Skippy Pt. 01

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I’d always had a pretty close family of characters. Most of the family lived in the same town and got together once a year for a family reunion. My mom Janet had two brothers, my Uncles John and Perry.

Uncle John was married to Aunt Terri and had a daughter my age who is my Cousin Ava. Terri also had two brothers named Matt and Shawn, but I barely knew them. Ava was not only my cousin but my best friend all the way through childhood and High School. My dad Bill has a sister, my Aunt Michelle but we only saw her at the reunion as she and her husband Mike lived across the border in another state.

I had Grandpa Ed on my mom’s side, but his wife Kathy had passed away in a car accident years before. My other Grandparents on Dad’s side were Robert and Carol. I didn’t see them very often as well, but they always showed up for the reunion.

It seemed like an average family to me at first, but things started getting weird after I’d turned 18 and graduated from High School. It turns out my family was a lot closer than anyone would have believed.


An hour before we were supposed to take our seats for my high school graduation my uncle Perry caught me alone in the gymnasium and smiled at me.

“Damn girl you look hot!”

“Uh, thanks!” I told him and felt a slight blush on my face.

Perry was one of my mom’s brothers, and around 40 years old give or take. He’d always been around while I grew up, and he’d never said anything like that to me before! I was caught off guard for sure and wondered if he’d been drinking.

Then I realized that of course, he’d been drinking because that’s what he did best!

I’d turned 18 a few weeks before, and he’d gotten so drunk at my party that he’d tried to hit on my cousin Ava. I hadn’t believed her at first, but now that he was looking at me cross-eyed I wondered if it had been real.

“Hey, you want to make a $100 cash?” He asked me.

That perked me up, and I made the mistake of asking him how.

“I want you to walk that stage.” Pointing at the big stage with a podium and chairs for the teachers.

“I am going to walk that stage Uncle.”

“No, no, you are missing my point.”

“What point?”

“You have to do it naked.”

I could tell he was drunk for sure after that comment.

I humored him, “You think anyone will notice?”

“Not if you do it ninja style,” and then he winked at me.

“How’s that?”

“Go take off all your clothes, and just leave this cap and gown shit on. Then you walk the stage get your diploma, and feel the breeze on your pussy while you shake that dumb ass principles hand.”

“WHAT?” I said, not believing he was that drunk, but apparently, he was.

“You want the hundred or not?” He asked me and pulled the bill out of his pocket.

“What if I trip and fall?”

“Then the whole world gets to see your pussy.”

Perry was freaking me out! My Uncle had never talked to me like that before. I would have slapped him, but I started laughing instead.

“You’re drunk Uncle Perry,” I told him.

“Maybe so darling, you want a nip?” He replied patting his front pocket, “Give you some courage to walk naked and earn a $100 bucks.”

To tell you the truth I was someplace between telling my mom, or maybe even actually doing it.

“Come on girl,” Perry said, “You chicken?”

I looked down at the cash, and it was real enough. I half to admit I was thinking of some new clothes or party time when I saw it.

“Come on, take a nip and ditch all those clothes you got under there.”

“You can’t tell anyone if I do it.”

“Hell no!” Perry told me, “It’ll be our fucking secret.”

I don’t know why I agreed, but I did, and Uncle Perry walked me to the women’s restroom in the back hall of the school. He handed me a little half-pint bottle of peppermint schnapps, and I chugged a few burning swallows before I went in and stripped under my cap and gown. Putting my clothes in my backpack.

When I came out, he was grinning.

“How’s the breeze?” He asked me and handed me the money.

“Where am I supposed to put this?” I asked him.

“Oh yeah, I’ll put it in your backpack and hold on to it for you.”

I gave my backpack to him, and he tucked the 100 dollar bill inside and carried it for me.

I felt naked because I was, except for my cap and gown walking back into the gymnasium. I cursed the air-conditioning because my nipples were getting hard and making points in the front of my gown. A fact not lost on my Uncle. His blue eyes glimmered when he looked at my chest.

“Careful you don’t put someone’s eye out.”


Perry laughed and went to sit with the family, as I took my seat. The metal folding chair was cold and the only thing saving my bare crotch was the flimsy gown. Even so, it was cold as hell, and my nipples were at full attention. I had to lean forward and fluff up the robe to keep from showing them to the whole world.

I did it, I walked the stage for my diploma thinking the whole crowd could see me naked! Of course, they couldn’t, but it felt like it. To my surprise, student sex parties porno it was turning me on in some twisted way. My pussy was feeling damp as I walked across the stage and tried to smile like usual.

Principle Withers eyebrows went up when he shook my hand, and noticed my nips standing out under my gown.

I just smiled at him and didn’t care. I was done with him and his stupid rules.

By the time I sat back down my crotch was wet and slippery! It had been a rush, and I was happy for the extra cash. That’s when I decided to nickname my Uncle “Perv.” I couldn’t believe he’d talked me into doing it, and I had something to tell Ava that would freak her out.

We’d had to sit alphabetically, or I would have told her right away. But I planned on telling her later at the party our folks were having for us.

When the formal graduation was over, I headed back out to change while my folks were talking to Ava’s parents. I found Uncle Perv waiting for me and grinning as he handed my bag back to me.

“How’d it feel?”

“Like I was naked.”

“You’ll have to show me.” As he tried to unzip the front of my gown.

“Fat chance,” I told him as we walked to the women’s bathroom and down the school hallway next to the gym.

“Yeah, probably best girl.” He mused.

I just had to ask, “Why’s that?”

“We’d probably end up in bed.”

Perry smiled and walked away before I could think of a reply. I’d seen him drunk before…well, lots of times but he’d never acted like that previously. In fact, I’d never heard him cuss, and now he was talking really nasty and looking at me full of lust like the boys in school had.

I went in the bathroom shaking my head and thinking what a pervert he was. By the time I came out, I had a few thoughts of what it would be like to do it with my Uncle. Not that I was actually considering it, but it did sort of make me wonder. I figured my hormones were acting up or maybe it was the schnapps that did it. I forgot about him and stashed the bill in my jeans.


That night we had a big barbeque that included lots of beer, wine, and hard stuff.

“Hey Skip,” Ava said and plopped down next to me in a lawn chair.

Skippy was a nickname I had gotten in school that I was hoping to leave behind, but Ava would probably never forget it. Just because one night I screwed two guys in a row at a party. Since then someone at school had started calling me Skippy like the peanut butter…easy to spread. I’d been stuck with it ever since.


“So, what’s new?”

“Uncle Perv gave me a hundred bucks.”

Ava laughed, “Uncle Perv?”

“Yeah, I renamed him since he was hitting on me.”

“I told you!” She replied, “What did he do, grab your ass or tits?”

“Neither, but he gave me a hundred dollars to do something.”

Ava’s green eyes got big, “You blew him?”

“Not so loud,” I told her, “No I didn’t blow him, he dared me to walk naked under my gown.”

“You were naked under your gown?”

“Yeah, and it felt weird.”

Ava started laughing, “If I’d known that I would have yanked your gown up and gave old man Withers a heart attack.”

Withers had been our principal, and I imagine it would have given him a heart attack at that. He was such an old bastard who had sent me home several times for wearing suggestive clothing. The old fuck thought anything but a gunny sack was suggestive. I remembered him raising his eyebrows when he saw my nips.

“Yeah that would kill him wouldn’t it?”

“I wonder if he even has a dick?” Ava laughed.

“Probably all shriveled up from lack of use.”

“No doubt!”

Just then we saw my Uncle headed our way with a beer in each hand.

“Hey girls, brought you a gift.”

“Thanks!” Ava replied taking one beer.

I took one and looked over at our folks across the yard at the picnic table.

“Don’t worry about them,” Perry said, “They are getting good and drunk like me.”

I took the beer and sipped it.

“You girls should stop by sometime and party with me.”

Ava and I looked each other before Ava answered, “Sure maybe we will.”

I couldn’t believe she’d told him that!

“Yeah, we’ll get drunk as skunks!” Perry lamented, “Maybe end up naked in a pile.”

“Keep dreaming,” I told him.

“Oh, and it is such a hot dream,” Perry grinned, “Makes me want to rub one out right now.”

Ava laughed, “Nobody’s stopping you.”

Perry looked around like he was really thinking about it.

“Better not,” he said, “Big Ben would scare the hell out of you girls.” as he grabbed his package with his back turned to our folks.

“That’s what they all say,” I told him.

“Come over sometime and find out If I’m lying,” Perry replied and then turned and walked away.

“What’s going on with him?” I asked Ava.

“Don’t you know?”

“If I did I wouldn’t be asking.”

“We are 18 now, its open season because we aren’t jail bait anymore.”

“Oh Great!” I told her, “Just what I need more horny men hitting on me.

“I submissive cuckolds porno don’t know; I think it’s kind of fun watching them drool.”

“There is that,” I told her.

“You really want to go over to Uncle Perv’s?”

Ava gave me that grin I’d seen before when she was up to no good.

“Uncle is pretty good looking, and I might do him if he got me drunk enough.”

“He’s all yours.”

“You mean you wouldn’t do him if you got in one of those horny moods you get?”

“Well he’s my Uncle, and it’s not like I’m desperate.”

“That’s not the Skippy I know.”

“Shut-up Ava.”

Ava just laughed, “I bet you would do him after a few beers.”


“That’s more like it. Let’s go snag some more beer.”

By 10:00 PM everyone was feeling no pain — especially my dad and my mom had to help up the stairs to bed. Dad didn’t drink that often, but when he did, he always overdid it. John and Terri and Ava all walked home which was only a few blocks down from ours. I went to bed too and locked my door so Uncle Perv wouldn’t pay me a midnight visit.

Mom had insisted he stay because he was too drunk to drive. She put him in the guest bedroom down the hallway from my room. I wasn’t sure how he was still moving with all the booze I saw him put away, but there he was laughing, and whistling a song before he slammed his bedroom door shut.

I crashed out after checking my door twice. When I woke up again everything changed.

I think my clock said it was 2 something in the morning when I woke up to pee. I was lucky to have my own half bathroom and didn’t have to risk being jumped by Uncle Perv. When I got out of the bathroom when I thought I heard something.

You know those little bits of sound you can barely make out and wonder what it is?

I unlocked my door quietly and slowly opened it just a crack. At first, I didn’t see anything, and I was about to close the door when light filled the hallway down at the end where my Uncle Perv was staying.

With just a little tiny crack I watched and waited to see what he was up to. My room was dark, and I didn’t think he’d notice anyway because he had been so hammered.

Imagine my surprise when I saw my mom’s head stick out and look around. I guess she thought the coast was clear as she came out in the hall with just a robe on. Her robe was open, and she was utterly naked down to her little black bush. Then I heard more whispering, and then Uncle Perv was half out of the door and was naked.

I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but my mom kissed him on the lips as she held the biggest dick I’d ever seen with her left hand. Perry tried to pull her back in the room, but she pushed him away and whispered something.

Mom finally convinced him to go back inside, and when he’d shut his door loudly, I closed mine and locked it. I kept my ear on the door and heard her walk by, and then go up the stairs.

I got back in bed trying to figure out what I’d just seen. My mom had obviously been fucking her brother, and that blew my mind! I wondered what had happened to Dad and how the hell my mom could do that? Apparently, I wasn’t the only Skippy in the family!

I couldn’t wait to talk to Ava and tell her what I’d seen. Maybe she could make some sense out of it for me. It took me a long while to go to sleep because the imprint on my mind of mom holding the biggest cock I’d ever seen was permanently burned into my brain.



Monday saved me from having to face mom. She and dad were at work. Ava and I had the summer off. I walked down to Ava’s house around ten that morning to tell her what I’d seen since she was alone as well.


“Yeah, it was crazy!”

“Wow, your mom was fucking Uncle Perv?”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t caught her sneaking out of his room.”

“You think your dad knows about them?”

I hadn’t thought about that and told her, “I don’t know.”

“Are you going to say anything?” Ava asked me.

“What am I going to say? Hey, dad, did you know mom’s fucking her brother?”

“Yeah, I guess that wouldn’t be cool.”

“I think I’ll keep quiet about it for now,” I told her.

Changing the subject, Ava said, “My folks were fucking for at least an hour last night.”.

“You saw them?” I asked her.

“No, but I heard them,” She replied, “Mom was screaming, and I kept hearing their headboard knocking against the wall.”

I laughed and told her, “I guess we are the only ones that didn’t get laid last night.”

“Yeah, that sucks balls!”

We sat there thinking for a few minutes about everything.

Ava perked up, “So, what are you going to do about it?”

“I don’t know.”

“I got an idea.”

“What?” I asked.

“Let’s go party with Uncle Perv…he invited us.”

I had to let that go through my head for a second before I answered.

“For real?”

“Yeah, why not?”

I kept seeing the image of his massive dick in my head.

“You know he’s going to hit on us if we do,” I taboo heat porno told her.

“So, you got any other action lined up for tonight?”

“No,” I replied, “Why do you want to go over there?”

“I want to see if his cock is as big as you said.”

“And you call me Skippy?”

“I learned from the best.”

We both laughed at that one.

“Okay, let’s do it,” I told her, “But If you end up getting fucked don’t blame me.”

“I’ve sort of been wondering what it’s like to do it with an older man?”

“You think?”

Ava had that look in her eye.

After we made plans, I went back home wondering what the hell I was doing. I just couldn’t get the picture of Uncles big cock out of my head. I’d fucked a lot of boys in school, but I’d never seen a cock like his! I started having thoughts about how big it was hard, and what it would feel like inside me. It had been a while since I’d had sex, and I was getting into one of those hormone moods that had always ended up with me doing something or someone I shouldn’t.


Ava showed up after dinner with her folks. Our folks often hung out together and drank wine and told stories or played cards. Ava and I had told our parents we were going to an after graduation party which we were. We just didn’t mention it was Uncle Perv we were going to visit.

I had to admit Ava looked hot that night. She had on little blue shorts and a white pullover top with straps, and you could see the shadow of her black bra. Ava had relatively long dirty blonde hair like her mom Terri did. I had black hair like my mom, and I thought I looked pretty good that night too. We even shaved our legs and trimmed our pubes, just the normal maintenance us girls do before a date when sex might be involved.

I was wearing shorts with a summer print look and a tan tank top like Ava’s, but I only had white bras. Ava was an inch shorter than I was at 5′ 6″. We both weighed a little over a hundred pounds and but she had bigger boobs than me by a little bit. Mine were still growing, and I hoped they’d end up as big as my moms were.

We got ready to leave, and the folks were playing cards.

“I guess we’re leaving,” I told mom and dad.

“Okay, honey,” Mom replied holding a fan of cards in her hand, “What time are you coming home?”

“Probably late.”

“Looks like you two have a hot date planned,” My dad said looking us over.

“Not really but it is a big party.”

Terri smiled, “I’m sure you’ll find some boys interested in you two.”

“If we do we might not be back till morning,” Ava laughed.

“You’re 18 now,” Ava’s dad John added, “Just let us know if you’re spending the night with somebody.”

“Sure daddy.”

“Goes for us too,” My dad said, “Have a good time.”

Ava and I headed out to my car to pay a surprise visit to Uncle Pervy.

“He’s going to shit when he sees how hot we are.” Ava laughed.

“Probably,” I told her, “I can tell you’re already getting worked up.”

“And you aren’t?”

The truth was I’d been thinking about it ever since we’d decided to do it. I didn’t know what was going to happen when we were alone drinking with him. I’d just have to see how it went before I made up my mind about how far I’d go with Uncle Perv.

Our Uncle was surprised when we showed up at his door Friday night. He opened the door and grinned as he looked us up and down.

“Wow, my two favorite nieces!”

“Hey, we are taking you up on some free booze,” Ava told him.

“Sure come on in!”

We went in, and he shut the door.

“God you two look hot!” Perry said, “I need a hug.”

Ava hugged him first, and Perry mashed his crotch to her front and grabbed her little butt with both hands as she put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.

Then it was my turn, and it was the first time my uncle had ever hugged me that close. I could feel his large package under his shorts mashing against my tummy. When the hug was over, the crotch of my panties felt warm and damp on my pussy. I should have known right then I was going to fuck him.

Perry waved us to follow him, and Ava looked at me and mouthed the word, “WOW!”

I knew just what she meant after feeling Uncle pervs cock and balls against my body.

We followed Perry out to the fire pit he had going on his patio. He grabbed us a couple more lawn chairs and gave us each an ice cold beer from a cooler sitting nearby. He put his chair between us and sat down with his beer.

The sun had gone down, and the flame shot out of the top of his fire pit. The warmth felt great, and it was a perfectly beautiful evening.

“So, is this a social visit or are you two just dropping by for free beer before some big party?”

“We came to see you,” Ava replied, We’ll stay as long as you have booze.”

Perry laughed, “I guess you’ll be here all night then! I got more beer and booze than you could ever drink.”

I could have killed Ava when she told him, “We already told our folks we might be out all night.”

“Must be my lucky day!” Perry whooped, “Let’s get shit-faced drunk!”

Even I had to laugh at his outburst. Our Uncle might be an old pervert, but he wasn’t boring to be around. You never knew what the hell he might say, and he wasn’t afraid to say it.

I regretted having thought it as the next thing out of his mouth was, “Sure would love to see you two beauties naked!”

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