The Graduate

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She had just been transferred onto the account; keen to make a good impression Julia was already weary of John, the formidable character heading up her new team.

A newly graduate junior member of the team, Julia knew she had her work cut out for her. John was known for his sharp tongue and anti-social nature, just her luck that she’d be working closely under him for the next few months.

After a few weeks of working together John pulls her into his office “Julia, I’m sorry to do this but I’ll need you to stay late tonight, the reporting is wrong we just need to sort it out. If we both put our minds to it we can sort this quickly”. Of course, Julia accepts and later that night they’re working hard on the numbers, everyone has left for the day, even the cleaners and security guards have gone home.

It’s just the two of them. Struggling with the final stages of the report Julia calls John over to show her where to find the function on the unfamiliar software.

He leans over her shoulder, his muscled arm beneath his shirt brushes against her cheek as he moves the mouse across her screen. She felt a tingle of excitement course through her, letting her breath bounce off his arm back onto her now, secretly hoping he too would derive some unexpected pleasure from the intimacy of their position.

She was aware of her low cut shirt, her breasts plump and brimming over the neckline. She arched her back forward slightly twisting to turn her head towards him now, looking up at his chin.

He looks down, she knows her stare is one of lust and intent, he recognises the flutter of sex in her eyes. He pauses on the mouse as she places a hand on top of his, angling her breasts now towards him in her seat, reaching up pulling his neck down to her, her hot breath on his neck illegal bahis now.

John hesitates for a moment, pulling away from his bent position but Julia keeps hold of his hand on the desk, removing it now from the mouse, instead placing it on the opening of her shirt, her breasts heaving now with desire, her firm bosom beating against his fingers.

She’s standing now, twisted to face him, she’s petite against his broad frame, her head tilted up to nestle her mouth into his neck where she now works softly with her lips, gently biting his neck whilst she begins to unbutton her shirt against his chest. She is theatrical in her movements, moving alluringly so that he can observe her undressing for him.

Unconsciously her pelvis is grinding against his crotch, she feels him grow hard against her, driving her on, she leans away from him now, arching backwards to rest both her arms onto the desk arching her pelvis forward firmly against him, revealing her lace bra unleashed now from her tight shirt.

John cannot believe what’s happening but suddenly seeing her now, beckoning him, lust in her eyes, her body slowly gyrating against his, he is solid, his throbbing cock twitching in his trousers.

Roughly and quite suddenly he leans over her, grabbing her waist with one hand, his muscles gripping her, then with the other, he quickly hoists her frame up on the desk, pushing his body between her legs, riding her skirt up above her hold ups, his cock tantalising close to her wet knickers now.

She release a brief but intense gasp following by a lingering raspy groan of delight as she reaches up to throw her arm over his shoulder, hand pulling his mouth hungrily to her neck.

With the other hand she makes light work of his belt, button and zip, releasing his cock into illegal bahis siteleri her eager hand, she begins to knead his cock, her fingers around his shaft moving quick and hard now, alternating and pausing every so often to stroke the tip.

His breath is hot against her neck, smalls deep grunts of pleasure as he’s doubling over now, succumbing to her expert touch, his face now buried in her breasts, grabbing them roughly with his hands he pulls them from the cup of her bra, biting on her nipples, turned on by the sound of her slight discomfort as he sucks and bites at the pert nubs of her tits.

He wants to be inside her, he can feel the heat of her pussy so close to his cock. He stops her hands, placing them back on the table behind her. He begins work now, running his hand up her silky white thigh, watching her wriggle on the table top with anticipation.

Her lacy knickers await him, shielding him from his deepest desires. Suddenly his rips them from her, the sound of the ripping material fills her eyes with a lustful spark of shock, Julia impressed by his sudden authority, she is now his. Submissively she leans back further on her arms, pushing her pussy towards the edge of the table, lifting her legs open wide to wrap gently around his waist, all the time watching his cock throb and twitch with mutual anticipation.

His fingers are running over her wet lips, it’s been a while since he’s fucked a woman, never mind one nearly half his age over the office table. He thrusts his finger into her hot hole, sending her head reeling back with a gasp, she gyrates faster now against he pumping fingers. He cannot wait anymore: he wants her.

Quickly he throws her legs down from around his waist- she turns to him shocked at first, he derives pleasure from the canlı bahis siteleri brief look of disappointment in her eyes for fear he was stopping until he reaches to her waist, his strength showing now as he easily lifts her, flipping her onto her front, bent now over the table.

She grasps the other edge of the table now, as he parts her legs, admiring her perfectly pert, curvy ass leading to her parted legs, he runs his fingers down the crack of her bottom down again into her sopping honey pot.

“I want you inside me” Julia gasps, wiggling her ass towards him, willing him on. John’s not in a position to deny her, positioning himself at her entrance, she’s rotating her wet pussy lips against his helmet, moving herself onto him ever so slightly, teasing him, groaning throughout with pleasure.

He grabs her hips and slams his length into her, her wet tight pussy filled with his hard cock. She’s groaning loudly now, as he thrusts deeper into her, the table, shaking with the force of his motion.

They can see their reflection in the window, bent over, Julia’s hair now hanging wildly dishevelled as he rocks against her pussy, her tits bouncing uncontrollably with every thrust, they both catch each other looking. Julia gives John a cheeky smile biting her lip as he drives into her, close to climax.

“Cum on me” she says “I want you to shoot your hot load all over me” the words tip John over the edge, he feel his load building fast, her hot gasps of pleasure mingling with his now guttural moans. Suddenly he withdraws, flips her round, tearing the remaining buttons from her shirt to reveal her bra and stomach and with a final thrust of his hand he cums, hard spurts of hot cum, spurting his load over her stomach, then tits and hitting her chin and hair, now dangling over her shoulder.

Julia lets out a squeal of pleasure followed again by a lingering groan of delight as John steady’s himself against the table, out of breath, doubled over slightly with sheer ecstasy.

“Same tomorrow night?” she giggles.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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