time he really didn’t get a chance to meet with the rest of their department for much more than to have them be told his name. That was the first time he saw Maya. When he had a chance, he asked Mike, his director, just what it was that Maya did for the department as he knew that she was always occupied and in close contact with their co-workers, but he knew that she wasn’t their admin assistant.

Mike told Jim that Maya worked so closely with the purchasers because she was responsible for researching the latest styles on the marked and that she was constantly reviewing consumer analysis surveys to see what the market place was interested in. Mike told Jim that it would benefit him if he were to arrange to spend some time getting to know Maya as she would soon become as invaluable to him as his right hand.

When Jim got home that night he told his fiancée what Mike had suggested. “Katie, I know that you don’t want me working late… that that is part of the reason I looked at changing jobs in the first place, but if she is as aware of the industry as she seems then I need to do this or it will significantly increase the amount of time that I have to put in to understand what it is that I’m doing.” Katie got up from her chair and walked over to where Jim sat at the table, his papers for work spread out in front of him. Jim looked up for the first time in a couple of hours to see that she was wearing the fishnet body stocking he had gotten for her last Valentines day (Katie was lucky that it was croch less or it would never have survived the first night).

Katie knelt down in front of Jim and began to massage his semi hard cock through his kakis, “Jim, I know that this is important to your career…” She unzipped the fly of his pants and reached into his boxers to massage his cock to its full 7 1/2 inches and pulled it out of his fly. Lowering her dripping wet, shaved pussy onto his bare cock she whispered in his ear, “but I don’t like the idea of you working so closely with another woman.” She began to grind her pussy against his cock, the head of it bumping against her uterus. The button and fabric from his pants rubbing against her hard clit, causing her pussy to drip with desire around his cock, leaving a noticeable spot on the fabric.

Jim clasped her hips in his hands and began pumping her up and down against his cock. His voice raspy with desire he tongued her nipple through the mesh before replying. “Baby, you have nothing to worry about. She’s not someone I find attractive. She’s a bigger girl, and uhhhh god, you’re the only woman who can make my cock twitch like that… fuck…” Jim lost his train of thought as she clenched her pussy muscles around his cock and rose up and almost off of his cock. She raised up until just the head of his cock was in her pussy, the air in the room, much cooler than the heat of her pussy, causing his shaft to tingle as she swirled her pussy in a figure 8 pattern that drove him nuts. He reached between them and gently pinched her clit between his thumb and middle finger, rolling it like a pebble as he returned his attention to her nipples.

His tongue was working her nipples into painful peaks against the fishnet. Katie’s clit was slick in his fingers as her continued to roll it in them mimicking the movement of his tongue on her nipples. “Oooohhhhhhh, fuck… Jim… ahhhhh, god, ” She lowered her pussy back down onto his cock as her orgasm began to build from deep within the core of her tight pussy. She reached down to fondle his sac as she the familiar sensation of his cock beginning to swell along with his balls tightening to shoot his sperm deep into her began to send her over the edge.

Jim grabbed Katie by the hips and thrust his cock hard into her pussy in swift strokes, no longer able to maintain the slow pace their table fuck had begun at. “Oh, fuck, Katie… oh god… fuck, I’m getting so close…”

Katie looked at him, “Jim, we’re not using a condom… I’m not on my new pill yet…ohhhh…”

“Oh…fuck… Katie, I’m so fucking close, I can feel it oozing out of the head of my cock… uhhhhh… Fuck, I don’t care, ohhhh…” Jim could feel the pre-cum oozing out of his cock against her womb.

“Katie, I want to cum in you… I can’t….uhhh… please…. god… don’t make me stop kızılay escort now…I can’t…”

Jim’s words began to push Katie over the final bring of her orgasm as her pussy began to clench down hard against the friction of his cock deep inside her “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH… fuck, Jim… I love you… cum inside me… make me pregnant….”

Jim’s balls contracted with such force Katie felt it against her as his cock began to shoot streams of cum into her pussy as her orgasm took over, their cries of passion echoing through the house.


The next day at work, Jim couldn’t help but be distracted by the nagging feeling that he might have gotten Katie pregnant the night before and the fear that he didn’t want to have a child with her yet… During his coffee break he mentioned to Ryan, another one of the purchasers, that Mike had suggested that he work with Maya for a bit to get a true understanding of what went on behind his aspect of the job Ryan looked at him slightly shocked, “Mike said that? Huh…” Ryan got kind of a dazed look on his face.

Jim looked at Ryan as Gary sat down to join them. “Hey guys, what’s going on?”

“I just mentioned to Ryan that Mike thinks I should talk to Maya and spend some time having her show me what goes on behind the scene… Ryan still hasn’t said anything, is it not a good idea for me to see what she does?”

Gary looked at Ryan and then at Jim and took a deep breath. “Look, Jim… Maya can teach you allot about what goes on with our consumers. She has been in that position for awhile now. But I think that you should know she applied for your job… she was told to apply for the position you got… she was never given an interview.”

Jim looked kind of shell shocked at this news. All he could think of to ask was “Why?”

Ryan looked at Jim, “Have you seen her… I mean talent and knowledge she has in abundance. But unless she really puts in an effort she has a hard time measuring up to any other 25 year old woman in this place. I mean, she is a BIG girl; she usually dresses so that you can tell she is trying to cover up her weight making herself look even bigger. She almost never wears make-up and her hair is always clipped up or in a head band thingy… she isn’t what you would fall ‘Pure Style’ representative.”

Jim was somewhat shocked, even though he had described Maya in similar words to Katie the night before, “so, just because she has a weight issue I got the job. I thought she was an invaluable fountain of knowledge”

“She is… I mean we need her.” Gary replied,” I mean, she’s a great girl, smart and all… but I doubt she’ll strike any guy with cupid’s arrow anytime soon… I don’t think she’s had a date the entire 3 years she’s worked for us… and if she can’t make the deal with her personal life, she isn’t going to make it in her professional aspirations.”

After their break, Jim couldn’t stop thinking about what the guys had said. Shortly before lunch he went over to Maya’s desk. She seemed so fixated on her database she hadn’t realized that he was standing there. Jim had never really paid much attention to her section as they had stuck her off in a corner away from the rest of the department, in effect isolating her. Ryan’s words flooded his mind, making him feel somewhat guilty, but also pity towards her.

Maya leaned back from her computer screen and jumped slightly, “Oh, Jim… I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you come over” He noticed a slight blush in her cheeks and decided it was because she was not used to people looking at her.

“Umm, Mike suggested that I see if you’d be willing to go over your aspect of the job with me… to help fount your wealth of knowledge onto me… if it wouldn’t mind?”

Maya smiled at him, “Jim, I’m sorry, but during the day, I really don’t have time to go over it all with you…” She glanced down at her hands and noticed the substantial bulge in his pants from his flacid cock. “But if you’d like I can stay late a few nights over the next little bit and go over any questions or concerns…” she paused to lick her lips “or desires you might be interested in having looked at.”

Jim smiled at her, knowing that she’d looked at his cock, but still concerned about the night before with Katie and wanting to avoid the situation at home for a bit he told her he’s love to, “just let me know when will be good for you.”

Maya smiled, “I can’t tonight, I have a course” she said by way of apology and explanation,” but any other night is fine with me.” They arranged to start the following evening.

As Jim walked away Maya began to type a new email message.

To: cupids_master@usa.net

From: m.robertson@p-style.org

Subject: arrows required


You’ve always offered your assistance to me but until now I have never been in need of it. You have been trying to get me to promote your line of aphrodisiac beverages to our stores. Send me some samples in overnight mail. I will try them out tomorrow and will kolej escort let you know if I will be forwarding the line on to our advertising department to run as a Pure Style Exclusive this valentine. Please reply back A.S.A.P.

Thank you,

Maya Robertson

Research Analyst

Pure Style

A few minutes later Maya’s computer beeped with an incoming message.

To: m.robertson@p-style.org

From: cupids_master@usa.net

Subject: Re: arrows required


I am not sure just what you have up your sleeve, but for as long as I’ve known you I’m sure it will be beneficial to both our interests. I have called an overnight courier who will pick up your parcel within the next 20 minutes for delivery to your hands specifically by 8 a.m. tomorrow. I hope that you find the products work to your satisfaction. On a personal note, try the Fairie Wing’s, in our test studies a few drops on say a chair back will release endorphins and pheromones to bring them crawling to you on hands and knees.

Best of luck

Cupid a.k.a. Sam Michaels

Lead Development and Merchandising

Cupid’s Arrow Inc


When Jim got home that night there was a note on the fridge from Katie. She had gone shopping with her bridesmaids and wouldn’t be home until after 11. Jim breathed a sigh of relief at not having to discuss the events from the night before and called her on her cell to let her know that he may not see her the next day as he was going to be working quite late with Maya on better understanding his new position.


When Maya got home to her apartment, she decided to soak in the Jacuzzi tub to relax as she thought about all of the positions she would like to go into with Jim. She reached over to grab the phone beside the tub and dialled. On the third ring a deep male voice answered. “Hello?”

“Hello, Sam… I was wondering if cupid wanted to fire off some arrows tonight with me.”

Across town Sam smiled to himself. He was a 30 something confirmed bachelor, but he and Maya had been getting each other off like this for years, since shortly after he first walked into her office with the hopes of launching the ‘Cupid’s Arrow’ line. He reached down and pulled his hardening cock from his shorts. “Tell me, beautiful, what you are wearing.”

“Bubbles” Maya replied in a husky aroused voice that always sent tingles through his cock.

“Bubbles? Baby, you can come over here and I will cover you in something much better than bubbles. I still can’t believe that you haven’t let me fuck you yet.”

“Sam, you know my rules… as long as I know you’re fucking any piece of tail that you can get your dick into I’m not going to let you fuck me… not yet anyways…”

“Babe, trust me, once you’ve fucked me, you won’t be able to tell me no again… you make my cock so fucking unbelievably hard. Especially when I look at those pictures of your vibrator deep in your pussy that you sent to me. I mean damn, I blew my load before I’d even gotten my hand in my pants. Then once I got the cum covered beast out of them I came again within about 15 minutes just imagining sliding my thick 8 inch beast into your dripping wet tight pussy.” Sam began to stroke his cock hard and fast. “Tell me beautiful, will you go to the web cam in front of your bed so that I can watch you fuck yourself tonight?”

He could hear her getting out of the tub, “Sam, is your web cam on, I want to see you as I fuck my tight pussy… it’s so wet that it’s already dripping down my legs…ohhhhhhhh… fuck, my clit is so hard, I just want you to suck on it before you shove your thick hard cock deep into my pussy.” Sam looked over at his screen (he’d hooked his webcam up to a 24″ TV, just so that he could watch her) he saw her full body lay down on the bed as she asked him which vibe he wanted to watch her fuck her pussy with. He told her he wanted to use the one that he’d sent to her at home from his line (he hadn’t told her or his managers that he’d used his own cock as the prototype for the vibrating dildo which was one of the most requested models in adult stores).

Sam’s own cock twitched and his balls tightened when he watched her stuff her pussy with his cock. He had to look away from the screen for a few seconds and she heard him moan that every time he watched her with that one he almost shot off a load just looking at her slide it into her pussy. “It’s like it was made just for my cunt…” she told him the first time she’d used it.

Both of them were so aroused that night that the mere sight of watching one another had Sam shooting ropes of cum before he’s stroked his cock more that about 6 times. Maya was shoving his cock in her with a rhythm that he met with his hand. He reached down to tug on his balls when she touched her clit and moaned “ohhhh… god, Sam… I’m so…uhhhhhhhhhh….close…. ohhhh… fuck… I want you to cum for me baby… I want you to fire a nice big wad of ankara escort cum deep into my cunt, it’s so wet for you…ohhhh” Sam could hear her moving the cock in and out of her cunt as he moaned ” Babe, my balls are so tight… oh fuck, I’m so close… tell me where to cum… where to you want me to cum…Ohhhh”

“Cum inside me… fuck, I want to feel you Cumming inside me….” Sam could hear her moans getting louder as she reached her peak…

“Oh… fuck…. he I cum… ohhhh… uhhhhh….. ohhhh fuckkkk… I’m cummmming… so fucking much … oh shittt….”

“Oh, Sam … uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. oh god…..of fuck I’m cummmiinnnng….”

As they both began to come down from their orgasm’s Sam spoke softly to Maya, “thank you so much babe… call me tomorrow…”

“Night Sam”


The next morning the package from Sam arrived before anyone but Maya was in. She could always count on Sam to throw in a few items for their nightly fun, this time he had included anal beads and a butterfly with a note that he was going to be meeting her for lunch on Thursday and she had better be wearing it…

Maya went over to Jim’s desk and put a few drops of Fairie Wings onto his chair. She thought to herself that since he’d taken what she wanted, she’d make sure that she got something she needed from him. She looked at the bottle which was shaped like a Botachelli woman in a rainbow tone to make you think of possibilities. What would Cupid’s Arrow have in store for her today; it had already brought her Sam… But since he wouldn’t let her have him . . . she was going to have Jim.


At 7 pm that night Jim & Maya were the only two left in the building. He had been fighting off the urge to go to the men’s room and shoot off a couple of loads all day. Hell, when he went for a leak about 30 minutes after he’s started that morning he’d been so fucking horny that he’d blown a load just taking his dick out of his pants . . . truth be known he’d blown a second one before he got it back in his pants and only a minute before the VP walked into the men’s room…

Jim noticed that Maya was wearing a tank under her sweater and he could see how aroused her nipples were when she shifted and her sweater moved. He kept trying to make himself think of Katie but the hard on in his pants was getting so big that he was missing most of what Maya said while he tried to avoid embarrassing himself at her desk.

Maya tried to avoid letting Jim realize that she knew how aroused he was (but she knew she’d owe Sam big for this one… and that Fairie Wings would fast become a premium product with supply issues). As Maya went over a consumer survey review form for Jim she touched his thigh so subtly that only his cock really registered the pressure as it shot up to full arousal and caused her hand to now me resting over the head of his cock. Maya smiled inwardly as she continued to explain the review to Jim. Her hand began to gently flex against his cock which was starting to pulse with need.

Jim noticed that her wrap around skirt had opened to reveal a delicate black lace g-string. He let out a slight moan as he shifted causing his cock to thrust slightly into her hand. Maya looked at him straight faced “Jim is everything ok, you’re kind of flushed…” she continued to stroke her hand up and down on his cock, her own pussy tingling with need.

Jim looked at her his eyes wild with need, “I think I just need water or something”

Maya smiled,” I grabbed a couple of bottles for tonight since the cafeteria is closed” She reached into her overhead cabinet to pull out a bottle of water for him, her full breasts only inches from his eyes and lips. She ‘accidentally’ knocked a box of Cupids studded pleasure condoms onto her desk. She smiled when he looked at them.” Samples… but I haven’t found anyone to sample them with…”

Jim reached forward and pulled down her tank and bra. He took her taunt nipple into his mouth and groaned with need as her pulled her down over his cock, her pussy juices soaking through his pants onto his pulsing member. “Oh, fuck, Maya… I’m sorry if I’m crossing the line… but I think we need to make sure your sample is properly tested…” he reached between her legs and tore off her g-string as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock, “NOW!!!”

Maya felt the pre-cum on the head of his cock against her clit, her pussy trembled as she watched Jim tear open the box of condoms… she shifted in his lap, his bare cock nudging against her silky wet folds. His hips thrusting forward involuntarily as the head of his cock sand into her wet pussy. Jim forgot all about the box of condoms in his hand as the box fell to the floor and his hands pulled her waist, firmly thrusting his cock into her dripping pussy with a contented “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” of pleasure.

Maya’s pussy contracted around his hard cock feeling it shudder inside her as she moaned softly against his ear. Jim pulled her lips down to his in a deep french kiss as he thrust his hips up deep into her pussy. His deep throaty moans a foreboding sign that he was losing control of his ability not to cum … Maya gently nipped on his earlobe as he pulled her hips forward ant thrust up in fast deep strokes.

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