The Bet

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The Adventures of PJarvis – The Bet aka Denise

I’ve known Denise for a long time. When we were younger we used to run in the same crowd, but over the years we drifted apart. A random twist of fate brought us back together again. We exchanged pleasantries and swapped numbers, the usual conversation you have when you bump into an old friend. One thing led to another and there were invitations for drinks when she next came to visit. That had always been the way things were, until this one night.

Usually Denise would text me to say she’d be back on a certain day and ask if I wanted to go for drinks. We’d arrange a place to meet up. As was the norm, a few of her friends would tag along too.

This one friend, who’s name escapes me wore an extremely low cut top that barely covered her nipples. The drink was flowing and the banter was flying and it seemed to me there was a spark between myself and Denise that night. Knowing she had a boyfriend back home and I had a wife and children too left it as one of those things that passed us both by.

Later on we found ourselves out the back in the smoking area and referring to her friend, I turned to Denise and said half-jokingly “Do you think she’d flash us if we paid her a tenner?!”

To my astonishment Denise turned round and said “Never mind her, I’ll do it for more drink!” “Really?”, I enquired, incredulous to the bold statement I’d just heard. “Well in that case, you’ve got yourself a deal.” We agreed a price and shook hands on it, 6 Jack Daniels and coke, cheap if you ask me! I took myself to the bar and bought the drink.

On leaving the bar and thinking my luck was in, the last thing I needed to see was her ex-boyfriend making an appearance. Now John really is something else, a man so far up his own arse it truly is remarkable. A 24 carat bell end of David Cameron proportions with a face you would never tire of removing the smug look from. Thankfully he played true to character, managing to piss everybody off inside an hour, meaning he was ditched on the way up the road.

We headed back to Denise’s Mothers as she lived just round the corner from my house. After a few drinks her pal decided to call it a night leaving us to our own devices. As soon as I saw the lights go off, I not so subtly raised the issue of our bet!

“So am I going to get to see your breasts then? Or am I going to go home disappointed?”

Denise, being the confident assertive woman that she had become let it be known that she always paid up on her bets. Only now she was adding two conditions, that this was strictly between the two of us and also that the light had to be off. I was agreeable to these terms, it’s not like I was going to be telling anybody

Telling me to switch off the lamp, she illegal bahis headed to the bathroom. I was left sitting on the sofa for what felt like an age before she came back, minus her top and sat down next to me.

“So?” I ask, not really knowing what to say in this kind of situation (can’t say I’ve ever been in that situation before!).

“A bet is a bet” she said and deftly unclasped her bra letting it fall from her shoulders to the floor.

I pulled her onto my lap so I could get a closer look and feel of what has to be said was a mightily impressive chest.

“Man Denise, I never knew your boobs were so big!” I told her, all the while helping myself to a tease of her nipples.

It seems that my teasing had flicked a switch in her as she leaned down and kissed me, slow and tender. She wrapped her arms around my neck, resting them on my shoulders as mine worked their way up her back and down into her jeans, giving her fine backside a playful squeeze.

I do love to kiss, the soft tender kind that leaves your lips tingling, and we were doing exactly that. Some long distant and forgotten teenage fantasy of mine was finally coming true.

The kissing aroused me to such a point where I could no longer hide it and I have no doubt she could feel my hardening cock pressing against her thigh too. Sliding off my lap, she stood in front of me, took my hand and began to lead me towards her bedroom.

On the way up the stairs, my hands were all over her fantastic arse, giving it a gentle slap as we reached the doorway to her room. Pulling her close I leant in for another kiss as we stumbled our way through the door falling onto her bed. Our hands were all over each other, we were acting like a couple of horny teenagers.

Clothes were removed in comical fashion, laces that refused to untie resulted in shoes flying all over the place. Jeans were pulled off and ended up in a pile on the floor along with everything else. Well what do you expect after a night on the town?!

Once on the bed Denise climbed on top of me. I pulled her close kissing both her lips and neck while playing with her now rock hard nipples.

“I’m so fucking wet right now.” she said as her lips brushed against my neck.

As if almost on cue, the tip of my rock hard cock teased its way between Denise’s soaking wet lips.

“Yes you are, very, very wet”

She lowered herself slowly down onto my rock hard shaft, teasing me as she did. This was no fuck session. This was two people doing what they should have done a long time ago.

Feeling my hard shaft inside her for the first time was making my head swim. Touching her, but at the same time letting her take the lead. She knew what she wanted and she knew how to please in order to get it, illegal bahis siteleri and boy did she pleasure me. My night had taken an unexpected turn and for the better!

Our eyes locked together as she moved slowly up and down my shaft. Lips locked in passionate kisses as she cranked things up a notch, increasing her tempo, groaning with delight, long drawn out growls of fuuuucccck that’s good.

Sensing that I should maybe man up and take the lead for a bit I flipped her over onto her back. “Oh somebody what’s to change the pace?”

“Indeed I do Denise” I replied. My cock twitched at her wet pussy lips as I kissed my way down her neck and shoulder towards her breasts, inching slowly down her body.

I’m a tease, what can I say. I like there to be a build up for whoever I am sleeping with and this was going to be no different. Only this time I intended to work Denise into a sexual frenzy.

I started to work on her nipples, my tongue exploring and teasing them, alternating between flicking, sucking and kissing. I felt her breath deepen, clearly she was loving the attention I was playing to her breasts.

Curving my back I moved between her legs so that I could tease her dripping wet pussy with the head of my cock. Tensing and flexing, sliding in just enough to get the tip wet, then pulling away, adding to the sensory pleasure of the whole experience.

I could feel her hands on my back, nails digging into my shoulder blades. “Stop teasing me Paul” she pleaded as she pulled me up and kissed me. I started to kiss my way down her body again, this time skipping her breasts and working my way down her stomach, slowly trailing my tongue from her belly to just above her clit. She was so wet I could smell her arousal. It was so good I just dived right in. My tongue flicked her clit, to hell with the pretence of teasing this was something I never thought I’d ever have and I was not going to miss out.

Denise’s hand moved to the back of my head pushing me into her. I ran my tongue up and down the full length of her slit, every now and again sliding the tip into her wet pussy. It was such a turn on to feel her writhe in pleasure beneath me. Gently I slid my finger inside her, palm up making a curving motion with my index finger. She groaned and using both hands pushed my face further into her soaking wet cunt. I thought she was going to explode when my ring finger joined my index finger inside her.

“Fuck that’s it Paul, yes right there. Don’t you fucking stop” Well that was music to my ears, there was no way I was going to stop. She bucked and writhed as my tongue and fingers pushed her towards to the edge. I could sense she was getting close when she wrapped her legs around my head, her dripping cunt tightening around canlı bahis siteleri my fingers. My cock hardened at the sound of those guttural moans as she came, hard and fast. Wanting to taste herself, she kissed me, my face dripping with a heady mix of her juices and cum as she rolled me over onto my back.

Looking up at her I smiled at the “Just came” look on her face. “What?” she asked. “Nothing” I replied as I leant up to kiss her again. Pushing me back down she started to run her fingers down my chest and stomach. Kisses followed her nails as she worked her way downwards. By this time my eyes were rolling in my head and my cock was twitching like a rev counter. Deftly but with a firm grip she took my rock hard shaft in her hand and started to stroke me.

She watched me as I enjoyed her skills, the lightness of her touch adding to the pleasure. It was her turn to tease me and she knew exactly how to do it.

“You like that?”


“What about this?” she asked as flicked her tongue over the end of my cock.

“Fuuuuuuuuck that’s good!”

“Yeah? What about this then?” She said as she licked me from base to tip then slid my cock into her mouth. Sitting up on my elbows, head back, eyes closed and mouth open, the feeling of her mouth around my cock sent all sorts of amazing sensations through my body.

Manoeuvring herself up the bed again Denise slid herself onto my cock, her hands on her hips as she started to ride me, slowly at first, just bucking against me with her hands on my chest. She took the whole of my length with each thrust, it felt fucking amazing.

Sensing we were both getting close, I rolled over so I was now on top and in charge of the pace. I lined my cock up to her, teasing the head up and down her wet lips. I pushed in just a little and her lips opened to take my whole length and engulfing me. I slid smoothly into her, feeling her rise under me, grinding up to meet my every thrust. When I was buried deep inside her, she gave this little groan of satisfaction. I slid my arms under her legs and she started to work her clit as we started to build up a rhythm, both on the home straight.

She slid her arm round my neck as she pulled me closer and whispered “I’m so close, don’t fucking stop” Her nails dug into my back as she reached her climax. The feeling of her pussy tightening around my cock sent me over the edge. “Fuck I’m coming Denise” I graoned as my balls exploded shooting my cum deep inside her.

“Well Denise that was an unexpected turn of events!” It was now my turn to have that just been fucked glow.

“It certainly was Paul” she replied

We lay on the bed facing each other and caught our breath.

“So what would you have done if I hadn’t held up my end of the bet then?” She asked.

“I’d probably have gone home and played with myself! What about you?”

“The same!” she replied.

And with that I got dressed and went home, hoping that maybe next time she was up we could make another bet.

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