Widening the Circle Ch. 04

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Author’s note: This is the continuation of the series “A Couple’s Voyage into Sexuality”. The main characters Robert, Vanessa, Edward and Pamela were introduced in the first story and this is the continuation of the voyage of these four people to discover new aspects of their sexuality and of themselves. New characters are introduced in this series and some of them will be developed in another story. I want to thank all comments received in the first story; they’ve been very helpful to me. I do encourage you to vote and to send your comments, both positive and negative are very encouraging and they help me to improve.

Pamela and Robert were at the night club having a drink while Edward danced with Vanessa. They hadn’t seen Al and Tina at dinner time and wondered where they were. Pamela was looking forward to having sex with Al; she had always fantasized about making it with an older man.

After their lovemaking session before lunch they had decided to have lunch at their suite, they ordered ceviche, a cocktail prepared with raw fish chunks marinate in lemon until they were cooked, which they had loved from the day before and ‘carne tampiqueña’ a thin slice of beef served with rice, refried beans and an enchilada, they also asked for a couple of side orders of guacamole. Pamela had gone to open the door when their order arrived. It was brought by a young waiter who, as all the other members of the staff they had met previously in their different states of undress, didn’t bat an eye at her nakedness. He left the tray at the table in the terrace where the other three waited and returned after a few minutes with a bucket of a dozen Coronas. Robert signed the tip and included a handsome tip for the young man. Obviously the staff was accustomed to seeing the guests with and without clothes or they had been trained not to show surprise or any emotion when seeing all the nude bodies displayed at the resort.

When they finished their lunch and had emptied the last beer each couple had gone to their bedroom to take a nap. They were greatly refreshed when they woke at 9:00 pm. They decided to skip the restaurant and go directly to the bar after they showered and dressed. Robert and Edward wore their usual slacks and polo shirts, Vanessa wore a thin short dress that buttoned from the waist up, and tonight she had opted to wear a black see through thong under the dress which instead of concealing her pubic hair it actually highlighted it. Her nipples and areolas were hardly veiled by the thin material. She left the buttons on the blouse above her navel undone which exposed her breasts with most of her movements. A single strand of pearls hung from her neck falling between her breasts and contrasting nicely with her skin which now sported a golden tan.

Pamela had selected a knee length skirt with a slit down the front which exposed her legs almost all the way to her bald and naked pussy when she walked or sat. As a top she wore a see through blouse which did little to hide her nipples but instead of buttoning it she just tied it beneath her breasts, leaving her midriff exposed.

Vanessa and Edward were heading back to their table when she saw the handsome young couple from the beach. The man was wearing white pants and a white shirt, the buttons totally undone, exposing part of his chest sexily covered by dark hair. The woman wore a red strapless dress which accentuated her shapely breasts. The dress came down to mid-thigh and her shapely legs were accentuated by the red high-hell shoes she wore.

After they sat they ordered another round of piña coladas and some grilled tortas. They had just finished eating when Al and Tina entered the night club and joined them at their table. After another round of piña coladas Al asked Pamela to dance.

Tina leaned forward, her breasts almost falling out of her dress and asked Robert “Do you mind if I dance with Ed first?”

“No, not at all,” Robert answered.

Tina leaned forward and kissed Robert’s lips, sneaking her tongue past his lips briefly before she got up and was followed by Edward to the dance floor.

Robert asked Vanessa if she wanted to dance but she said she preferred staying at their table and watch the others dancing. Al already had had his hands on Pamela’s ass and Tina had her large breasts plastered against Edward’s chest as they danced.

Just then the man in the white outfit approached their table and addressing Edward he politely asked, “Excuse my intruding sir, would you mind if I asked your companion to dance?”

“No, I don’t mind, but I think you should ask her, don’t you?” Robert answered.

Turning to Vanessa the man stretched out his hand and asked her, “Would you dance with me?”

Vanessa had to control herself not to answer to fast, so after pausing a few seconds she replied, “Sure, I’d love too.”

The man was gazing directly at her eyes with a steady stare which Vanessa could almost feel as a physical touch. She took his hand and rose, taking his hand as they headed halkalı eve gelen escort for the dance floor. A fast salsa song had just ended and a slow ballad now started. The other four were returning to the table and when she passed by her side Pamela winked at Vanessa mouthing the words ‘He’s a hunk.”

At the dance floor, the man placed his hand at Vanessa’s waist and still holding his hand in his other hand he led her into the dance. Vanessa felt herself floating and fell right in step with him, as if they had danced many times before. He was such a good dancer.

“My name is Raul.” He said looking into her eyes again.

“Hi, I’m Van,” Vanessa replied, “short for Vanessa.”

“I’m very pleased to meet such a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you.” Vanessa said feeling the hand on her waist exerting a slight pressure pulling her closer to him; it was so light that she barely felt it but nevertheless she moved closer to him, letting go of his hand she placed it on his shoulder. At this distance her breasts brushed against his chest every other step and her nipples hardened immediately.

The song ended but it was followed by another slow tune. They got into the new rhythm effortlessly and before Vanessa knew it their bodies were pressing against each other. She could feel her nipples pressed against his chest and she felt the unmistakably sensation of a growing cock pressing against her belly. She buried her face close to his neck and a mixture of lotion and his manly scent invaded her nostrils. She felt her knees weakening and she moved her arm around his neck and felt her pussy getting wet.

In the middle of the song he pushed her gently away a few inches keeping his hands at her waist so he could look her in the eye. Again Vanessa almost melted under his gaze.

“You are a very attractive woman,” he said and went on, “I would be honored if you’d accept to join me and my wife for the night.”

Vanessa was taken aback by the directness of his statement and she hesitated before asking. “For the night? Exactly what do you mean by that?”

“I don’t mean to be disrespectful, and if you don’t want to, you just have to say no.” Raul said, “What I’m asking you is to join me and my wife for the night so the three of us can make love to each other.”

That was exactly how Vanessa had interpreted his first statement.

“But I’m with my husband and some friends.” She said while she gathered her thoughts.

“Yes, I know,” he simply answered.

“So you don’t mind?”

“It’s not that I don’t mind, it’s just that I’m simply asking you to join us in something we want to do.” Raul said.

“And how do you know I would do it?” Vanessa asked, she wanted to do it but she was getting confused in what she was saying, “What makes you think I would leave my husband for the night and join you two?”

“Your husband and your friend?” he asked and before Vanessa could answer he added, “We saw you this morning with your friend at your terrace. We have a nice view of your terrace from ours.”

“Oh.” Vanessa said and she flushed, “You mean you saw Edward f…, I mean…”

They had still been swaying to the music, but Vanessa had stopped dancing when he made the last remark.”

“Yes, we saw the whole episode.” Raul cut her off leading her back into the music, “And it was very exciting, Alicia, that’s my wife, and I made love watching you two, in the same position in our terrace.”

Vanessa was aroused again thinking of Raul and his wife mimicking her actions. The music came to a stop and the band announced they were taking a break.

“We have our own reasons for our request. And I would like to ask you to join us at our table for a drink so we can explain.” Raul said, still holding Vanessa by the waist. “Then after you’ve listened to us you can decide what you want to do.”

Vanessa, who also still had her hands on his shoulders, looked into his eyes for a few seconds feeling the depth of his stare, then she said, “I’ll accept that. I really want to hear your reasons for such a bold proposition. But first I have to go and let my husband and my friends know.”

“Yes, of course,” Raul said, “I’ll take you back to your table.”

Vanessa was going to protest, but Raul was already leading her back to the table, one of his arms around her waist, holding her close to him. When they reached their table, he pulled her chair back for her and simply said “Thank you,” and walked away to his own table.

Pamela was sitting on the chair next to her and as soon as Raul was at a safe distance, she asked, “Come on girl, aren’t you going to tell us what went on out there? He’s a real hunk. Did you ask him to join us?”

Pamela took emptied her piña colada and then told all of them, “Well, actually he asked me to join him and his wife, and I mean as in the three of us only.”

She continued almost out of breath “I asked him why he though I would do such a thing since I was halkalı grup yapan escort here with my husband…”

“And with us,” Pamela cut in, “don’t forget you are with us.”

“No I’m not forgetting, and I didn’t even have to tell him,” she turned to Edward, “he and his wife watched Ed and I this morning from their terrace.”

“So, what did you say? Did you agree?” Pamela asked expectantly. “What are his reasons?”

“I don’t know,” Vanessa replied, “he didn’t have time to tell me so he’s asked me to join them at their table so they can explain.”

“And are you?” Pamela inquired, “I mean, are you going over there now?”

Pamela, who had been holding Robert’s hand during the whole exchange, now looked at him in the eyes before answering.

“Yes, I think I will.”

Robert leaned over and kissed her, “Then go ahead darling. And if you accept their invitation, that’s fine too. It’s your call.”

She kissed Robert before rising and as she turned, Pamela who had turned around to inspect Raul and his wife, told her, “If you don’t want to accept their offer, tell them they might ask me. I sure would like to make it with the two of them.”

“Naughty, naughty,” Vanessa shook a finger at her with a mock stern expression on her face and then headed toward Raul’s table.

She could feel her knees beginning to tremble again when she saw Raul getting up waiting for her. She was glad she only had a few more feet to go before she reached their table. Raul offered her the chair he had just vacated so she would be sitting between him and his wife and introduced her to Alicia. Vanessa saw there was already a fresh glass of piña colada waiting for her. Raul and Alicia were drinking cuba libres, she later found out.

“Thank you for joining us.” Raul said.

“Oh, I’m dying to hear the motives behind your request,” Vanessa said as she took a sip of her drink hoping her hands wouldn’t tremble too much. She was feeling both nervous and aroused, both by Raul and Alicia.

“We want you to join us and make love with the two of us.”

This time Vanessa didn’t ask him to elaborate. She understood perfectly what he meant. She looked at Alicia noticing her skirt had ridden up her legs, almost to her crotch leaving her thighs almost totally exposed. She also noticed the outline of her nipples beneath her dress. She saw that Alicia was inspecting her in the same manner and she felt her nipples hardening and her pussy getting wet. She reached out for her glass knowing that this movement would expose her right breast to Alicia’s gaze; she paused a few seconds before lifting her glass.

“Have you guys done this before?” she asked, “I mean…”

“Yes and no. We’ve swapped partners with another couple, who are friends of ours a few times.” Raul said.

“The last time, during our lovemaking Isabel, my friend, and I” Alicia took up the story, “touched each other’s breasts and we kissed. But I’ve never made love to another woman. But I want to.”

She looked at Vanessa in the eyes and added, “And I would like to make love to you. You are a lovely woman.”

“Well, thank you,” Vanessa said feeling a slight flush creeping up her cheeks, “You also are a very beautiful and desirable woman Alicia,” and she placed a hand on her thigh feeling her own excitement growing.

“I would also like to make love to you, Alicia.” Vanessa said, and then turning to Raul, “But why only the three of us, why not join all of us?”

“We might do that tomorrow,” Raul said, placing his hand on Vanessa’s thigh, “but tonight it’s a special night, it’s Ali’s birthday. And I want this to be a special night for her. I want to watch you two making love to each other, and afterward, if you are agreeable, I would like to make love to you and Ali.”

Vanessa looked him in the eye feeling her nervousness evaporating leaving her with a feeling of extreme arousal at the prospect of having sex with these two beautiful people. At that moment she made her decision. She placed her other hand over Raul’s and moved it further up her thigh, she also moved her other hand further up Alicia’s thigh and then looking at one an the other she said.

“Of course I’d bee agreeable. I’d love to make love with both of you. I’m honored you chose me.”

Then she leaned toward Alicia and gave her a brief tender kiss on the lips, she felt her shiver when their lips touched and she shivered herself. The she turned to Raul and kissed him in the same way.

Pamela had been keeping an eye on Vanessa and when she saw her kissing the couple, she said, “I guess she’s made her decision.”

Robert, who had also seen the kiss added, “I’m sure she has.”

A few minutes later Raul walked out of the night club with Vanessa hanging on one of his arms and Alicia on the other one. Most heads in the club turned to see the handsome trio departing.

There was a brief silence at Robert’s table as they watched them leaving the club halkalı masöz escort and then Pamela said. “Well it seems there’ll only be five of us for our little party. That should be interesting,” she turned to Tina and added, “three men for the two of us. How do you like that?”

Tina looked at the three men and said, “This will be exciting.”

Signaling the waiter for their check, Edward said, “Shall we go?”

* * *

Al was kissing Pamela her ardently, his hand under her shirt massaging her breast. She was sitting on his lap and could feel his cock hardening beneath her. Robert and Edward were sitting on the couch with Tina between them. Robert pulled her to him and kissed her, she returned the kiss, biting his lower lip and stuck her tongue in his mouth. Edward was caressing her thighs, pushing the skirt of her dress further up along her thighs. Tina turned to Arthur and they kissed passionately.

Coming up for air, Tina put her hands on their cocks over their pants and said, “Mmn, I’m beginning to love this.

Robert slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders and pulled it down exposing her massive tits. He bent forward and took a nipple between his lips; sucking it he felt it getting hard. Tina pulled Edward’s head toward her other breast and he began sucking the offered nipple. Tina moaned as both men slid their hands along her inner thighs. She parted her legs as their hands crept up toward her nether regions.

Al had undone the knot holding Pamela’s shirt together and when her breasts sprang free he began massaging them as he watched the two men sucking his wife’s tits. Robert and Edward were running their tongues all over Tina’s tits and teasing her pussy, touching it over her panties.

Pamela took her shirt off and turned around placing one of her nipples in front of Al’s mouth, “Suck it,” she commanded pulling his head to her.

Al sucked her nipple and then as much of her breast as he could into her mouth, his hand creeping up on her thigh until it reached her bare pussy. He could feel the wetness bathing the thick outer labia and he massaged her juices into her skin before parting her outer labia and running it down her slit finding the puckered hole of her anus. He pushed his finger against the tight opening and as it relaxed he slid it inside. His finger was well lubricated from all her juices and it slid all the way into her anus.

Pamela moaned in pleasure. Here she was, with the finger of a man she just met the night before up her ass while he sucked her tits. She moaned louder as Al’s slid a finger into her vagina and touched her clit with his thumb. She looked over to the sofa and her excitement grew as she watched her husband and her lover sucking Tina’s ample tits, their hands beneath her dress, and she fondled their cocks over their pants.

Edward, hearing Pamela’s moans turned his head to watch his wife being fondled by this practical stranger and felt his cock getting harder. He was happy for Pamela, watching the expression of pleasure and pure lust on her face.

Tina turned to Robert and undid his zipper pulling his cock out. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft watching it grow to its full size and then she bent down and sucked the mushroom head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. As she bent, Edward lifted her dress exposing her magnificent ass to his eyes. He slid his finger down the cleft between the two cheeks, feeling her anus twitch as he touched it briefly and then inserted it into her sopping cunt. He took his cock out of his pants and began moving his hand up and down his shaft.

Robert watched Tina’s head bobbing up and down on his shaft as his friend played with her pussy. He looked over at Pamela who had spread her legs so he could see Al, a total stranger until the day before, finger fucking her. Here he was, having his cock sucked by a new woman while her husband fingered her lover. His wife was with another strange couple she had met just an hour ago, making love with two of them. He hopped she was having a good time and he reflected on the changes that had transformed their happy marriage into a new physical relationship with their best friends and had taken them down a road of sexual exploration culminating in their now being frolicking with total strangers. He was taken out of his reverie when Tina pulled her mouth away from his cock and turned her attention to Edward.

Pamela stood up and removed her skirt standing naked in front of Al. She stood there for a few moments, her arms on her waist, so he could admire her body. Al put his hands on her legs, at the side of her knees and slowly worked his way up until he reached her waist. He moved his hands behind her, cupping her ass and pulling her closer to him. He inhaled the musky odor emanating from her pussy as he lowered his hands down the back of her legs to her knees. Al brought his hands around her legs to the inside of her slightly parted thighs and moved them back up until he reached her pubic area. He cupped her pussy in his hands.

“God! I love those thick lips of yours! I just have to taste them.” He bent forward and licked the upper part of Pamela’s fat cunt lips.

Pamela pushed him gently away and as she was pulling his shirt over his head she said, “You’ll get your chance to do just that later. Right now there is something I just have to taste.”

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