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Loading had taken some time and everything was in its place to be quickly accessible. The oppressive heat made it difficult to be so organized.

“Hello!” I wrenched the garage door the rest of the way closed and turned to see her, my neighbor, my busy body neighbor.

“So, what are you hiding?” There was a big grin on her face as she asked. Apparently, I looked sufficiently guilty.

“Ah, nothing,” I said, in my most convincing tone.

“Well, if that’s the case, you won’t mind if I look, will you!” She grabbed the handle of the garage door, opened it and slowly walked in. I hoped she wouldn’t see anything but she’s smarter than that. She lifted the utility lid and saw a few of the signs, the ladder and tools.

“Mmm! So, what are you up to?”

“Nothing,” I replied, but I’m not a good liar and must have been bright red, much more that the sun could be blamed for!

“Well, make sure it’s like that when I get back. I won’t be long.” She hurried off as I watched. “Nosy neighbors,” I thought, “bloody hell, what to do!”

I went inside, poured a coffee and thought, the whole project now in jeopardy. For a whole year I’d successfully hidden it from her and now, at the eleventh hour, I’d been sprung. A lot of work had gone into this, I wasn’t happy to let it go and a nefarious little voice talked to me.

“Let her come, if she’s in it too she won’t tell anyone. So long as she’s in it too, after all she has invited herself!” I sat and thought about whether the nefarious me was right and whether it was fair. Right or wrong, the nefarious little voice won and I made an extra thermos of coffee, with milk and sugar, for Mavis, and added it to the box of provisions.

” Yoohoo!” It was Mavis at the back door and she was coming in. With her she had a bag and she’d changed her clothes, she was now wearing shorts, an oversized tee shirt and a pair of sneakers, she looked terrific, and very sexy. I guessed was appropriately dressed because it was going to be a very hot summer night.

“Ready?” she asked.

Mavis was unusually chatty as I drove, but she didn’t talk about what we were about to do. She’s very perceptive and had probably worked it all out for herself any way. She talked about work, the idiots in sales, the boss and the auditors. As she did she often touched my knee for emphasis, something she’d never done before. The drive was a lot more pleasant than I’d anticipated and her touch was delightful, especially with the air conditioner on.

Eventually there, I drove slowly through the town. Midnight, and like every good country town everyone was asleep. Not a movement in town tonight, just as I hoped, we slowly drove around, the hum of air conditioners was noticeable as people slept cool in their bedrooms while outside sweltered in the heat.

After we’d seen all of town we drove to the lookout and had a supper of coffee and chocolate. Caffeine and energy, I thought we’d need them. The chocolate was almost runny with the heat but it tasted good. I then checked the back of the utility and we started.

At the base of the hill we stopped and put up the sign saying “Southern Ski Slope”. Down the road we put up the sign, “Reindeer Agistment.” Around the town we went putting up signs. “Snow Chain Changing Bay”, “Southern Ice Skating Pond”, “Toboggan Centre”, “Reindeer Stud”, “Northern Reindeer Sale Yards”, “Reindeer Fodder”, “Northern Slaloming Course”, “Ski Jump”; there were so many signs, I never really appreciated how many as I was making them through the year.

We attached them to electricity poles and telegraph poles, they looked so official. Mavis held the ladder each time while I climbed and tied the signs on. It was a little tricky in the dark, we didn’t use the torch any more than necessary. With every sign we put up I sprinkled a few handfuls of small paper stars to hint at magic, or snowflakes- I wondered what people would think. Mavis was beginning to hint that she wanted to put up some signs too and that I could hold the ladder for her.

We drove into town, parked away from the street lights and started. It was hot work carrying the signs in the heat.

“I want to put one up.” Mavis said. But speed was important and I wanted to do it. She held the ladder for me while outside the general store I put up the sign saying, “Sleigh Bells Cheap.”

“Can I put up the next one?” she asked. But I ignored her and put it up. I was in a hurry, because I didn’t to be caught. I looked down at Mavis as she held the ladder, her legs were spread and she leaned forward to give some stability. I tied the sign on quickly and as I climbed down I looked at her and saw that her tee shirt was ballooning out at the front. As I descended I couldn’t help but look. I could see inside her tee shirt to the ground underneath. Her breasts framed the light along with the tee shirt. I hesitated to look, then remembered the mission and descended the rest of the way to get another sign.

“Quality Scarves, Mittens and Balaclavas for Sale.” She held illegal bahis my leg while I tied the sign to the post. It was too dark to be looking down Mavis’s shirt, the verandah of shaded us from the light. I was pleased that the rest of the signs were for darker places where distraction wouldn’t be so easy.

At the service station she asked again but I put up the sign, “Snow Mobile Repairs Here!” and her hands were high around my thigh as I tied the sign to a pole. “I’m not going to ask again.” She wrapped her hands around my thigh again as I secured the next sign. ” Heating Oil Here!” It was a strange feeling, her hand on my thigh was warm and added uncomfortably to the heat of the night but it was also electric. Years had passed since I had any intimate contact with anyone; since before my wife died, having had to nurse her for those three long years. Mavis’s touch was so welcome.

At the carpenter’s shop I put up the sign saying, “Sleigh Runners- Repaired and New.” Her hands were so high on my thigh they were inside the leg of my shorts.

The police station promised to be the most difficult as there were no convenient poles to tie the sign to and I had to stretch a wire from one tree to another and hang the sign from that. As I tied the wire to one tree Mavis held my thigh, her hand was touching my balls. Then we stretched the wire to the other tree and I climbed the ladder again. As I was tying the wire to that I felt her hand go inside my shorts, inside my jocks and she pulled my cock out.

“Don’t worry, I’m not asking!” she said and she suddenly pulled both pairs of my pants down to my ankles. I was very surprised. In all the years I had been her neighbor she had never done anything like this or even hinted at it.

“I’ll check for signs here. I might be able to get something up,” she said. I was stretched trying to get the wire around the tree high enough that the sign wouldn’t hang too low. It was very awkward as I felt her hand begin to pump my cock. Finally I managed to get the wire around the tree, pulled it tight and was able to twitch it in place. Mavis continued to pump and my cock twitched. My pliers were in the pocket of my shorts and they were at my ankles, I was hobbled.

“Err, can I have the pliers please?”

“Sure, but can you wait a while, I’m busy.” My cock was huge, throbbing and erect as she continued to pump.

“I’m not going to ask again,” she said, I couldn’t see her face but I thought she would have a huge grin. I began to panic, there were so many more signs and I didn’t want to be found like this by the local constabulary when they turned up for work in the morning.

“If you get the pliers for me you can put up the next sign,” I promised.

“Just one sign?” she asked.

“As many as you like!” I promised.

“Can I rely on that?”

“Have I ever lied to you?” I replied.

“As I recall you haven’t. You wouldn’t want to start now, would you?”

“Definitely not!”

“And there won’t be any reprisals, will there?”

“Most definitely not!”

“Ok.” With that she released my cock, stooped quickly and hoisted up my shorts. I found the pliers in the pocket and cut the wire so I didn’t leave the whole roll. I brought the next sign from the utility and gave it to her. I placed the ladder and while I held it, she climbed and secured the sign to the wire. Down from the ladder, together we stood back and read,

“Beware Falling Icicles.” For a moment I thought of my testicles, not that they could have fallen in this heat, their sack was stretched as low as it could go and they lazily lounged at the bottom of it, but I hadn’t expected them to be handled. She’d never done anything like that before. I wondered whether I should simply stop and go home. But I wanted to put up the last signs and the finishing touches. And my cock was still hard and throbbing.

“Thank you.” I felt better, now that she had said that. We laughed. Then I got more signs from the utility, street signs saying things like “Sleigh Parking Zone”, “Snow Mobiles Park Here”, “Snow Plough Parking Bay” and “Reindeers Must Not Be Tethered Here”. Mavis hung every sign while I held the ladder. I wished I hadn’t promised there’d be no reprisals because every time she was up the ladder it looked so inviting. My cock seemed totally unaware of any promise.

Finally we were at the last sign. We carefully hung it outside the clinic which was attended by a doctor once a month.

“All Cases of Frost Bite Must Report Here!” I knew the doctor had been in town last week and wouldn’t be there for at least another three weeks. With the temperature predicted to be 46 degrees centigrade tomorrow and no cool change in sight it was unlikely to be useful at all.

From the utility I got the blow up plastic snowman. We blew it up with the bellows and secured it in the middle of the community square. The tent pegs were difficult to use because the ground was so dry and hard. A surface of dust flew up and covered everything with each stroke of illegal bahis siteleri the mallet. With a finishing flourish we sprinkled the remaining paper stars around the snowman.

“I’m going to the toilet,” Mavis announced. I sat on a bench with my feet on the seat and thought about the night. Everything seemed to be in order and I hadn’t forgotten anything. All I wanted was to go. Mavis seemed to take forever but I was sure it only seemed that way, I checked the time. At a quarter to four we were well ahead of time and I looked around. There wasn’t a movement in town and I listened to the hum of air conditioners thinking that I too would like to be out of the heat and inside with air conditioning.

Suddenly I felt hands on my knees and when I looked up I saw Mavis looking at me. She climbed onto the seat in front of me, between my legs. “You’ve achieved something here and we should celebrate.” She was giving me a fixed, meaningful stare as she spoke. I wasn’t sure what the look meant though.

“I guess so.” She had her hands on my thighs and they inched along as she spoke.

“And I want to finish what I started.” She was kneading the muscles of my thighs. I looked around again to check that we were alone.

Her hands went up under the legs of my shorts. I felt her fingers slide under the elastic of my jocks.

“Comfortable?” she asked. I could only nod my head.

“Mmmmm!” she murmured as her fingers wrapped around my cock and pulled it out.

“You’re a big boy!”

“I bet you say that to all the boys!”

“I’d like to!” Her hands were busy, with one she assessed my cock and she pulled my balls out from inside my shorts with the other.

“Mmmmm! You have juicy balls!” She massaged them, chased them around in their sack with her fingers and held them.

“I’m going to prove it too!” She giggled, then leaned forward and kissed the head of my cock.

“Right here! Right now! I’m going to milk you!” I sat back, propped on my elbows as I watched and listened to her. My cock twitched in her hands, one hand around it at the base and the other slowly slid on the soft skin.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time Simon.” She leaned forward and licked the head.

“Let’s do it properly, this dairy maid has the right to good working conditions!” Her hands went to the waistband of my shorts. As I lifted my bum my shorts and jocks came off. She leaned back, twirled them on her finger and when she let them go they landed on the table beside me.

“Now we are ready!” She giggled.

“Big boy!” Her hand wrapped around my cock again and she started to pump. I leaned forward and gathered her tee shirt at the waist, pulled it over her head and off.

“Nice going Simon!” I reached forward to hold her breasts, they were soft. Her hand shimmed up and down my cock. Her areolas were big with lots of bumps. She licked the head of my cock and tried to push her tongue into the slit on top.

“Mmmmm , nice,” she said. Her nipples were big and firm. I rolled them between thumb and fingers, tweaked them and made them even larger. I reached forward to get my fingers inside the waist band of her shorts.

“Not now! This is for you and the milk is for me!” she whispered. I could hear the smile in her voice. One of her hands massaged my balls and the other stroked my cock.

“I didn’t have to pump you up but soon I’ll pump you out!” she said with a little chuckle.

“You know, it won’t be long and people will be getting out of bed. When they do they’ll see what you’ve done.”

“We,” I said.

“You,” she replied, “I’m only a supporter.” Her hands were still busy.

“And when they find everything it’s up to them. If they want a tourist industry, if they want to save their town they’ll leave everything in place and chase the media. The thought of there ever being snow in this town is so impossible it’s funny!” She kissed the head of my cock again.

“Right, now Buster, let’s get serious with celebrating.” Her hand seemed to change a gear and with increased speed and firmness she pumped. Her breasts danced.

“When I do something worthy of celebration I hope you’ll do this for me. Ok?” A light went on in a house. She changed hands and even faster, her hand a blur, she pumped. My cock twitched and pulsed, a small amount of milk escaped and then it disgorged a rope of sticky milk that splashed on her breasts.

“Ah! Got it! Come to me lovely milk!” She giggled as she pumped. Sticky milk landed on her face, with another spurt it was in her hair and then over her shoulder. Another light went on in another house. My cock continued to disgorge, the spurts giving way to a dribble until it was obviously at an end. As one we reached for our clothes and giggled as we ran to the utility. I slammed down the lid on the back and we got in. I turned the key, the motor turned over and laughing we were away. Mavis turned on the radio.

“I bet we hear something before we get home,” she said.

“We’ll celebrate again if we do!” canlı bahis siteleri I replied. She said nothing, but smiled, dipped a finger in the semen and spread it over her breasts. She teased her nipples and made them stand , large and turgid. Neither of us moved to dress. Dawn painted the sky with a palate of soft orange and yellow which made our skin glow. Mavis doodled patterns on her skin, using my semen. We looked at each other, sharing the surreal moment. The news came on the radio and nothing was reported.

“Too early!” she said. We sat and watched the paddocks of stunted, sparse wheat pass, eerie in the morning orange hue that was suggestive of fire and reminded of drought. We looked at each other too, fascinated by the changing color tones on our skin.

“Next news!” she said, and we giggled, her breasts rippled and the dry semen cracked into crazy patterns.

“It will be the one after next!” I said. She flashed a smile at me and massaged a breast, the semen flaked off and as it drifted to her lap the sun made it shine. Then we both said,

“If at all!” and laughed. There was no mention on the next news. The tension was building. We looked ahead and said nothing. She made more sparkles as she scratched semen off her breasts with her finger nails. The orange dawn dissipated and the red sandy soil became the dominant feature, the rows of wheat miserable and pathetic as it tried to hold the soil down against the wind. There had been many dust storms this year and likely to be many more. We watched the evidence of the farmers’ grief. Between songs there was a mention of something funny up north and then another song. We looked at each other and said nothing.

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, just like…………………………” The song continued and we looked at each other. Mavis reached out, took my cock in her hand and gave it a squeeze for luck. I took my foot off the accelerator and let the utility coast. By the time the song finished we were almost stopped, I braked so we came to a standstill on the road verge.

“Something strange has happened up north overnight,” the announcer said and he went on to describe and name the town.

“This morning when the locals got up they found a snowman in the centre square!” I turned the radio up and we listened as a resident spoke of some of the signs. We opened our doors and got out as we listened. We looked comical, Mavis topless and me bottomless as we walked to the back of the utility. We stood, looking at each other, both ready to laugh but intent. The shopkeeper came on next. I reached out and held her hands. He was funny, appreciating our joke and proclaimed that though reindeers had, until now, never been seen, there was no way anyone couldn’t say there weren’t any. Mavis dropped my hands and came closer, we wrapped our arms around and hugged each other.

Next was an elderly lady who proclaimed in a quavering voice she’d never seen anything like it- magical she said as she described the fairy lights we’d hung over a tree. I pushed Mavis away and on my knees unbuttoned her shorts as she began to pull my shirt up my back. A child was next and he was excited, talking about Santa, Christmas and the artificial snow we’d thrown over a tree. I pulled Mavis’s shorts down and she stepped out of them as I looked at her pussy. She must have taken her knickers off when she went to the toilet. The announcer continued, reporters had been sent and would arrive in the town in about 3 hours time. A song came next,

“Silent night, holy night……………”Mavis and I whooped and jumped around, we kissed and laughed as we hugged each other. She quickly pulled my shirt off. I reached forward to touch her and as I did she caught my hand.

“I want you,” she said with a soft voice, “Inside me!” We kissed and then I lifted her up to sit on the utility’s lid. She scooted her bum back until she was in the middle of the lid and then reclined on her elbows with her legs wide open. I could see the bright pink flesh of her sex as I climbed up to join her. On my knees, between her legs, I came forward. She reached out and as she guided my cock I quickly lowered myself and thrust forward to enter her.

The song on the radio ended and more residents were interviewed, we lay together, relished our contact and listened to the locals talk of their surprise when they found the ski poles and skis we left leaning on a fence near the general store. My cock throbbed in her cunt and Mavis held me to her as we listened to the next interview. I kissed her and she pulled me closer as we kissed, my cock hot in its engorgement, hot inside Mavis. She flexed her muscles and I felt the delicious pleasure. Another interview and then there was an interval with another song. Mavis started to sing.

“While shepherds washed their cocks by night, All seated…………………………….” Her guess was wrong and we laughed as the new song started.

“Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle…………” and slowly I started to slide in and out of Mavis while she held me tight to her.

“Jiggle balls, Ahhh, Jiggle balls, Mmm, jiggle…………” Mavis sang along with the music with the intercession of grunts and sighs, her hand went to my balls and she held them.

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