Summer Of Discovery Ch. 04

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Mark and Melanie are twin brother and sister. Since the Ferris Wheel/lightning incident a week earlier, they had discovered that they could feel what the other twin was thinking about themselves, and what other people were feeling toward their twin. At least, they could feel sexual thoughts, and they found that they were both suddenly very hot for each other. Both seemed to be normal when they were apart, however, when they were together sex was foremost in their minds. Sheri is Mel’s best friend. Jim is Mark’s best friend. (See “Summer Of Discovery 1, 2, & 3” for more details of these events.) Enjoy!

“Thanks for the help, my ‘big’ brother.” Melanie said as she Hugged her brother, Mark, in the kitchen, stretching up to give him a loving kiss.

“How was it? Did you like it?” Asked Mark.

“You KNOW I did. You were there! It was SO good. I never knew there were guys with equipment like Jim’s. But he was gentle and made it really feel good.”

“Yeah, I was feeling it all. Did you feel me cumming?” asked Mark.

“”Did I! Your cumming is what set me off! Then that set him off. I never could have imagined that a great guy like him would have ‘issues’ with his size. How can girls be so mean to tease him about it?” said Melanie.

“I know! I didn’t know about that either. Don’t suppose a guy likes to talk about those things. But you did a good job working through that.”

“It was your thoughts to me that got me through it. We couldn’t have done it without you, and that’s why I’m thanking you now.” Mel said, with her firm breasts pressed into his stomach and her hands around his waist. She reached up to give him a deeper kiss.

“I love you, Mark. You’re the best brother a girl could ever have.”

Melanie had just seduced Mark’s best friend, Jim, in the barn. Mark had hid nearby and sent signals to Mel about what Jim was thinking, much as Mel had done for him the night before to enable him to seduce her best friend, Sherie. Jim had left to go home and the twins were exchanging notes about it. They each loved helping their sibling connect with the opposite sex. A whole new world had opened up for them since the lightning strike. Mark’s night with Sherie, and Mel’s afternoon with Jim was quite and experience for them both. However, nothing compared with the feelings and the sparks that flew between the two of them when they were near each other!

Gone were the feelings of guilt and apprehension about loving, and making love with, their sibling. They couldn’t have stopped it if they wanted to now, and neither wanted to. It was just so natural to hold and kiss each other that they wanted it all the time.

The next morning, as Mark was taking a shower, he jumped as the shower door opened and in stepped Mel, wearing nothing but a smile. They cleaned each other completely, every inch. She could feel him thinking about her mouth on his cock. Trailing kisses down his body, she lowered herself to her knees in front of him. Taking his hardening head into her mouth, she grasped his firm buttocks in her hands to pull him closer. She liked it sliding into her warm mouth, with the water cascading down over them both.

Her butt pushed out behind her, giving Mark a pleasant view of her curved back and hips. One hand left his butt as she used it to play with her clit. Seeing this, Mark felt her wishing his cock was inside her, felt her needing something inside her. He wanted it inside her too, but the licking and sucking she was giving him was too nice for them to stop it. So, he imagined his cock at her pussy, pressing it to her labia. She felt his thoughts and pressed two fingers there. He pictured his hard cock entering her vagina, and she forced the fingers deep into her own pussy. With her concentrating on his mental picture, it felt like it was his penis inside her, not her fingers. She could see it. She could FEEL it, fucking her hard. Her mouth fucked his cock in the same rhythm as her fingers fucked her pussy. The sensation was like he was in her mouth and pussy at the same time. He came deep into her throat, and she felt it in her vagina, causing her to orgasm soon after, feeling like he was cumming inside it, feeling his sperm running out of her mouth. Not a word was said between them. They didn’t need to speak since they could read each other’s thoughts.

Every day now, Mel and Mark take every opportunity to have some kind of sex with each other. They feel, lick, suck, and fuck, always kissing and hugging in between.

One day, after they had finished making love, Mark said, “Hey, Mel, why don’t we all go up to the cabin for a few days? The four of us could have a good time up there.”

“Good Idea, Bro. You could take Sherie and I could take Jim. And we could tell our parents that it’s just us going with our best friends. Can you imagine the sparks that could happen with all four of us together?” Asked Mel, imagining the possibilities in her mind.

“You’ve got a dirty mind! Is that the first thing you think about when I mention the trip? SEX? I love it. My horny sister.” Laughed Mark.

“Well, you were thinking about it too! I can tell, you illegal bahis know! Just thinking about you and Jim both in the same cabin makes me wet. Do you think you can handle two hot young women up there?

“What ever do you mean, sis?”

“Well, It would drive me crazy hearing and feeling you two making love and I’m sure I’d want to join in. You know that first time you make love to Sherie? Well, I kissed her in the bathroom so I could taste your cum in her mouth. I’d never done anything like that before, but I HAD to taste it then. And, she didn’t seem to mind too much. Hell, I didn’t mind either. It seemed so natural at the time. So, I’m just saying, be prepared for anything ’cause I’m gonna be. Yeah, let’s do it. I’m sure we can talk Sherie and Jim into it.”

“It’s a done deal then. Let’s call them now to see what they think.” Said Mark.

Mark called Sherie and Mel called Jim. They were both excited about it and accepted. Of course, they were instructed to tell their parents that each was going to go with their best friend, not their lovers. Then the twins cleared it with Betty and Buck, their own parents, the owners of the cabin.

In a couple of days, they were packed and off to the cabin. It was near a lake in the hills, about an hour’s drive, in a quiet and secluded area. Sherie rode in the front seat with Mark, while Mel joined Jim in the rear seat. They chatted and touched each other some, but maintained their decorum for the trip. Mel knew that Sherie was touching Mark’s cock through his pants, and Mark knew Jim was rubbing his sister’s leg and holding her boob with his other hand. The twins were right. There was going to be some sex up there, and soon, if the ride was a sign of things to come.

Arriving well before noon, they chose bedrooms. There were two next to each other and one bathroom with a tub and shower down a small hallway, opposite the back bedroom. Mark chose the rear room with Sherie, and Jim and Mel took the front room. The living room was off the hallway in the middle, and the kitchen was past that on the other side.

Mark and Sherie dropped the bags and hugged each other. They hadn’t been together since that first date, except for a few minutes when Sherie was with Mel doing something. Sherie was a little cautious. She felt safe with Mark, especially since Mel was in the next room. But, still, she wasn’t sure of how Mark felt about her, and whether they would get along OK for three days and nights. She eagerly kissed Mark and it felt good for them both.

“Let’s see how the bed feels,” said Mark, pulling Sherie down with him.

“Umm, feels real good, and so do you, big guy,” Responded Sherie, lying by his side and hugging him. She felt his cock pressing into her smooth, bare leg, through his jeans. She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, with a bra underneath to keep her mom from being suspicious.

Mark leisurely took in her white, freckly skin and pretty face, with her long red hair spread on the pillow. One of her big boobs was pressing into his arm and chest as he moved his head back to gaze at her. She was a vision of soft femininity that he enjoyed looking at. So different from his sister, she was bigger, softer, and quieter. She placed her hand over his hard cock and stroked it, causing him to jump slightly.

‘Let her suck it for you. She wants to. She really likes feeling and sucking it and wants to right now.’ It was a mind message from Mel. She sensed what was going on there and was helping him again.

He unsnapped his pants, pulled the zipper down, and lowered his pants and underwear. Her eyes were glued on his crotch now, and they got wide as she saw his hard member spring out. She caressed it with her hand and lowered her mouth over the head, licking it too.

Releasing it temporarily, she looked up and asked him, “How did you know this is what I wanted right now? Are you reading my mind or something?”

Smiling and kissing her, he let her return to the task at hand. Using both hands and her mouth, she explored his balls, cock, and grasped his hard ass when she tried to see how much she could get in her mouth. It was a little sweaty today, but still very tasty to her. She swore it seemed bigger, and the veins seemed to stick out more than the first time they were together.

Meanwhile, in the other room, things were heating up with his sister too. She felt Mark getting sucked and wanted some for herself. Mark sensed this and what Jim was thinking and sent Mel a message,

‘Go for it, Mel. He won’t mind, but you’ll have to make the first move. Tell him to lie back and relax.’

“Relax while I do something, will you?” Mel told him. “Don’t worry about them. They won’t bother us right now. Trust me.”

Pushing him down on the bed, she went for his belt buckle and pants. Her expert hands had them off in no time, with Jim offering no resistance. She lowered her mouth on his cock before he could even think about saying anything. She held it up with both hands, with it being pretty firm already from his excitement from playing with her in the car ride up there. He was relaxed as he could illegal bahis siteleri be, what with his best friend’s sister sucking his cock with Mark in the next room.

Mark felt Sherie sucking his cock, and also felt his sister sucking Jim’s big cock in the next room. Imagining it was like having two mouths on him at once. Mel was thinking of him also, which turned him on even more. In fact, he was feeling Jim’s thoughts too and knew Mel must be giving him the sucking of his life right now. WOW! The feelings flying around from all the sexual tension was incredible! This was the first time that each of the siblings had had sex while feeling the other one having sex at the same time. And it was VERY intense! In spite of having sex with his sister every day now, he was so turned on that he was getting close to cumming already, in less than 10 minutes.

“Oh, yeah, baby, suck that big cock all the way!” Mark said out loud. He was actually feeling Mel sucking Jim’s big cock, and was saying it to Mel. It came out OK though, because Sherie thought it was meant for her, and increased her pumping and sucking on Mark’s cock, trying to make him cum in her mouth. And he did, with squirt after squirt hitting the back of her mouth and throat. She kept pumping and licking him until he stopped shooting and started shrinking, then released her mouth from it. She slid up his chest to kiss him on the mouth, letting him taste his cum for the first time. Mark felt Mel have a mini-orgasm from sensing what he and Sherie were doing.

“Mmm, salty. Do I taste OK to you?” asked Mark

“Oh, yeah. You taste real good to me. Mel likes it too,” She grinned. “But I wanted to share it with you and see how you like it.”

“I want to hear more about that sometime, but we should get cleaned up now.”

“OK, stay there and I’ll bring you back a wash cloth.” Said Sherie, who was still dressed..

“Check in on Mel & Jim on the way back and see what they’re up to, ok?” he said, knowing full well what they were up to. He chuckled inside, wondering how Sherie would react to it.

Sherie cleaned out her mouth, washed her hands, then went to the door of the other bedroom. Looking around the cracked-open door, she gasped at the sight. Jim was lying back on the bed on his back and Mel was sideways to him, on her hands and knees holding and sucking the biggest cock she had ever seen. Mel’s top was off and Jim had one hand firmly cupping her prettily pointed breast. She couldn’t move, and continued silently watching her best friend doing to Jim the same thing she had just done for Mark. Her thighs squeezed tightly together trying to stop the tingling sensation between them. She touched herself there to quiet the feelings as she watched her friends getting it on right in front of her, sucking, feeling, and moaning. It didn’t work, and she dragged herself from the sight and hurried back to Mark.

“What took you so long? So, how’re Jim and Mel doing?” Of course, he knew it has turned her on because he was feeling her thought as she stood there watching and touching herself.

“They are doing quite well!” She answered as she rubbed the warm washcloth on Mark’s cock to clean him off. “Quite well, indeed!” she panted.

Mark was already getting excited again from feeling what his sister was doing in the next room. And feeling Sherie’s excitement from watching them, along with her fondling his cock, was making it rise anew.

Seeing his cock get hard again, sticking straight up in the air, Sherie decided – she had to have it. Standing, staring directly into Mark’s eyes, she pulled her top off and tossed it aside. Reaching behind, she freed her bra and tossed it after the top. Unsnapping her Shorts, she quickly lowered them and her panties with one motion and stepped out of them, and stood there nude by the bed, awaiting his approval. He offered his hand and she joined him on the bed. She tugged at his shirt, helping him get it over his head, then lay on top of him kissing him very deeply and feeling his chest and head with her hands, his cock standing up in the crack between her legs.

“Can you feel how wet I am? How much I need you?” she asked cautiously.

Mark could feel her moistness on his cock, and rubbed her big round butt, and into the crevasse between, past her ass and onto her vulva. It was very wet as he rubbed her juices around and massaged her clit until she started moaning.

Sitting up, she placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her vagina and slowly sat down on it. It met some resistance, as she was still very tight for such a big girl. Mark held both of her large breasts in his hands as she sank deeper onto his hard pole. Though tight, her juices made it slide in easily and soon she felt his hairs tickling her clit and his balls on her ass. She was so excited from everything that had happened that she started fucking him immediately, taking it all inside her with each bounce. Mark arched his hips in time with her movements to thrust deeply inside her. Her nipples were hard now too, and she lowered her chest so that Mark could take them into his mouth and suck canlı bahis siteleri and bite them. She was in ecstasy.

Meanwhile, in the next room, Mel could feel what was happening with Mark and Sherie and it turned her on too. She only had her shorts and panties on, so she laid back and started removing them. Jim helped her, sliding the shorts down over her hips and legs with his big hands. Then, feeling her breasts, stomach, and legs, he cupped her whole vagina through her little panties, lingering there, feeling her heat and wetness. She wanted him now, and started sliding one side down to remove them. Jim got the other side and they were soon out of the way.

Mel wanted it just like Mark and Sherie were doing it, so, she climbed on top on Jim, her legs straddling his hips, her wet pussy hovering right above his cock. She held it in her hand and rubbed it back and forth between her pussy lips, getting it wet and ready for her. She grabbed a handful of her juices and rubbed them all over his hard cock so that it would slide in easier. It was ready and she was ready. Placing it to her vagina, she pressed back and down until the head entered her. It went in easily, as his head was not as big as the rest of it. It stretched her out as she sat down on another two inches of it. She was feeling his full size now and it was wonderful to her. All of the sex with her brother had truly prepared her well for his size. He waited for her to proceed at her own pace, which she did without much pause. It did not hurt but only filled her wonderfully, she thought.

“Oh, God, Jim. This feels so good! Do I feel good to you? You know I’m not teasing you now, don’t you baby?” Asked Mel, fucking him now with about half of it inside her.

“You know I like it! You’re the best girl I ever had. I don’t know how you can take it all like you do, but it feels great to me. Do you want some more?” asked Jim, pumping up into her all the while. “You are so tight, yet so velvety smooth inside that I can slide it with ease.”

“Oh yes, give it all to me. Fill me up and fuck me until I cum all over you.” She said this to Jim, but was also thinking and sending the same thought to her brother, who was turning her on at the same time by fucking her friend next door. She could also feel all Sherie’s thoughts and excitement, and was sure Mark was feeling her, Mel’s, excitement, and well as Jim’s. It was all so new and erotic for Mel and Mark, having these thoughts and feelings this way. They had thought about what it might be like, but were only now really getting to experience it for real for the first time. It was like being high on a new, exotic mind-altering drug.

Sherie was the first to cum. She was slamming her hips down hard on Mark’s cock while he felt and nibbled at her boobs. Wave after wave rolled over her as she juiced all over his still-hard cock. Mark had came once already, so could last longer now.

When Mel felt Sherie cumming, it triggered her first big orgasm. She started shaking and her cunt muscles gripped Jim’s cock as she came again and again. He continued thrusting up all the way inside her for several minutes. She was milking his cock with her PC muscles as he drove into her.

This did it for Jim and a large wad of cum erupted from his cock up deep inside Mel. His throbbing cock caused Mel to have more orgasms. When she spasmed, he shot more cum inside her. When he shot, she spasmed more.

Sherie had finished cumming, but was still enjoying Mark pumping into her. Mark felt his sister and Jim cumming and it brought him closer to cumming again. Holding Sherie’s waist and hips, he pulled her down on his hard rod over and over, faster and faster as he felt his cum rising up from somewhere inside him. He froze as the first squirts started shooting up inside Sherie, then pumped slower as each one shot up inside her. Feeling his cum, Sherie had another orgasm and collapsed onto his body, with her big breasts pressing into his chest, her chest heaving heavily as she tried to catch her breath.

Mel felt their orgasms and had one more big shudder before falling onto Jim’s chest and hugging him tightly. Smiling to herself, she thought, ‘If Jim and Sherie didn’t know what to expect from this trip, they certainly do now!’

Later, they all met in the kitchen where they stored the food and arranged their other supplies.

“It sure is good to be up here in the cabin, all alone for the weekend, isn’t it, guys?” asked Mel.

“It sure is! It’s even more fun than I expected.” Blurted Sherie.

“Yeah! We just got here and I’m already more relaxed than I’ve been in weeks.” smiled Jim, obviously very satisfied from Mel’s sucking and fucking. Together they planned out their activities for the weekend, which involved walking, eating, and relaxing, mostly. Mark and Mel thought of how they could tell their friends about their sexual empathy secret. They both thought Jim and Sherie should know and share the secret with them, but were concerned about how they would react to the siblings having sex with each other. Although they both felt it was perfectly natural now, they knew that society frowned on this sort of relationship and many people would not approve. They would have to wait until an appropriate moment to tell them about it, and even then, they might not tell all the details about what they had been doing with each other.

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