The Professor

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“Jane, you know how I feel, I don’t know what else I can say to convince you of my sincerity in this matter.”

“Lee, I know that right now you think that you know what you really want but you need to sit back and ask yourself why you feel this way before you make a promise you probably won’t keep or be able to keep,” she typed in her message box.

Jane had been speaking online with Lee for almost three months now. During that time she felt that they had become friends. She has enjoyed both exchanging email and chatting online with him, getting to know him better.

Lee had been reading some of her stories online and had finally gotten up the courage to drop her a note telling her how much he had enjoyed reading her stories. He had never really expected her to answer him back but he had included his email address just incase she did.

“Lee, do you remember when I asked how you came to be on the site where you found my stories,” she typed her question waiting for his reply?

“Of course I do, but what does that have to do with this,” he typed back?

“You told me that you were feeling a little sexually frustrated at the time and had been searching for some adult stories to help you ease your frustrations.”

“Jane, why are you bringing all this back up now? I told you the truth, I’m no different then any other men who seek out those sites to help ease some of their sexual frustrations?”

“ Lee, the men and women who frequent sites like that do so for so many different reasons. Your correct, your no different then any other man or woman who is in a unsatisfactory relationship.”

“Ok, I’m no different then so many others, so why should it make any difference?”

“That’s just it Lee, it’s a fantasy you all have. A fantasy that you all wish were true, one that you dream of, think of in your free moments, one that at this moment in time you want to make a reality.”

“Jane your driving me nuts! I’ve never wanted anything more in my life than I do this. So what if it is a little fantasy of mine? It’s one that you’ve created, that you’ve made me hunger for, how can you say no?”

“Hon, I’m really honored that I’m a part of your fantasy. Hell, what women wouldn’t want to be some man’s fantasy? We all want the “man in our life” to desire us above all others. The key words here are “man in our life”, not a one time good time. There are places that deal in that kind of thing hon.”

“Jane it would never be just a one time thing for me, I couldn’t have you once and not want to be with you again, that just won’t happen.”

“You can’t say that for sure Lee and you know it. For one thing, the real thing could be a disappointment to you. The one big disadvantage is distance Lee and you know that as well. There is far to much distance between us, even if we found we wanted to continue we would both still be frustrated over not being able to be with the other only occasionally.”

“Dammit Jane, that just won’t happen. I’d make the time to be with you as often as possible and I think you know that, but won’t admit it. Just meet me, that’s all I’m asking. I just want to talk to you face to face.”

“Lee any man who would drive almost 200 miles to meet a woman would expect a little more from her then just talk.”

“Ok, I’ll admit that I will be hoping that you will want to do more than just talk to me but I won’t be expecting you to do so. If something happens between us then great, if not, that’s ok as well, at least I will get to see you in person.”

For long minutes she just sat starring at the screen. No matter what she said to him he still wanted to see her. She had to admit that she would like to talk to him face to face as well. They had talked a few times on the phone, he had called her secretly from his office in his basement a few times.

“Jane? Are you upset with me? Are you still here,” he typed in the message box then hit send waiting for her reply? “I’m still here Lee. If I agree to meet you do you promise me you won’t expect more from me then just to talk?”

“Yes!!! I agree!!! When?”

“Ok, I’ll meet you if you promise you won’t expect more from me then just talking,” she typed.

“I can drive your way this weekend, how about Friday night?”

“Friday will be fine, what time do you think it will be when you get here,” she asked him?”

“I’ll leave right after my last class that afternoon. My last class gets over about 1:30 and I’ll leave right from school.”

“I know how Chicago traffic is Lee so how about if you call me from your cell phone when you get in Battle Creek? You will have about 15 more miles before you get to Marshall and I will meet you at exit # 110. There is a large truck stop to your left off the exit. I will be parked in the restaurant parking lot facing the road. I’ll meet you there then we can go downtown to have dinner and talk.

“Sounds perfect to me babe, I can’t wait to finally see you! Jane, could I ask just one thing of you?”

“Sure hon, what is it?”

“Would güvenilir bahis you let me hug you when we meet, that’s all, just a hug?”

Jane was smiling when she read his last message, she would have hugged him when she met him without asking him first anyway.

“I’ll see you on Friday Lee. I will be looking forward to meeting you.”

As the weekend drew closer Jane found herself getting more excited about Friday. Over the months of chatting and writing to Lee she had determined he was a pretty lonely guy. He wasn’t married, but he did live with a woman, another professor who taught at the same college he did. He was unhappy with the relationship he was in and had been for some time according to him. They had been living together for five years and in the last couple of years he had begun to feel dissatisfied with it. He said nothing ever changed, that it felt more like an arrangement then it did a relationship.

They shared the same living space, slept in the same bed, drank coffee together in the mornings then drove separately to school each day. He had a couple of night classes twice a week, as did she, only on different days. She had some woman’s group she belonged to one day a week and on Saturday’s they always made love at 10pm when they retired for the night.

According to Lee making love consisted of a few kisses, a few caresses, then right on to the joining. The same thing, every week, same time, same position, same duration, and the same damn “Bat Channel”. She had laughed when he had likened their lovemaking sessions to the old TV show of the comic Batman and Robin.

He had also admitted to Jane that during their once a week session the only thing on his mind was getting it over with. He told her that he was afraid that his life had become stagnet. The same thing week after week, year after year and he was unhappy with it.

She was trying to be fair to both parties when she asked him if he had done anything to change the boredom he was feeling. Had he spoken to his partner about his feelings? Had he told her of his desires, suggested they try something new within their relationship etc.?

Lee had told her that he had once tried to seduce her in her office and she had spurned his advances and told him to act his age. Jane had the feeling that when she had turned away from him that he had felt rejected. She felt that maybe that rejection had left him feeling unsure of himself in some way.

He called her as soon as he was in Battle Creek. She had been sitting in her car for about fifteen minutes before she saw him turn into the drive of the restaurant parking lot. She got out of her car so that he wouldn’t have to search for her.

He pulled into the spot next to her car and got out. She recognized him from the picture he had sent her in an email a few months ago when they had first began writing. She waited until he came around to where she was standing then walked up to meet him putting her arms around him telling him how glad she was that they had finally gotten to meet.

Lee held her tightly and close, she could smell the light cologne that he was wearing. Thank god she was thinking, she absolutely hated men who’s cologne was overpowering.

“I’ll let you drive and give you directions,” she told him as he held open the passenger door for her to get in. “I’ll give you a short tour of the city before we go to dinner.”

“This is what is referred to as the “Circle” from the town residents. That’s Brook’s fountain in the center of the circle. In the winter, it is decorated as the manger with the three wise men giving their gifts to the baby Jesus,” she told him. On July 3, in 1930 Harold C. Brooks presented the city with the fountain in memory of his father C. E. Brooks. The fountain is of Greek design and a replica of the “Temple of Love” in Marie Antoinette’s garden at Versailles, France. In the summer the fountain displays a color light show.”

“What is the Honolulu House,” he asked her pointing to the huge yellow building on their right just before coming to the circle?

“The Honolulu House was built in 1860 by Abner Pratt. He was the first US counsel to the sandwich islands, the Hawaiian Islands. It is said to be the exact replica of the house he lived in while living in the islands. He loved the house so much he had a replica built of it when he returned to Marshall. It is now home to the historical society and a museum.”

“That is the American Museum of Magic,” she pointed to the shop front they were passing on their drive through downtown. It was founded in 1978 and houses more than a half million pieces of memorabilia and props of well known state magicians of the 19th and 20th centuries. It also has an escape apparatus used by Houdini. That museum is the only one of it’s kind in the world.”

“This is the Governor’s Mansion. It was built in 1839 in the hopes that it would become home to the state governor. It had been thought at the time that Marshall would be the Capitol of Michigan. Officials at türkçe bahis that time had decided that Ann Arbor would house the University, Jackson would get the prison and Marshall would be the capital. When it didn’t, the house was and still is referred to as the Governor’s Mansion. It now houses the Mary Marshall chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.”

“Park here Lee and we can eat at the Stagecoach.”

He parked then went around to help her from the car. When they got inside the place was packed as usual. They found a place near the back and sat down. “This place is a favorite with the residents for it’s ½ pound coach burger,” she told him.

“This is a pretty busy place, is it always like this,” he asked her?

She knew immediately that he had been hoping for someplace a little more private and quiet. She smiled to herself at the sad look on his face when he had asked her the question.

“I was thinking that we could order take out and go down to Ketchum Park and have a little picnic,”she told him.

“That sounds fantastic Jane.”

They ordered their food and chatted while they waited. There were a few kids at the park when they got there but they walked across the small bridge that crossed the Kalamazoo River and sat down at a empty picnic table under a big Weeping Willow tree. They enjoyed their meal and conversation in relative privacy.

“Jane, do you feel even a little bit of sexual attraction to me,”he asked her.

She got up and went around to sit beside him. He was facing the table and she sat with her back to it. She laid her hand lightly on the side of his face and turned it so he was looking into her eyes. She pulled his face towards hers and kissed him softly.

He had been shocked when her lips first touched his, but it only lasted for a second then he was kissing her back passionately. She kissed him for a long time, building up his passion with her kisses. He was an amazingly good kisser and Jane loved men who could make her juices flow with their kisses.

She was feeling wicked and poor Lee was going to get more than he had hoped for. She slid her hand down his chest, unbuttoning his suit jacket as she did. She let her hand stop at the crotch of his slacks and pressed lightly against his hardening cock.

The way they were seated his back was facing the river so only someone who was on their side of the river could see what was going on. As they were the only ones on that side of the river no one could tell what was going on.

She reached for the zipper of his slacks and slowly lowered it. His hand flew down to hers to stay it. “Don’t move Lee, just sit still. No one can see what I’m doing,” she whispered against his lips.

Lee moved his hand away from hers, excited but nervous. He had never had anything like this happen to him in his life. Not even when he was younger had his ex wife and he been this open with their sexual affections.

She unzipped his slacks and slipped her hand inside. He was wearing boxers and that pleased her, much easier to fondle him this way. She reached inside the opening of his boxers and wrapped her hand around his warm, firm cock.

“Just enjoy the feel of my hand Lee, and don’t move. Just listen to my voice and feel my hand stroking your cock.” She leaned close to his ear, whispering softly to him. She licked the lobe of his ear then gently tugged it with her teeth. “ You like this don’t you hon? Bet you’ve never had a woman jack you off in public before have you babe?”

Lee could only manage to squeak out a feeble yes to her questions. He was nervous that they would be seen or caught and yet thrilled at what was happening.

“Close your eyes babe and imagine that it’s my mouth moving up and down your cock instead of my hand. Can you feel the warmth of my mouth as it surrounds your hard cock? Are you imagining what my tongue feels like as I lick your cock? Is it rough or silky soft from my saliva, slick and sliding all around your cock as I suck you gently?”

Lee could feel everything she was describing to him. He was imagining her mouth sucking him deep inside her mouth. He wished more than anything that it was her mouth giving him the pleasure she was whispering in his ear. “You feel good in my hand, I can almost imagine how good your cock would feel buried deep in my pussy. I can feel your cock pounding my pussy, waiting for you to fill it with your cum. Ummm…my pussy is so wet right now and hungry to feel your cock inside me. Would you like to fuck me Lee? Do you want to put this hard cock of yours deep inside me?”

“God yes! Can we go to a motel Jane, will you let me make love to you?”

She put his cock back in his slacks then pulled the flap closed and buttoned them back up at his waist but she didn’t zip up his zipper. She stood up and took his hand. “ Come around here and sit with your back facing the table.” His back was still facing the river so anyone on the other side still could not tell what was going on between them. She güvenilir bahis siteleri stood in front of him and placed her hands on his shoulders. She leaned down towards his face, to anyone watching them they would think she was kissing him.

She didn’t kiss him but whispered against his lips what she wanted him to do. “Undo your slacks and pull your cock back out for me,” she told him. She saw the astonishment on his face, “no one can see I promise you, it looks like I’m kissing you. Take your cock back out for me babe.”

He did as she had instructed wondering what she was going to do to him now. His cock was rock hard and standing straight up. He just knew they were going to get arrested for indecent behavior!

She had worn a skirt and nothing on underneath. She hated wearing panties anyway and went without them whenever she could get away with it. “I’m going to sit on your lap hon, guide your cock into my pussy as I sit down.”

“Jane you can’t be serious! Can’t we go to a motel before someone catches us?”

“Do you want to have your cock inside me or not? If you do, then guide it inside my pussy,” she began to straddle his lap while he held his cock in position for her to slip her pussy over it. She eased down over his cock until he was fully inside her.

“Don’t move, anyone looking this way will only think I’m sitting on your lap. If you start moving around you might give us away, she whispered against his lips before kissing him deeply. She moved every so slightly from side to side while she kissed him.

“Ummm…I do like the way you feel inside me,” she told him as she rocked slowly back and forth. I can imagine how your cock would feel slamming into my pussy as you fucked me. Your hands tight on my hips pulling me hard into you as you rammed your cock in me.

“Oh my god Jane I’m going to cum,” he breathed roughly against her lips.

“Yes babe, fill my pussy with your hot cum. I want to feel it dripping out of me and running down the inside of my thighs,” she moved slowly back and forth against his cock when she felt him tense as his orgasm busted loose inside her.

“My god I would have never thought I could have had such a powerful orgasm by you just sitting on my cock.”

“You came because it was all new to you, an experience you had never had before. It was the newness of it, along with the added excitement of you thinking we might get caught,” she told him as she eased herself up off of him.

He tucked his flaccid cock back into his boxers and zipped his pants back up. “Can we go to a motel now so I can make proper love to you,” he asked her holding her close against his side.

The sun was setting and in a few more minutes it would be dark. She wanted to leave the park before the teenagers started showing up who had no other place to go but to hang around in the park. Plus, the town police would be cruising by checking for drug deals that might be going on when the sun went down.

They gathered up their trash dropping it in the waste containers before heading back to his car. Jane wasn’t finished with Lee just yet, she was in a very high sexual state and needed some relief herself.

When they left the park she directed him towards the highway heading South. He thought they were heading for a motel but he would quickly find out that was not the case. Her destination was 20 miles south of town, to a little spring fed lake right off the highway.

As soon as they were on the highway she undid her seatbelt and turned sideways in the seat. She made sure the door was locked then leaned back on the door. She had undone four buttons on her blouse when he glanced her way.

“I’m so aroused I’m not going to be able to wait, I need to cum so badly,” she told him while rubbing her nipples through the lace of her bra. “Slow down to 65 hon and put the cruise control on so we don’t get pulled over for speeding,” she told him softly.

“I love my nipples played with, that arouses me as much as a good kisser does.” Lee kept glancing her way watching her rubbing and tugging at her nipples. “I love them sucked hon, I could have them sucked for hours and stay aroused.” She pulled a cup away from her left breast baring it and even in the dimly lit car she could see how huge his eyes had become.

She rubbed her bare nipple which was now firming up nicely with her attentions to it. “You know hon, the three ways I like to cum are through oral sex, my nipples being sucked while my clit and pussy are played with, and intercourse, in that order.” She lifted her tit to her mouth and he gasped audibly when she began to lick then suck on her own nipple.

Lee couldn’t believe this was happening, he was afraid he was going to have an accident if he didn’t keep his eyes on the road but he couldn’t keep himself from watching her. She had some huge tits and he was to old for perky tits to be the thing for him anymore. His cock was rising in his pants again just watching her.

She leaned back further, sliding down a little more in the seat while she played with her nipples. She lifted her left leg until it was bent at the knee resting against the back of the seat. She spread her legs further apart until her right leg was resting on the floorboard of his car.

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