Tis the Season

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It’s that time of the year again, when cold weather sinks in, and people start that old tradition of Christmas shopping. So many people stress out, not knowing what to buy, or who to buy for. And the fact that we are programmed that it is better to give, only adds to the stress. But not me, I enjoy giving, and even though I’m a college student on a tight budget, I do very well.

It seems that each year there is someone else I have to add to my list, so I inevitably have to start out earlier and earlier. My first stop this year will be my uncle Frank.

Uncle Frank owns a bar down on Third Avenue, and since it is a Tuesday afternoon, it should be fairly slow.

“Hi uncle Frank!” I shouted as I burst into the bar.

“Well, well, if it isn’t my little lost niece! How are you?” He beamed at me as he looked me up and down. “Come on into my office, Billy, keep an eye on the place!” Billy wouldn’t have much to do with only one customer in the joint, and he was a regular.

I stood there as my uncle took a seat behind his desk. His smile was ear to ear.

“You look terrific! I can’t believe your a grown woman! How’s college treating you?”

“Thanks, school is fine, in fact I’ll have my degree this spring!”

“Wow!” I think that ‘wow’ was supposed to be for my accomplishments in school, but I think it was more towards the way I was dressed. I had on a Santa suit. Well sort of, I had a big red Santa hat on, and a short Santa dress with red nylons and red high heels. The dress buttoned up in front with great big black buttons, but I had the top two undone, allowing quite a bit of cleavage showing. I walked around to his side of the desk and sat on the edge right in front of him.

“I can’t believe how much you’ve grown!” he said as he gazed at my ripe body.

“And I can’t believe how much you’ve grown!” I teased as I reached down and squeezed his cock through his pants. “I know it’s still a week before Christmas, but I’m here to give you your present!” I whispered as I worked his zipper down. After extracting his cock, I began kissing and licking it. Frank groaned as his cock became rock hard. Frank’s wife died a couple of years ago, and he hasn’t seen another woman since. He just pours himself into his work, and this release of tension is just what he needs. I could have made him cum in minutes with my talented tongue, but I wanted him to savor the moment, so I took my time. I would suck, and deep throat him, and pump furiously, and when I felt his balls start to contract, I would change my pace, causing him to sigh.

“Boy, you sure know how to tease!” he would moan. After fifteen minutes of oral torture, I felt it was time. I gave him all I had, lashing my tongue back and forth at lightning speeds, pumping with one hand , and tickling his balls with my long fingernails. Soon he was white-knuckling the arms of the chair, and his legs spasmed outward. I could feel the vibration of his cum as it streamed out his balls, and up his throbbing shaft. In a split second, it was filling my mouth. I swallowed quickly as I didn’t want to spill any on my outfit.

“My, uncle Frank, have you been saving that all year?” I said after finally swallowing the last of his great emission.

“And I’ll save it for another year, if this is what I get to look forward to!” was his response between huffs, as he stood up and tucked himself back in his pants.

I smiled and gave him a hug. “”See ya later uncle Frank, merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas Jenny, I love you. Hey say ‘hi’ to my worthless brother…er I mean your dad!”

“Will do!” I laughed as I headed for my next delivery.

Next on my list was Mr. Allen. He was the biggest influence on me during high school. I also had a crush on him, as he was a hunk. He must have liked me as well, as he often stared at me in class. It could have been because I always wore short dresses and skirts, and always sat in the front row, right across from his desk. Or it might have been because I “unknowingly” spread my legs a little too far apart on occasion, flashing him my panties. I could have seduced him then, but I didn’t want to jeopardize his career, being the fact that I was under eighteen at the time. But now I’m all grown up, and it’s time to thank him.

It’s weird going back to your old high school after a few years, everything is so familiar, and yet it’s so different. I checked in at the office as a visitor, and asked if Mr. Allen was still here. Being Friday afternoon, and the last day of school before winter break, most everyone had already left.

“Yes, he’s still in his room, 215, down the hall and to the left.” Mrs. Brighton said curtly. She didn’t remember me, as she was the school nurse and I never had to see her. She was an old maid who needed to get laid. I thanked her and headed out the door.

The halls were deserted, and it was very quiet. I didn’t have to look at the numbers on the wall to know where I was, this school has been burned into my memory. I peeked in the little glass window, and could see him in there. I surveyed the room, and knew illegal bahis he was alone. I opened the door, and closed it silently, as he wrote assignments on the chalkboard. He never saw me come in as I slipped into the seat in the front row. My usual seat. I watched as he wrote, noticing he still had no ring on his finger, and he still had a cute butt. As he finished, he turned to sit down at his desk. He caught something red out of the corner of his eye.

“Oh Jesus! You scared the crap out of me!” he laughed.

“Do you remember me?” I said as I sat there with my legs slightly parted.

“How could I forget my favorite student? How have you been, Jenny?” He was talking to my legs at this point.

“I’ve been great! This is kind of like old times, huh?” I smirked as he continued the examination of my nylon clad thighs.

“Yeah, but if I remember correctly, you used to wear panties when you sat there!” He was noticeably nervous as I fanned my legs back and forth.

“Mr. Allen! You looked up my skirt during class?” I feigned surprise, but with a smile.

“Uh…er…well, it was hard not to, I mean..geez, you were the hottest girl in school!” He started to blush as he spoke.

“Wow, thanks!” I was almost speechless, and felt my own face redden. “Oh, I almost forgot! I’m here to give you your present!” I walked over to the edge of his desk and noticed some of the trinkets his other students had left him. The usual “

teacher ” crap, and small boxes of candy. I pushed his chair back, and stood between him and his desk. I planted my little butt on his blotter, and lifting my legs, placed my feet on the armrests of his chair. This exposed my shaved pussy to his eyes, only two feet away.

“I…er..I shouldn’t..this is wrong!” he moaned, his eyes never leaving my now moist pussy lips. I tucked my feet under the armrests, and pulled him closer.

I could see the hesitation in his eyes. I could also see the hunger. “I’m sorry if I offended you.”

I said as I gave him the pouty lip look. “I should probably leave.” I unhooked my feet from his chair.

“No! wait…er I’m not sure.” Now he looked at me with desperation in his eyes. As I slowly lifted my feet from his chair, I could see what he wanted. I brought my feet up, and placed them on the sides of his head. I’m glad my mom forced me to take ballet when I was younger. Thoughts of plies danced through my head, as I brought my feet back towards me and my knees bent outward. Only difference was this time I had a handsome man between my feet, and soon between my legs. I only had to pull him in halfway, as he dove the rest of the way in. He licked my pussy like no man has ever done. He was gentle and methodical as he worked his way in and around my quivering pussy. His tongue danced around my clit until I almost exploded, then he move away from it. Four times I almost came, but he would stop moments before.

“God, you sure are teasing me!” I panted, my legs now spread wide.

“Just like you teased me throughout school!” was his muffled response.

“But I really wanted you!” I cried as I ran my fingers through his hair.

“And I really wanted you too, but you know how it goes.” His tongue was now jabbing at my clit as he snaked a finger deep in my tight slit. I started bucking again, but rather than stop, he sucked my clit into his mouth. I saw stars, and heard a high pitched whine go through my head as I had the most intense orgasm of my life.

After catching my breath, I sat up, and smiled at my teacher. His face was covered in my juices, and he was grinning broadly. I reached over and yanked a tissue from the box on his desk, and started to wipe the glistening moisture away. But instead, I leaned forward and kissed him. Then I slowly licked his face clean, running the tip of my tongue over the curves of his jaws.

“Man, that was the best present I ever got!” he said as he gazed into my eyes.

“But actually, that wasn’t even your present!” I said as I hopped off the desk. Still standing between him and his desk, I pushed his chair back about a foot, and knelt down in front of him. With my hands on his knees, I rubbed up and down, until I reached the tent formed by his cock under his zipper. Sliding his zipper down, I reached into his boxers and pulled it out. His cock was perfect, just as I imagined it would be. My mouth was already salivating as lowered my lips down around the head. As I slowly bobbed my head up and down, I could taste his cum as it started oozing slowly out the tip. On one hand, I wanted to make this last, for his pleasure, but on the other hand, I couldn’t wait to taste his warm cum.

“This is better than I ever fantasized!” he gasped, as I slurped away.

“You fantasized about me?” I was blown away.

“Only every day!”

“Maybe one day I could sneak in here and hide under your desk. And while your teaching, I could suck you off.” I whispered. That was all it took, as he jerked violently, filling my mouth with his delicious cum. I wanted to savor it, but I swallowed. And swallowed. And he kept cumming. illegal bahis siteleri And cumming. I thought he would never stop, and in a way, I didn’t want him to. Finally his balls were empty, at least for now. I stood up and smiled. “Merry Christmas!” I think he liked my present.

“Hey, will you visit me again?” he asked as we hugged behind his desk.

“Of course! In fact, maybe one day you’ll sit down behind your desk, and feel a hand slide up your leg!”

“Oh God, I can’t wait!” He was soaked in sweat. “Merry Christmas, Jenny!”

I hurried out the door, as I waved behind me. The only one in the hall was old man Leroy.

Leroy was the school janitor, a black man in his sixties, I guess. He was out there slowly mopping the floor as I walked by. “Hello Ms. Jenny! How are you?” I can’t believe he still remembers me. But then he was always nice to me.

“Hi Leroy!” I shouted as I scooted past his bucket.

“Hey!” he said softly, causing me to stop and turn around.

“I know a secret!” he whispered as he pushed his mop and bucket towards the utility room.

“What?” I asked, having no idea what was coming.

“Well, one day I was out in this very hall mopping this floor. I was minding my own business, but I heard a strange noise coming from Mr. Allen’s classroom. So I peeked in the window, and you know what I saw?” He waited for my response.

“No, what?”

“Well, I saw Mr. Allen sitting in his chair, leaning way back. And I saw a red Santa hat, just like yours sticking up from behind his desk.” he said as he pushed his bucket to the back of the little room.

“And how long ago was this?” I pondered, standing in the doorway watching him.

“About ten minutes ago.” he said with a sly grin. I could see the bulge begin to grow in his khaki pants. I don’t know what it was, maybe it was the Christmas spirit, or the overwhelming desire to give, or maybe it was the fact that I never had a black man before, but I took a step into his small room, and closed the door behind me.

“Hey look! I have an extra present left, would you like it?” I asked as I turned an empty plastic bucket over and sat down in front of him. I licked my lips and smiled as he stepped closer to me.

“Out of the hundreds of girls I seen come through this school, you were by far the cutest and sexiest of all!” he exclaimed as I worked slowly on his zipper.

“Oh, your just saying that because of what I’m doing here!” I countered.

“Think about it Jenny. Every class you came out of, I was there, doing something.”

He was right. If he wasn’t sweeping or mopping, he was emptying trash cans or pushing his cart around. “Wow, I didn’t realize…” I thought out loud as I reached in and grabbed his black snake.

“Wow!, I really didn’t realize!” as I pulled this monster from his pants. It had to ten inches long, and almost as thick as my wrist. It was black as coal, but very shiny, with veins criss crossing all over it. As I squeezed it, a pearly drop appeared at the end, and out of habit, I licked it off. His response was a low moan, as I proceeded to plant wet kisses all along his shaft. I had hardly started, when his moans increased.

“You act like no one has ever done this before!” I teased. But he didn’t respond. “Or maybe no white girl has ever done this before.” I took the plum sized head into my mouth and sucked, but as I looked up at his face, I could see a hint of sadness.

“What’s wrong Leroy?” I asked as I stopped sucking.

“You’re the first girl who didn’t scream and run away. I’ve only had a couple of dates, and when they got to touching me, and found out how big I was, they got scared.”

“I thought you were married.”

“Are you kidding? Who would marry a janitor?” I could see the pain in his eyes.

“Well, I’m not going to run away, I’m going to finish what I started!” and with that, I ran my tongue the full length of his shaft. His balls were huge, having never been emptied properly. But I will take care of that. This giant cock was getting to me, and I had to have it, at least for a little while, so I stood up and had him sit down, as I aimed the head at my pussy. He was so huge, and I was so tight, that it took a minute for me to adjust. But once it was in…instant orgasm. I came continuously for the next few minutes. Now I was the one soaked in sweat as he neared his finish. I reluctantly slid off him and down to my knees as I gripped him with both hands. His cock was so covered in my juices, that my hands slipped easily up and down his monster. Seeing his balls start to dance, I lowered my lips down over his throbbing cock, and in no time he came. His thick cum filled my mouth as if someone were squirting a can of whipped cream. I tried in vain to swallow it all but it was too much for me, as it flowed down his shaft and over his balls. It took several gulps to down the salty syrup that had filled my mouth to capacity, but once I had finished, I started on what I missed, lapping up tonguefuls of white honey. Even after I had cleaned every drop from his dark skin, canlı bahis siteleri I continued to tease him, showing him I wasn’t afraid of his endowment. What amazed me though, was the fact that he was still hard. As I licked and pumped some more, the room seemed to fill with light. It took me and Leroy a moment to realize the door had been opened, as we both turned to look. It was Mrs. Brighton the school nurse. She stood there with her mouth agape as she stared first at me then at Leroy. Well at Leroy’s huge dick anyway.

“I heard noises coming from in here…” She appeared to be in shock. “And was making sure you were OK.” Leroy was also frozen, but as I was still unconsciously stroking his cock, it was still pointing straight up. They both looked dumbfounded, I had to think quick.

“Come in and close the door, before anyone else walks by!” I said to her, hoping she wouldn’t bolt. As if in a trance, she closed the door and walked over within a couple of feet of us.

“My God Leroy, I never knew!” she gasped. I noticed she couldn’t take her eyes off his appendage. This was my chance. “Here Mrs. Brighton, have a seat.” I said as I stood from the overturned bucket. Without hesitation, she sat down, now only inches away from his throbbing cock. I picked up her hand and gently placed it around Leroy’s member. She not only didn’t pull away, but she reached out with her other hand as well, and began to pump his rigid tool. I kissed Leroy on the cheek, and wished him happy holidays as I headed towards the door. Just as I reached for the knob, they both said in unison, “Thanks!”. I looked back to see Mrs. Brighton take his cock into her mouth. This was a match made in heaven! I smiled as I closed the door and walked down the hall. I could swear I could hear them moaning all they way from the front door, as I skipped down the steps toward my next stop.

My next stop was my aunt Karen. She’s my mom’s younger sister who never married. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why. She was stunning, athletic, and very smart. She would help me with my school work all the way through college. I wanted to fix her up with uncle Frank, but I found out they had too much in common. In other words, they both liked women. She had once asked me if I had ever been with another woman, and I told her no. It’s not that I hadn’t thought about it, it’s just that the opportunity had never arisen. She even once told me, that if I was ever curious, to just stop by.

Aunt Karen had a big house in a nice neighborhood. I knew she was home, as her car was sitting in the driveway, but there was no answer when I knocked. I tried the door, and it was unlocked, so I stuck my head in. “Aunt Karen? Are you here?” She didn’t answer, but I could hear music playing in the back of the house. She always cranked the tunes when she was exercising, so I headed into the house. She had converted one of the bedrooms into a gym, and worked out several times a week.

I stood in the doorway and watched her as she was laying on the bench lifting weights. She was completely naked, and her body was toned to perfection. On her fourth rep, she saw me standing there, and smiled.

“Hey Jenny! How ya doin?” she asked as she continued with her routine. I was in awe. her body was too perfect, a muscular physique, with large, firm tits pointing straight up from her chest. Her pussy was clean shaven, and with each press she did, her cunt lips would open a little and close. I found myself standing right at her feet as she lifted and grunted. She just smiled at me as if she knew what I was thinking. After several more reps, she spread her feet further apart, opening her sweet flower to me. I reached down and raked my fingernails up her muscular thighs, and ran the tips of my fingers over her pussy lips. She shuttered, and a small drop of moisture formed at the bottom where her lips met. I rubbed my finger in it, and brought it to my lips. I had tasted my on juices before, but this was different. It tasted so sweet, almost like honey, and I knew I had to have more. I knelt down on the thin mat and ran my tongue the full length of her pussy. She arched her back to meet my tongue, and had set the weights down.

“Let’s move to the bed.” she said, as she rose and took my hand.

“I’m so glad you could stop by!” she said as she reclined on the soft comforter. “But let’s get you out of that dress now!” She reached over and undid the remaining buttons, exposing my body. I was a little embarrassed as her body clearly out shined mine.

“You are so beautiful!” she said as she caressed one of my breasts.

“But not as hot as you, aunt Karen!” I cooed as I reached for one of her big breasts.

“Don’t be silly! And don’t call me aunt! it makes me feel old!” she laughed.

She kissed her way from my nipples down my belly to my very wet slit. I have had many men lick my pussy, and most were very good at it. But aunt Karen was unbelievable. She knew exactly what I liked, and brought me off quicker than anybody ever has before. After a man makes me cum with his tongue, I have to push him away because my clit gets super sensitive, to the point it actually tickles. But Karen was different, she knew where I was sensitive, and made me cum time after time without stopping. Soon I was a quivering pile, out of breath and sweating.

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