Wrestler Fucks for Dorm Rent Pt. 03

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Wayne Tai (20 yrs.) stands at 5′ 6” who weighs 133 lbs. He’s a top wrestler who is a technician of his sport. He’s a sophomore who received a four-year scholarship. He lives on campus and has excellent grades. It’s the beginning of spring semester and he’s been receiving emails from the college housing office. He ignored them because his scholarship had already paid for the rent all year.

Susan Asherman (32 yrs.) handles the student athlete financial payments for campus housing. She’s in great physical shape (32-24-32) who wears a blue paint-suit. Her black hair is tied into a pony tail who sits at her desk. She impatiently glances down at the desk clock.

Wayne approaches the office outside and she sees him through the window. He’s wearing blue jeans and a tight college t-shirt. His black hair is combed back from his good-looking face. He looks like a teen boy instead of a college guy.

She whispers, “I finally got him.”

Wayne walks in and sees Susan at her desk. He strides over and stands in front of her. She looks up and quickly checks out his thin and solid body.

She asks, “Can I help you?”

He answers, “Coach told me to come and see Susan. I’m Wayne Tai.”

She replies, “That’s me. Wayne, you’re late on your rent.”

He shakes his head, “No I’m not. My scholarship already etimesgut escort covered it for the whole year.”

She asks, “What dorm are you in?”

He answers, “350 at the athletic village.”

She looks at her laptop computer and says, “I’m sorry. I got you mixed up with another student named Wayne Tan.”

He smiles, “Oh, okay. Can I go?”

She responds, “Look, your dorm is half the size of Wayne’s apartment. He will probably be evicted soon. You can move in next week at the same rent you pay now.”

He asks, “How big?”

She answers, “One bath, one shower, king size bed, living room and a huge kitchen. Interested?”

He smiles, “Do I have to sign another lease?”

She sits back and un-dresses him with her eyes, “No, just do me a favor.”

A few days later inside the empty campus apartment. The light is turned on inside of the bedroom. Clothes, socks and shoes are piled up on the floor.

Susan and Wayne Tai are naked on top of the king-size bare mattress. She lays back on the bed with her head leaning off of the edge with the hair hanging loose. Both of her hand fingers pinch the nipples as she arches her back.

She has a clean shaved pussy and Wayne lays in between her legs. His left middle finger digs deep into her wet cunt. He searches etlik escort for her G-spot. The tip of his tongue pushes down on her clitoris.

Susan jerks her head, “Oh.. Ohh.. Ohhhh.. Uh-Uhhh.. Uhhhhh.. Uhhh.. Ohh-Gawd.. My-Gawd.!!”

He lifts up his head, “Gonna find that spot… Love your shaved pussy.”

His middle finger digs deeper and it swipes the edge of her G-spot.

She responds, “My-Gawd.!! You-hit-it.! Oh-My-Gawd.!!”

He keeps searching with the finger as his lips suck on her wet pussy lips.

She replies, “Wayne-Tai.. I-love-you.. I-love-Uhhhhh.. Uhhhhhh.!!”

His finger finds the G-spot again and swipes the edge several times.

She flinches and begins screeching, “Uuunnnnnhh.!! Uuunnnnnnnnhh.!! Uuunnnhh.!!”

Wayne doesn’t stop with the finger as his tongue dabs the clitoris again. Susan’s body begins to shake as an extreme orgasm shoot’s through her.

She explodes, “Wayne-Wayne.!! Uhh-Uuunnnnnnnnnhh..!! Gawd.. Uuunnnnnhh.!! Right-There.. Right-There.!! Uuunnnnnnnhh.!!”

He pulls out his finger and lift’s off of her pussy lips. Her body bucks on the bed as she pinches her nipples really hard. He waits for her to come back down as another orgasm hits her.

She screams, “Uuunnnnnnhh.!! Uunnnhh.!! Unnhh.!! Fuck.. Wayne.!! You hit ankara escort my spot.!!”

10 minutes later. Wayne stands naked near the bed. He leans over and wraps his arms around Susan’s lower back. He lift’s up her naked body and both of her legs wrap around his tight waist. She locks both ankles above his firm butt-cheeks. She also wraps her hands around his neck. He moves his hands down to grip her buttocks. His muscular legs hold her up.

She says, “Wayne, I wanted you so fucking bad. You’re so hot!”

They both kiss each other deeply as their tongues battle each other.

He still holds her up as his right hand grips his 5-inch cock. He gets ready to slip it into her shaved pussy.

He says, “Here it comes baby?”

His shaft slips inside of her wet cunt.

He says, “Fuuuck.!!”

His hands keep gripping her buttocks and starts thrusting upward. He holds her steady with his thighs. She wraps both of her arms around his neck tightly.

He grunts after each thrust, “Uuuhhh.. Uuhh.. Uuuuhhh.. Fuuckk.!!”

Wayne is strong as his thighs hold her up. She kisses his forehead.

He keeps grunting, “F-Fuckk.. Fuuuckk.. Uuuhhh..!!”

His hand grips her buttocks tighter and thrusts upward.

Wayne explodes, “Fuuuuuuckk.!! Myyy-Gawd..!! Fuuuuuuuuckk.!!”

His knees buckle and loses his balance a bit. Susan keeps holding him tightly.

He breathes hard, “Okay… Okay Susan.. Gonna lay you down.”

His cock slips out as his feet step over to the bed. He slowly leans over and lays her down on the bed.

He whispers, “I like my new college apartment.”

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