Susan Ch. 01

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Saturday morning, Susan lay still on her back with her legs apart, still panting and out of breath from the hour-long love making session she had just enjoyed with Dan. The night before they had agreed to get married. Dan hadn’t proposed, they had just discussed it and agreed this was what they both wanted. The two lovers had sat up most of Friday evening, talking and making plans and then decided they would spend Saturday looking for an engagement ring. When Saturday morning came round they stayed in bed an extra hour and made love. Dan and Susan had been a couple for three years when they decided to get married. To cut a long story short, Susan had lost both her elderly parents and at only 24, the security Dan provided her meant a great deal.

Dan had worried a great deal about the ring he was to buy for her. He had explained to her that he couldn’t even consider the prospect of buying a ring she didn’t like. In the end she took pity on the man she loved and decided to help him choose. His lack of decisiveness was something Susan found frustrating at times but there were many other wonderful qualities that made this stable and honourable man such a suitable life partner. Susan felt the happiest she had been in years as she lay there, 24 years old with a full head of dark brown (almost black) hair and a body that although not overly sexy was well put together. Her tits were very big but the rest of her was quite slim and in nice proportions. Everything about her was understated and low key in a very attractive way. Susan also blushed easily and this was also quite attractive as she usually smiled nervously at the same time. She lacked assertiveness but her slightly shy nature complemented Dan perfectly and he loved her with all his heart. Other people might have found the two of them boring but to each other they were sweethearts through and through.

The sex that morning had been spontaneous and wonderful. Neither of them displayed too much passion during their lovemaking but this particular morning had been special and they both seemed to step up due to their new engagement plans. She lay there on her back, just smiling as she watched Dan climb off the bed and make his way to the shower. She reached between her legs to check out how much cum there was leaking out but this time most of it was inside her. Dan didn’t even look back at Susan as he pulled the chord on the light switch and turned the shower on.

There was a secret side of Susan’s personality that didn’t come out very often. At that exact moment, she felt a little wild and a need to do something. Inside her there was a nervous energy that she felt urged to exercise. Susan had no idea what to do though. She thought about following Dan into the shower but knew he hated to share such a tight confined space. Then she thought about food and decided to eat. Without getting dressed she slid off the bed and walked completely naked into the kitchen of their Manhattan apartment. Dan’s inheritance from his dotty old aunt Betty had been a two-bedroom place near Greenwich Village. If it wasn’t for the old dear there is no way the two of them could have afforded anything in their block. It was expensive, full of character and a dream home for a young couple that both worked in the city. Life was pretty good.

The kettle boiled and Susan prepared her toast and cereal breakfast. Standing at the kitchen counter preparing her food, there was a perfect view of her through the window. For some unknown reason, she found herself casting a glance to her left, across to the neighbouring apartment block that was about 20 yards away. Sure enough there was a light on in one of the apartments and she could clearly see a man seated in his kitchen starting at her. She quickly moved so she was no longer in the window. Her first reaction was to blush and breath quicker but then a strange urge took over her. She wasn’t in control of the urge and the nervous energy she had felt on the bed came flooding back. With almost no pause for thought, Susan stepped back into view and continued to prepare breakfast. The thought of the stranger staring at her turned her on and her nipples hardened. It was a feeling that she liked. This modest and shy young woman rarely did anything in the least bit wild but the buzz she got from being watched completely naked was intoxicating to her.

Its impossible to say what was going through her mind as she didn’t understand it herself but one could argue that this small but out of character act was a subconscious reaction to the previous nights agreement to spend the rest of her life with Dan. There was a part of her that needed its freedom and it was coming to the surface now. Susan grew tired of the little peep show she was putting on for her neighbour so she pulled the blind to block out the neighbourhood voyeur and sat down to eat at the small table. Dan entered the room fully dressed following his shower and was surprised to see Susan naked eating her breakfast. Susan never sat around the house naked. Most men would welcome the sight of a pretty young woman who was completely naked sitting at the breakfast table but Dan didn’t think like that. “Don’t you want to put some canlı bahis şirketaleri clothes on honey?” he asked.

“I will,” she said, “I just felt too hungry and had to eat something.” She sat up and smiled. As she did, her magnificent tits took centre stage and almost lit up the room. Dan hardly noticed.

“We’re nearly out of milk, I’ll go down to the store and get some.” Dan was the perfect provider, never expecting his beloved girl to do anything if he could do it for her.

With Dan gone for 5 minutes, Susan was left alone and the nervous energy returned. Maybe it hadn’t ever left but she could surely feel it now. She stood up and walked to the blind. Peering through a small gap she made with her finger and thumb, Susan could see that her neighbour had left his window and there was no one there. She pulled the blind chord again and the entire blind lifted. If anyone had been watching they would have seen Susan’s enormous tits in all their nakedness. Susan stretched her hands above her head and seemed to revel in the wild uninhibited feeling that exposing her breasts at the window gave her. She had never felt like this in her life before.

When Dan returned with the milk, Susan was in the shower and cleaning away all the sweat from their sex session. She ran her hands over her tits and soaped them. Her nipples still felt sensitive and she thought about the stranger in the window. Susan felt a little self-conscious rubbing her own breasts too much and her mood suddenly changed from a pleasant daydream to reality check. She was a little shocked with herself and after jumping to her senses; she finished her shower and got dried. This was a strange morning for Susan. Rubbing her tits in the shower and exposing herself at the window were completely out of character. By the time she had put on some underwear, jeans and t-shirt, she was almost ashamed to think of what she had done. The real Susan returned and blushed at the thought of her actions.


Three hours later the newly committed lovebirds were strolling along one of the prime shopping streets in New York looking in a jewellery store window. Arm in arm they admired the rings together and Dan constantly looked for signals from Susan that there maybe one she liked. He was hopeless at guessing what her choice might be and even more hopeless at taking a risk and just picking one. Dan’s only intention was to play it safe and let his true love pick her own. At least then she would be happy with it for the rest of her life. Susan might have agreed with that idea in theory but there was an unexpected feeling inside her that was niggling away at her. What she really wanted was for Dan to surprise her with a ring she loved, one that she had never seen before and that he had chosen. She looked forward to showing it off to her friends and cousins and boasting about how her perfect husband-to-be had chosen it for her. Instead she would have to settle for choosing one together and knowing for sure she was going to like it. For some reason this niggling feeling was winning the day and she couldn’t care for any of the rings in the window. It was not that she didn’t like them, it was just that she didn’t want to choose her own ring.

“I don’t want to look any longer,” she sighed. “Why don’t you come back later and choose one for me?”

“But what if you don’t like it honey?” he said, concerned only for her happiness but oblivious or too stupid to work out what she wanted. “You will have to wear this ring for the rest of our lives, surely you want to choose it as well?”

“I suppose you’re right,” she conceded, hoping to settle this and bury the niggles inside her.

There was another man looking in the window at the same time. Susan had not noticed him until he coughed a little and then spoke to both of them, “Can’t find anything you like?” he asked with a smile.

“No,” said Dan stepping in. Dan was a little surprised by the unsolicited approach from the stranger and he certainly didn’t want Susan speaking to him. The man smiled at them and stepped back a little, signalling that he was not trying to intrude or interrupt.

He introduced himself as Peter and explained that he was a jeweller and knew how hard it was to choose an engagement ring. As he and Dan spoke with Susan listening, Dan started to relax. Peter had a friendly manner and was quite likeable. He was a little too “street” for Dan but not in any sort of threatening way. Susan thought Peter was very charming. There was something of a roguishness about him that was in complete contrast to Dan and she felt her nipples sensitise under her clothes. She blushed but could not stop her arousal. Peter instinctively recognised the blush but focused on Dan as he kept talking. Dan never could have known that he was talking to a career criminal and one of the most prolific jewel thieves in New York.

Peter “Stones” was the only name most people ever new this stranger by. It wasn’t his real name but associates of his had given him this name. These associates knew they could rely on Peter to provide consistently high quality precious gems at prices far lower than any store could provide. canlı kaçak iddaa He was a skilled jeweller but he operated in some very shady establishments and certainly didn’t run his own store. Peter hadn’t planned to bump into Dan and Susan but the chance meeting had presented an opportunity for one of his schemes and men like Peter Stones were always on the look out.

Peter continued to charm the young lovers. Dan found his knowledge of diamonds to be very interesting and Susan was just drawn in by his magnetic personality. Peter also had an old fashioned way with her that Susan really liked. He mostly spoke to Dan in a way that signalled his respect that she was Dan’s girl. When he did make eye contact or speak Susan, there was attentiveness and politeness and his whole demeanour was very charming. Before long they were in a coffee shop and Peter was discussing their predicament with them. His solution was for him and Dan to design a ring that he would then make at a price well below any of the stores. To Dan this sounded fantastic and when Peter explained that with the same money they would be able to buy far better quality stones, he was completely sold on the idea. Peter told them that he would not ask for any money up front and that they could change their minds at any time. What did they have to loose. Susan couldn’t help thinking that Peter had worked out in less than ten minutes exactly that she wanted a ring chose for her and didn’t want any part in the selection process. Dan had known her 3 years and couldn’t see this important detail. She thought nothing of the fact she was comparing Peter to Dan. The bait was set.

Over the next couple of weeks, Dan and Peter did indeed design a fantastic ring. They met several times in the coffee shop without Susan and on their third meeting, Peter presented Dan with the final ring. This was working out so well. Although Dan had never been to any premises of Peter’s or even been given a contact address, the fact that he was about to buy a $7,000 diamond ring for only $3,000 was diminishing his usual cautious nature. Dan was surprised when Peter said he could take the ring and not pay any money until he was sure Susan loved it. “I will call round to collect the money in a couple of weeks,” Peter said. Dan didn’t agree immediately and his honourable nature wanted to pay at least something. Peter wouldn’t take a cent and insisted he take the ring. Dan handed his home address on a business card and left with the ring, immediately planning when he might find the right moment to present it to his beloved Susan. He held the ring in his pocked all the way home without letting go for a second.

When he arrived home he fell to one knee as soon as he saw Susan and proposed marriage to her. She flung her arms around him and accepted. The ring was beautiful and Susan adored it. The solitaire diamond was a perfectly cut classic diamond and more importantly the colour and clarity of the stone was near flawless. Peter had been more than helpful and Dan felt nothing but gratitude to him. Susan also wanted to thank Peter for his help. Dan went off to read. He normally read a lot of books and Susan loved the peace and quiet in the house as the TV was rarely switched on. Today was different and she really wanted his attention. They had finally sorted the ring out and she just wanted to be with him and do things together. She felt like making love again wearing just the ring and also wanted to go out to a restaurant with Dan and see if anyone noticed her beautiful sparkler. Instead, Dan chose a book and immersed himself in it, content in the knowledge that the ring issue was now solved and he could stop worrying about it.

Susan went out by herself. She thought she could pick up some groceries and just wander around. What she really wanted was to show off her ring. She wanted people to notice it and know that she was engaged. Browsing along the street looking into all the shop windows in Greenwich Village as she had done so many times before, Susan didn’t have a care in the world. Then she came across a jeweller’s window and it was impossible not to check out the rings and compare to hers. None of them compared to hers. She felt so happy.

“Hi Susan,” said a slightly familiar voice. She turned away from the window to see Peter standing there with his charming smile on his face. She blushed a little and looked surprised to see him. Overcoming her shyness, she managed a small hello back but felt uncomfortable talking to Peter without her husband present. There was an energy about him that affected her. She could feel it inside her and her nipples became sensitive as he spoke to her. His charm was natural and Peter instinctively knew not to intrude too much on this shy young woman.

“Still looking for rings?” he asked. Susan was worried that Peter was offended. Despite receiving the ring from Dan, she was still looking. Perhaps Peter thought she was unhappy with it.

“No no no,” she said blushing even more. “Dan gave me this today and its more than I could ever dream of.” She showed him the ring.

“Ahhhhh. Congratulations,” said Peter, “I wasn’t sure whether Dan had found the perfect moment canlı kaçak bahis to give it to you yet? A beautiful ring for an even more beautiful woman! You really are Dan’s girl now.” Peter smiled as he spoke but Susan hated what he had said. She wasn’t someone else’s at all. Although she knew it was just an expression, the thought of a man possessing a woman was old fashioned and she felt her partnership with Dan was on completely equal terms. Peter’s choice of words matched his whole personality around her. He was respectful and completely attentive but not in anyway that would seem improper. Susan estimated Peter was about 35 years old. His features were strong and he had the odd scar. He clearly looked after himself and took pride in his appearance. It wasn’t the way his hair was perfectly styled or his clothes fit perfectly but there was something about him that was totally masculine and also well groomed. Susan talked easily with him in the street and he soon had her laughing at his jokes and enjoying his charming line in chitchat.

When he suggested they go for a coffee, her immediate reaction was to refuse but she found herself saying yes after he persuaded her with a double dose of charm. She was increasingly drawn to him and couldn’t take her eyes off his. As they sat and drank coffee she displayed her ring proudly and hoped everyone would see it. He very subtly let her know that although both he and Dan had spent time designing the ring, it was 99% his ideas that had produced the end result. Peter in no way disrespected Dan but Susan couldn’t help but notice how different they both were. She loved the attention Peter gave her and really felt like the only woman in the world as they spoke. Her breasts remained sensitive the whole time they were talking and she also felt aroused all over her body as their conversation deepened and his attention focused even more on her. In no way did Peter cross the line. If he had it would have scared her off but all the time he was gaining her trust and confidence as well as charming her like no one had ever done before. Susan was sorry when her coffee ran out but they quickly ordered refills and she rather liked the idea of spending another half an hour talking.

Susan plucked up the courage to ask Peter about his life and without any hesitation he happily went into details about the large family he came from. He had grown up in Queens and spent most of his life after school working for people who knew his father. Without appearing to hold back on any of the facts, Susan actually learned very little about him. She didn’t even notice that he could talk about himself or indeed about anything and give nothing away.

It was time to leave and Peter quickly paid for the coffee’s with two bills from a large roll in his pocket. Susan thought nothing of a jeweller having so much money. The way he handled the money was casual but not flash. When he left the change as a tip, she also thought that Dan would never be so generous and would always collect some change. Again she was comparing Dan to Peter and as they stood on the pavement outside, she couldn’t help saying what an enjoyable time she had just had. Peter thanked her for the complement and stepped forward to place a kiss on her cheek. It was completely respectful and done with all due etiquette but it hit Susan like a lightning bolt and she blushed. Damn her blushing she thought. She felt such a fool. Peter was quick to recognise the effect he had on her and with a joke and change of subject, he quickly diffused the embarrassment and again she felt relaxed. He didn’t apologise for the kiss that embarrassed her. In fact he was so confident, she couldn’t imagine him apologising for anything. They said their goodbyes and walked in different directions. Susan stopped to look in a shop window. There was nothing of interest but she couldn’t help a glance back down the street to see Peter on last time. He was gone and she felt disappointed.


When she returned home, she told Dan she had bumped into Peter and they had chatted for a while. Dan seemed surprised and a little on edge by this. When he found that they had stopped for coffee he was very unhappy. He didn’t like the thought of his precious sweetheart spending any time around Peter. Even though Peter had been nothing but helpful, he was different in so many ways to the young couple and he didn’t want Susan exposed to someone with so much charm and street smarts.

Susan had other thoughts. That night she lay in bed as Dan snored next to her. Her thoughts were not of the ring or her engagement or indeed of anything other than Peter. She couldn’t help thinking about him. She didn’t blush or feel ashamed, as this was her private time to think about whatever she wanted. Instead she thought about the attention Peter gave her and how much she enjoyed his company. She wondered about if he was married and where he lived. She replayed the conversations they had shared and tried to re-word some of her answers or questions in her head. Most of all, she hoped to see him again. Her body was aroused as she thought about him. Susan shuffled her legs as she felt the heat grow between them. Her hand stroked her breasts slightly and tingles shot through her nipples. She couldn’t help fantasizing about Peter, wishing she could feel more than his just one kiss on her cheek. It was more than two hours before she finally fell to sleep that night.

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