My Amish Mom

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This is a story of an actual event that occurred three years ago. This story is my first and I am not a good writer so readers, bear with me. I may need some approval or remarks to finish the story. Enjoy.

My name is Moses, I am 22 years old but this event occurred when I was 19. I am from Pennsylvania in an Amish community; I am an Amish but didn’t actual grow up in the Amish community. My fathers name is Joseph and my mom name is Glory. I Have 13 siblings, 10 girls, and 3 boys, I am the oldest of the boys, and 4th child of the family. Two of my sisters are already married.

You may be wondering why I have so many siblings but that is how we are, I mean the Amish community. Making babies to work on the farm, which is not a bad thing considering the fact that we are novice when it comes to technology stuff, and we have to work direly for every grain we eat and for every soil we plow.

After my 6th grade, I told my father that I will like to live with one of my sister that was married in Los Angeles, Cali. He agreed after a long hesitation. In Los Angeles I live with my sister and her husband her two kids (my nephew) peacefully.

I had a lot of fun and friends and got to mix with all kinds of crowds and people. Getting use to the technology was one of my hardest things due to my Amish background. I got to learn how to do or kind of things.

After I finished my high school I decided to move back to my Amish community and stay for a year with my parents and siblings before I will come back to Los Angeles and maybe enroll to a university.

When I finish high school I was about 18 going to 19 at that time. I took a flight and heading to Pennsylvania. A taxi drove me to the front of my house, I paid the taxi driver and he drove away. I was dress in a white shit and blue jeans with my two portable languages.

At first I was expecting my younger brothers and sisters to flood towards me and huge me because they haven’t seen me for over six year, I was exited to see how much they have grown and how they have been living life. I was also eager to see my dad too, although he was kind of mean to me but not as mean as my mom.

My mom was one of the reasons I decided to move in with my sister and her husband at Los Angeles. She was always mean and bitchy, wanted to tell you what to do and yell at you for any little mistake I do. But that was then when I little.

As I step closer to our house I notice that it have barely changed, the pant and every thing was still in tact. I want to our animal ranch to get the keys to the house because that was where they were hidden since I was a kid. I notice that some of our hoses are gone too.

So I remember that it was the farming season and all my family members together with the horses had gone to the farm about 5 miles away. There was not much cars around our town and we don’t have any. We have one hose carriage that can carry about six people and some farm tool spaces. I took the keys and open the door went to my room that I share with my two younger brothers that were about 9 and 12 at that time.

I brush my teeth and had a bath, and decided to take a quick nap for some minute before my family arrives.

I was awaken by noise of my family return, I woke up and came out to see them they were so excited to see me, my youngest sister that was about 6 year old had only heard about me but haven’t seen me till now, I was exited to see her too and the rest of my siblings.

My father was the shaking hand type and he was exited to see me and was suppress on much I have grown. I ask my younger sister that I senior directly where my mom was “Linda where is mama” and she replied “she is at the back of the house bringing in the grain we brought from the farm”. So I decided to go to the back house and see her.

When I got there my mom was adding more grain in the silo. “Hi mama” I greeted she looked back and said “Moses, when did you come home” “some few hours ago” I replied. My mom was 47 year old and my dad was about 59, she was about 5’7 and about 210 pounds, a typical Amish chubby house wife, wearing her regular ataşehir escort out fit cotton gown overall, which was what she always wear as far as I could remember.

My mom was not the hugging type but she was so happy to see me, she huge my and kiss me on my chick. She left every thing she was doing and drags me by the hand so she would go and make me dinner.

During sunset me and my family gather in front of the house and talked about every thing that has happen since I left. When it was dark we all went to bed, there were about 5 rooms in the house my mom and dad share one and I share one with my brothers and my sisters share the rest. The night was cold and I slept like I have never slept before, I was so happy to be home.

The next morning was Saturday, every body woke up before me, my dad had gone to prayer as usual and two of my sisters where making diner for the rest of the family. Now there where only two bathrooms in the house one for my parent and the other for my sibling, I was in hest to take my bath and brush up before I eat.

Cause I am in the habit of doing that, but my siblings where using the bathroom and it will be hrs before they finish, I figure that I use my parent bedroom since my mom will still be at the animal barn and my dad will be in the church. There bathroom was adjacent to my room so I reached out for my parent bathroom door and opened it.

What I saw was shocking and embarrassing. I saw my mom plain naked in the shower, she was on a doggy position with her hand reaching out for something maybe her sponge fell off or something, and her two legs spread apart in an angle position, which expose her bushy pussy and asshole in a full view for me to see. The shower was still running so I don’t think she heard me opening the door. I closed the door almost immediately, but the incestuous picture of my mom’s pussy was a memory for life. I was so ashamed and embarrassed. I Thought mom may have saw me or something. The door of the bathroom was usually locked maybe she forgot to lock it these time.

As I lay on my bed, contemplating on what I saw and how bad it was morally. My dick was thinking differently. I notice the bug on my short had grown; the thought of sexual feeling came to my mind together with the thought of guilt. But in time the sexual thought surpass my guilt. I began to stroke my penis slowly as I thought of my mom pussy and the compromising position she was at, I started to imagine my dick slowly entering her pussy on that position.

That night, I cam like I have never down before, during my masturbation session. I was not a virgin at that time and I have had sex with almost 6 girls in high school at Los Angeles.

The next morning the relationship I had with my mom change, at least to me. I started to think of her sexually. Trying to get a glimpse of any part of her body, since she always ware covered clothing’s that covers her body from neck to the middle shank of her leg, it was impossible to getting any view.

The only way I could see any part of her body was when she leaves the shower with a huge towel around her body down to her thigh exposing her huge lower thigh and the rest of her legs and her top huge cleavage, only the memory of that view can satisfy my masturbation session for that day.

I stated noticing how huge my mom breast were, through the towel I notice her floppy abs and her huge waist, her waist were enormous and it turns me on. It was as big as my head put in 8 places. Let me describe to you how I look like I am 6 ft and about 195 lb muscular body- because I play football in my high school.

The next Monday was the farm day; all my family has to go to the farm at noon. So I started to think of a plan on how to seduce my mom or to find reason to be making body contact with her. I know she and my dad barely have sex, even the word “sex” is an abomination in my family. My parent believes that sex is only for making offspring and not for fun. Moreover, the first contact I made with my mom came by it self.

Every body was prepared to go to the farm as we headed for avcılar escort the horse carriage which was our means of transportation- the horse carriage is covered on both sides and the back with a black canopy to protect the occupant against rain and sunshine leaving the front open and a set in front of it, where the horse controller usually sets, my dad is usually the controller so he sits at the front and my moms place was at the back, my siblings love sitting close to the front so that would watch as the horse move. The carriage could only contain 6 people and the rest will lap each others (sit on the others thighs).

As soon as every body entered the carriage the remaining space was at the left hand side of the back of the carriage, where my mom was suppose to sit, since I am the new visitor their was no space for me to sit.

So I immediately suggested to my mom that I should lap her, she hesitated a bid but agreed so I went to the back and set waiting for her to come and set on my lap, I know my mom will be heavy but this was just part of my plan to get my body close to her, my mom carefully sat on my laps as my dad rod off. The feeling of my mom setting on my laps triggered my dick to be rising slowly.

at first I was nervous at the thought of my rising dick, my face was all red as I try my best not to show any since of stress, my mom was wearing a cotton gown and a panties beneath, I knew that because could tell from the outline on her waist.

Her ass covered every part of my thigh, I notice that my dick was pocking between her ass crack, triggering a sensational feeling on the whole of my body, I nearly com that instant but I kept my cool as I could feel my sperm boiling in my scrotum sac. My moms noticed my hard on her crack but she only shifted upward a little bit and resumes her position.

Although I was nervous, my boiling testosterone started to act on it own, as I try every means to bump my waist upward pretending it was the horse ride or the pot hole on the road.

The second day I ask my mom to sit on my lap and she agreed. This time my dick was already erected and she sat on it, i think she sat on my dick unknowingly because she never looked. As she sat, my dick went a little deep in her ass check folding together the cotton gown and my pants that stands between our organs, it headed close to her asshole, my half erected cook stood directly between her ass check. Luckily my mom didn’t act as if she noticed it.

After a whole week of the same event my mom began to act strangely towards me, she started threaten me kindly and making sure I am around the house or that I am always around her. She started calling me for breakfast- something she rarely does. Nevertheless, she didn’t show any sign of seduction towards me. I just went along with her newly found kindness.

The next Monday brought another suppress, she was use to sitting on my erection and acting as if she didn’t notice. Maybe she do not want me to be embarrassed or something, moreover it seems like she was enjoying it.

This time she bent her back in a forward position before she sat on my laps that way her ass spread widely as it welcome my already erected dick between her crack, but this time my dick was not facing her ass hole but directing to her pussy due to the way she positioned her self.

As soon as she sat down I notice that she wasn’t wearing any panties because there wasn’t any barrier between or genital organs except for her gown, my dick went directly to her pussy lips spot. I can swear that it was the greatest sensation that I have ever felt. I tried to stay cool so my sibling would not notice.

I pop my hip up and dry fuck her slowly not withstanding that my dick was only touching the opening of her pussy through her gown. Meanwhile, I try to look around to see if my siblings have notice anything but they were always busy telling jokes to each other. I looked at my mom face but I could only see the side of her face.

When we got to the farm, my mom got up and I notice that there was a wet spot on the back of her gown, I was sure avrupa yakası escort she didn’t notice it, it was her virginal juice. All I could say to my self during the farm work was that my mom came as I dry fuck her on the ride to the farm.

After the farm work the same thing happened on our way home except that this time she seem to be participating in the dry fuck, taking advantage on every gallop we bop on the way home.

The attraction between me and my mom was now obvious she huge me for any reason, with my dick poking between us and we usually we huge longer than necessary. at one time I woke up in the morning walk to the kitchen and we huge just immediately when I came in, as I greeted her “good morning mom” all she said was “yes my son” as she stretch both arms to huge me in, my siblings walked in few seconds later and we both startle immediately and brook apart.

But they did not notice any thing sexual although they find it a little awkward that we were hugging, they didn’t say any thing they just took what they wanted and left. I started assisting her on kitchen duties and on feeding the horses helping her company when my siblings are at school and my dad has gone to work. I don’t usually walk around the house in boxers both I began to, in other to make contact with her and for her to see my erection, as we brush our self in the kitchen at any moment we had.

All this time we acted as if it was normal and not saying any thing or talking about it. The dry fuck in the carriage went on for about two weeks, (she was now ridding the carriage with no panties on). I think she was afraid to make any further move, but it was obvious to me that she likes our dry fuck.

One day the actual fuck happened. It was on a Friday as we were preparing to go to the farm as usual. My sibling has already settled down on their various positions, all that was left was for my mom to come and sit on my laps. She had no panties on as usual. I left the zip of my pant open so it will be easy for me to bring out my dick so it will make contact with her gown.

As my mom was about to sit on my lap I reach down and pull her gown backward before she could sit, and she sat bare butted on my laps, she startled uncomfortably tiring to cover up.

but the contact has already been made the only separation between my dick and her pussy was my unzipped pants, as soon as she sat with an uncovered but she giggled and tried to stand up, but it seem like one of my sibling was trying to get her attention so acted she tried to answer the need of my sibling.

I took advantage of that chance to spread her garment in a way that no body will notice and I shift a bit so I could slip my dick from my zip, my dick slept out of my pants and headed straight to her pussy, I quickly push it in, as she was still talking to one of my sibling. My dick went about a quarter of her pussy, as I could feel the pinch of her overgrown vagina heirs poking the middle of my dick. I felt like I was in heaven, she was so wet and tight, the wetness increased in second lubricating my dick so there was hardly any friction. I notice my mom was uncomfortable and was trying to cover up, and at the same time trying not to attract the attention of my siblings, at this point it became obvious to my mom that her son’s dick was actually in her pussy.

She was trying as hard as she possibly can to get away without crating any attention, but I rap both arms around her abs and push her in so my dick went in deep into her pussy. She tried one last time to get away but she was creating another situation, because the more she tries to get away the more movement my dick make in her pussy.

I push her backward as she push forward to get away creating a fucking motion. She finally stops struggling. We stayed like that for about a minute before I started to fuck her slowly. I couldn’t tell if she was enjoying it because she was uncomfortable and nervous at these points looking around to see if any of my siblings were watching.

All this time I couldn’t care less as I fuck her in a slow motion, not knowing what kind of trouble I will face when I get out of the carriage.

If you are wondering where my dad was through out the whole thing, he was in front controlling the horse. He is hardly at home, he was either working or at the church.

I will like you hear your remarks about this story to know if I would continue.

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