Cocky Med Students Pt. 03

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I woke up the next morning at 8 am to get ready for the 9 am exam. I hadn’t slept well on the couch and still felt hungover from the brownies. To my surprise, Xander and Sarah were already awake studying.

“Hey sleepy head,” Xander said. “We were wondering when you’d finally get up. Sarah and I already had sex this morning, ate breakfast, and studied for the exam.”

I moaned groggily as I noticed that Sarah and Xander were both fully naked. Sure enough, they both looked like they’d just fucked but had also been studying.

“We’re gonna hop in the shower together,” Xander announced.

I hadn’t yet showered since the night before but probably didn’t have time to now. I grabbed a quick bite and put on some clothes before heading out the door. Although I still smelled like sex and semen, I’d just have to deal with it since Xander and Sarah had hogged the shower.

I couldn’t focus at all during the ensuing exam. My mind went blank on nearly every answer. All I could think about was Xander’s massive cock and what he’d done to my girlfriend.

After the exam, I found Sarah and asked if she wanted to walk back home. “Sure!” she replied. “Xander said he’s coming over to celebrate too!”

Xander and Sarah both looked fresh and excited on our walk back to my apartment. Chatting about the exam, they discussed various answers they put and how they were glad that they’d studied together that morning and the night before. To my horror, I had either put totally different answers or left the questions blank altogether.

Once we arrived at the apartment, Xander pulled out the brownies and gave one to Sarah. “I can’t believe you ate so many of these last night!” he told me. “We were supposed to get baked tonight!”

I didn’t understand why this cocky kid planned on staying at our apartment two nights in a row, but I didn’t ask questions. Instead, I took a brownie in an attempt to mellow out. But I couldn’t just have one. The brownies were so good that I ended up eating four or five, just like I did the night before.

Meanwhile, Xander and Sarah couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Aided by the weed in the brownies, they immediately stripped off each other’s clothes and started going at it. The chemistry between them was electric.

Right in our kitchen, Sarah dropped to her knees and started sucking on Xander’s cock. “It’s sooooo hugeee!” she exclaimed, once again. It seemed that my girlfriend was now totally obsessed with Xander’s dick.

I watched in awe as my girlfriend swallowed inch after inch of Xander’s manhood. Not only had he aced the med school exam, but he was now dominating me and Sarah in our own apartment.

Once his ten-inch spear was fully erect, Xander lifted Sarah up and ripped off all her clothes. Right in my kitchen, he carried her over to the counter and lined up his massive shaft at her vagina. “Do you want this, baby?” he asked. “Do you want me to fuck you again in front of your boyfriend?”


Xander kept her screaming as he inserted his shaft inside of her. Right on my kitchen counter with me just a few feet away, he fucked my girlfriend to orgasm in just two minutes. I just stood there awkwardly as I watched in admiration, the brownies and sex washing over me and fogging my judgment.

With his dick still inside of her, Xander cock-walked Sarah towards our bedroom. As he carried my girlfriend across the threshold, he slammed the door behind him. Still fully clothed, I stood in silence as I listened to Xander fucking my girlfriend through my bedroom door. As Sarah screamed louder and louder, I knew that he had brought her to yet-another orgasm.


There wasn’t much I could do as Xander and Sarah pounded away in my bedroom. After eating another brownie, I lied down on the couch and fell asleep. With no sense of time or space, I woke up in a confused state. I was still on the couch but now had a throbbing erection. Somehow the weed and the sex had made me very aroused.

With my penis fully hard, I started jerking off my 6.5-inch cock. Despite having cum the night before, I desperately needed some sweet relief. And because I thought that Xander and Sarah were still in the bedroom, I figured that there’d be no harm in jerking off in the living room.

Because my boner was raging in my shorts, I decided to take them off. I was now naked from the waist down, furiously jerking my meat at the thought of Xander pounding my sexy girlfriend. I couldn’t get over the size of his massive cock—so much bigger than my own—fucking her into oblivion.

I was so caught up in this fantasy that I didn’t notice my bedroom door come ajar. With my eyes closed and my fingers flailing, I was shocked when I heard a cough a few feet away.

“Well, well,” Xander said. “What do we have here?”

My eyes shot open as my hands tried to conceal my pulsing cock. Just above me stood Xander.

To my surprise, Xander was calmly maltepe escort smoking a cigarette and was fully naked. His dick hung down at least a thick 7 inches, which still put my hardest and firmest erection to shame.

Standing above me and looking like James Dean smoking a cigarette, Xander smirked and asked me what I was thinking about.

Still lost in a fog of brownies and sex, I struggled to piece words together.

“You like when I fuck your girlfriend?” he continued. “Is that why you’re jerking your cock?”

I just stared blankly at Xander’s big flaccid dick, my own cock still throbbing in his direction. “Or maybe it’s my dick you like, and you’re actually jealous of your slutty girlfriend?”

At this point, Xander stepped forward so that his behemoth softie was just inches from my face. He still puffed his cigarette as he stared down at me.

“Do you want a shot at this?” he asked. “Would you like to suck my dick?”

Shocked into silence, I said nothing as I stared blankly at Xander’s swinging manmeat. It hung dangerously close to my face and lips, and I wondered for a brief moment what it would taste like.

With a few more drags of his cigarette, Xander looked down at me and smiled. “Guess I was wrong,” he said. “I coulda swore you’d go for my cock. Guys tend to give the best blowjobs.”

Just like that, Xander started backing away. But now that his cock left my line of sight, I snapped out of my haze. “Wait!” I said.

“Uhuh?” Xander asked, stepping forward.

“I…uh….” I mumbled. “I…uh….want to try it.”

“What do you want to try?” Xander asked, blowing a line of smoke towards my face.

I locked eyes with him but didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of saying it. Still, I knew that he wouldn’t continue until I said these words. “I want to try sucking your dick.”

Xander smiled coyly and kept smoking his cigarette. “Are you sure?” he asked. “I didn’t picture a pretty boy like you being much of a cocksucker.”

While saying these words, Xander crept closer to the couch, so that his dick was now hovering just inches from my mouth. “Please!” I begged, surprising even myself. “I need your cock!!!!”

Still smiling, Xander put out his cigarette and climbed on top of me on the couch. He then did something that I’d never forget. As he knelt above my chest, he started rubbing his massive manmeat all over my eager face. His battering ram felt thick and heavy as it smacked repeatedly against my nose and lips.

“I knew you wanted this cock,” he said. “Ever since you saw it in the locker room, you haven’t stopped staring at it. And once you came without touching your little penis as I fucked your girlfriend, I knew you’d one day be begging to become my bitch.”

“Stick your tongue out,” Xander ordered.

And just like that, I was now licking his massive softie. “Get it good and wet,” he said, as I kept licking. “Your girlfriend’s still passed out in your bed, so it’s good thing you’re here to fill in.”

Xander kept slapping me with his cock as he taunted me. “Your girlfriend eventually swallowed my whole dick,” he said. “I wonder how much you can take.”

As I opened my mouth to say something, Xander put his ginormous cockhead right in. Just like that, I had swallowed the first inch of this med stud’s mammoth dick.

“I knew you’d be my cocksucker,” Xander gloated. “I just knew it!”

Inch by inch, he slid his snake inside my mouth. I struggled to accommodate his massive girth and length and had to try hard to breathe through my nose.

“Keep going, bitch,” Xander said.

By this point, I’d swallowed about six inches and the head of his cock was now hitting the back of my throat. Suppressing my gag reflex, I welcomed him into my throat and sucked his dick like a Grade A cocksucker.

“Yes, bitch!” he screamed. “You’re even better than your girlfriend!”

This encouraged me to really attack Xander’s dick and I lifted my head forward to take all of it. Like a cocksucking natural, I took his massive manmeat all the way down my throat.

“Holy fuck,” he exclaimed. “You’re the quickest bitch to ever swallow all of my meat!”

As Xander’s massive balls slapped against my chin, he started slowly fucking my face, giving me time to adjust.

“I knew you’d love my meat,” Xander said, “You’re even sluttier than your girlfriend!”

I just moaned as Xander kept exploring the depth of my throat. Never before had I sucked someone’s cock, and Xander’s was huge beyond measure. But like a fish to water, I took to worshiping his cock. Xander plowed away at my tender throat and used both hands to hold my blond hair and head in place.

“Can’t believe a stud like you is such a slave for my dick,” he repeated.

Xander was clearly getting off on this power trip over a taller, better-looking med student. “You’re just a bitch like your girlfriend,” he said, “begging for my meat.”

I tried to take as much as possible as Xander fucked my throat raw. His weighty balls slapped escort maltepe against my chin every time, making a loud sound as they crashed into me. My own penis was still throbbing and leaking pre-cum, but there was no way I could touch it with Xander’s knees pinning down my arms.

Looking back, Xander noticed my leaking cock. “You want to come for me?” Xander asked. “You want to cum!?”

With those words, Xander started thrusting more furiously in and out, sawing away at my throat. As his dick bottomed out once again, my little penis exploded and shot out volley after volley of cum. Xander cheered as my smaller penis shot cum all over my legs and couch. Some of it even hit his ass while his cock kept relentlessly fucking my throat.

“You really are my bitch!” Xander screamed. Plowing ahead, he bottomed out once again and let out a scream. “FUUUUUUUUUCK!” he yelled. As his cock grew even thicker and longer, it launched a load of semen down my throat. As Xander held my head firmly in place, he emptied his entire load inside of me.

By the time he withdrew his humungous 10-inch shaft, there wasn’t a drop of cum left on his cock. “Damn, bitch,” he said, “You really swallowed all of it. I had no idea it’d be so easy to make you my bitch.”

As Xander said this, my cum-covered cock throbbed once again. I had completely succumb to my med school rival and there was nothing I could do to go back. Who knows what the rest of med school would have in store, as this cocky little kid had already made me and my girlfriend his slutty little bitches.


For the next couple of weeks, Xander rarely left our apartment. He constantly wanted to fuck Sarah and insisted that I “fluff” him up each time. It was so embarrassing to drop to my knees completely naked in front this horse-hung, 19-year-old stud. His balls that I’d felt in the testicular exam now slapped regularly against my chin as I swallowed all 10 inches of his manmeat.

And to my chagrin, Xander never let me or Sarah touch my average-sized penis. Instead, he trained me to cum only while sucking his dick or watching him fuck my girlfriend. Every orgasm I had was now hands-free as Sarah and I submitted completely to Xander’s dick.

Unfortunately, my grades in med school continued to plummet as Xander and Sarah rose to the top of the class. While they managed to successfully study between fuck sessions, my mind was clouded with images of Xander’s cock and Sarah’s boobs bouncing up and down as he fucked her in the pussy or ass.

Our resident, Sofia, called me into her office one day to discuss my grades. “You had so much promise when we admitted you to med school, but you aren’t studying hard enough,” she said.

Sofia said that I could stay in school as long as I paid for a tutor to improve my grades. “We know just the perfect person,” she said. “Your classmate Xander has perfect grades and has generously offered his time to help you out. You just have to pay him $50 an hour and he can help you improve your grades.”

Little did Sofia know, this smart, cocky, 19-year-old kid was already in my apartment all the time. And now she expected me to pay him $50 an hour—adding to my med school loans—just so he could tutor me.

Xander, meanwhile, was thrilled by the situation. When I got home, he ordered me to get naked and suck him off as he read from med school outlines—for two fucking hours. As I struggled to deep throat and suck on his massive man-meat, Xander stayed cool, calm, and collected. He read me med school outlines as I worshiped his massive dick, and I even retained some of the information while I was incredibly turned on. My penis shot off twice without me touching it, and Xander charged me $100 for “tutoring” me with his mammoth dick.

Predictably, Xander loved these tutoring sessions, and Sarah also got a big kick out of them. It was so humiliating to literally pay my cocky rival for the privilege of sucking his dick; and after I finished “fluffing” him up, Xander would fuck my girlfriend into oblivion right in front of me. As this horse-hung teenage stud fucked Sarah like a cowgirl, I was more turned on than I’d ever been.


About two weeks into Xander’s experience as my tutor, Sofia wanted to come and take a progress report on how things were going. Although my grades had improved slightly, Sarah and Xander’s were still far better, so Sofia wanted to come see how we were studying.

Xander and Sarah made me clean up the apartment for Sofia’s visit. It was a Saturday afternoon and this sexy, 30-year-old Latina resident was coming over to what Xander had effectively turned into his sexual fiefdom.

When Sofia entered the apartment, we all had tea and biscuits and started talking about med school. Sofia had moved here from New York and left her boyfriend behind. He was a doctor at a big hospital there, but she was now a little lonely as a resident.

Pretty soon, everyone maltepe escort bayan was feeling more relaxed, and I suspected that Xander or Sarah may have put a little weed into the biscuits. As everyone mellowed out, Sofia suggested that she wanted to see how Xander and I studied together. He laughed and told me to “go get ready.”

I had no idea whether Xander was really serious or not, but he had also trained me to obey him. So I went into the bedroom and pulled off all of my clothes before heading back to the living room.

Sofia was shocked when I walked in fully naked and nearly spilled some of her tea. I then walked over to Xander and dutifully dropped to my knees. Smiling down at me, he nodded his head, which gave me the signal to pull out his massive dick.

As I pulled down Xander’s shorts, it became obvious that he hadn’t been wearing any underwear. Instead, his massively thick and long 7-inch softie became exposed for all to see. It looked so enormous that Sofia loudly gasped.

As I was on my knees, my 4-inch soft cock was clearly dwarfed by Xander’s mammoth man-meat. Because I was so much taller and bigger than him, his softie looked to be twice the size of mine. And as my cock started getting erect at the sight of his, it was obvious that his flaccid dick was still longer and thicker than my best effort.

Sofia and Sarah both sat on the couch as they watched Xander “tutor” me. “This is how we do it,” he told them. “I get paid $50 an hour and give this bitch a chance to suck my massive cock. He’s even so horny for it that he cums without touching his little boy penis.”

Sure enough, as I sucked on Xander’s dick and he approached his full 10 inches, I was already on the verge of cumming. As two super-sexy, fully-clothed girls looked on, my own 6.5 incher was throbbing and leaking a steady stream of pre-cum.

But in this moment, as my humiliation reached a climax that it never had before, Xander had other ideas. Removing his massive manmeat from my throat, he ordered me to move over to the chair next to the couch where Sofia and Sarah sat. As Xander sat down in the chair, he made me get on my knees and keep sucking him. “Lube me up!” he said.

Both Sofia and Sarah were now rubbing themselves as they watched this man-to-man action. Here was a 23-year-old, blonde-haired med stud, completely submitting to a cocky, 19-year-old teenager, who was dominating me in every way. As I tried my best to swallow all 10 inches of Xander’s cock, he did something that he hadn’t done since we were last with Sofia—he reached behind me and started fingering my hole.

Just as Xander had done during the prostate exam, him touching my anus immediately filled me with waves of pleasure. I started moaning on his dick even more as he stretched out my throat and fingered my hole.

The girls on the couch were now naked and fingering their pussies as they watched Xander finger my hole. I couldn’t see them since all of my attention was devoted to Xander’s dick, but Sarah and Sofia apparently started kissing each other and helping each other masturbate.

Xander, meanwhile, was focused on loosening me up and giving me another prostate exam. My hole was on fire as he touched my most sensitive areas and my cock was on the verge of cumming. As I moaned and screamed his name, Xander rubbed two fingers against my G spot and pushed me to the brink of orgasm. Then suddenly, he withdrew his fingers and dislodged his dick from my throat. As Xander rubbed and slapped his manmeat against my face, I now felt void and empty.

“I’m going to give you a choice,” he said, as he looked down at me and at the two sexy girls on the couch. “I will let you go right now and never touch you again nor make you suck my dick. I will tutor you and help you get good grades and never mess with you again.”

“Or I am going to fuck you right now and make you my complete and total bitch. You will let me fuck you whenever I want—in front of whomever I want—and no one will ever touch your little boy cock.”

“It’s your choice.”

Xander’s huge, 10-inch cock was still rubbing my nose and mouth, and I looked up at his dominating, piercing green eyes. I knew that right behind me were two of the hottest girls I’d ever met, including my sexy girlfriend, who I loved to fuck and get blowjobs from, and the sexiest resident doctor at our med school.

But in this moment, with my judgment clouded by the biscuits and my own impending orgasm, all I could think about was taking Xander’s dick deep inside of me. His fingers had unleashed a pleasure in my anus that I’d never felt before, and I wanted more than anything to get them or something bigger back inside me.

Right in front of Sarah and Sofia, I told Xander that I wanted him to make me his bitch and that I’d do anything he wanted.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

I greedily resumed sucking on his cock in response, and I could hear Sofia and Sarah both gasping right behind me–both incredibly turned on by this situation.

I then stood up and looked down at Xander’s dick. Even though he was so short and scrawny, he was clearly the man in the room and I knew what he wanted. As Xander sat confidently in my living room chair, I straddled him and lined up his massive manmeat with my waiting hole.

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