Surprised By Wife’s Best Friend Ch. 02

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I had been nearly two years since our interlude in the woods. Linda and I had never talked about it, but on occasion, if she was sure no one else could see, would flash me a tit or even her pussy. On one particularly daring occasion we were at her house, all of us down by the lake enjoying the late spring evening and I went in to get another drink of ice water. Everyone else was down by the lake, except for Linda, who had come up to go to the bathroom. She opened the bathroom door, and saw me standing at the kitchen sink. Without a word, she stepped out into the laundry room, which acted as a pass through to get to the bathroom from the kitchen, and started pulling the top of her swimsuit down .

She very slowly uncovered each breast, and paused when she had her suit to her waist, squeezing her tits together for me before turning her back to me. I though the show was over but to my surprise, she began wiggling her hips as she hooked her thumbs in the material of her suit and began pushing it down, uncovering her round butt. She continued to push it down, bending over straight legged until the material of her suit slid the rest of the way down to her ankles on its own.

She stood upright again and stepped out of the pile of fabric. Stepping her legs apart slightly, she bent over at the waist to pick up the suit, keeping her legs straight once again. Her position gave me a complete view of her exposed pussy as she tossed the swimsuit into the bathroom. She slowly ran her hands up the inside of her legs and across her pussy as she stood back upright and then stepped into the bathroom, looking over her shoulder to see if I had enjoyed her show. She turned to face me and slowly closed the door. Once I could breathe again I finished getting my drink and headed back down to the water, no one the wiser.

Two months later, all our families had gone to the lake for a vacation. It was the first time we had done this in many years. We took up three sites with all the tents, most of our kids being adults now and wanting their own privacy with their significant others. The campsite was nice, but it was a long walk to the bathrooms. Late one night, well past 3 am, I had to go, and got up. It was sweltering yet, well over 90 yet. I crawled out of my tent, wearing nothing but a pair of exercise shorts and pair of water shoes. I headed for the bathroom and took care of business. As I was coming out, Linda was coming out of the ladies room.

“Well, fancy meeting you here.” She said with a grin.

“Hey Linda. How are you tonight?”

“You mean morning?” She asked as we headed down the road toward camp.

“Yep.” I said. “Damn it’s sticky tonight though.”

“You got that right. If it gets any hotter I think I’m going to melt.”

“Oh it will be. Just wait till tomorrow. Come on… We can take the short cut.”

“Where?” She asked looking at the little trail I was standing by.

“Down here. Takes us up the back side of the campsites.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yep. Take it all the time.”

“In the daytime maybe, but at night?”

“Plenty of moonlight.” I said. “Unless you want to go the long way around.

“No we can go this way.” She said hesitantly.

“Besides, we can sneak down to the water and take a dip.” I said suggestively not expecting her to ever take me up on it. It was just a bit more of the forever tease we did to each other.

“Go skinny dipping huh?” she answered. “You’d just love to get me naked again wouldn’t you?” She said jokingly as she followed me down the trail into the trees. “Can anyone can see us down here?” she asked after we had gone down the trail a ways.

“Not really. The water is just over there and there isn’t anything but trees between us and the road.

“Hey Mike!” she said, stopping on the trail behind me. I turned around to face her, the two of us illuminated only by the light of the moon filtering through the canopy of trees. I remembered from seeing her in the lights at the bathroom that she was wearing was a terrycloth wrap around. I expected that she had shorts or something else on underneath. “I’ll go naked if you will.” She said quietly, untying the strap around her middle and flapping it open and closed, showing me she was naked under.

“You sure about that?”

“Uh huh! Unless you’re chicken.”

“Nope. Not me!” I responded as I pushed down my shorts and stepped out of them leaving me naked except for my water shoes. “You’re turn.”

She opened up her wrap and let it drop off her shoulders, holding it there briefly before She pulled it the rest of the way off and tossed across her shoulder, giving me a great view of her body in the moonlight. “The water down here?” she asked as she stepped past me, reaching out and squeezing my quickly hardening dick on her way by, and then headed down the path towards the water.

I followed her down to the water where she draped her wrap over a tree branch and walked straight into the water. She was thigh deep when she turned around, the moonlight shining off the water framing güvenilir bahis her bare body. I tossed my shorts aside and walked quietly into the water to her. She put her arms around my neck and whispered to me. “Remember that night you fucked me in the woods? I’ve wanted to feel you inside me again every night since then.”

Without a word I lifted her up and held her under her ass, my hard dick pointing straight up. I lowered her down, aiming my dick at her already pussy.

“OH god” she moaned as she enveloped me. I bounced her up and down my dick for several minutes before it got to hard to hold her. I lifted her off and set her down in the water. She waded over to a tree on the edge of the lake and bent over, pushing her pussy out at me. I crouched down a little to get the height right and stuffed my dick into her again. She squeaked and cried softly as I stroked in and out of her in the moonlight, our bodies making little slapping sounds as we tried to stay quiet. I could have done that all night it felt so good, but when her orgasm started, her already tight pussy squeezed me, triggering my dick like pulling the trigger of a loaded gun. I unloaded into her, pumping shot after shot of my hot juice into her, grunting with each spurt. It was several minutes before my dick had stopped twitching inside her. She pulled off of me and turned around, pulling my face down to hers so she could give me a hot sexy kiss.

“Ohhhhh I waited a long time for that.” She whispered when she broke the kiss. “Don’t make me wait so long next time ok?” She asked before she turned and walked out of the water. I watched her disappear up the hill to the tents, wrapping her outfit around herself as she went.

I washed myself off in the lake and then headed up the hill, pulling my shorts on after I was half way up.

“What took you so long?” My wife asked when I lay down on the air mattress next to her naked body.

“I stopped to take a dip in the lake.” I whispered.

“Oh that sounds nice. Maybe I should do that.”

“Sure, we can sneak back down there.”

“But my swimsuit would be all cold and clammy, it was still wet when I hung it up after dinner.

“Who needs a swim suit?” I whispered as I pushed off my shorts and tossed them aside. My wife is a bit prudish, and I have been trying to get her skinny-dipping for years. Even the thought of it had my dick already getting hard.

“But someone might see us.” She complained.

“Sweety, it’s three in the morning! Who’s there to see?”

“But I’d still have to get dressed to go down there.”

“No, just wrap a towel around yourself. Even if someone did see you in the camp, they couldn’t see anything.”

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” She whispered back doubtfully.

“Tell you what. I’m so sure that it will be safe, that I’ll go completely naked!”

“You wouldn’t!” She whispered more loudly.

“If I do, will you go in just a towel?”

“If someone see’s me I’m going to be really pissed at you!” She whispered in way of an answer.

I leaned over her and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth spending several minutes sucking first one and then the other of her quickly hardening nipples before I got up and unzipped the tent door. I crawled out and walked over for a towel and returned to the tent door, standing there butt naked waiting for her to come out. My dick was standing straight out I stood there holding the towel.

To my shock, she gave my dick a very quick suck as she bent over to come out of the tent. Shock because she generally won’t do oral sex on me. She stood up and wrapped the towel around her naked body and slipped on her water shoes. I followed her down the trail toward the lake, my dick wagging back and forth like a dogs tail in the moonlight.

She reached the water and tossed the towel over the same branch that Linda had used for her wrap, and picked up one of the foam noodles that were left on the shore from swimming, before she waded out into the water. I picked one up as well and followed her out eagerly. She got about waist deep in the water and then sunk down in, sighing at the cool touch of the water.

I had about caught up to her, trying to walk quietly in the water, when she floated on her back, using the noodle under her arms for floatation. Her body looked like an island with two mountain peaks as I moved toward her and pulled her body to mine. I sunk down into the water part way and reached for her left tit with my mouth. She moaned and pulled my face tighter to her as I swirled my tongue around her hard nipple and worked it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

“Ohhhhhhh yes.” She whispered, as I worked one with my mouth and moved my hand to her other breast. We continued this way for some time before she found my dick underwater with her hand and began stroking me.

“Are you going to play with my tits all night or are you going to fuck me with this big dick of yours?” She whispered. She didn’t usually talk dirty, but when she did I knew she was seriously türkçe bahis turned on.

I wasted no time in letting go of her tits and pulling her around so her legs were around me. I aimed my dick at her pussy while she pulled me against her with her legs. The water quickly washed away the lubrication she was making, so it took several minutes of slow stroking, a very little bit more each time before I had gotten enough of me lubricated and inside of her to be comfortable.

I moved us to slightly shallower water, where I was standing with my balls just brushing the water. I pushed my noodle under her back to help float her up more and she eased the pressure she had been keeping on me with her legs. I moved her legs to my shoulders, and let her hook her heels over them. Using her hips as leverage I began stroking in and out of her pussy, now above water, in long slow strokes.

“Oh god yes.” She moaned fairly loud as our bodies slapped together. It was a good thing I had fucked Linda a short time before, or I would have already been shooing my cum deep into her hot pussy, but even now I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. When I was sure I couldn’t hold back much longer I felt my wife stiffened and groaned with her orgams. I continued to slap into her, now with abandon quickly pushing me up to that final peak. I felt my cum start to boil out of my balls and drove deep into her pussy before unleashing the torrent of cum into her.

I felt like I had poured at least a gallon of cum into her by the time my dick stopped twitching inside her. I pulled the noodle from under her butt and she wrapped her legs around me to keep me buried inside her. I lowered myself into the water until I was sitting on the bottom and pulled her up against me so we could cuddle and smooch in the moonlight. “I guess you enjoyed that.” She cooed at me.

“Oh yes. I think you did too though.” I panted, still trying to catch my breath.

“Uh huh.” She said kissing me again. “I can’t remember the last time I was turned on so much.”

“Good.” I said as I slipped a hand between us to play with her naked tits, which were just at water level.

“You don’t ever quit do you?”

“Are you kidding? If you think I’m going to waste any of this opportunity, you’re nuts!”

“What a goof!” She giggled as I played with one of her nipples. We sat in the water and cooled off for nearly half an hour before we climbed out of the water. We used her towel to dry us both off and then she wrapped it around herself to climb the hill. On the way up she playfully pulled the bottom up to show me her firm ass, so I quickly grabbed the end, pulling it until it unwound from her, leaving her naked. She squealed playfully and ran up the path completely naked. I followed her up the hill where she ran across the site naked, pausing only to quickly unzip the tent before she ducked into it. We snuggled down to go back to sleep, giggling like teenagers, both of us cooled off and heated up at the same time.

Morning came a few hours later. After our little late night swim we sleept all the way till seven o-clock. My wife pulled some clothes on, after we played around a little, tickling and kissing various body parts playfully, so she could go up to the bathrooms. I pulled on my shorts and went out to get started on cooking. For some reason, I was in charge of cooking for the whole crew, which numbered eight in all, including Linda and her daughter Emily, her son Chase and his girlfriend and my son Mike and his fiancé. My other two girls were unable to come because of work and hoped to come up later in the week. I was busy getting things started when Linda came out of her and Emily’s tent, wearing that wraparound she had on the night before.

“Good morning.” She said sweetly as she came over and stood behind me.

“Morning Linda.” I said as I bent over the cook box to dig out some matches. I felt her hand slide up the leg of my shorts and grab my dick. She stroked it several times before she removed her hand, leaving me with a fairly good sized tent in front.

“Much better.” She whispered as she sat down on the bench of the picnic table in front of me. “By the way, that was a great show you put on last night.”

“HUH?” I asked startled.

“I went back down to cool off again and you two were going at it big time in the water.”

“Hell, don’t let her know you saw, she’d never do that again… ever!”

“Don’t worry, it’s our secret.” She whispered as my wife came walking down the road from the bathrooms.

I went about getting the stove lit and tried to look innocent, with Linda talking about how hot it was last night while my wife walked into camp. I really wished my dick would go down, but for some reason it was still up and I got a dirty look from my wife when she saw it. By the time I had breakfast mostly cooked it had subsided and wasn’t as prominent any longer. Linda and my wife rousted the kids for breakfast, or more properly, told them it was ready and if they wanted it hot, now was the time.

We ate our güvenilir bahis siteleri share and left the remaining bacon and eggs for the kids to eat when they finally pulled themselves out of their tents. With that done I took my leave to go fishing. To my surprise my wife decided to join me.

We made our way down to the boat, dressed just as we were for breakfast. I waded out to the boat, which I kept anchored a few feet from shore so it wouldn’t get torn up on the rocky lake shore. I pulled the boat close and helped her over the bow and then followed her in. I got things started up and headed out of the little cove and across the lake to an area I liked to fish in the morning. Since my wife doesn’t love casting, I chose to troll the flats, which is something she does like.

We chatted as we fished, with me sitting on the stern of the boat running the small gas trolling motor, and my wife sitting in one of the seats. We caught a few fish, but it pretty slow and there weren’t very many boats out.

I was floored when my wife suddenly put down her rod and pulled her shirt off and then her bra, letting her 38D tits spring out into my view. She pulled her shirt back on and tossed the sports bra over her shoulder onto the front seat with a grin. Then she got up and walked to the bow of the boat and sat down. The boat is an open bow design with a walk through windshield. It has nice padded seats around the perimeter of the bow and a nice railing along the top for passengers to hold onto. She sat down on the seat in the very front and faced me. As I said before she has always been kind of prudish, and only on very few occasions have I been able to get her to be naked or have sex outdoors. I damn near fell out of the boat when she pushed her shorts and underwear off, tossing them on the bottom of the boat about half way between us. She leaned back in the seat and put her feet on the windshield making her legs spread wide. Just to finish the view, she pulled her t-shirt up over her tits and pressed them together toward me. I may be slow sometimes, but the invitation was not lost on me. I didn’t even bother to reel in my line, I just shut down the engine and headed toward her. My shorts were barely settled on the floor of the boat as I was stepping between her spread legs with my quickly growing hard on.

“That didn’t take you long.” She said as I knelt down between her legs and licked up her pussy lips, spreading them with my tongue. I felt her hands playing in my hair as I repeatedly licked up her pussy and across her now exposed clit. “Ohhhhhhh yes.” She hissed as I worked my tongue across her clit in a rapid fire motion. I slipped a finger deep into her pussy and worked it on the top of her tunnel as I sucked her clit into my mouth. I could feel her juices practically gushing out of her hole as her body shuddered and she cried out “OH FUCK!” I continued to assault her clit until she pushed my head away, not able to take any more. I removed my finger from her pussy and moved up to push my dick in where it had been.

“ohhhhhhh” I moaned as I slid deep into her velvety pussy. She lifted her legs high in the air to give me more room and I was soon slapping our bodies together, plunging my dick in and out of her hot pussy. I could hear a boat coming, but at that point I didn’t care who saw us, as I drove myself closer to my climax. “AHHHHH” I shouted as I drove deep in her one final time, my dick spurting shot after shot of cum into her. When we could breathe again she lowered her legs and pulled her shirt down so she wasn’t giving the approaching boat quiet as much of a show. To our relief it kept on going without stopping, after which she allowed me to lift her shirt back up so I could play with her tits while my dick twitched inside her. “God that was good.” I said as I leaned against her worked her shirt the rest of the way off, tossing it into boat behind me so she was completely naked.

“You are such a bad boy!” She answered with a giggle.

“I don’t know what got into you, but I hope it never gets out.” I said with a smile.

“I don’t know, I just felt like it I guess.” She said shrugging her shoulders.

“Well, you’re not getting any complaint from me.” I said as I hugged her close to feel her tits against my chest.

“I can tell!” She laughed.

Our attention was drawn to the back of the boat by the sound of a fishing rod bouncing across the bottom of the boat. Unceremoniously I pulled my still semi-hard dick from her pussy and sprinted the few feet to catch my rod just before it went over the side. It took a few minutes, but I soon landed a medium size bass, the two of us standing in the back of the boat completely naked. After I got the fish unhooked and tossed in the cooler we both broke down laughing and hugging in the middle of the lake for anyone to see. I sat down on one of the seats and pulled her down onto my lap, holding her close and kissing her gently. “Thank you. That really was wonderful.” I whispered to her when we broke the kiss.

“You’re welcome.” She whispered back “I just got so turned on when I came back to camp and you had that huge tent in your shorts. I knew Linda had to see it, and I got mad at first, but the more I looked the more I wanted you to fuck me right then and there.”

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