The Chosen Pt. 01

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Matt Hammond massaged his right side just above his kidney to get rid of the never-ending pain. He’d just spent another 8-hour shift watching the monitors and sitting on his ass at the department store in the Minneapolis Mall of America.

“OUCH! Well… Fuck Me!” he shouted, as a sharp pain shot up his side when his front tire hit a large pothole. He drove on past into the Holiday Inn parking lot. “They need to fix that damn thing!” He grumbled and pulled in front of the Grizzly Inn bar, which was part of the hotel.

Matt had just turned 38 the month before, but these days he felt like he was 60. He got out of his old Dodge truck and headed for the door of his favorite bar. Not because it was nice, but because it was convenient. He’d been stopping by this watering hole every time he got off shift for almost three years.

Matt was average in most ways with black hair, brown eyes, and he used to be 6’1″, but now he walked a bit hunched over because of the never-ending pain in his right side. He pushed open the door and trudged up to the main bar.

He spied Julio, who was drying a glass with a white towel behind the bar and waved at him when he strolled up to an empty stool.

“Hey compadre, you look like shit!”

“Fuck you, Julio, and get me a shot.” Matt grimaced as he slowly sat down on the barstool.

“That bad amigo?” Julio said, looking concerned as he put a shot glass on the bar and poured it full of Jack Black.

“Yeah, worse than usual.”

Matt tossed back the shot and felt the burn of the liquor travel down his gullet. It erased his pain for a few seconds. But it came back quickly when the fire in his gut dispersed.

Julio slid a draft of beer in a frosted mug towards him on the bar, and Matt drained half of it as Julio watched him.

“Ah, that’s better,” Matt said, “Give me another shot, bro.”

Julio threw the damp towel over his left shoulder and topped off Matt’s shot glass.

“You want me to call you in a room for tonight?” He asked, “Looks like it’s going to be one of those nights.”

“Please do, I don’t think I can take the drive home.”

“That dude really fucked you up, didn’t he?”

“Yeah, but he paid the price for it,” Matt answered, and downed the shot.

Matt had joined the police department at 21. Full of piss and vinegar, he had rolled the streets of Minneapolis for years, busting crime until one day fate had reared its ugly head.

Three years ago, he’d stumbled into a robbery gone wrong at the 7-11 near his apartment when he’d stopped for a 6-pack of beer after his shift. He’d been thinking about his marriage troubles. Matt had not been paying attention to what was going on in the store.

He no sooner had walked into the store when a dope head saw his uniform and started shooting. He shot Matt first, and the bullet had gone through his side and knocked him to the floor. Then there was more shooting as the thug shot everyone he could see, killing four innocent shoppers.

Matt had struggled to get to his gun, but his right side was numb. Blood was pouring out of his uniform and made his gun hand slippery as he tried to draw it. The perpetrator leaped over him when his gun was empty and ran for the front doors. Matt managed to pull his sidearm finally, and even though his vision swam, he fired off a couple of rounds before he passed out.

The first 9mm slug caught the man in the back of his left arm, the force of it spinning him around, and the second slug hit the crack head dead square in the middle of his chest. It burst his heart like it was a water balloon.

The crook had hit the concrete like a sack of wet flour. His head, cracking open on the cement with a loud crunch of bone. It didn’t matter to the shooter because he was already dead.

Matt had woken up a week later in the hospital and a hero to the city of Minneapolis. A month later, the department gave him a medical retirement and sent him on his way. As soon as they said he would live, his wife had papers served to him in the hospital. She’d divorced him taking his 15-year-old daughter with her to Wisconsin with some man she’d seen for months.

“Sometimes, life is a shit sandwich!” He thought, “And then it gets worse.”

“Hey, man!” Julio said again, “You in there?”

Matt came out of his zone, “Yeah, buddy.”

Julio slid the room key card to him, “Room 1101, you’re all good.”

“Thanks, bud,” Matt replied.

The hotel knew Matt and helped him out with a free room when he needed to kill his pain. That is if they had an empty room, and they always did. Matt often thought they kept one in reserve since he was spending what little money he had with them.

Julio leaned over and lowered his voice, “Man, I can hook you up with some real pain killers, not this shit.” Pointing to the shot glass.

Matt smiled back, “A man has to pick his own poison.”

“You change your mind, let a brother know.”

“You got it, and thanks for being such a good friend.”

Julio shrugged it off, “Man, you are a hero, and I respect that!” “Nobody else does,” Matt replied illegal bahis and got up.

Matt went back to his favorite corner booth and prepared to get shit-faced drunk. Mainly because that was the only time he felt good anymore, mentally or physically.

After the first year, his daughter had even stopped calling him when she had called all she could do was tell him how wonderful her step-dad was. That’s when he started hitting the booze even harder, and it was getting worse. When Matt sat down, Julio brought him a fresh beer and shot as his cop training kicked in. Matt scanned the crowd in the bar.

He picked them out quickly. There were some salespeople, some construction workers, and not much else, but the average hotel guest on their way to one place or another. They were sitting in various locations talking and pounding back the drinks of their choice. With his back to the wall and satisfied he was safe, Matt worked on getting the pain to leave his body with booze. Well, it never really left; he just covered it up with alcohol if he was honest.

Ten minutes later, as he sipped his beer, Matt noticed a group of women when they entered the bar. They looked like any other group of working-class office people having a meeting of the minds. They had stacks of papers and laptop computers piled on the one big table in the bar.

He almost chuckled as they sat around drinking and waving hands in the air as they argued over something. Yeah, life was normal in Minneapolis that night. It didn’t even matter if the snow was starting to fall again.

Matt smiled and sipped his drink. He had accepted the fact that he was nothing more than an old busted down cop with a drinking problem. Some of the women at the big table across the way looked attractive in their fancy office clothes, and in his day, Matt would have introduced himself and hoped to get lucky. But these days, he felt fortunate if he made it through one more pain-filled night.

Matt wondered if he could even fuck a woman anymore. The pain in his side would probably kill his hard-on, and that would be it.

“Fuck it!” He grumbled and downed another shot.

Matt soon gave up watching those folks and didn’t notice a tall blonde as she took a circular route to the bathroom. She had slowly walked around the barroom, acting like she was looking at all the memorabilia on the walls. He had no idea that she was scanning the crowd like she always did everywhere she went.

You see, she was “Chosen” and had a mission to complete. A task that was relegated by the very blood that flowed through her veins. Blood that carried millions and millions of alien nanobots.

Matt was staring at his latest shot of whiskey and contemplating the shitty hand of cards fate had dealt him when suddenly he heard the swish of a dress. It made him raise his head and look up. In front of him stood the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

“Hi, excuse me for bothering you.” Matt sobered up a bit,

“No bother.” She turned and pointed to the group, “My friends are calling it a night. I’d like to have a few more drinks…but not alone. Care if I join you?”

Matt froze as he looked closer at her face. She looked…well perfect, and that didn’t even do her justice.

“Sure, have a seat,” he told her. “Thank you. My name is Maggie.” “Matt.”

Matt looked at her closer because, at one time, he made a living out of studying people, and this woman confused him. She seemed to have some Slavic features, mixed with some Asian or something else.

Her lips were full, and her eyes green. Her head covered in long blonde hair in a ponytail down her back. Her breasts seemed to be perfectly matched to her size, not too big or too small. Matt appraised her slender and trim body inside of her knee-length dress. In fact, he couldn’t see any faults in her at all.

“I must have had too much to drink.” “Sorry?” She said as she sat down across from him.

“Just mumbling,” Matt told her, “I get that way sometimes.”

Julio showed up at the table, “Can I get you something, Ma’am?” She smiled up at him, “I’ll have the same as he is, just bring us a round of what he’s having.”

Matt looked up as Julio winked at him, “Right away!” Julio told her and scurried off.

“Where you headed?” She asked him.

“Oh…nowhere really, I live here.”

“You live in a bar?” She asked, her eyes sparkling and the ends of her lips, showing the trace of a smile.

Matt smiled, “No, I mean, I live in Minneapolis. I stop here when I get off work.”

“Looks like you’ve been here a while.”

“Yeah, I drink too much most of the time.”

Maggie wondered if she’d made a mistake, but the small buzz in her brain continued. It had been a year since she’d found the last one, and the buzz had never been wrong before.

Julio showed up with two shots and two beers and sat them on the table.

“Did you meet our local hero?” He asked her.

“Hero?” She smiled up at Julio.

“Yeah, Matt here used to be a cop and took a bullet during a robbery…he almost died.”


“It was nothing.” Matt illegal bahis siteleri grumbled and told Julio, “Don’t you have some customers to take care of?” “Just trying to help, bro,” Julio replied and ran off.

“Your friend thinks a lot about you.”

“Yeah, he’s okay… but he talks too much.”

“So, was that true what he said?”

“Yeah, but we all have our problems…I don’t like to dwell on it.” Matt lied.

“Humble too!” Maggie grinned and put her palm on top of his hand, “I’ve never met a hero before.”

Her touch seemed to shock him. Matt wanted to pull his hand away, but it never moved. It was almost like some small electric current passed between their bare skin. He rolled his hand over palm up, and she touched it with her palm. Her palm felt so good against his when their fingertips curled up around each other.

“You have hot hands.” Maggie smiled. A girl should be careful around a guy like you.

“I’m harmless, just an old broken down cop getting drunk again.

Maggie pulled her hand away and smiled at him as she picked up her shot glass, “Here’s to new friends.”

“Cheers!” Matt answered and clinked her glass.

They both downed their shots, and then they started to sip the beer. Matt tried hard not to notice her cleavage in her low cut top…Golden skin, and she just smiled at him every time she caught him looking.

It didn’t seem to bother her, so he feasted his eyes on her flesh and wished he was still a whole man.

They talked for a long time. Mostly about nothing, and the time seemed to slip right on by Matt. The hotel bar closed early at 10 PM, something he knew all too well. A fact that probably kept him from getting drunker regularly, and was one of the reasons he hung out here.

Matt was mesmerized by Maggie. Her voice, looks, and the strange little flecks of golden light in her eyes that seemed to come and go. He thought it was a reflection from the neon lights, and it was only making her sexier to him.

“Who am I kidding?” Matt thought, looking at her perfect face and body, “She probably has a few rich men taking care of her.

But he couldn’t get over the spot on his palm where she’d touched him… it itched. That sensation had felt so good, but he didn’t kid himself. She would leave, and he’d be left all alone like it was meant to be.

Brought out of his trance by Julio, “Last call and your bill.”

Matt reached back for his empty wallet.

“My treat for the hero of Minneapolis,” Maggie said and handed her credit card to Julio.

“Yes, ma’am,” Julio replied and scurried off like a cockroach caught in the light.

Maggie had felt the Nanobots excitement when she’d touched Matt’s skin. There was no more doubt that he was one of the chosen. She’d been looking for almost a year since she’d found the last one, and was determined to ascend the one she’d found by chance. She would bring him into the fold regardless of his condition or how drunk he was. She could fix all his problems with a little love between a man and a woman.

Matt stood up and almost fell back into his chair as his kidney spasmed in pain. Before he could fall, Maggie’s left hand shot out in the blink of an eye-grabbing his left bicep in a secure grip and pulled him to his feet.

“Damn, you’re strong!” Matt told her.

“I work out a lot,” Maggie grinned and guided him out the door, “Let’s get you to your room.”

“Good idea, and thanks. Did I tell you about the time I ran down three thugs who robbed a cabbie over on Brighton avenue? They wanted to fight, and I kicked some serious ass that night.”

“No, but you’ll have to tell me all about it when we get to your room.”

Julio winked at Matt as Maggie with her arm around Matt’s waist guided him towards the elevator. She quickly held up the big man without any effort on her part, as her body began to buzz with excitement.

As they waited for the elevator, she asked him, “What room?”

Matt fumbled the key card out of his front pocket and gave it to her.

“1101,” Matt laughed as the numbers swam in his vision.”

They went in the elevator, and when the doors shut, Maggie pressed herself against him and kissed him on the lips.

“What was that for?” He asked.

“Just checking if you are still awake.”

“I am now,” Matt replied, and grabbed her nice ass with both hands and tried to kiss her cleavage…then the elevator came to a stop. Maggie pushed his hands away and guided him down the hallway to his room.

The alien Nanobots had gotten a sample of Matt’s DNA, and they had become excited at a new host by discharging little minute charges of electricity into Maggie’s mouth when she kissed Matt.

Maggie knew for sure that Matt had been chosen, and that made her excited, her nipples started to get hard, and she could feel her pussy lips swelling with blood between her legs.

After the kiss, Matt asked, “What was that for? “still smelling her perfume… his lips and tongue-tingling where Maggie’s tongue had swirled around in his mouth.

“You’ve been chosen,” She told him as if that canlı bahis siteleri explained everything.

“I have?”

“I’m sure of it.”

Matt was pretty drunk and assumed this was some kind of dream, so he stopped asking questions.

Just before they got to his room door, Matt doubled over from the pain in his side. Maggie helped him inside the room after she used his key card to open the door. She helped him to the bed and began undressing him.

“What’s this?” He mumbled.

“I going to take your pain away.” She told him and pushed him back on the bed.


“You’ve been chosen,” She replied as she removed the last of his clothes.

“By who?”

“Me, do you want to argue about it?”

“No, and you look like a Goddess.”

Matt grinned and fell back down on the bed once he was naked.

“You have no idea,” Maggie answered as she began to strip off her clothes.

In the fog of alcohol, Matt saw the Goddess undress beside the bed. Her body was perfect, and she had a golden color to her skin like she’d been living in a tanning bed. Her boobs seemed almost too perfect, as was the delicate gap between her thighs. In-between that gap was a hairless pussy with sweet, full lips that promised him extasy. Maggie smiled when she noticed the lust in Matt’s eyes and crawled on the bed next to him.

“This is a great dream!” Matt thought, “It seems so real.”

Much to his surprise, Matt’s penis was already hard when Maggie grabbed it. She kissed his lips and stroked his dick slowly. The electric feeling was in his mouth as her saliva full of Nanobots flowed under his tongue. They began to pass through his skin and into his blood veins following their alien programming.

The kiss ended, and Maggie whispered to him while still stroking his dick, “I want you to fuck me, can you do that?”

“I’ll die trying,” Matt responded.

“Good enough.” Maggie smiled, kissed him, and then went down on him.

Matt let out a groan of pleasure when Maggie’s full lips slipped over the head of his cock. Her warm wet mouth was sucking on his cock, and transferring thousands more of Alien Nanobots through the thin skin of his penis made it tingle as he’d never felt before.

Maggie wanted him. The new DNA would enhance her even more. She sucked his nice hard cock getting it nice and wet for her pussy. He had been chosen, and she would do what the voices in her head told her.

Maggie climbed up on top of Matt and lifted his hard dick to her wet opening, sliding down and pushing back as she took his cock inside of her wet vagina. Matt groaned when his cock slid up inside of Maggie’s pussy. Her juices made his dick tingle as she let out a soft moan and began to hump him.

She leaned down and kissed him, her pelvis undulating on his dick, “I’m going to take away your pain.”

Matt held her perfect tits with both hands, her nipples round hard domes. Matt didn’t know what the fuck she was rambling about and didn’t care. She was fucking him, and it was the best thing he’d felt in years. He groaned as her pussy tightened its grip around his cock on each stroke, it was getting tighter and gripping him as he’d never felt before.

Matt had long forgotten the ache in his side and started to thrust upwards as she ground her pussy back and forth and then up and down. He bit his lip to keep from cumming, wanting to enjoy it as long as he could.

Soon Maggie got hot and demanding, “Give it to me!” She told him loudly and humped him harder. Her body was slamming down on his dick hard and fast. Her moist pussy was making wet slapping noises against his body as she took all of his cock down to the base.

“OH, FUCK ME!” she screamed out again, “Cum in my pussy Matt…Do it now!”

Matt let out a groan as he shot his load like it was his last day on earth. Maggie moaned when she felt him Cumming inside her.

“Yesssssss!” Maggie’s body jerked slightly with each hard squirt of Matt’s semen inside of her, “Give it all to Me!”

When the Nanobots in Maggie’s wet vagina detected compatible DNA, they started writhing around and sending electrical discharges into her body. Millions of them flooded out of her womb and feasted on Matts sperm cells inside her vagina.

The Nanobots in her flesh had come alive, surging through her blood and transformed the opening of her vagina into a solid ring around the base of Matt’s throbbing dick. Nanobot enhanced flesh squeezed tightly around the base of his cock to keep his cum inside her. He groaned as she began to shake on top of him. She raised her head to face the ceiling and started to let out a low wail that increased in pitch until it hurt Matts’ ears.

The Phage had begun.

The mixture of new DNA and the Nanobots digesting kept releasing heat and electrical discharges as they imprinted on Matts DNA. The Phage epicenter from his cum in her vagina began to spread out like the ripples on a pond through Maggie’s body.

When the heat and tingling spread to Maggie’s clit, she screamed and came so hard that it released a gush of fluid full of Nanobots from her womb. Billions of nanobots swirled around in the pool of Matts semen and formed into a tightly packed thin worm of sorts. It was transparent and only as thick as string or twine. It gave off glittering light of gold and yellow, but no one would see it.

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