Schoolgirl Lust Ch. 03

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Max awoke on the Tuesday morning, feeling refreshed but aching slightly from his pursuits on the previous day. He had slept soundly after two sessions of rampant sex with the proprietress’s eighteen year old daughter and niece. Max made himself a cup of tea as he dwelled on the events, which had unfolded. He had not been their first ‘victim’ apparently and they clearly enjoyed seducing men in the hotel, when the fancy took them. They were in the first flush of adulthood and wanted to experiment. There was nothing wrong with that. They chose their men carefully. Many a male guest came and left unmolested. Just occasionally a man like Max came along and they moved in. On this particular adventure, Max had presented them with a perfect opportunity, by being in the right place with his broken kettle while Laura’s Mum was out. One thing had led to another, and now it seemed they were happy to cater for his every whim.

He had forgotten how perfect, how soft and smooth eighteen year old girls’ bodies were. He was almost forty and so it was more than twenty years since he had dated girls their age. He was certain he hadn’t appreciated them then as he was doing now. Laura and Becky were young and delicious. Not a hint of cellulite; toned stomachs; gorgeously perky breasts and the pertest of pert butts. Now he couldn’t wait for the afternoon and another session. He had planned to go back home today, but he might have to stay one more night while they were up for it. He was sure his gardening business could survive. He didn’t think a similar opportunity was likely to raise its head any time soon. He needed to fill his boots.

He took breakfast at eight, just as the girls were making their way to school. They were in the hallway as he was about to enter the dining room. They exchanged a brief hello and a smile, but with Laura’s Mum within earshot, nothing was mentioned of the previous evening’s events. Max looked them up and down. Their uniform was so crisp and clean. Eighteen year olds in school uniform. It wasn’t right. He gave them a wink as they went through the door. Laura made sure her Mum had gone back into the kitchen and made a figure 3 in the air with her finger and mouthed three-p-m. Then she blew Max a kiss and shut the door behind her.

After breakfast Max looked at his map for some inspiration for the morning. He noticed a mark for an old working wind mill about ten miles away. He hadn’t been in a wind mill since he was a kid and there were so few of them now, he thought it would be interesting. It was cloudier than the previous day, but still warm. He threw his rucksack in the trunk and set of for the mill. This part of the coast was flat and generally uninspiring, with the odd grain silo and mile after mile of wheat. He arrived at the village of Sanfleet, just as it was opening. There was a small car park, where there was one other car and a coach. As he was reading the sign outside the mill, the door to the coach opened. A woman in her mid forties got out. She had a spinsterish look about her and shouted in to the bus, with a high-pitched voice. As he watched, a procession of schoolgirls descended on to the car park.

Max had tried to do something normal, in order to clear his head of any lecherous thoughts for a while and now they were pursuing them. The girls were all about the same age as Laura and Becky, but judging from their uniforms, were from a different school. These each had matching green blazers and short, pleated skirts. Each girl had long, knee high black socks. Just the sight of so many sixth formers began to get Max’s pulse racing. He had always had a thing about schoolgirls. Like any normal guy he liked to take a glance at fit young women, but this trip had awakened some deeper, dark desires.

The girls were shepherded towards the mill by the teacher. Max loitered around the information point, suddenly not sure what to do. A man in a white coat came out and spoke to the teacher and the party were shown into the old building. The mill-keeper, or whatever he was called approached Max.

‘Good morning Sir. We don’t get many tourists on week days. Hope you don’t mind but we have to do these school trips. You’re still welcome to come in though.’

Max thanked the man and went through the entrance after the last girl. There was about 10 czech super models porno/ – 15 of them standing in a loose huddle inside. A few of the girls glanced at Max, who suddenly felt a little awkward. He attempted to listen to the man’s explanatory talk on the history of the mill, but found himself making secret little glances at the girls’ white legs and those amazing black socks. After a few minutes the girls were invited to ascend a steep flight of steps into the second floor of the mill. Stephen followed. As he took the handle for safety he looked up and found he was staring straight up the last girl’s skirt. Her booty was wiggling cheekily as she climbed the steps, her white panties almost lost in the crease of her ass. He reached the landing on the first floor and suddenly realised three of the girls had caught him looking up their friend’s skirt as he had neared the top. He blushed bright red and tried to look away, but felt even more uneasy. A series of whispers and giggles spread out among the girls, but were quickly hushed by their teacher. Max was now unable to focus on anything as half the girls were clearly as interested in him as they were the mill man’s tour. He received a reproachful look from the teacher as if he was the reason for the disquiet. Max returned a slightly embarrassed look of innocence, which probably cut no ice whatsoever with the stern-faced woman. After a completely uncomfortable 10 minutes, the group were ushered back down the steps. Max thanked the man briefly and rushed outside to get a lungful of air. He quenched his thirst from the bottle in his rucksack. His lips was pursed to take another sip, as his eye caught one of the girls, as she came out of the mill, followed by the rest of her class. The teacher informed them that they had twenty minutes free time as they dispersed into small groups to chat and share jokes. Max wandered off, round the back of the mill, where there was a stone shelter, like a sort of two yard high pen. From here he could see out along the long, flat county to the coast and watched a Kestrel hover for a while, before it stooped on to a vole or some such hapless creature.

As this was happening, he heard a couple of girls’ voices approaching from his left. He turned round and there was the girl, who he had inadvertently up skirted and one of her friends. They both had long, sandy-brown hair and the second girl in particular had a cheeky look about her, as if she was constantly planning some wicked prank. The first girl also looked mischievous, but this was combined with an indefinable sweetness.

‘Oh hello girls.’ Said Max, trying to sound mature and aloof.

‘You get a good look in there then!’ Said the cheeky one.


‘You know we have names for men like you!’ She continued.

‘Me? What names?’

‘Perv!’ Said the sweeter one. She said it with some malice, but was incongruously coupled with a broad grin.

‘I’m not a perv. You mean in there, I’m sorry, it was the stairs and steep, well…’

‘Oh so you admit you were looking up her skirt then?’

‘Well, not looking exactly, just…it was.’

‘I think you need to be taught a lesson…looking up girl’s skirts. Humph!’

The two girls rounded on Max and herded him into the pen forcefully. He tried to resist, but they meant business. Before he knew what was happening the two schoolgirls had their hands all over him. One had her hand up his T-shirt, while the other was stroking the inside of his leg.

‘You wanna see up a girl’s skirt?!’ Said the cheeky-faced girl.

‘What are you doing?’ Said Max, hopelessly.

The girl slowly hitched up her skirt, until it was level with her waist. She had a smooth, round ass, her white panties half swallowed between her cheeks. The other girl was now vigorously rubbing Max’s erection through his trousers. The first girl stepped back a little and pressed her ass against his bulging cock and began to rub against him. The sweet-looking girl stood to one side with her back to him and took his hand, guiding it up her skirt, until his fingers had found her swollen pussy lips, which were pressed firmly against her panties. She was getting damp. Max began to massage her pussy with two fingers as the other girl rubbed her ass against czech tax porno him with more and more vigour. Her bum was quivering as she rubbed against him. The friction in Max’s pants was getting unbearable and as he rubbed the sweet girl’s panties, his fingers suddenly slipped past the cotton and into her moist, warm pussy. The combination of this sensation and the other girl grinding on his cock, just blew Max away and with a stifled groan he exploded in his trousers. The girls stopped suddenly and squealed with delight as a dark patch of semen, was spreading across his groin.

Max was panting and almost close to collapse as the girls turned to each other and gave each other high fives.

‘Sorted.’ Said the cheeky one.

‘Bye.’ Said the sweeter one with a smile.

With that they turned and left him leaning against the wall of the hut.

Max was left feeling hot and breathless. He felt humiliated and at the same time full of adrenaline Yet he felt strangely frustrated by his latest encounter. He needed to sit down somewhere and chill for a while. But first he needed to change. He was still in an awful tacky mess down below. Fortunately, he had brought a pair of shorts with him. He drove a few miles towards the coast and parked along a rather bluff, desolate sea wall, which had been formed as a defence, with piles of roughly hewn boulders. The place had a lonely, desperate feel to it. There were no houses for at least a mile, just an old abandoned beach hut and a battered red sign, which read, ‘Warning – no bathing.’ However, the solitude of the spot was somehow therapeutic. After a good forty minutes of contemplation Max started his car up and drove to the pub he had seen. He had a refreshingly cool pint of beer. He was beginning to feel much better and was more relaxed now. He was looking forward to his latest rendezvous with Laura and Becky.

Max arrived back at his hotel at just after two. He took a quick shower and came down to sit on the seat at the front of the hotel. A few bees were buzzing around the lavender and hollyhocks. It was still warm, but there was a freshening sea breeze. Max closed his eyes and thought about the bizarre events of the morning. It was just a bit too much. He chuckled to himself. He should have been grateful! He continued to day dream and was almost in another world, when there was a tap on his shoulder. He opened his eyes and looked up to see his two young friends in front of him.

‘Hey Max!’

‘Oh Hi Laura.’

‘Hi Max.’

‘Hiya Becky! So how are you two?’

‘Oh fine.’ Said Laura. We just finished with hockey practise, so we’re all limbered up.’

Max’s eyes lit up.

‘You both play hockey?’


Becky turned to Laura and laughed.

‘Bet you would like to see us in our kit eh!’ Said Laura.

‘I love these ones.’ He said, pointing to their grey, pleated skirts.

‘Well, are you staying out here, or are you going to entertain us?’

Max stood up and gave them a cool smile.

The girls followed him into the hotel and up the one flight to his room. Laura pinched his bottom as he fumbled with the lock. Max was full of anticipation as he opened the door and the girls pushed him into the room; Becky forcing him against the wardrobe where she planted a huge kiss on his lips. It gradually became a slow lingering French kiss as Laura knelt down and stroked his cock through his shorts. She gradually eased his trunks down and took his hardness in her mouth. Max had now got his hand up Becky’s skirt and was stroking the inside of her soft, firm thighs. His dick was pulsating as Laura gave him the most sensational blowjob. After just a minute, she could tell he was getting close, so she relented and stood up. Joining Becky, there began a session of three way kissing, all the while Max fondling and caressing the girls through their uniform.

Becky was the first to break off and took Max’s hand and guided him to the bed. Max sat down as the girls began to undress. They really put on a show for him as they removed their sixth former’s gear bit by bit. Max could feel his blood pressure go sky high as they paused now and then, to exchange long girly kisses until they were down to their white socks, brassiere’s and panties.

‘Would you defloration porno like to come and take the rest off?’ Offered Becky.

Max was only too pleased to oblige and unhooked each bra strap to reveal two pair of mouth-watering breasts and irresistibly puffy areola. He planted kisses on each nipple, drooling saliva all over them. They were beautifully responsive and in no time were erect, like stiff little buttons. His penis twitching with his arousal, Max knelt down and rolled down their white school knickers. He instinctively sniffed their neatly trimmed pussys, drinking in their wondrous girly scent.

‘What would be really good Max, would be for you to lie on the bed, while we take turns in riding your face.’ Suggested Laura. The very idea was enough to set Max on fire and he jumped on the bed. Becky was the first to have a go. She faced away from him, so he could alternately dip his tongue into her pussy and lick her ass hole, while Laura slowly sucked on his pole. Becky’s sex was hot and musky and Max just lay there and made a meal of her juicy snatch. The girls swapped round as Max could feel his loins aching; the spunk building up in his balls from the constant stimulation of lips on his cock and the taste of wet schoolgirl pussy.

Laura and Becky were taking him to new levels of arousal. They were themselves filled with a feeling of elation, happy to give their man the sort of experience most can only dream of. Laura was making appreciative noises; little gasps and moans as Max was hitting all the right spots with his tongue. Becky broke off from her sucking and climbed on to his cock. She began to rock back and forth on his erection as she exchanged deep passionate kisses with her cousin. Becky could vary the speed and rhythm to maximise her own sensations, while bringing Max to the point of no return. Laura was beginning to feel the best orgasm of her life develop, almost in synchronicity with Becky’s. The two girls were both breathing deeply, consumed with sexual fervour. Laura was writhing and wriggling on his face, as his tongue brought her to a shuddering climax, just as Becky tensed every muscle as spasms of orgasm shot through her young body. A second later Max unloaded his spunk into her vagina in a crescendo of carnal abandon.

They lay together for a while, exchanging kisses and savouring the moment of euphoria from the orgasmic highs they had just had. They were sweaty and sexy from the wild romp and were utterly satisfied.

‘Aah, you two are just fucking awesome!’

‘That was the best yet Max.’

‘Yeah, great stamina mate! You need to get your tongue insured!’ Complimented Laura.

‘Ha ha, well I’ve always been good at cunnilingus. You’ve either got it or you haven’t.’

‘Hmmmm….Well you’ve got it!’ Agreed Becky.

‘Anyway, we better get changed, Mum could be home soon.’

‘Shit, OK, don’t want us getting caught – think I might get thrown out if she finds out I’m fucking her daughter and her niece.’

‘I know. I don’t know what she’d do. We’d get grounded for life!’

‘You going tomorrow though?’ Said Becky forlornly.

‘Well actually…I was going to see if I could have this room for another night.’

‘Hey wicked!’

‘Yeah, that’s good news. I want you to shag me again.’ Said Hannah, grabbing his lunch box. ‘I’m sure the room will be free until the weekend.

‘Big day for us Friday you know?’ Said Becky.

‘What, oh you leaving school?!’

‘Yep, going out into the big bad world.’

‘What will you do?’

‘Well, I guess we’ll take a gap year – maybe do some vineyard work in Provence and stuff before Uni.’

‘You going together?’

‘Hell yeah!’

The cousins hugged each other.

‘Can’t be without my Becky!’

‘Awww, you two really love each other don’t you!’

‘Course we do – except our parents don’t know just how much!’

‘Ha ha, no I expect they don’t.’

There was a short silence and Laura’s eyes lit up, as an idea popped into her head.

‘Hey Max?’


‘You know tomorrow, do you want to come to the park over by Marine Parade, I have an idea.’

‘Where’s Marine Parade?’

‘It’s that bit between the shops and the sea!’

‘Oh OK.’

‘Wait by the end of our road at three PM and we’ll go there together.’

‘What’s the plan?’ Asked Becky.

‘Ha ha, I’ll tell you in a minute.’

The two girls gave Max a quick kiss and were gone.

Max was left wondering what he was in store for the next day, but whatever it was, it involved Laura and Becky and that could only mean one thing.

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