My Niece Jessica Ch. 09

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The next morning I was out of the house by 7 making sure there was enough time for breakfast with Brin and doing some other stuff I had to do that day. I stopped at a place for some coffee and pastries before going to Brin’s place. I got there about 8 and knocked on her door. It seemed like forever before Brin opened the door wearing a robe and looked like had just finished putting her makeup on. She smiled at me as I walked in and we both went to the couch where I handed her the coffee. She smiled as she drank it.

“You remembered how I liked it. So I thought we were going out,” she asked laying against the arm of the couch and putting her legs on me.

“I just thought this would be better. Don’t have to deal with the traffic and we can relax here.”

“So what’s wrong sweetie?” she said looking serious now.

“You haven’t called me that in such a long time. That is nice to hear,” I said starting to rub her leg a little before she pulled it away.

“You have been calling me more often lately and you only do that when things are happening in your life so I know something is wrong. Tell me,” she said getting up and now sitting next to me.

“Well you know Jessica has come here for a visit on her break and well things are just getting weird.”

“What do you mean Mike?”

“The other day and other times since then, I have caught my dad screwing Jessica.”

I looked over at Brin who had this shocked look on her face. She looked into space before putting her coffee on the table. Neither of us talked after this and I just sat there with my arm around Brin before she finally spoke up.

“That must have been a shock. You have Jessica and then your father cheating on your mother. That is a double whammy. But would you react the same way if you found out that was happening with me?”

I sat there thinking and it didn’t occur to me at the time but she was trying to tell me something now that I looked back on it but I just didn’t catch on.

“Yes I would be shocked. Especially if I caught you with my father.”

She looked at me with this face and started laughing. The tension in the air soon left the air as Brin got up and went into her bedroom. I stayed on the couch before she came out with a pair of sweats and a tank top on.

“Do they know you caught them?”

“I think Jessica does but I know my father wouldn’t care.”

“Hmm. So let me guess. You are feeling jealous, angry, hurt, shocked and lost?” she said sitting down again.

“Angry and shocked definitely. I am suppose to go shopping with her today.”

“That will be the perfect chance for you to talk things over with her. There is a coffee house near the mall. I will be in there this afternoon if you decide to stop in. If not that is OK also because I usually stop there on my way to work.”

We sat there talking and having a good time when I looked at my watch and saw it was almost 10 when I got up with Brin having a disappointed look.

“I told you I have some things to do and am suppose to take her shopping. I will see you later today and if not before Christmas.”

I bent down giving her a kiss. She wrapped her arms around me pulling me down into the most erotic kiss I have ever been given. Soon she released my head and I just looked down at her as she was biting her lip now.

“Damn Brin don’t do this. I made a promise to her.”

“Is that your heart talking or are you going to think with your cock,” she said looking down.

I looked down and saw I was as hard as a rock. I looked back up at her and she still had the same look on her face. Damn it what was a guy to do. Then she smiled before giving me a softer kiss on the lips.

“Save it Mike. You will be using it one way or another today,” she said getting up off the couch and going toward the door.

I got up slowly and walked to the door which was opened now. She gave me another kiss but this time I pinned her against the wall which made her smile while kissing me. I came up and looked right into her eyes making me remember why I fell in love with her.

“Listen come over on the 23rd because that is the only time I have free before Christmas,” Brin said as I made my way over to the door.

I smiled and shook my head as she closed the door behind me. I walked down to my car without a care in the world all of a sudden. I got in and went back to the house. It was almost 10:30 when I made it home not seeing my dad’s car in the driveway. I was wondering if anyone was home as I pulled in and went into the house. Everything was quiet until I heard the bathroom door open and saw Jessica come out in a towel. She looked over and smiled at me while drying her hair.

“So where is everyone?”

“You know Grandma is at work and Grandpa had to go shopping so I stayed here took a shower and all that. I will be ready in 15 minutes,” she said before bolting into her bedroom but not closing the door. I walked through the kitchen and peered into her room where I didn’t see to much until she flung her towel toward a pile of etiler otele gelen escort clothes by the door.

“You know we should really do some of your laundry.”

“I know that is a big pile there. Maybe later tonight we can do some because I am running out of some stuff,” she said from behind the wall.

I walked a little closer now to her room when she came out wearing a denim skirt that came just to her knees. She was wearing a pair of boots up to her knees and a green sweater. She was standing there fixing her hair as I just looked her up and now because she had this glow about her again.

“Can I go in your room for a second. I think I left something in there the other morning.”


She walked in and I sat down on the chair. A few minutes later she walked out wearing one of my old jackets as she finished her hair.

“I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. In fact if you want to you can keep it.”

She did this squeal and ran over to me hugging me. I guess she was excited about the jacket. She let go and went into her room, grabbing her purse and we left. We got to the mall in pretty good time as I pulled up in front. She looked at me with this face.

“I told you I have an appointment I have to take care of. I will be back at the latest in 2 hours so why don’t you go in and do what you can and I will meet you in the food court about 1 or so. Then we can get something to eat or whatever.”

She slowly got out of the car when I wondered if she was going to start crying. She slammed the door shut and went into the mall entrance before I drove off. I made it back to the mall in about an hour and a half but took me a long time to find a parking place. I finally found one and went into the mall in the direction of the food court. I sat down on a bench and about 10 minutes later saw Jessica walking up to wear I was sitting with a bag in each hand. I stood up and took a bag in each hand before heading out to the car. We went to a small restaurant for lunch but every time Jessica approached wanting to talk about something I changed the subject. We finally got home around 5 and it was a quiet evening. There seemed to be some tension in the air through the whole house. Everyone went their separate ways after dinner. I was sitting at my desk noticing it was just a few days before Christmas when I went to my closet looking at a gift I was going to give Jessica on Christmas night. I started to debate whether I should take it back when the door swung open. I closed the closet quickly when I saw Jessica come into the room pissed as hell.

“What the fuck is going on?”


“There is something going on. You have been cold to me since just the other morning and I want to know why.”

“You haven’t been a princess either lately. Sneaking around and all that,” I said sitting in my chair looking at her.

Her anger started to subside as I put up my hand.

“Plus you never answered the question I asked you the other day unless you are scared to.”

“And what question was that jackass?” she said starting to get angry again.

“If you had a fuck buddy, would you lie to them or not tell them about your personal life or people they were screwing on the side?”

Once again there was silence in the room as I sat there looking at Jessica who started to get a different look on her face. I turned around in my chair flipping my hand in the air while getting out a Christmas list and marking names off it when Jessica finally spoke in a soft tone.

“So its true. How long have you known?”

“Since the morning after you got here. You can’t keep secrets from these rooms. Plus some of the other days things happened,” I said while still turned away from her but now looking out the window.

“Oh my gawd. I thought you knew but I wasn’t sure but then…………….I don’t know what to say Uncle.”

There was silence as I turned my chair around to look at her. She looked up at me and I thought I could see tears forming in her eyes.

“I think its time we called it a day Jessica.”

She shook her head yes and got up leaving the room much quieter than when she came in. I heard her close her door before I laid down on the bed and a pain started to go through me and didn’t know what it was. I through a pillow across the room and decided to take back some of her presents and get something else in the next few days. I soon fell asleep listening to what I thought was crying from the other room. * * * The next morning I awoke to what sounded like some hushed yelling out in the other room. I looked at my watch and saw it was almost 8 in the morning. I moaned and pulled the blankets over my head. I laid there for a little while when I noticed there was complete silence. I started to get up a little bit when my door opened and I saw Jessica walk in and closed the door. She was already dressed for the day which seemed a little odd to me. She was wearing the pants she wore the day she arrived and was wearing etiler rus escort an Alaskan sweater that my parents got her when they went up there back in August. I laid there looking at her before moving over a little bit so she could sit down on the bed.

“I know its three days before Christmas but I want to go shopping one more time before Christmas and I want you to take my today Uncle. And not like what happened yesterday. So the mall opens at 10, can you be ready before then?”

“Yeah. I will get going in a little while.”

She just sat on the bed smiling at me and wouldn’t move. Something was stranger about this whole experience. Finally I started stretching and she moved to the chair kind of waiting for me. I finally got out of bed and she began laughing at me. I looked at her with a confused look on my face.

“You never got those when we were in bed together in the morning,” she said pointing at my crotch.

My hard-on was trying to come out of my sweats which made me blush a little bit. I grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom to change with her still laughing at me. I got dressed and everything but my hard-on wouldn’t go down which was something that surprised me. I went back into my room, Jessica was twirling around in my chair and when she saw me come in she stopped and smiled again. It was one of her sweet little smiles which I missed seeing since she was here. I grabbed a jacket from my closet before holding out my hand and she jumped up grabbing it. We left my room when she turned and went into her room leaving me in the hallway. I looked to the living room where I saw my father sitting down drinking some coffee but not looking happy. Jessica came out of her room wearing the jacket from yesterday and her purse in hand when my dad started.

“Where did you get that jacket Jessica?”

“Uncle Mike let me wear it yesterday and said I could keep it,” she said smiling.

“Oh I see. Don’t you have enough jackets already Jessie?”

“You can never have to many jackets Grandpa.”

“If that is what you believe,” my dad said getting up and going into the other room.

I looked at Jessica who started pulling me toward the backdoor. We got into my car and took off toward the mall but we first stopped to get some coffee from a drive thru. After we left the drive thru and were on our way to the mall again she started laughing before I looked at her again.

“What are you laughing about?”

“This morning.”

I smiled a little bit when she put her coffee down in the cup holder next to mine and took off her seat belt.

“So you still hard?”

“I don’t know now, but it wouldn’t go down this morning for some reason.”

She reached down toward my crotch and just grabbed it.

“Hmm yup still hard.”

With that she slid my zipper down and worked my cock through the hole. I looked at Jessica who licked her lips and then started kissing my cock. This sent shivers up my spine and I had to fight the urge to close my eyes. After a few minutes of kissing and slurping over my cock she finally began to suck it. My toes started to curl just a little bit but I had to go back and concentrate on driving. She started bobbing her head faster and faster as we pulled into the parking lot. Just as we pulled into a spot I started shooting down her throat. She swallowed and swallowed before finally raising her head and looking at me with a smile. She put my cock back into my pants and zipped me up before turning to me again.

“That was a nice morning snack. Its time to go shopping now,” she said getting out of the car.

I sat in the car for a little while trying to quiet myself down before finally sliding out. Jessica took me by the hand and led me into the mall. We went to different stores looking at different things all the while with her holding my hand the entire time. We went into a jewelry store at one point when we started talking again.

“So what did you get Brin for Christmas?”

“I got her this necklace she has been looking at for a long time. Then I got her some other things that she has wanted but the big one is the necklace.”

“How sweet. What did you get me?”

“Funny Jessica. You will find out.”

She pouted a little bit before we left the store and walked around for a little while before going into a clothing store. She looked at some stuff and actually bought herself some new jeans and dresses. Then we went upstairs to the lingerie section. I immediately felt uncomfortable and Jessica started to laugh when she looked at me. Soon she let go of my hand and went in one direction and I was left standing there not wondering what to do. I walked over to where they had some sleepwear since I thought I would be safe there. As I was walking around someone came up behind me tapping me on the back. I turned around and saw Jessica standing there with some stuff in her hands. She led me over to where some of the fitting rooms where before sitting me down next to some bags we had been carrying.

“You etiler türbanlı escort stay here and I will be right back.”

She went down the hall and I just sat there looking around and keeping an eye on our bags. A few minutes went by when I saw Jessica stick her head out of the doorway looking at me.

” Hurry before someone sees. I need some help.”

Her head was gone just as quick as it came. I looked around and not seeing anyone I went down the hall. I felt a little nervous before a hand came out of one fitting room and dragged me in. I saw Jessica standing there in a long sweater and I noticed her ski pants were on the bench in the corner.

“What’s going on Jessica?” I said looking elsewhere around the room.

“I want to buy some stuff but I couldn’t make up my mind. So I thought I would have you come in here so I can show you without the entire world looking on,” she said turning around while having something behind her back.

She slowly took her arms from behind her and before me were two pair of panties. One was green while the other one was purplish color. I started to blush and when she saw this she started smiling.

“So which one do you like Uncle?”

I licked my lips and got my breathing under control before answering her.

“You do know that green is my favorite color so I will be partial to that,” I said looking around making sure there was no one around.

“Well then green it shall be.”

She immediately turned around putting the panties on a hook before bending over trying to grab something under the bench. She seemed to be taking her time or couldn’t get the thing she was going after but then I figured what she was trying to do. She started to move her butt back and forth which made my cock start to grow and soon the sweater started riding up and I saw her wearing some red panties. Just then I thought back to that night in her room and wondered if they were the same ones I jacked off into. This made my cock grow even more. I looked around again making sure there was no one looking before lowering my zipper and moving my cock out of the hole. Jessica was still bent over as I walked over to her, grabbing her around the waist. She looked behind her shoulder and smiled before grinding her butt back into my cock. I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling before looking around again and decided it was time to go the whole way. I moved her panties aside and slowly inserted my cock into her pussy. Jessica started moaning as her pussy quelched down on my cock that sent shivers up my spine. Once all the way in, I just stood still for a few minutes before pulling out and pushing back in. We were going slow at first as Jessica put her hand on the wall to make sure she wouldn’t be slamming against the wall. Jessica started to moan a little louder before putting something in her mouth to stop her from screaming. I started fucking her faster and faster now when she put up her other hand to help her from slamming into the wall. I had forgotten how her pussy felt and soon I was out of control as I just kept slamming into Jessica. Soon I felt my cum started to rise when I slowed down and tapped her on the shoulder. It seemed she knew exactly what that meant because she immediately got off my cock, turned around and kneeled in front of me.

I looked down at her wondering what the hell was going on when she smiled and kissed the head of my cock. I shivered again before I saw my cock going into her mouth. At that moment I didn’t think there was anything as sexy as watching my cock go into her mouth but what shocked me is that it went into her throat as well. Her nose was against my pubic hair before she slowly took my cock out of her mouth. She then repeated the same procedure once again. After what I guess was toying with me she slowly went down on me again and started doing something with her throat which was to much for me and just started shooting down her throat. I held her head still until I had finished cumming. I released her head as she licked her lips before getting up and smiling at me.

“That was fun,” she said turning around and bending down again.

This time though she got her shoes very quickly and then put on her ski pants again. She sat down to tie her shoes when she looked up at me after I put my cock away.

“You go first and make sure there is no one around. I will be out in a few minutes.”

I walked out of the room and into store area again seeing no one around. I sat down again with the bags when Jessica came out. She smiled at me and we walked toward the register but somehow got separated. I walked over near the aisle way looking around since I didn’t see her at the counter. I started to get worried when I felt someone pitch my butt and start laughing. I turned around seeing Jessica standing there with her little bag before slipping it into the bigger bags. He slipped her arm around mine as we walked downstairs then outside to the car where I put the bags away. We both got into the car and just as I was going to start it up she put her hand on mine which made me look at her.

“We still need to talk Uncle and we need to do it soon.”

I shook my head yes and drove over to the nearby coffeehouse. I bought us both coffee before sitting at a table a little away from the main activity of the show. We both drank for a little while until Jessica sighed and looked up.

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