Naughty Boy! Ch. 03

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Warning: Please ensure that you have read the previous chapters of Naughty Boy! before beginning this story, as this is a continuation of those postings. I wish to thank you, the people who read and who appreciate my work, and I hope that you enjoy.


It was almost time for my Aunt Yvette to arrive at our house, and I could tell by the way Mom was fidgeting about on the sofa, and how she couldn’t stop wringing her hands continuously, that she was quite a bit nervous. I knew that she knew about the fact that I’d knocked up her younger sister, because that’s what Aunt Yvette had told her after I myself had been told over the telephone, and she had not raised much of a fuss at all; in fact, Mom seemed extremely supportive of the incestuous conception.

Now, however, I had a feeling that Mom’s true feelings were beginning to boil up to the surface. She had to be jealous of her sister Yvette, if not for the fact that she was having my child, then for the fact of having me before she did. I knew my mother now more than I ever had before, and could read her like an open book.

Looking over my mature, sexy Mom’s full, voluptuous body, I began to feel my cock harden with arousal inside my loose-fitting sports shorts, and I reached down with my right hand to absentmindedly rub at the bulge in my pants without much of a care. Roger was gone for the night – on yet another weeklong working trip out-of-state, though neither Mom nor I was really sorry to see him go. So we had the house to ourselves, and the neighbours were too far away to be a problem.

“Wow… I thought it would’ve been at least half an hour before you cracked another woody, big boy!” Mom said with a throaty chuckle, watching on with the gleaming eyes of a bird of prey as I continued to squeeze and rub at my straining groin. I smiled at her in return and, knowing that watching me playing with myself was a real big turn-on for her, I fished my dong out of my pants and began to wank off right there and then.

Erica Thompson let out a gasp and trembled just a little with lust as I pulled back the foreskin from around the head of my cock, then began to whack off with building intensity. The heady smell of my own dick-musk started to fill the lounge room as I vigorously tugged at my tackle, and Erica, with that love-twisted look of pure passion etched across her gorgeous face, spread her legs wide apart and began to play with her panty-covered pussy as I watched on.

Watching as Mom pushed her forefinger in hard against the tight, well-stretched V-covering of her panties, jamming the probing digit roughly in against her pulsating smoo and dampening the undergarment with her moist, tangy juices of arousal, I felt my hefty ball-sacs begin to tighten with my orgasmic release.

Smiling at me, Erica pushed her right hand down into her underwear and began to play with her cunt, slowly pushing the fingers of her hand inside herself as I watched on, utterly mesmerised.

I couldn’t see anything because she was still wearing her panties, but I could see her hand moving around within the silky underwear, and got the general gist of things by the way she was moaning with pleasure and arching her back sexily. And the way that the front of her panties were soon slick with her girl-cum immediately reinforced my belief that she was really getting into the mutual-masturbation…

Deciding at last that I wanted more out of my mother than just watching her playing with herself while I tugged off my raging prick, I got up out of the lounge chair I was sitting in and dropped my pants completely to the floor, then stepped straight out of them. With my mother’s eyes glued squarely upon me, I pulled my drab, old dirty-white T-shirt up over my head and threw it aside without so much as a care, heading straight for her in all my nude glory.

My body gleaming in the luminous light shining in from the kitchen behind me, I could only imagine how I looked to my beautiful mother Erica, standing there right before her in all my naked splendour, but I could see by the look of utter desire on her face, and by the short intake of breath as she gasped in wonder at my straining, blood-swollen 9” dick-stick, that she was suitably impressed with my overall package. I was hardly surprised.

Making sure I had moved up and around so that I was standing by the left side of Erica’s head, with the head of my schlong pointed downwards towards her waiting mouth, I left it up to Mom to wiggle herself up a little further in her seat so that she could slide her tongue in against the tiny piss-slit, sucking back the pre-cum which was billowing up out of my schlong with a perverse relish.

She let out a low moan after the salty taste of my spunk set in, then started to flicker and slide her tongue around my mushroom-shaped cock-knob, taking the time to tease and caress my dick-tip with deft skilfulness borne out of pure experience. Opening her mouth, Erica let my cock slowly slide down her throat, causing me to grunt and şirinevler escort gasp with audible pleasure as she took me as far into her mouth as she could.

In the end, the tip of my bulging prick slammed in against the back of her throat, and I let out a sharp gasp as Erica sucked back hard on my embedded phallus, her tongue now seemingly everywhere and touching me in all the right places.

My dick was throbbing with arousal, as my blood curdled around the inner veins of my swollen shaft, and I could feel my cum-heavy balls tingling with arousal as my mind swam with heady sensations. My climax was near, and I was beginning to see tinges of red in my vision as I felt my cum start building up in my wrinkly teste-sacs…

“Ah shit, that’s it baby, suck it just like that…” I gasped, and Erica continued to deep-throat my bulging schlong. She looked up at me with those big, bulging eyes of hers, reaching out to cup my fat nut-sacs and squeeze them in her hand, causing me to see stars as my world exploded into a blinding sense of overwhelming pleasure. Oh Lord Almighty, it was too exquisite to believe…

It wasn’t a matter of IF I was going to cum, but rather WHEN I was going to cum… and Erica must’ve sensed this, too, as she began to redouble her efforts. She pulled herself back away from my straining dick-shaft, until only the bulbous head of my dong was in her mouth, but she kept up the tempo of licking and sucking on it just as vigorously as before…

Her right hand snaked around until it was cupping one of my ass-cheeks, then her left hand went around to cup the other cheek. She pulled me harder in against her and took every single inch of my cock into her mouth, causing me to gasp with pleasure and almost collapse with ecstasy.

Exquisite sensations washed through me as I felt myself begin to loose control, cumming right down my mother Erica’s throat as she sucked my dick with vigorous intensity.

Without so much as a second’s hesitation, I watched Mom drink back every single bit of my salty white semen that I shot out of my throbbing, pulsating prick. She didn’t even blink an eyelash when I’d blasted the first wad of cum into her mouth, which was more than I’d expected, it should really have come as no surprise to me, as I was dealing with quite a remarkable woman in my mother Erica.

When she had finally downed the last bit of my spunky discharge, and I’d thoroughly recovered from my orgasmic release, I pushed Mom back into her seat and leaned down to kiss her hard on the mouth, forcing my tongue down her throat as I cupped one of her full, luscious 36F-cup breasts through the front of her super-thin nightgown.

The only thing that she was wearing, besides her cum-soaked panties, was a sleek, silky white negligee that framed her full, curvaceous body.

Her huge knockers were sticking right out against the thin white material, and her dollar-sized, darkened nipples stuck out hard against the silky garment, erect tips poking right out against the material of her gown. I wanted to expose the nipples, to squeeze and twist them until she gasped and groaned with arousal, and that was exactly what I did – tugging down the cups of her negligee, I squeezed and caressed their firm, hard globes of tit-flesh, meshing them together and twisting on the nipples til she was grunting and gasping with spasmodic desire.

I flicked the hardening nipple of Mom’s right tit, as that was the one I was already squeezing, while I passionately kissed her on the mouth, tasting my own sperm on her lips but not caring as the irresistible hunger of the moment carried me away. I could not fight the desire that was building up inside of me, and I hardly wanted to in any event… letting myself get swept away in the moment, I continued to kiss my mother hard on the mouth as I moved around the couch and moved slowly down in front of her.

I could feel the heat radiating out of her body as I kissed, licked and sucked my way down over to her right tit, taking the hardened nipple into my mouth and nibbling at it teasingly as I got her all wet and sticky, making the randy minstrel moan with lustrous abandon. It was quite obvious to me that I had Erica right where I wanted her, and I wasn’t about to waste the opportunity!

Kissing the hardened, turgid teat, sucking on the budding nip til she was grunting and trembling with intensely-repressed desire, I moved my left hand down over my mother’s smooth, bare right thigh, sliding it up and down her leg as I sucked on her bosom just as I had when I was a babe over 21 years earlier.

After a while, I moved the hand up until I could slide it in between her legs, and felt the moist, wet stickiness of her cum-slick panties rubbing against me as I pressed my fingers in against her damp crevice, causing Erica to moan and arch her back in pleasure.

I’d managed to touch her clit through the thin material of her skimpy panties, making Erica jerk and shudder in intense, climactic şişli escort pleasure as she had a mini-orgasm, her body twitching and shaking in post-release tremors as she came slowly down from her immense high.

Watching her react to my touch in such an immediate, strong way had me fuelled up and ready to give it to her some more, but I held myself in check as I moved my attentions back over to her other breast, the left one…

Erica groaned longingly as I sucked on her budding teat, and I pushed my right hand up to her mouth, shoving two of my fingers in between her lips to suck on as I frigged her sopping wet fanny with my other hand.

Soon enough, my left hand was drenched in her clear, flowing girl-cum, and Erica was gasping and moaning in rapturous ecstasy. Deciding that I wanted a taste of my matronly whore, I raised the cum-slick fingers of my left hand up to my mouth and sucked on each tasty, delectable digit in turn, savouring the many different tastes of my Mom’s lovely, pink twat.

Moving down yet further, I bit gently on my mother’s smooth, flat stomach, then probed her cute little bellybutton with my tongue through the thin garment of her negligee, making her moan with titillated pleasure and push herself out against my face as I went to work on her.

I moved both my hands out to grasp a firm hold of both of Erica’s hips as I moved down yet further and, with my face firmly nestled in between her sweaty, cum-drenched thighs, I began to ease my way in a little closer and closer. At last, my face was mere inches away from Erica’s gaping, dripping wet pussy, and I could smell the heady musk of her womanly scent washing up against me as I crouched there in front of her.

Leaning in until my mouth was pressing right in against her gaping, wet smoo, I opened my lips up and pushed my tongue in against the outer folds of her pussy.

I made sure that I could see her face from where I was crouching in between Mom’s legs, just by making sure that I was looking right up at her from my position, and began to go to town on her dripping cunt, licking and slurping away like crazy on her gaping wet opening with nothing but intense vigour.

Jerking and shuddering with orgasmic intensity, Erica moaned and trembled as I worked my probing, pink tongue further and further up into her tight wet snatch, driving her on to even greater fits of passion as I slurped and sucked at her glistening twat. I could feel her orgasm building slowly up inside her, and I wanted to make her cum just as much as I knew Erica wanted – no, in fact needed – to cum herself.

Moving down just a little bit further still, I started to slowly, gently run the tip of my tongue around the puckered hole of my mother’s dank anus, tasting the dirty orifice’s spunky recesses and yet finding the forbidden opening perversely arousing.

Rimming her anal duct got my cock, already stiffening up from all the oral stimulation I was giving to my Mom beforehand, all the harder and ready for action, and I knew that very soon I was about to get all the pussy-action I could have ever hoped for…

Pushing my tongue further up into Erica’s tight, constrictive rectal passage, she arched her back and let out a sharp cry of pleasure, cumming all over the place as her pussy jerked and pulsated with orgasmic tremors and I hurried up to shove two probing fingers of my right hand straight into her tight, dripping wet quim.

Erica gasped and shuddered as my fingers pushed all the way into her cunt-hole, stretching it open to its extremities, and I kept eating at her asshole with single-minded determination. After a little bit, I pulled my two cum-slick digits out of my Mom’s tight, meaty twat, and sucked the girly-jizz straight off them and into my mouth.

Raising myself up from her asshole, I ran my tongue again through the full, fleshy folds of my mother’s damp, clamping pussy, sliding it deep into her wet smoo and savouring the taste of her twat, while my arousal grew even stronger and more intense with each passing moment.

I wanted her – oh Lord Almighty, how I wanted my Mom right there and then, how desperately I would have done anything to sink my thick, meaty schlong into her fuckin tight pussy right there, without any more preliminaries! But I couldn’t do that, however much I wanted to, because it wasn’t just about my pleasure but Erica’s as well.

I could feel the hardened little nubbin of turgid flesh that was my mother’s clit, and pushed at it gently with the tip of my tongue. Oh, how I knew Erica’s clitoris… we were almost like a couple of old acquaintances!

I knew exactly how best to work my Mom up to feverish, insane heights of passion, her body jerking and shuddering with intense climactic fervour as she just kept on cumming and cumming, and one of the easiest ways I had found to achieve this goal was to nibble and suck on her super-sensitive clit. Even as I just started on her tiny, ultra-arousing love-button, Erica gasped taksim escort audibly and let out a little hiss of pleasure, trembling all over as the tip of my tongue snaked out to touch her pulsating clit.

There was no mistaking the fact that Erica Thompson was extremely aroused at this point, and I knew that there was absolutely no going back, even if I had been crazy enough to want to go back.

Kissing the crinkled outer folds of my Mom’s dripping wet smoo, I moved up a little bit further with my mouth until my lips were just over her budding clit. Then I was able to move down to take the tiny little nubbin into my mouth and suck down on it hard, which immediately had Erica screeching at the top of her lungs like a banshee, cumming right into my mouth and making me swallow her jizz or choke on it!

Moving my right hand again up to the gaping opening of Erica’s vadge, I hurriedly shoved three fingers this time right up to the hilt in her dripping wet twat, making her groan with audible pleasure and arch her back as the digits stretched her insides and make her orgasm all the harder.

Her copious cunt-fluid splattered all over my hand and ran down my right arm as I licked and slurped at her sagging snatch at the very same time, scooping up as much of her glistening secretions as I could manage before my tongue gave out on me entirely. I did a pretty far amount of work, as well, managing in the end to suck up almost all of her jizz and keep on working on her until well after Erica had actually stopped cumming.

After that, I just started to finger-bang her all over again as I moved my way up to my Mom’s face again, and leaned in to give her a deep, passionate, no-holds-barred, incestuous French-kiss. I could feel Erica’s hands sliding down and around my lower back, then move down a little bit further until they were resting lightly on the firm, rounded butt-cheeks. As we kissed, and our tongues swirled around each other inside one another’s mouths, I could feel her grasp hold of my buttocks and pull them wide apart, then let go and let them snap straight back into place again almost immediately.

I moaned softly into her mouth as Erica moved the forefinger of her right hand around to the puckered little opening that was my anus, then slowly pushed it into my tight, constrictive sphincter as I in turn, feeling it necessary to get my own vengeance back on Mom, forced a fourth finger of my own right hand into her gaping pussy-hole at the same time.

She pulled herself slowly back from me, and smiled in that quirky, seductive way of hers that I’d come to love, just as I loved so many other little, seemingly insignificant things about my gorgeous soul-mate.

“Why don’t we just get down to what we both want more than anything else, huh?” Erica offered with a glimmer of mischievous pleasure in her eyes, and I found myself nodding my head in agreement and returning her smile before I even realised it.

We moved in perfect synergy, our bodies as one, as I moved myself quickly into position between Mom’s splayed-out legs and buried my bulging, red-hot phallus in to the hilt within her snatch, making Erica gasp with pleasure and sink her nails reflexively right into my bum-cheeks. There was no words that were able to adequately describe the pleasure I was in as I pushed my bulging, rock-solid prick into the depths of my mother’s pussy, causing her to grunt and groan with animalistic rapture as I reamed her out.

Leaning in again to kiss her hard on the mouth, I could feel the forefinger of Erica’s right hand piston in and out of my sphincter as I ploughed in and out of her snatch, our bodies moving in perfect rhythm as we each derived immense sensations of overwhelming pleasure from the other. There was an unspoken sense of perfect harmony between the two of us, and there was nothing or no-one in this world (other than my Mom of course) that I would have been willing to stop this incredible experience for…

Suddenly though, the doorbell rang! Oh Christ, no! Not now, I thought to myself incredulously, not when this amazing sense of sexual bliss gripped both Mom and I! But then the shrill, high-pitched doorbell chime reverberated through the house again, and there was no denying the fact that somebody was indeed at the front door.

I looked over at Mom, and had to smile despite myself – my God, but was she a mess! Her hair was all dishevelled and tangled up, her face was flushed, and her entire body was drenched in sweat from her exertions. She looked as though she had run a marathon, but I knew that she’d been through a different trial than that, though maybe no less demanding, in a certain sense…

“Don’t worry about throwing anything on, Mom – if it’s anybody else besides Aunt Yvette, I’ll get rid of them real quick!” I promised her, then hurriedly grabbed my hastily discarded shorts and put them on before racing for the door.

I peered out through the peephole at the untimely visitor, and saw, much to my relief, that it was indeed Aunt Yvette, my mother’s pretty younger sister, looking as flawless and as utterly ravishing as ever.

She was dressed in a sexy little light green halter-top and hacked-off denim shorts, which displayed her super-sleek, long tanned legs and cute, rounded ass to their full, perfect proportions.

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