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It was a big house. Expensive, no doubt, but rather old. Still, someone had been keeping up with their maintenance and it looked as though it was in pretty good nick. That maintenance was where Evan came in. He was an electrician. The owner had called his work wanting all his wiring checked out. He, the owner, was pretty sure he had a short circuit somewhere and he wanted it fixed. Evan had told him, free of charge, to test the electric kettle before he came out as that was one of the main causes of shorts. He said he had and it was the wiring.

The symptoms, as described to Evan, were quite simple. They’d be sitting down watching TV and suddenly they’d have no power. The main safety switch had a tendency to trip. They’d flick it on and a few hours later the same thing would happen. It was irregular and a pain in the ass.

Looking at the house Evan had a suspicion as to what the problem was before he even took a look. A big old place like that had old wiring. They also had rats and mice hidden away. The little beasties had probably chewed through some wiring somewhere. It could be a real bastard finding the problem.

He rang the bell and the gentleman of the house answered. Gentleman is the acceptably polite term and Evan was always polite to customers. You don’t get repeat calls when you refer to the client as an asshole, even if it was a more accurate description. Right from the word go the owner wanted to know why Evan was so slow starting. He’d told the firm he wanted someone to start first thing in the morning. Since Evan had got up early to be at his place by six AM this sort of complaint peeved him off just a little. Just how early did he expect someone to get there?

He also wanted a report on every room that was checked out, prepared and ready for him when he got back that night. A timesheet was required, specifying what hours were worked in each room and his wife, Cathy, would sign it to approve it. He wasn’t getting ripped off by tradesmen who padded their hours.

Evan felt like pointing out that the owner would be paying his time for filling out the reports and he could probably save a few bucks by trusting him but what the hell. If he wanted to pay for useless paperwork then useless paper work would be done. At an electrician’s rates that was going to prove costly paperwork but he was the client.

His wife wasn’t up yet. Evan could explain to her that she had to sign off on his paperwork when she came down. With that he was off, in a rush to get to his own far more important work, leaving the poor little wage-slave to start slaving.

With him gone Evan buckled down to work. The first thing he did was test the electric kettle. No problems there. It boiled the water quick smart. Being a conscientious employee he made sure the freshly boiled water didn’t go to waste, making some coffee and drinking it. Then he started checking the place out, keeping an eye out for signs of rodents. If he knew where the rodents were he had a good chance of finding any gnawed wiring quickly.

He found out what was meant by a short circuit. He was happily working away and then there was no power. He flicked the main circuit breaker and the power came back and away he went again. At least, he now knew there was a real problem, which meant he could probably come up with a real solution.

Evan had been at work for a couple of hours before Cathy put in an appearance. He was immediately impressed by Cathy. She was of medium height and quite slender. Not thin, but slender and fit. She had auburn hair and green eyes, a rather unusual combination. Her figure was very shapely with a firm high bust, one that, in Evan’s opinion, wanted to be kissed. She had that creamy skin that redheads so often have and was altogether a most delectable dish. The only thing spoiling the picture was the fact that she looked just a little grumpy. Probably annoyed that she had to get up, Evan decided.

“Good morning,” he called to her. “I take it you’re Cathy.”

There was an immediate horrified scream and Cathy was promptly scrunched up in a ball on the floor, looking at him in amazement.

“Ah, I’m sorry. Didn’t your husband tell you I was here? I’m Evan, the electrician, here to sort out the wiring problem. I have a timesheet that you’ll need to sign later.”

“You, you, how dare you shock me like that. Go away.”

“Um, I haven’t finished, you know, and your husband was most insistent that I get this problem sorted out.”

“Sort it out in the kitchen for a while.”

“But I’ve already done the kitchen. That’s why I’m here.”

“Are you being deliberately stupid? I want you to go away for a few moments. Can’t you see I’m naked?”

Why yes, yes he could. At least he could when she came wandering in and he’d enjoyed every moment of it. She really was quite lovely.

“Ah, well, no. Not while you’re squirming around on the floor like that,” admitted Evan. “Um, why don’t you just stand up like a normal person? Don’t worry about me looking at you. I’ve seen naked women before. Admittedly, not many as marvellous as you, but cebeci escort I have seen them. You don’t have to worry about me. I’m a busy man, what with this wiring problem. I just don’t have time to make a pass at every naked woman I run across while working.”

Cathy glared over at him. She had to admit that he’d made no attempt to get down off the ladder. There again, he had also given no sign that he was going to leave the room so she could go and get dressed. Reluctantly, she rose to her feet. So what if he could see her naked? He already had when she’d walked into the room.

“My husband mentioned that you’d be around today,” she admitted, “but I wasn’t told that you’d actually arrived. I’d have thought common decency would have you leaving the room when you saw I wasn’t properly dressed.”

“Um, yes, about that. If I left my work every time a naked woman walked in I’d get a lot less done. I find it easier to ignore them and keep working. Ah, do you know how silly you look with your hands crossed in front of you so modestly? That stance tends to frame your breasts and direct the viewers down to where your hands are.”

“See a lot of nudity while you’re working, do you?” Cathy asked in a voice that oozed disbelief, at the same time folding her arms, wondering if this meant she was still emphasizing her breasts as well as no longer covering her pussy.

“You get to see a bit,” Evan admitted. “Some women just don’t care that you’re there working. Like I said, I try to ignore them, but I will admit some are harder to ignore than others.”

Cathy could see why women might come on to him. He really wasn’t bad looking. Did he ever try to seduce those women?

“Do you ever try to, um, that is, do you ever make a pass at them?”

Evan shook his head. “Too dangerous. If they take offence and complain I could lose my job. Not worth the risk.” He gave her an engaging smile. “Also, if you’re wondering, I have never raped any of them, although a few of them were pushing for it.”

“Oh, you’re one of those. You think rape is the woman’s fault.”

“Now don’t take me up like that. Rape is the man’s fault for losing self-control. I’m just pointing out that some women go out of their way to try to make the man lose his self-control. They want the sex but don’t want to be in a position where they can be blamed for having sex. For a woman like that, getting raped is the answer. A dangerous answer, too, if they pick the wrong man.”

“Oh. Well if you don’t make passes or rape any of them do you ever let any of them make a pass?”

“That is their choice. No letting required. They’re free to make a pass and I’m free to accept it or not as the occasion warrants.”

“You’re a man. Why wouldn’t you accept?”

“Bit of a misandrist, are we? Think poorly of all men or just me? If you’d seen some of the women who proposition me you wouldn’t be surprised to see me running away screaming.”

Cathy giggled, thinking of the poor man being chased down the street by a herd of naked women. Poor misunderstood man.

Evan was surprised and a little amused that Cathy hadn’t gone running off to get dressed. She seemed to have forgotten the state of her (non)attire, happily chatting away. He watched as she strolled across the room to stand in front of him.

Cathy looked at the man half standing, half leaning on the ladder. She wondered what he’d been doing, the wiring of the light hanging loose. Not that it mattered. She was sure he’d sort it out. Right now, the way he was positioned his crotch was just about level with her head. She reached up and squeezed, quite certain she was going to find an erection there. If not, she was damn certain there would be by the time she finished squeezing.

For a moment Evan thought he’d fall off the ladder when Cathy’s hand closed upon him. As he’d admitted, some women made passes, but he certainly hadn’t expected anything from a lovely little thing like her. He was even more surprised, downright shocked, as a matter of fact, when she unzipped and brought her prize out into the light.

Cathy held his cock in her hand for a moment, stoking it lovingly, before looking up at Evan and giving him a wink. Leaning forward a little her mouth closed over him, gently sucking. She winced internally at the start he gave, afraid for a moment that he would fall. That would be a serious problem, falling off a ladder with his cock still in her mouth.

Teeth rasped against the head of his cock, a tongue moving lovingly over it. Evan wanted to scream at her to get off, scared that if he did so, she might. As it was, he had to clutch hold of the ladder and suffer.

Cathy sucked and teased and appeared to be doing her best to drive Evan out of his mind. Evan didn’t know if she was doing it deliberately or not but she was certainly succeeding. His cock kept getting harder and swelling, distending past his normal erection, he was positive. If she kept this up he’d burst, or drown her with his seed. As far as he was concerned either outcome was desirable as long as it came çin çin escort soon.

He almost screamed with frustration when she took a step back, an enigmatic smile on her face.

“Is this one of those situations where a woman is inviting rape because she’s driven a man too far?” she asked, sounding as innocent as a child.

Evan glared at her and took a deep breath, holding it for a moment.

“No,” he said, speaking as calmly as he could, ignoring his twitching cock. “This is one of those situations where a woman is likely to be spanked for being a horrible brat and a tease.”

Cathy laughed happily.

“A spanking might be fun,” she mused, a finger on her chin as she tried to look thoughtful. “There again, maybe not. However, I’ll admit that, yes, I am a horrible brat at times,” she agreed, “but never a tease.”

“Really? Then what do you call that little stunt and this result?” asked Evan, waving at his erection, still glistening with her saliva.

“Preparatory work,” she said, “but you’ll have to come down from the ladder for the preparations to be of any use.”

Cathy watched Evan descending the ladder, trying not to giggle as his erection bounced with each step down. Then he was walking towards her. Breathing hard she backed towards the couch at the side of the room.

“If you’re going to back out,” Evan told her, “you’d better start doing it.”

A large smirk on her face, Cathy brushed a hand across her chest, highlighting the fact that her nipples were erect. Reaching down she took his erection and squeezed it.

“No foreplay,” a husky voice said. “I’m already too hot and wanting. Just take me now, damn it.”

Cathy was falling backwards onto the couch even as Evan was reaching for her. Coming down on top of her he was promptly driving into her, showing no finesse, no gentleness, just taking her hard and fast. Cathy gave a delighted scream, her legs rising and wrapping around him, her hips lifting determinedly as she took him into her body.

Evan found himself pounding mercilessly into Cathy, with Cathy wrapped tightly around him urging him on. Thoughts of moderation, of pacing himself, of building her pleasure until she reached a breaking point, these were all swept from the board, replaced by a driving need to take this woman, to show her he was her master. Evan took her, driving in hard, and Cathy responded, clinging to him while her hips and legs urged him deeper, her voice pleading, begging for more.

With no constraints upon him Evan found himself enjoying their interaction to the fullest. He wanted her, she wanted him, and anything else was irrelevant and ignored, the frantic thrusting of his cock into her all that mattered. Cathy certainly didn’t seem to harbour any doubts about their little interlude, bucking under him, drawing him in, demanding more of him.

Evan was quite frankly surprised that he lasted as long as he did. He was also slightly surprised that Cathy held off as long as she did. From her reactions, Evan would not have been unduly shocked if she’d climaxed on his first entry. As it was she managed to hold off long enough for him to get his act together. He didn’t need to speed up for an end run, not with this woman. He’d been going flat out right from the word go and now everything was collapsing around him. He ejaculated hard, hearing Cathy’s ecstatic scream as she climaxed, shuddering and shaking beneath him as she took his seed.

A rather stunned Evan drew back, looking down at a pair of sparkling eyes.

“Oh, my,” murmured Cathy. “An impetuous man, aren’t you? Hop off me, there’s a good boy. You’re supposed to be working and I need a shower.”

Good boy? What was he, a trained puppy? Evan gave her a firm look but his heart wasn’t in it, feeling too relaxed to really resent her chipping at him. He moved off her, watching as she rose and scampered out of the room, heading for her shower. He got back to work.

Evan could hear the water running and a short while later it stopped. A few moments later the power went out. Even as he went to turn the power back on Evan considered the situation. He’d been running a tap in the kitchen shortly before the first power outage. Now Cathy had been having a shower and another power outage. A few tests would show if his suspicion was right. A leaky pipe somewhere was dribbling water onto an exposed wire. Not badly, but enough for the fuse to trip. Have a plumber find the leak and the crook wiring would also be located. Hopefully, problem solved.

Even though he thought he had a solution Evan continued to check the rest of the wiring. He’d look an idiot if he missed something simple due to not completing his examination. An unproven theory was just that, unproven. He heard Cathy moving around and at one time thought he heard voices. Radio or TV he assumed.

He was about ready to call it a day and write out a report recommending that the plumbing be checked when Cathy appeared again. He blinked, finding it hard to believe this was the same woman.

While the vivid colouring ankara escort of hair, eyes, and skin, was unmistakable, her attitude was completely different. She was modestly dressed, well, as modestly as any young woman would dress, and looked both demure and contrite. An innocent young thing to whom sex was obviously an unknown world, totally unlike the wanton he’d held in his arms earlier.

Without looking directly at Evan, Cathy gave her little oration.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled. “I was totally unfair to you, I know. I just about forced myself on you and it was terribly wrong of me.”

“Oh, no, no, no,” said Evan quickly, wondering what the hell. “I was just as much to blame, I assure you. I could have said no if I wanted to.” (The hell I could of. She was gone as soon as she latched onto my cock. Some private thoughts you just do not say out loud.)

Cathy wasn’t having it. She was at fault and she knew it and she was going to show proper contrition whether he liked it or not.

“No, it was all me,” she said with a woebegone expression. “I just let my animal lusts get the better of me. It’s never happened before and I feel so ashamed. I don’t know how you can ever forgive me. I should be beaten for such behaviour.”

“No, it’s OK. Really it is. There’s nothing to forgive but if there was I certainly would. There was no harm done.”

“You forgive me? You really do?”

The earnest entreaty touched Evan. He couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, she was so honestly contrite.

“Of course I forgive you. Don’t you worry about it.”

“Oh, that’s such a relief. I realise that you will still want to beat me but I can take it. Are you going to do it now?”

What the hell was she on about? Beat her?

“Oh, Cathy, there’s no talk about me beating you. The thought never crossed my mind. I said I forgive you.”

“But – but how will I know you forgive me if you don’t also beat me as a form of punishment. I deserve to be punished. You deserve to be the one to punish me, because you were my unwilling victim.”

Unwilling? Any unwilling man didn’t have an erection like mine, thought Evan.

“Ah, I just don’t know about that. I’m not in the habit of beating women.”

“But,” she said in a broken little voice, “if you don’t beat me I’ll have to tell my husband and then he’ll beat me. I’d rather you did it. It’ll only be a simple spanking, after all. It’s not as though I wanted you to use the whip.”

Whip? Holy Christ, what sort of monster was she married to?

“Just a spanking? That will suffice?”

Cathy nodded her head.

“It’ll show you really mean it when you say you forgive me,” she mumbled.

They were currently in a spare bedroom. Evan couldn’t help it but he felt sure he was being taken for a ride. He’d see what happened. He took Cathy’s arm and moved over to the bed, sitting on it.

“I think over the knee is best,” he told her, finding she bent over his knee without demur when he tugged on her arm. Just how far would she go with this? He flicked her dress up away from her bottom, revealing a pair of lacy panties that didn’t do anything to really cover her bottom. He shrugged and brought his hand down firmly on her bottom.

Cathy gave a small wail but didn’t try to wriggle off his knee, lying still and waiting for the next spank. It came quickly, being met with another penitent wail. Evan considered the situation. It appeared she was willing to be spanked. How far could he push this? Deciding to find out he took hold of Cathy’s panties and pushed them off her bottom, brushing them down her legs. The only response he could see from Cathy was that her legs seemed to drift slightly further apart.

Not sure he believed what was happening, Evan delivered a couple more spanks to Cathy’s bare bottom. Now she was showing some reaction. The trouble was Evan couldn’t tell if it was a conscious reaction or not. Her legs drifted further apart, giving him a better view of her pussy. It seemed to him that her mound was darkening, while her lips were swelling and pouting slightly. Time for another little push. He swung her back to her feet.

“That’s it?” asked Cathy, obviously surprised.

“No,” she was told. “I just feel a beating is more meaningful when the person is naked. Take off your dress.”

That, he thought, should give her second thoughts.

If it did, they agreed with her first thoughts. She calmly lifted her dress up over her head, tossing it to one side. Her bra promptly followed and then she was leaning across his lap again.

As far as Evan was concerned, when fate has decided there was nothing a mere man could do. Except, in this instance, spank the lovely little bottom in front of him. He set to, delivering a fine spanking. He’d heard that redheads never tanned, only went red in the sun. It seemed that redheads also went red in the bottom when properly paddled. It wasn’t long before Evan could observe this phenomenon for himself.

He was also able to observe that Cathy was even more aroused. Her legs had drifted apart again, her pussy was flushed, her lips swollen and pouting, her inner lips protruding, seeking attention. Her breasts were also swollen, nipples erect. He knew this latter item because, seeing he didn’t need to hold Cathy in position, his free hand had just naturally closed over her breast, stroking it.

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