My Mother in Law Ch. 02

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This takes up where My Mother in Law left off.

I had gone to bed with a raging hard on from the day’s experience with my Mother in Law. Just knowing that I had fucked her and she wanted to be my sex slave was more than I ever imagined could happen. My wife would have nothing to do with it, since someone “Might hear us”, lame excuse, so I had no options. The next morning as I lay waking up, I was rubbing my Good Morning World hard on, and I heard steps coming down the stairway. I could see the shape in the Television screen that it was my Mother in Law. So I made sure if she looked she would see my throbbing cock in my hands, since my wife and I had slept in the living room on the hide a bed couch. I watched her glance over and her eyes went to my cock in my hand as I stroked it.

Like I said before Frances did not have a sexy body, but she could fuck like a snake. I got up and followed her into the kitchen, walking up behind her and squeezing her ass while she made coffee.

“Do you remember what I told you yesterday Frances?” I asked her

Her eyes lowered and replied, “Yes Master! But I am not sure we can do anything with everyone here.”

“Well, think of something then, Because I have a nice Hard Cock for you.” And I don’t want to waste it in the shower.”

I gave her small tit a pinch on It’s thick nipple as I said it. Noticing it hardened in my fingers when I did. I put her her hand on my cock. Letting her feel its heat and her eyes went to it in my shorts. Licking her lips as she saw its outline pushing against the fabric.

“You do want this don’t you! You want me to fuck your hot mouth again with it don’t you!”

She shook her head Yes, as she started the family’s breakfast. I went and woke the kids and my wife up, telling them to get ready for the day. We all had a nice Breakfast together, talking about the days plans, swimming maybe some fishing when Grandma (We call her grandma since we are now Mom and Dad) said she needed someone to go to town and get some groceries for her. Grandpa said he had some things to get from the Hardware store if someone wanted to go shopping while he did. I declined the offer to go to town, so my wife said she would do it. The kids asked if they could see a movie while Grandpa and Mom shopped.

“Sure you can!” as I pulled out my wallet giving them some money. They ran to get dressed and I went up to Grandma.

“Quick thinking woman, that can keep a Slave out of trouble.” and I slapped her on her big ass.

About 30 minutes later everyone was ready to go, I knew with Grandpa at the hardware store, the time it took to get to town and back plus the Movie it would be at least 3 to 4 hours alone with Frances. They packed up in the truck and waved to us as they drove down away. Frances looked at me with a questioning look as they did.

“Follow me, I need some relief from you now!”

I led her to the porch on the rear of the house facing the lake. I sat in one of the chairs they had there rubbing my cock. She started to sit beside me setting her coffee down as she did.

“How can you relive me if you sit there? Get in front of me so you can suck my cock!”

Frances meekly got between my knees as I pulled my shorts off. Anyone could have seen us from the Lake when they went by in a boat, which turned me on. I would love for someone to see this slut suck me off as they went by. I grabbed her head and shoved her on my cock, she never hesitated as she swallowed it. Her mouth beginning to work her magic on it, this woman loved to suck cock that’s for sure. I forced Frances to suck it deep as I fucked her mouth.

“I want to hear you bitch, make some noise when you suck me!”

She began to moan and slurp as her head bounced in my lap. I wasn’t satisfied with it and looked to the table beside me, there was a fly swatter on it. I grabbed it and slapped her on her fat ass. Making her jump while I held her head with my other hand.

“Now suck it like you mean it whore!” as I hit her ass again.

This turned her on as I had found out yesterday, no one had ever spanked her before me. Her sucking became more intense and she started to moan even louder.

“You like me to spank you fat ass don’t you bitch!”

She moaned a Yes and never slowed down her heads movements. I was sitting there with a huge smile on my kurtuluş escort face as I watched my Mother in Law suck my cock. Never having thought it would be possible, with such a prim and proper woman as she was.

“Play with your pussy, I want it wet for me if I decide to fuck you!”

Her hand went between her legs and her arm was moving furiously as she played with it for me. I hit her ass again with the flyswatter, she took in a deep breath as I did.

“Look at me whore. Do you want my Cum? Do you want me to cum in your mouth this morning for you?”

“”Yes Master, may I please have you Cum? I want it so bad.”

“Very well then resume your job, and finish me off quickly I am getting hot out here!”

She wrapped her hand around my thick cock as she sucked me in again. Her hand did its job and I soon shot my thick load in her mouth. It in turn made her Orgasm on her hand as she sucked my thick spunk down her throat.

“Did you cum whore? Did I tell you to Cum? NO, I told you to play with it. Get your ass in the house NOW!”

She got up and started to the door as I hit her ass again. I had her go to her bedroom and undress for me. Looking at her flat tits and big ass.

“For you cumming without my permission, you must be punished whore! Lie down on the bed on your stomach and spread those legs bitch!”

I went to Grandpas closet and got his belt out, smacking it on my hand as I walked back to her. She turned and looked at me.

“Don’t fucking look at me!” I screamed at her “You disappoint me, Now I have to punish you for you disobediance!”

I started to spank her large ass, loving how the belt left red marks on it. Her hips jumped everytime I hit her, and she started to moan, as I continued to spank her. It made me want to fuck her, as I was listening to her with her face in the sheets. I put the belt down and got some hand lotion off her dresser and began to rub it on her sore red ass. Marveling at the heat that came from it as I put the lotion on her. Her ass flinched as the cold lotion hit the hot marks I had left on her fat ass.

Her moans of pain turned to moans of pleasure as I continued to massage her ass cheeks, her legs opening as I did. I rubbed her wet slit with my middle finger, adding to her wetness with the lotion on it. She pushed her pussy towards my finger trying to get me to touch her throbbing clit, her fat ass was wiggling trying to get it inside her horny pussy. I rubbed lotion up on her puckered asshole, inserting me finger in it to the first knuckle. Twisting it in her tight and not now a virgin ass. She pushed against it as she got even hornier. My cock was throbbing as I watched her ass engulf my finger, and could take no more.

I got on my knees behind her and slid my thick cock in her wet pussy, Frances went wild when I did. She began to fuck me, slamming back to me as I pushed it in as deep as I could get. I grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and squeezed them as I pulled her to me, my heavy balls hitting her clit with each stroke I made. Damn this woman could fuck, to bad Grandpa couldn’t give it to her anymore. But I could and I was! I felt her wetness on my balls as she cried out that she was Cumming.

“I did not give you my permission to cum did I? You must always wait for my permission or suffer for it!”

I slowed my fucking down watching as my cock slid from her, almost to the head of my Dick then slowly teasing her as I slid it back in. My cock glistened with her wetness when I pulled it out, her moans turning me on as I slid it back inside her hot pussy. I knew she couldn’t hold off from her Orgasm for long with this torture I was putting her through. Since the only sex she had in years was the fucking I gave her yesterday. And I loved it as she got closer and closer to cumming. She tried to move her hips to make me go deeper in her and I pulled my cock out as she did, adding to her frustration.

“Do you need to cum Frances? Do you want to Cum on my hard cock? Would that make you happy?”

“Oh God Yes. Please make me cum Master, I can’t stand this anymore. Please fuck me!”

“Good Girl, For pleasing me you may Cum for me!”

I pulled my cock out and had her turn over on her back.

“Now Frances, Cum for me, Play with your pussy for me, Let me watch you Cum!”

Her levent escort finger went to her dripping gash and slid in it as she finger fucked her pussy for me. She came almost as soon as her finger entered her slit. I reached over and roughly pinched her tit setting her off. She was crying as she came for me, the tears ran down the side of her face in her orgasm. Her loving what I had done to her and what I would do to her. As she hit the peak of her Orgasm her other hand grasped the one in her pussy forcing it as deep as it could go. When she removed her hand from her pulsing pussy I stuck my cock in her fast and hard. She fucked me like a wild woman as her hips bounced on the bed.

I picked her legs as high as I could get them, watching my thick cock spread her pussy open, Her inner lips clinging to it when I pulled it back. Her thick pussy hairs wet at her opening with her creamy white pussy juices. I watched as her tiny tits bounced her thick nipples standing out. I leaned over and sucked one as deep as I could, swallowing almost her whole tiny tit when I did. Then I bit her nipple, She came again, wrapping her arms around me holding me tightly to her heaving chest.

“Fuck me Frances, Make me Cum in you! Fuck me hard Bitch.”

This made her even wilder as her hips bucked on mine, squirming her ass in circles trying to pull me inside her. I bit her neck trying not to leave any marks for out family to see when I did. I felt her pussy spasm as she came again, it pulsed hotly, squeezing on my cock driving me crazy.

“Now, Fuck me NOW Frances. I’m Fucking Cummmiinnngggg!” As I shot my load in her sloppy pussy.

I fell on her sweaty chest, squashing her tits on my chest, letting my cock stop throbbing in the wonderful feeling of her heat. She looked at me, tears still in her eyes and kissed me deeply. Our tongues fighting as we tried to come back to a normal state of breathing. I rolled off her and lay back, my heart returning to slower beat. Frances slid down and began to suck my cock clean. Making sure mot to miss a spot, for her and for me. I could only lay there with my hands behind my head smiling as she did.

She got up to go to the bathroom to wash up and I saw her fat ass still marked from the belts abuse and mine. I heard her peeing and got up to watch her. She was embarrassed never having someone watch her pee.

“Open your legs, I want to see it!” I told her

She looked as if she would refuse and I reminded her that she as to do as she was told by me. Her legs opened slowly and then she began to let it flow again. I watched a second then stuck my hand under her pussy, cupping her hot piss in my palm and holding it to her close to her pussy, letting her feel it’s warmth on her pussy as it dripped from my hand. She shivered when I did.

“You like the way it feels don’t you Frances!”

“Yes Master I do!”

“Good when your finished I want you to get in the shower for me!”

She looked like she knew what I would do next when she did. She started to wipe her pussy but I stopped her. So she got into the shower as I held the curtain open I held my cock in my hand and started to piss on her stomach. I shot it up to her tits telling her to rub it on her. She did and I think she came from the feeling of the hot piss running down between her legs. I put her hand on my Dick and let her aim it where she wanted. She aimed it on her pussy as she put one foot on the edge. My piss streamed out and hit her clit. Now I know she was cumming, her legs began to shake as the force of my pee hit her clit. I just smiled as she turned on the shower to wash off when I left.

I was downstairs drinking another cup of coffee when Frances came down and kissed my neck hugging me close. I turned and kissed her full lips sticking my tongue in her mouth running it on the roof of her mouth and squeezed her tender ass. A smiled filled her face, like my cock had earlier.

“So, are you ready for some more Frances?”

“Oh Yes.” She replied

“Good, come over here and play with my balls.”

I was sitting in the recliner so she got on her knees and tickled my balls with her fingertips. Gazing at them lovingly as she wrapped her hand around my hardening cock.

“Suck it for me, Suck it deep!”

Her mouth was warm from taking a sip of her coffee maçka escort as she put her mouth on it. Licking the head of it, sticking her pointed tongue in my pee slit while playing with my heavy balls. I pushed her head down and she began to inhale my Dick. I let her suck me for a few minutes then got up. I had some lotion in my shaving kit by the couch so I got it and had her lean on the windowsill with her hands on it and her ass sticking out to me. I rubbed the lotion on my hard cock and then on her asshole inserting my finger in her. Her hips shoved towards me as I finger fucked her ass.

“Do you want me to fuck your ass again Frances?”

She murmured a Yes and I stuck my cock to its tiny opening. It was great, looking out the window as my cock slid in her tight hot asshole. She let me know she wanted it, by moving her ass to me. I watched as my cock disappeared between her fat ass cheeks into her ass. I could feel her squeezing it with her anal muscles as I worked in and out of her. I grabbed her by her hair and yanked it where her face was aimed at the ceiling. I started pounding against her ass faster, listening to her as she moaned her approval. She was beginning to enjoy ass fucking. I reached around and grabbed her tiny tits squeezing her hard nipples as I pulled them as far as I could outwards. She gasped outloud at the surprise pain it caused her.

“Fuck me Frances, Use your ass on me bitch! You know you want it don’t you whore!”

“Oh Yes Master, fuck my ass, make me cum again for you!”

Her ass felt so good I couldn’t hold out much longer. I fucked her harder and watched as her fat ass cheeks bounced on my hips. I gave one a good slap and she jerked her ass to me harder. My balls were pulling up and I knew I was close to cumming now. I slapped her ass again.

“Cum for me bitch, cum Now with me!”

She started really fucking me then, I was afraid she would fall from the window as she slammed her ass on me. I let go of her hair and grabbed her ass cheeks then spurted my hot cum in her hot ass. Her Orgasm came when she felt it shooting inside her anal cavity. Crying out my name as I continued to fuck her roughly. I pulled my shooting cock out and the last spurts hit her ass cheeks then dripped down the crack of her large ass. Her head drooped down as she shook in the aftermath of her Orgasm. I helped her up holding her shoulders and kissed her again.

“I love you so much!” she said to me as she hugged me close. “My Daughter is one lucky woman if you fuck her like this too!”

“I do! Like Mother Like Daughter!”

I then went up and took a shower as she followed me. I climbed in and she began to bathe me taking extra time on my back and ass. I got hard again as she washed my Dick so I cut my shower short, dried off and went to lay on her bed. Frances came over with some body lotion and spread it on my chest, massaging me all over. Her hand went to my hard cock and masturbated me while I watched. She could please a man in many ways. And her being a retired nurse didn’t hurt her skills any either as she massaged my inner thighs with her free hand. I pulled her face to my crotch and she licked my ass for me, making my cock jerk in her hand as she did.

Frances then tongue fucked it as her hand pumped my cock faster her eyes on my balls. I could only lay there in ecstasy as her skilled hands worked me over. My hips pumping to her as she licked me deeply, she made sounds of pure enjoyment when I fucked her face with my asshole. I would have never thought she was this nasty, and I wasn’t complaining since she was.

“I’m gonna Cum Frances, your going to make me cum now!”

And her face moved up to swallow my cock as it shot out a smaller, but hot load into her waiting mouth. I held her head as she face fucked it, increasing my pleasure when she deep throated it and licked my balls with her fat tongue. We lay there holding each other as we both rested, almost falling asleep with the warm sun shining through her windows. Something we both did not need to do.

I knew this was not going to be the last of this, I would make sure I fucked her again before I left.

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened. It was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only!

I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not!

If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about.

Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! 😉

Thanks, mustanger7up

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