Rebirth Pt. 01

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In Journey of Discovery you got to hear my son’s perspective on our new and blossoming relationship. This is my rebirth. This is my turn to tell a side of the story.

The sea air bathed my lungs with almost every breath. The cool air was an elixir to the soul and the fog left mysteries in the distance. We had been in this place for 3 months now. Jake had gotten a good engineering job at a local brewery, myself at a local bed and breakfast and Jan, well she left Bill and hiked over to Mendocino to join us in a small 3-bedroom cottage just miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Since we moved here we have loved our down time, the fact we can walk to and on the beach and that there are more eclectic people around to associate with who are accepting of a freer lifestyle. Jake and I are still engaged and have not made plans for any ceremony yet but will and we will do it on the beach at sunset, one memory fades, and then again at sunrise and another begins. We have decided to be open in terms of our relationship and with Jan well I agreed he and her could be swinging partners. I swear he has fucked that girl every day since she moved in with us. Usually in the morning before leaving for work. Wake up give me a kiss, go to her room they screw for an hour or so, then shower and off to work. My schedule is pretty lax given the B and B is not always that busy. I have dated some, mostly younger men Jake’s age or a little older. I have found a predilection for younger men and the adoration they provide. Sometimes they bring along their girlfriends mostly not and if we sleep together I make Jake be with me each time in bed or in the room. He even jerked a guy off on me last week which has led to my newest fantasy of two men with them playing with me and themselves. Jan has not dated at all she seems happy with Jake and me and the times Jake takes her out and they have met a couple other couples for foursomes.

I had to work until 7 PM which was unusual and got a ride home, just a couple miles from the B and B. Jake and Jan were already home. I came through the front door and Jake yelled, “Surprise!”

He and Jan had made a beautiful dinner of homemade pasta and wine and we had guests. Clint a 22-year-old I met who worked with Jake at the brewery and his girlfriend Melody who looked young, but is 20 from our previous conversations. Clint was a good guy. I met him one day when visiting Jake at work. He introduced me as his fiancé and Clint started asking more about me apparently until he basically said dude would you like to text her, here is her number. We have a very understanding relationship. He is not as stacked as Jake, he is around 6’2″ skinny and with a Russian heritage, so blonde, and blue eyed, not large bursa escort not small. I had not met Melody before but she was cute and tall too around 5’9″ and thin but with an ample chest and tattoos on chest down to through her cleavage a trail of flowers.

“Hey Melody, I have heard so much about you nice to finally meet you!” I said while giving her a hug.

“Ditto, finally nice to meet the lady who is fucking my boyfriend on the side.” She said with a little bit of a sarcastic tone. “Shit, I did not mean it like that it is truly nice to meet you and you are so gorgeous!” She recovered. “You have a wonderful fiancé and roommate too.”

I caught Clint’s ear as he passed to go to the bathroom, “I see why you like older women, immaturity can be a bitch.”

We all ended up sitting down to dinner. Jan raised a toast, “To new beginnings, friends and lovers, life and the pursuit of happiness, of well and babies! I had my IUD taken out today, woohoo.”

I had given Jan permission to take hers out as it has been 4 months and Jake and I have yet to produce anything and we have been overly active in that department. We ate, laughed and teased one another. Melody even started growing on me, her hair was beautiful, dirty blonde and long and pulled up above her neck with just the right amount of make up on. I am not sure what she would want to do if I wanted time with Clint later. Then Jan became Jan like always with the inappropriate remark, we love her but oh my goodness.

“So, if Maria and Clint want some alone time, Melody, Jake’s cock is intoxicating! You really should take it for a spin” Jan winked at her.

Jake threw a piece of pasta at Jan and Melody laughed. “Well then let’s see it.” Melody responded.

“Jake my future husband, you have the most amazing cock, one reason I am marrying you, do not keep the lady waiting.” I said.

With that Jake stood up and said, “Melody come with me I am not doing this at the dinner table.” He took her by the hand, “Thanks, Jan!”

“Oh, thank me later.” Jan replied.

They disappeared off into our spare room. I could only hear snippets of it looks gorgeous and can I touch? We finished our dinner without the two of them present. Jan was gracious enough to clean the table and start washing the dishes. “Clint you up for a walk maybe get some salt air?” I asked knowing Jake was probably busy getting a blowjob or something. “Let me check on them really quick.” I let him know as he was putting his shoes on.

I walked over to the spare room and cracked the door. Jake was titty fucking Melody as she sat on the couch. I walked in shutting the door behind me. “Baby going to head out on a walk, love you.” With a kiss on the lips I turned. bursa escort bayan Melody was a looker, she had 32-34 D tits, beautifully puffy nipples and flawless skin. It is funny I never get jealous because I know Jake knows where home is.

I grabbed Clint and we walked down to the ocean front just a 15-20-minute walk and talked a bit thinking we would have given them enough time to get to know each other and walked back home. Clint was a gentleman an older man trapped inside a 22-year-old body. He knew his role was not to be my primary lover and he seemed ok with it also not jealous.

We entered back into the house and it looks like Jan joined the party. They had moved out to the living room; Melody was now impaled on Jake’s lap and Jan was sitting next to him sucking on her tits and intermittently kissing her. “Hey kids, looks like you are having fun. I think Clint and I will retreat to the bedroom ourselves.” I said as I looked over at Clint and he smiled at me. I knew he was probably hard watching this but he did not even say anything to Melody.

We progressed to the bedroom and I teased Clint some, “Did that turn you on? Would you like a threesome sometime either with your girlfriend or perhaps my fiancé?” I tested the waters.

“Sure, I am rock hard from that we can go join them now if you want or we can do our own thing in here.” He replied.

“How about let them play and get to know one another then we will compare notes.” I let him know as I pulled his pants and underwear down and put his medium sized cock into my mouth. Licking the sides and kissing his head, swirling my tongue around it then sliding it to the back of my throat. I know he had not gotten head like this before so he was in heaven. I always thought in the back of my head of Jake’s cock when another was in my mouth or pussy. This was just not the same, the feel, taste, and love just was not there.

I stood up and dropped my skirt and told him to fuck me doggie style and bent over the bed while he entered. His dick pierced my thick fluid core it was good it was fast. I could hear Jan and Melody enjoying themselves. I, in a way wanted to be with them. I liked Clint but that was about it he was a nice fuck. We were screwing about 5 minutes when he pulled out and blew his load all over my backside. I was distracted the whole time thinking about Jake.

“You did not last long tonight; you must have an excited cock there Mr. Clint.” I said as I turned around and jerked him off the rest of the way as we kissed. “Listen, I am going to go clean up and check on our friends in the living room. Join me.” I told him.

After washing up I walked out to find Jake know having Melody splayed out on the dinner escort bursa table laying tits up, fucking her as her tits bounced to and fro. “Fuck Jake, you are a good lover.” I said as I ventured back out.

Melody responded, “The best, god dammit Jan was right you have the most amazing cock I have ever had in me. Sorry Clint his dick is mesmerizing”

Jan walked over and kissed me and asked how my fuck was. “Jan, it was good I needed the relief, but short. you know you are a brat.” I whispered as I smacked her cheek ever so lightly.

We cheered Jake on as he finished up pulling out to spray his load all over her stomach and chest, coating Melody’s beautiful tattoo. She sat up and kissed Jake like they were intense lovers. Arms enveloped his neck. I walked over and licked the cum off her chest and kissed my boy with the goo between us. I then turned to Melody and kissed her, her tongue extending to meet mine. We made out briefly. She was an amazing kisser. I then dropped to my knees and kissed my son’s cock sliding it in and out of my mouth to taste Melody but also to clean him up. “I get to marry this; I am so lucky!” I said obnoxiously as I looked over at Melody letting her know who owned this thing.

“I hope we see more of you girlygirl. I like to keep my boy happy” I said. Half proud of Jake, the Mom side of me for his amazing performance and the other half amazed he is also my lover.

Clint and Melody got dressed and we had one last drink cheering to free love and each other and they headed out.

“Oh my god Jan we are so obnoxious do you think they will want to hang out again?” I asked.

“Um, by the look on Melody’s face she will be texting us in no time, I gave her my number.” Jan replied.

“Did you have fun Jake; you were fucking the week out of her son.” I added.

“Mom, I love you and what you have become for me, do not ever stop. It was nice she is just young but beautiful in her own way. From the time and looks she was more fun than he was” Jake happily replied.

We all cleaned up again and got dressed, albeit loosely and smoked a few rounds on the pipe before relaxing on the couch to a movie and some popcorn. It was not an hour and Jan’s phone were ringing. Jan answered and smiled.

“Hey guys, ok, Clint just dropped her off and she has been thinking since she left what are we doing the rest of the night and would we all want to hang out some more?” Jan asked.

“You tell her as long as we both can watch her fuck my son and then maybe join? Jake you have any more in your tank?” I asked him.

Jan replied, “I am not going to tell her that, at least that last part.”

“You two are going to drive me insane, as long as I can pull out and cum inside you Mom on the first and you Jan on the second. If there is a third she gets it. I am in.”

Jan replied, “When can you be here? Do you like so smoke? Guys she already ordered her Uber.”

To be continued.

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