The Exchange Ch. 01

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Note: All characters are 18 or over. Chapter 2 coming very soon. Thanks for reading 🙂


“Yes, I have my passport.” I reassured my mum for about the thousandth time as she kissed me on the head wishing me luck and telling me to have a good time. I was relieved to walk through the sliding doors into the terminal at Heathrow to the sight of all my friends.

Our flight was leaving in three hours: plenty of time to go round the shops with them and generally have fun. We were going to Spain, on a Spanish exchange with our school.

“Ah, Rob, could I have a word?” came the voice of my Spanish teacher just as I was wondering what my guy would be like. Well, I hoped he had FIFA for a start… I hurriedly waved goodbye to my mother before jogging over to Miss Davies, who was flicking through a folder.

“Now Rob, I’m afraid Carlos, who you were going to be staying with, has had to pull out of the exchange at the last minute.”

“Oh, that’s a shame” I said politely, whilst in actual fact I was quite looking forward to staying with one of my friends’ exchanges. “So, I suppose I’ll have to stay with Mark then?” I said hopefully.

“No, I’m afraid that house is full, but luckily we’ve managed to secure someone at the last minute. Her name is Lilliana, and she’s kindly agreed to let you stay with her family for the tour.”

She said, handing me a piece of paper with her name, phone number, address and picture on.

“That’s alright, I assume?” she said, smiling up at me, as if there were nothing wrong with sharing a house with a Spanish girl I had never met before and giving me a look that made it clear that it was a hypothetical question.

“Err… yeah, um… of course.” I replied, flustered.

“Brilliant. I’m sure you two will get on fine.”

I looked down at her picture and had to admit she was kind of hot. She had piercing green eyes and long flowing blonde hair and there was really no other way of describing her than beautiful It’s not like I don’t look good myself: I guess I could be called hot. I’m not cocky like the guys who think they’re God’s gift to women, but I do get quite a bit of attention from the ladies.

I go to the gym a lot so I have a six pack and am very muscly. I have short brown hair and blue eyes and most girls say I’m cute. I’m 18 and I go to an ordinary school, and have a pretty ordinary life. Well, at least I did until I met Lilliana. I shoved the paper into my pocket and went to join with my friends.

§ § §

For the whole plane journey I was thinking about the fact that, in less than three hours, I would be sleeping in the same house as this sexy Spanish girl. I certainly never imagined that I’d end up screwing her…

We eventually arrived in Spain, and during the coach journey to the small village of Casares I forgot about having to stay with the girl; the views were breathtakingly beautiful throughout this cute Spanish village, however as we pulled up to the car park where our Spanish people would collect us, it all came flooding back and as I stepped out of the coach I felt very anxious about meeting the girl with whom I would be spending the next week.

As I wandered through the car park looking for a sign of my hosts, a woman tapped me on the shoulder making me jump as I turned round suddenly.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m Mrs Carlita, I believe you staying with us.” She said in stilted English with a strong Spanish accent

“Ah right, hello.” I said, extending my arm politely, however my new host swooped down to kiss me on both cheeks, taking me aback. They certainly were forward in this country. “I’m afraid Lilliana could not come, she is back at the house. Ok, we go back then.” She said as we got into the car.

We pulled up to the house which sat on its own off a cul-de-sac; the only break in an otherwise completely natural and beautiful landscape. The car pulled up by the house and we got out. As we were approaching the house, the door opened and a girl stepped out onto the doorstep.

The house may have been cute and beautiful, however that was nothing compared to this girl. Her smooth blonde hair fell over her shoulders, and she was honestly the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was wearing a white dress which swished around her body, clinging tightly and revealing all her curves in the right places.

Her long smooth legs disappeared up into the dress which cut short just above her knees, and continued up her body fitting tightly around her shapely breasts, which I could see even from that distance were huge. They were pushing out the top of her dress, showing ample cleavage.

She stood on the illegal bahis doorstep and called over in Spanish, which I was vaguely able to piece together.

“¡Mamá! No me dejaste algún dinero. ¡No pude conseguir nada para comer!”

“Mum! You didn’t leave me any money. I couldn’t get anything to eat!”

Her voice was smooth and sexy and the fact that she was angry made her seem even sexier.

Approaching the house, her mother shouted back exasperatedly:

“Debes haber recordado de preguntarme, y además hay comida en la nevera.”

You should have remembered to ask me, and besides there’s food in the fridge.

“No me gusta esa comida, quise conseguir una pizza.”

I don’t like that food, I wanted to get a pizza.

She said back miserably, now sounding very cute.

“Well,” replied her mother, now switching to English, “Our guest has arrived.” She stepped aside to allow me to enter the house, and the girl now seemed to notice me for the first time. This seemed to cheer her up as she broke into a stunning smile, coming over and kissing me on the cheek. Her perfume smelled amazing as she leant over me, and her lips felt soft on my cheeks.

I couldn’t help but glance down, looking down her cleavage which was so inviting, the soft surface of her boobs looking so tempting. “Well guys, I’m afraid I have to go now I have a night shift, so I won’t be seeing you until tomorrow.” She kissed her daughter and said goodbye to us, reminding us that there was food in the fridge as she left the house.

§ § §

As the car sped off, Lilliana sighed and collapsed back onto a beanbag in the living room, her blonde hair falling back over her shoulders. Her white skirt that reached just above her knees had fallen back considerably, allowing me to see up her skirt and showing her pink pants.

She gave another sigh before sitting up suddenly, forcing me to pretend that I had been admiring a vase sat on the windowsill. “Ah, I have an idea!” She said in very good English, albeit with a strong Spanish accent.

“My mum always leaves her credit card in her coat, it’s upstairs!” The way she rolled her ‘R’s was incredibly sexy. She sprung up and left the room, gesturing me to follow. I followed her up the stairs enjoying the view I was getting following behind her, and we entered her parents’ room where she grabbed the card out of her mother’s coat and ordered pizza.

We ate the pizzas, then raided the freezer where we found ice creams and a stash of chocolate. We had eaten far too much and both ended up lying on the beanbag in the living room. We talked for over an hour, before she went up to have a bath, and I went to unpack my things.

§ § §

That evening we decided not to do anything more as we were both exhausted: me from the journey and her from cheerleading. I had to awkwardly reposition when she told me about that because imagining her in her cheerleading kit was a welcome image.

We both went back to our rooms and a few minutes later I decided to have a shower; I found the bathroom alright and figured it would be easy to work out how the shower worked, but in my haste I forgot to lock the door.

The hot water felt lovely and I relaxed in the steamy bathroom, until five minutes later the door was flung open and Lilliana entered, daydreaming and heading over to the sink. Just before she reached the sink a look of confusion seemed to register on her face and she saw me, completely naked, and gasped.

“Oh, I am so sorry, I didn’t know you were in here!” As she hurried out, I could have sworn her eyes stayed on my cock for longer than was strictly necessary and, no, it couldn’t be, but was that a smile she gave me on her way out?

The next morning I got up early and decided to continue unpacking, still thinking about the events of yesterday evening. Putting my deodorant on the shelf, I accidentally knocked off a cheerleading trophy, which fell to the ground with a resounding clang.

I froze, trying to hear if I’d woken Lilliana up, then went to check that she was still asleep. I poked my head around the door and let out a gasp that I had to hastily silence for fear of waking her. She was lying, completely naked and fast asleep, on top of her bed sheets.

The sun was streaming in which illuminated her body making it seem all the more beautiful. Her round perky tits seemed even larger this close and her pink nipples were standing on end from the breeze blowing in through the open window. I was so tempted to just reach out and grab them. But my eyes were drawn down her body where lay, slit glistening with moisture in the morning sun, her shaven pussy.

Her illegal bahis siteleri pink pussy sat atop a slight mound, and I was so close I could see it in amazing detail. I took in all her body, before she stirred and I hastily returned to my room. Glancing at my clock, it was 7am, and as I didn’t have to meet with my school until 11am so I thought I might as well get a bit of extra sleep.

§ § §

At 9 I woke up again and heard signs of Lilliana waking in her room, so decided to get up too. I was heading downstairs, walking past her room when she heard me going by and stuck her head out of the door to say hello. “Good Morning Rob, you sleep well?” She asked, and I realised she was wearing nothing more than a towel.

“Err… Yep thanks,” trying not to think of the events of that morning too much.

“Ah Rob, I have a present for you! Come in!” She said, gesturing for me to enter her room. It took my brain a couple of seconds to realise that she was telling me to come into her room, with her not even dressed yet. However I had no objections so found myself walking into her room, with Lilliana standing in front of the mirror brushing her hair, her towel dropped a fair way meaning I could see a lot of cleavage and the tops of her boobs in the mirror.

I looked around, and it seemed like a nice room; cute in its way, gymnastics and cheerleading certificates hung up here and there, and incense sticks producing a lovely smell from by her bed. A window on the opposite side of the bed looked out of the side of the house, out towards the sea, and the view was amazing. “Ah yes,” said Lilliana, interrupting my thoughts, “so this is my room, you like it?” She asked.

“Yeah, it’s nice.” Then, feeling that to be a bit underwhelming, “I get the impression you’re quite good at gymnastics and cheerleading?”

“Yes, yes I love it.” She said dreamily as I turned away from her to look at the albums stacked near her CD player. They were mainly Spanish artists, but I recognised a few English bands: The Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones, Panic at the Disco. I heard Lilliana move, and turned back to go and look through the window out to sea.

Walking across her room, I glanced up, and presented to me was the most beautiful sight. At least now I couldn’t complain about the towel. In fact, there was nothing to complain about; standing there in front on me, completely naked apart from a pair of thin purple pants, was Lilliana, a sexy grin on her face.

In my struggle to take it all in and understand a gasp escaped my throat, but that was the only thing, the sight of this beautiful girl’s stunning body rendering me speechless.

“Come on,” she laughed, “I have a few ideas to make this holiday a bit more interesting. You up for it?” Looking into her eyes, it was the easiest decision I had ever had to make. “Sure” I replied, grinning back at her.

§ § §

We fell back on to the bed, giggling, and her hands flew straight to the trousers I had put on just five minutes earlier. With her clothes already lying on the floor, my hands reached for her massive breasts which were lying inches away from my face. I couldn’t believe that just that morning I had been fantasising about grabbing her tits, and now here I was lying next to her squeezing her firm breasts as she took off my trousers.

She succeeded in removing my boxers and shuffled up the bed to lie face to face with me. I pulled her head towards mine and kissed her, and she slid her soft hands up my shirt gasping as she felt my six pack. As I caressed the soft skin that I had fantasized about on my first day here I continued to play with her boobs, her nipples hardening.

I put my mouth around her nipple and gently bit down, hearing a gasp from above me as her hands moved southwards and wrapped around my growing cock. As I coaxed moans from her nibbling and sucking on her boobs, she moved away and I was disappointed until her intentions became clear: turning around with her arse in my face she gasped, shocked at the sight of my now completely erect cock.

That was one thing I didn’t mention: I’ve only had sex with one person before, my ex-girlfriend when I was about sixteen, and even though we broke up shortly after, she told me I had a big cock, and I could tell that the thing she would miss most about me would be my seven inch dick. Shallow bitch.

Lilliana looked shocked, but a look of mischief soon replaced that as she started slowly rubbing it.

As I lay back on the bed looking out the window, this beautiful naked Spanish girl straddling me, I began to believe that this exchange wasn’t going to be canlı bahis siteleri as bad as I had expected it to be. I gasped as a feeling of pure pleasure washed over me, my cock enveloped in warmth and wetness as Lilliana put her mouth over my dick, sucking it with her warm mouth.

I knew I was never going to last these intense feelings of pleasure long, but I was helpless to object as I felt myself about to come. “I… I’m about to come…” I managed to gasp, as Lilliana looked up at me curiously. She looked back down and seemed to contemplate taking my cock out of her mouth, which wouldn’t have surprised me, however she surprised me by continuing sucking, perhaps even harder this time.

A couple more seconds and I lost control, coming into her mouth. She seemed to contemplate it for a moment, before screwing up her face and running into her en-suite bathroom, from where I heard her spitting into the sink and washing her mouth out. She returned and said sheepishly, “Sorry, turns out I didn’t like the taste.”

“No that was amazing” I reassured her, and her confidence seemed to come rushing back, accompanied by a mischievous grin. “Now,” she said, “It’s my turn.”

I was temporarily confused, until she crawled sexily on her hands and knees up the bed, lying back against the pillows facing me, legs spread. Catching on to what she meant I joined her up the bed, and slid her panties off, revealing her dripping pussy, as perfectly shaven as pink as I remembered it from the morning.

Throwing her pants off to the side, she started to rub her pussy and winked at me, encouraging me to start.

I put my head between her legs, and went down on her. I started kissing my way down the inside of her thighs, making my way inwards until she couldn’t take it anymore and forced my head down, pressing me into her surprisingly wet pussy.

After a while of alternating between licking her cunt, pressing on her clit and sliding my finger into her pussy she was beginning to breathe move heavily and moaning more, so I figured she was close.

She was so wet now I could slip two fingers into her, sliding them in and out whilst my tongue explored around the edges, lapping up her copious juices. Her gradual soft moaning had now turned into a constant groan at the top of her voice, and she was dripping wet now as she let out a long moan from above me. “Oh yes… fuck yeah” as her hips rocked into my face. She screamed, trembling as her legs locked around my head and her orgasm swept over her.

“Ohhhh…” she groaned as she relaxed, legs slumping over my shoulders as her juices poured over my face, tasting sweet in my mouth as her head fell back and she gave a whimpered moan. Shuddering, she emitted a soft, long, pleasurable moan and went limp, her eyes closed, smiling and wetter than ever.

“Rob… that… that was… amazing.” She said and sighed contentedly. I lay on the bed next to her and she cuddled up next to me, both of us spent. Our legs tangled together and she reached down to my cock, taking it in her hand and slowly starting to rub it. My hand fell through her leg to her exhausted pussy, and I slowly began to rub it.

§ § §

An hour later I woke up, still snuggled up against the sleeping Lilliana. She had rolled over, her boobs pressing into my face, hand still on my cock. Trying not to wake her, lifted my head up to glance at the clock. 10:30! I heard a door open downstairs, and realised that her mum must have returned from her night shift.

Shit! I jumped out of bed collecting my clothes; I figured that having just finished a night shift Mrs Carlita would come more of less straight upstairs to go to bed, and I didn’t think she would be too pleased if she found me sleeping naked with her daughter.

I shook Lilliana to wake her up, telling her hurriedly that it was 10:30, and her mum was back. She shot up, alarmed, and we helped each other pick up our clothes from various locations around the room. I reached my hand up to gram her pink panties from the top of her wardrobe. “Wow, you were into it.” I said, raising my eyebrows at her. We both started giggling, and any awkwardness between us instantly evaporated.

Having slung my shirt over my back neglecting to do the buttons up, I leant over to kiss her on the lips noticing she was just wearing a shirt, her pants still lying on the edge of the bed, and she looked incredibly sexy. She followed me to the door, kissing me goodbye again as I heard her mother slowly traipsing up the stairs.

With a glance back I winked at her, and disappeared into my bedroom just as Mrs Carlita rounded the top of the stairs, slipping into her bedroom and getting ready for sleep.

I collapsed back onto my bed, and considered what had just happened, before getting up again and getting ready to meet in the car park again. Well, it was safe to say that this exchange was starting to look a lot brighter.

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