Good and Fucked

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I got good and fucked the other day. I met someone new. We originally met on a dating site. We moved our chat off platform and he was really pushing a sexy agenda pretty hard from the start. Or maybe it was me? I’m not sure. I know during that first online chat we moved to an over the actual phone talking chat and I heard him cum.

I think it might have been something I said that triggered him to think about me fucking someone else maybe the day before and my pussy being full of the other man’s semen and him wanting to lick it out of me. My goodness. It was a proper work day in the middle of the afternoon.

We talked about toys and he let me know he had them and would gladly use them on me. I talked about how I can be a little passive sometimes and how I like to follow a partner’s lead. I let him know that I love giving head and that I am more than willing and able to take it up the ass.

This, of course, made him want to meet right away but I just couldn’t. I had committed to this volunteer gig and it was taking up most of my work day and all of my free time. And then I started feeling kind of weird, like I usually do, when I jump to fucking before even knowing the guy’s name or basic information about him. escort ataşehir I really do feel more comfortable with a connection, at least a little one. Sex is so intimate for me. Even phone sex. Even writing this and other things.

We chatted a few days later and I thought I would enjoy a cozy fuck break. We made plans for me to meet him at his place. I drove over there and I couldn’t find parking so I left. How lame is that? It’s really lame. I asked him where I was going (you know, like where is your address) and he told me I was going to hell because I’m such a slut. It kind of hurt my feelings and I just got lower and lower from all the stress and frustration I had been feeling.

I drove away but we chatted some more and I let him know why I didn’t feel comfortable and how I couldn’t find parking and all of that. We agreed to having a few normal conversations and I faced up to the fact that I really needed to wait until the end of the month when things would be more chill.

That afternoon came last week. He booked a hotel room. He had the air conditioning on full blast when I arrived. He had just taken a shower. He wore the bath towel around his waist and was still a little wet. I bunny hopped kadıköy escort bayan to the corner to put my things down and he was like a cat prancing on me. Lots of delicious kisses and touching. Lots of saying nice things about wanting this to happen and liking me and my body.

Soon, I was naked and on the bed. We kissed some more and he sucked on my nipples and fingered my clit. (I think I should just get these instructions tattooed on my body somewhere, “To cum, suck on titties and finger pussy. Beware of extreme wetness.” I am so easy. Easy to meet, easy to talk to and easy to please.

Soon enough he wanted me to suck on his cock. So I did. I sucked the way I like to, little tastes, little nibbles, lots of tongue exploring everywhere. He liked it when I fingered his ass. I learned on a web site how to manipulate a finger so a man’s prostate is massaged. So I tried it out. Oh, he liked it. He also liked pulling on my hair and shoving my face into his groin. It was all good. Soon, I was telling him some of my slutty stories and sharing tales of other men and he exploded all over my face. It was pretty wild.

He played with me some more and I came a bunch of times. We took a little break after escort bostancı that. Both of us catching ourselves and riding our high. I think we talked about mask wearing and Trump. We were rooting for the same team so it was a nice and easy conversation. He let me know he brought toys. (Toys? Did he say toys? Bring them on!) He invited me to look and choose but I didn’t. I was still too much in lala land to think properly. I let him choose.

He grabbed a pretty good-sized dildo and starting fucking me with it. God I love penetration. It felt so good. I asked to roll over onto my tummy with my knees supporting me and my ass up in the air. I was kind of hoping I would get to feel something in my ass along with the dildo but I couldn’t even catch my breath long enough to say anything. He was doing such a good job I was immediately pushed into my animal-making-noise sounds. In and out and super-fast. It was perfect for hitting the sexy spot inside my pussy. I came again, several times.

Then he took out that dildo and used another one on me. This one was gy-fucking-normous. I didn’t actually see it until later but I felt it each and every time he entered me with it. I felt it against my cervix. I’ve never cum from that sensation before. But I did that day. He said my pussy took it all the way and the way he shoved it inside me he was pushing with his whole body slamming up against my ass. Mm, I was in heaven. And this is how I got fucked, fucked so hard I walked away in a daze.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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