Surprise Lover Ch. 2

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Leaning over the garden tub, Chelsea turns on the water. After adjusting the temperature, she pours a lavish amount of rose scented bubble bath into the stream. she loved lots of bubbles! Sitting on the ledge, her fingers glide through the pinkish suds, thinking of how delicious Steven had tasted, wanting more. Her body yearning to have him inside her.

A soft knock on the door startles her out of her thought, “Yes?”

“Are you okay in there?” Steven asks.

“Yeah, almost ready,” Chelsea replies.

Turning the water off when the bubbles reach the top of the tub, she lights the candles she had placed there earlier.

She loosely pins her hair up and disrobes before flipping the light off. Slipping into the inviting water, she yells out to him, “Ready!”

“I thought you had forgotten about me!” Steven grins as he walks through the door carrying the champagne. After setting it down on a small stand next to the oversized tub, he slides into the water with her.

Filling the glasses, she hands him one, “To an unforgettable night,” she says, clinking her glass against his.

“You can say that again,” he agrees.

Silence followed as they sip their bubbly beverage, gazing into each others eyes.

Totally relaxed, Chelsea leans her head back against the ledge of the tub and closes her eyes.

Setting his glass down, Steven slips his hands into the water, gently running them up her silky legs.

She moans as he positions his foot between her thighs, his toes softly tickle the folds of her womanhood. Spreading her legs slightly farther apart, she breathes in deeply as his digits touch her sensitive clit. Arching her back, she pushes herself towards him.

Hearing him moan, she raises her head and looks at him. Realizing that he is stroking himself, she becomes extremely hot. Her clit is throbbing, canlı bahis şirketaleri his toes like tiny fingers working their magic. Hearing him moan again sends her over the edge. Grabbing his ankle, she grinds her hot cunt against his foot, abandoning herself to the feeling, her body is soon overcome with pleasure.

“Oh my gosh!” Chelsea exclaims, relaxing once more.

“What?” Steven asks smiling.

“I just, ummm, have never, ummm,” she fumbles for words, not believing she has just climaxed from the help of his foot.

Knowing what she is thinking, he pulls her onto his lap and tells her, “That is just the beginning.”

Picking up the bottle of champagne, Steven tilts the bottle over her chest, Chelsea jumps as the icy liquid streams over her breasts, hardening her nipples and washing away the bubbles that clung to them.

Discarding the now empty bottle, Steven cups her tits in his hands, squeezing them together, he teases her nipples with his tongue before gently biting them.

Chelsea moans and arches her back, her fingers entwined in his hair, crushing him to her breasts. Rocking her hips, she slides her pussy along the length of his cock. Jerking his head back, she kisses him passionately while easing herself down onto his hard shaft. Sliding his hands around her waist, Steven thrusts his hips upward, forcing himself deeper inside her. Both moan loudly, as he guides her up and down his swollen cock.

Her pussy is so tight, the walls of her cunt squeeze him without effort and within seconds he is ready to explode. Not wanting it to end so soon, Steven holds her still, letting the feeling pass.

Slowly she starts moving again, rocking her hips as she glides up and down his wonderful shaft. Faster and faster she fucks him, her titties bouncing in his face. Once more the feeling begins canlı kaçak iddaa to overwhelm him. Grasping her hips he starts slamming her down on his tool.

“Oh Steven! You feel so good! Your cock, so perfect!” Chelsea cries out in a ragged breath.

Feeling his hot cum shoot inside her, she herself gets lost in her own pleasure explosion.

Laying her head on his shoulder, they remain joined, holding each other tight.

Looking at the floor, Steven laughs. “Looks like we made quite a mess!” he exclaims, shaking his head.

“Oh my,” chelsea replies, looking at the sudsy water that had splashed onto the floor.

Standing up, they both rinse the remaining bubbles from their bodies before stepping onto the cool tile floor. Grabbing a fluffy white towel from the rack on the wall, Steven gently begins toweling her dry.

“You are so beautiful, Chelsea,” he tells her.

“You aren’t bad yourself,” she replies playfully.

Quickly drying himself, he sweeps her into his powerful arms and carries her to the bed.

Carefully laying her down, Steven looks at her and grins mischievously before pouncing on top of her. Shaking her head and laughing, Chelsea wraps her arms around him and pulls his head to hers, softly brushing her lips against his.

“Move over here and lie down,” she tells him, reaching for the lotion sitting on the nightstand. Sliding off of her,Steven stretches out on the bed.

Pouring an ample amount of cool lotion in her palm, Chelsea rubs her hands together, warming it up. Straddling his firm ass, she makes herself comfortable before thoroughly kneading his back.

Steven sighs loudly as his body melts beneath her feminine touch. “Ya know, you’re gonna end up putting me to sleepif you keep this up,” he tells her, his eyelids already feeling heavy.

“Hmmmm, we can’t have canlı kaçak bahis that now, can we?” Chelsea giggles, moving off of him.

Rolling over, Steven pulls her on top of him. “I know something that will keep me awake,” he tells her as his eyes once more fill with desire.

“What’s that?” she asks.

“The sight of your gorgeous pussy over my face,” he replies.

Chelsea’s eyes widen at his bluntness, as she starts to speak he sucks her nipple into his mouth and swirls his tongue around it. Gently tugging with his teeth, he coaxes it to it’s peak.

“Oh Steven!” exclaims Chelsea as she thrusts her breasts farther into his face.

His fingers replace his mouth as he kisses his way to her other nipple, bringing it to life. Hungry for the taste of her, he pulls her up until she is straddling his face.

Her back arches and she grasps the headboard as his tongue makes its first pass over her womanhood. Circling her clit, he softly flicks his tongue back and forth before plunging it into her hot slit. Unable to get enough of her succulent flavor, his tongue rapidly moves in and out of her. His nose stimulates her clit, causing her hips to rock wildly.

Her breathing becomes more labored with each movement until she finally gives in to the pleasure god and explodes. Steven hungrily laps up her sweet nectar as he feels her body spasm above him.

Lying down on the bed, Chelsea spreads her legs wide. Moving between them, Steven grasps her ankles and places her legs on his shoulders before leaning over and sliding his stiff cock inside her.

“Fuck me hard, Steven!” Chelsea begs.

Eagerly, Steven starts ramming his rod into her. Harder and faster he pumps, her muscles squeeze his shaft tightly and both moan in exstacy as he fills her full of cum.

Letting her legs fall to the bed, Steven collapses on top of her. “Ya know,” he says breathlessly, “I’m not going to be worth a shit tomorrow.”

“We’ll see,” was her only reply before drifting off to sleep.

Looking down, Steven smiles and kisses her forehead. Closing his eyes, he too drifts off.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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