Late Night Caller

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I was up really late one night, chatting online with one of my internet pals, and damn was I lonely. Our conversation started to hold more and more sexual content, and as I read his words scroll across the screen, I felt my body flush and my breath catch in my chest. You see I am a house wife and the thought of doing something so naughty as cyber or phone sex had never occurred to me. But the more he wrote the hotter I got and the wetter my pussy got. So when he finally asked me if I was up for a late night phone call I almost came right then and there just thinking about having this man I barely even knew call me and tell me all the nasty little things he wanted to do to me and my now hot dripping wet pussy.

The phone began to ring and as I looked at it I no longer saw the phone, instead I saw my exit from reality and an entrance into a world of forbidden desire that could be mine….all I had to do was answer.


I was answered by a deep sensual voice that made my nipples begin to tingle as they began to grow harder and harder. He asked me what I was wearing and as I told him I was wearing a tight red tank top and lacy white panties I began to get hotter and started caressing my already illegal bahis hard nipples with the palms of my hands moving them in slow circles as he told me, emmmm that’s nice. He asked me was I touching myself, and shyly I told him yes. He began to tell me how he was going to come up behind me and kiss my neck and then slowly work his way down to my nipples where he would slowly lick them with his hot wet tongue.

I no longer heard his words but saw and felt his every move, and oh god his mouth felt so good on my breast as he licked and teasingly nibbled them. A moan escaped my lips as he mouth started to trail down my stomach and down to my inner thigh, he kissed and licked so softly and as he eased closer to my pussy I got wetter and wetter. As he began to lick the crease between my thigh and my pussy I almost couldn’t take the anticipation. I wanted to just grab his face and put his mouth on my pussy lips so he could lick the juices that were now trickling out… but I waited I let him tease me and lick me. I began to quiver as he got closer and closer to my pussy lips with his mouth ahhh I couldn’t take it any longer and he felt that, as I began to moan and shake with anticipate that’s when he put his illegal bahis siteleri mouth on my pussy and slowly lick my slit from bottom to top where he found my clit waiting for him hard and pulsating.

He began to lightly flick his tongue over my clit over and over again. He sucked it and thumbed it and emmmmm it felt so good. I could hear his mouth lapping up my juices and that made me even wetter. His hand reached up and started to massage my breast and I moaned in delight. I was trembling now because this just wasn’t enough….. I wanted more. I wanted to feel his big hard cock inside me thrusting in and out.

He brought his face away from my pussy at that exact moment as if he could read my mind and brought his cock up to my hot juicy pussy and started rubbing it up and down my slit, it moved up and down with ease as it glided through my wetness. He rubbed his cock over and over against my clit and just as I was about to cum he thrust his cock into my hot pussy and I screamed out into ecstacy as he thrusted harder and harder over and over again. My whole body began to get tense and my world began to spin and as I started to cum he brought his mouth down to my pussy he sucked and licked canlı bahis siteleri until the cum that had seeped out of me was gone.

Just as I began to think that was the best orgasm I had ever had. I learned that this man had an unsatiable urge to please me. He put two middle fingers into my pussy and started to massage the little nub a couple of inches inside of me. He started to slowly flick his fingers back and forth. With his other hand he started to pinch my clit over and over again. He began to move his hands faster and faster. His hand inside of my pussy was moving inside me so fast it was almost a blur. I didn’t understand what was going on with my body but as my head flew back and body began to burn I didn’t care what was happening.

I began moving my hips up and down n sync with his hand. I could not get enough of what my body was feeling I wanted it faster, harder. I felt it building up, I was getting close. To what I didn’t know but damn I just wanted to release this pent up feeling. Emmmmmmmm and that’s when it came juices squirted out of my pussy all over this mysterious mans hands and as I was squirting he just kept going moving his hand back and forth making me cum over and over again until my body had let out all of its juices.

As I came back to reality my hand and chair were soaked. I was breathing so fast I thought I would pass out and all I could do was smile, tell my late night caller thank you and hang up the phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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