The Felt Resort and Spa Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Ellie Stevens was so excited for her vacation, her friend suggested a retreat that she tried to release stress. Ellie knew it wasn’t your normal spa, hotel, or whatever from the lovely printed out card that she received as an invite to tour the facilities.

In pushed out champagne letters the invite read “Felt Resort & Spa: Cum as you are!” She was already in the lobby in one of her long summer dresses, but some people felt a bit more comfortable with exposure.

The man behind the desk sat in a plush rotating chair with his member erect eying all who entered the door. Ellie didn’t know he did it, it was pretty cool inside, he didn’t shrink or falter in anyway.

The woman who stood near the bench she was sitting in had no top on, her huge mounds bounced together with every pacing step she made, back and forth looking at her phone. The clerk was watching this alluring sight and started stroking himself.

It was peculiar yes, but in a way it felt right. No one else was really gawking about, they were either entering or leaving, in clothes or out of clothes. A tall slender woman made her appearance finally.

Anna Morgan, she unlike her other co-workers was clothed into a nice button up blouse and pencil skirt. She smiled at Ellie and ushered for her to stand up. Ellie knew the woman from her profile on the resort’s website. It’s where she found the form for the free tour.

“Please follow me Miss Stevens we have a lot to cover.” She began by walking down the hall and to the left, Ellie immediately followed her. All the doors in the hall were on the right, so Anna opened the first one entering. Ellie followed her and was in awe.

Men and Women sitting or standing at easels painting pictures of genitals. That wasn’t where the awe came from, it came from the water bowls that the painters were dipping their dirty brushes into. Some women and men were bent over, hands all the way to the floor with their bottoms straight into the air.

A thin brush stroke the insides of a very wet vagina leaving shades of blue within her cavern.

“This is one of the art rooms. Most enjoy the light activity boost. There are brushes in all sizes, and our paints are safe to place inside the body. You could choose to be and artist, or maybe the paint palette itself.”

Anna gestured towards the outside deck where one woman had placed a water hose up her ass just to get the purple paint out.

“So you don’t have to worry about cleaning up, or if you choose you can do it yourself. It is always the guest’s choice. Now let us continue.” Anna lead Ellie back out into the hallway and opened the next door.

“This is the sculpting pit.” Anna head the door wide to show Ellie how those inside was using or abusing the clay. One woman was molding a penis, and she was really going in for detail around the scrotum making little divots and sags.

The woman next to her had a completed penis sculpture, it was glazed with a yellow hue, and she was taking it into herself, she groaned feeling it in her. She was working herself down it slowly crying out in lust.

“Desires are hard to fight off.” Anna giggled. Was that supposed to be a joke? Ellie wondered watching the woman slide up and down the faux penis.

“Lets continue.” Anna once again lead Ellie out into the hall as she prepared opening the third art room door. “Live modeling.”

Men and women sat focused on painting their subject in the center of the room. Ellie noticed some men jerking off and something canlı bahis women curling their fingers into their wet sticky entrances. They were focused yet, but the model subject did make them waver with satisfaction.

There were four people displayed, two men, two women. One woman was on her hands and knees with her mouth completely filled with cock. The other was held up for display, her legs splayed in her partner’s arms so everyone could see his dick far up her cunt. And they just stood there.

Frozen in time, how long could they keep that pose? Beads of sweat were forming on their heads, and juices dripping off their glistening bodies.

“The artists here are very talented, they capture more than the meshing of bodies, but the face reactions, droplets, the stretch and sag. All caught on the canvas.”

Ellie wanted to stay, but more rooms awaited them. They started to walk back across the lobby into the opposite hall which had all of it’s doors on the left. Inside the first door was a large kitchen.

“This is our kitchen yes. But this is also our cum room.” Anna pointed to the women sitting on the counters with bottles deep within their coves, cum droplets slid into the center of the bottles.

“Some of our guests enjoy to drink warm cum, and we send fresh bottles up every chance we get.” Ellie pointed somewhere else where the men had their genitals covered in whip cream and a small berry pie was placed next to the women’s genitals.

“Eating contest.” Anna informed her, she was then whisked away into the next room which was the dining hall. Some women were on all fours engorging in cock all the way down to the stem.

One woman stood on the table into a squatting position over a man’s cup of coffee, with one finger he pressed against her clit and her juices fell out into his warm drink. With one stir of a spoon he downed it in seconds. The woman then offered the same treatment to another man and then a woman.

“Fresh creamer.” Anna winked. The next room was the candy room, candy bars, lollipops, gums, even a large box of nerds stood in the display cases.

“Some people have a sweet tooth, they’re allowed to pleasure themselves here or select what candy they want to use. If they’re more of a private person they order the staff to pick up their order and have it delivered to the room. We have several catalogs.”

A younger woman was there rubbing the head of a cherry lollipop at her gate while trying to decide what other candies she could enjoy.

Anna went to the back of the hall, there the elevator opened up and they ascended to the second floor, this hallway spelled of fresh pine. Anna pushed open the first door.

“This is the polishing room, where your juices help shine our silver or gold if you prefer it.” A girl was rubbing a silver vase between her legs, how much was that worth exactly Ellie wondered. One woman dipped a gold coin in and out of herself and brought it to the light inspecting how shiny the coin had become. Another woman was rubbing on a candle stick to cool it, the wet wake sticking to her moist lips.

“Lets push on.” Anna for the first time skipped a door.

“Uh what’s that one?” Ellie asked.

Anna gave her a long chesire smile “Maid closet, staff only.” Anna went on until they were out of the hallway altogether, another right and they were in a new hallway and new doors aligned to the right.

Anna opened the first door, it was hot yoga, literally. Everyone was naked bending and twisting bahis siteleri in compromising positions, but it was the first room where nothing entered another person’s body.

“Our yoga room, there are work out rooms below, but most like the quiet peacefulness it comes with.” Anna pulled the door closed and opened the next. There was a woman in glasses, stark naked in stilettos. She had a ruler in her hand hitting at the board which had drawings of a vagina and penis with notes of length and sizes.

She had listed techniques as well.

“Now riding her is easy.” The teacher said teasing her cunt with a piece of chalk, the class watched her closely. “But some want a wild fuck, hard. Now if you’re big you might stretch her, or if your dildo’s too big you’ll stretch her.” She winked at some of the girls in the class.

“As enjoyable as it is in your vagina it can be just as fun up your ass, it’s tighter which makes the dick or dildo feel thicker. Would anyone like to help me demonstrate?” Hands shot in the air. She pointed at one of her students who automatically shifted his cock out.

She walked to the front of the desk and bent down so that the class could see her small hole.

“Now most want to use a lube their first time or all the time, but again some like the roughness. Come on and give it to me.” The man spread her cheeks with his hands and led his cock to the lips of her ass.

“Ohh..” The teacher groaned “Just shove it all up there.” Once the head entered her rectum, he did as instructed, slamming his cock straight up her ass “Yes! Pay close attention class!”

“This is pretty self explanatory.” Anna explained to Ellie and pulled her again out into the hallway. Anna led her out and pointed down another hall.

“Now this is as far you can go, but let me explain the other rooms purposes.” Anna then picked up a pamphlet from the table and gave it to Ellie.

“The rooms with the red stars are hardcore rooms. Usually guests want to be pleasured by a pro, so we have porn stars who often use these rooms. They accept women and men. And their sessions can last from morning to night.”

“One woman had an orgasm every hour after. To have a session with a porn star or a pro teacher like Miss Glory, it does cost more. And it will be additional fees if you wish for more people to join you.”

“We also have private spa rooms, you’d get a massage, anywhere you’d like, a sauna release, wrap, you know the basics. We offer more than one type of massage and wrap.”

“The rooms that had golden stars are the play rooms, bdsm, and toys. We have an abundance and varieties of toys. All sizes for vaginal and anal play.”

“The silver star rooms are the ones we just toured, the bronze are the rooms that our guests stay in.”

“Oh how are they?” Ellie asked.

“Please follow me.” Anna took her to the center hall and used a keycard to open one room. It was like a mariott suite, except larger. A bed freshly made, wine in a ice bucket and flower petals on the floor.

“It’s a wide enough space to enjoy yourself. Now we also give our guests toys for their personal use in the first drawers as well as sexy lingerie. Now if you want a certain costume that costs a minimal fee. One second.” Anna walked over to the drawers and started pulling them open.

Inside the first was a vibrator and small metal tube, the second had the lingerie folded, the third Anna pulled a form out and closed the drawers.

“We keep extra forms.” Anna handed her the bahis şirketleri form. Ellie gazed at it.

“Um what does it mean by balls deep or balls deep in?”

“Oh well some men what their entire package wrapped inside a warm alcove, not just the sword, but the hilt too. We have staff that have wonderful vaginas that stretch wide enough for such pleasure.”

“And don’t get intimidated by this.” Anna pointed on the form where there were options of a double, triple, and multi penetration with a blank near the multi option. “Some women enjoy having two cocks inside her vagina or even three, it stretches them out, but we have a great tightening program, the same goes for any anal sex.”

Ellie felt Anna hand her a pen as she started to wonder something. Ellie filled out the form, if she was for men only or women only, toys, costumes, items, how many days, and what rooms and with a man or woman, pro or not. After she filled the form out she looked up at Anna.

“What is the largest penis that you have here?”

Anna thought “Eleven when soft, and twelve when fully erect. Before you send in the form look through the catalog a little. I’ll check on you in a few minutes.” Anna left Ellie to browse all the kink and rooms. Ellie checked off certain rooms that she knew she would enjoy. Anna eventually came back. Ellie handed her the form.

“Okay and how will you be paying for this?”

“Credit.” Ellie slid the card into her.

“Perfect. Lets go to the front.” Ellie followed Anna back to the lobby, this time the clerk was not alone, the girl who was topless from before was bent over with his cock buried into her pussy, while he pushed deeper into her he took the credit card of another guest to run it through.

The moaning and pumping was making some guests struggle to keep it together. Anna leaned over the clerk to check a monitor, she typed on the keyboard and pressed enter, soon a paper was printed and presented to the guest standing in front. Anna gave the clerk Ellie’s form. He started typing thrusting deeper into the girl.

“Ted will take care of you.” Anna patted her shoulder and walked up to her new victims to show them around.

Ted typed faster as his cock rammed into the girl’s tight cunt, it urged him to type faster. After her credit card was slid through, he pressed enter and she watched the paper being printed.

“Miss Stevens.” Ted turned to her “Here’s your receipt, your card back, and your room key.” Ellie took the paper, the plastic, and the cold metal object just to watch Ted lose himself, he busted inside the woman, his cum squirting from her like thick pudding.

Ellie put her card away and viewed the key, it was on the second floor. Before she left she caught glimpse of Ted sitting the woman onto his cum covered cock placing her hands on the counter to fuck her even deeper from behind.

“Oh and Miss Stevens.” Ted said, Ellie turned her head to view Ted smiling “Always cum as you are.”

Ellie wanted to say thank you, but he was balls deep into this woman like a horse. She watched as her hips bucked and watched him come inside her again. The woman full of her lust sat on him and grinded her hips, she didn’t care if she was full and sticky, she needed more.

Ellie watched smirking, the woman just couldn’t get enough of Ted’s cock. Soon the phone started to ring, Ted had to stand up to get it, when he did, his cock must have hit something deep within the woman, because she started cumming like a fire hydrant.

Ted had to suck in air for a few more seconds still within the woman before pasting a smile on his face and placing the phone to his ear.

“Hello this is the Felt Resort and Spa, our motto is Cum As You Are!”

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