Sara and Her Family Ch. 02

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Sara woke happy. She was really excited about what she had done with her brother late the night before!

Sucking his cock and having him lick her until she came all over his face was still keeping her horny. She wanted to do the same, swallow a semi hard cock and keep it in her mouth until it grew

hard and down her throat!

Getting out of bed, she also thought about her dad. He seemed to be well hung, too. And mom and dad seemed happy. Perhaps the strain of having jobs in two different time periods was difficult.

She decided to test her dad so she put on a flimsy night gown, left the top buttons undone, and went down stairs to the kitchen for breakfast. Richard was at the table and her dad was at the stove. She came up behind her dad and gave her dad a tight hug from behind, making sure her breasts were squeezed hard up against his back. And, unlike her normal “daddy” hugs, she thrust her pelvis in to her dad’s ass!

“Morning, daddy” She said, as she held him hard. His chest was firm and she moved her hands down to his abs, which were also firm.

“Morning, sweety. Why don’t you join your brother at the ankara escort table?”

“Sure, daddy.” As Sara released her hug, she let her hands slide down her dad’s pajama bottoms and over his crotch. She heard him gasp as she felt his cock. She could tell it was long and semi hard

but he said nothing and she went to the table to join her brother Richard.

“Good morning, Richard!” Sara bent over and as she did so, she opened the top of her top, put a tit in his face, and whispered in his ear: “Say Good Morning Richard and then bite my nipples! Suck them and make them long and hard!”

“Morning Sara”, replied Richard.

Richard did what his sister asked, biting and sucking each nipple.

Sara replied in a whisper “Oh yes, big brother. After breakfast, we are going upstairs to shave you.”

Sara then he sat down, leaving her top very loose.

Daddy brought breakfast and Sara noticed he was staring at her tits but he said nothing, just smiled.

After awhile Sara asked “Do you want some more coffee, daddy?”

“Sure, honey.” replied her dad. She got up and got his cup. After refilling it, she escort ankara leaned over in front of her dad as she sat the cup back down, one of her nipples just an inch or so in front of her daddy’s eyes.

Still, he just smiled and said “Thank you, sweety.”

Sara sat back down and thought to herself. Well, daddy seems interested. Tonight after mom goes to work, I think I’ll do to dad what she did to my brother and see if I can get his dick down my throat.

Just then her mom came in the door and said “Morning all! I am beat! It sucked at work today!”

Sara and Richard looked at each other, smiling!

“Sorry to hear that mom. “Richard, let’s get ready for school! I don’t want to be late.”

“Okay,” replied Richard.

They both went upstairs and Richard followed Sara in to the bathroom.

“Take off your pj’s brother. I’m going to shave your pubic hair.”

Richard did as he was told, and sat down on the toilet lid. Sara could see his cock was semi hard already and she started with the scissors first, cutting away the hair. Next, she applied some shaving cream to his cock and balls and shaved ankara escort bayan them. His cock got hard as she was doing this and she kept touching it with her cheek as she shaved his balls and taint. She was so horny, she had to have him!

Sara rinsed off her brother, then took off her top and said “I’m going to suck you until you are ready to cum and I want you to cum on my tits!”

And with that, she engulfed her brother’s hard cock for the second time, bobbing her head up and down the length of his shaft.

“Pull on my tits brother!” she said as she sucked him. Richard grabbed each boob and pinched each nipple hard and pulled them. They both responded and grew firm. Sara sucked hard and fast, almost deep throating him. He grabbed her head and pushed her down further, making her gag a bit. She could tell he was close to cumming so she pulled back and told him “Jack off on my tits brother!”

Richard grabbed his cock and aimed at each boob, sending spurt after spurt of cum on each boob.

“Now rub it all over with your dick.” said Sara. Richard did as she said and then Sara took him back into her mouth, cleaning his cock. “Now go get ready for school,” she said and Richard left.

Sara got herself a bath, leaving her brother’s cum on her boobs as she prepared for her day at college.

Tonight, she thought, she would have her dad’s cum!

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