Traci’s Diary: Week 02

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Thursday, January 6, 2005

The tree guy finally called today. He says he’ll be out tomorrow to leave me an estimate. Too bad I won’t be there to bargain with him (see Traci’s Diary – Week 1). I know tree guys have to eat, too. But how can it be THAT expensive to pick up some branches and carry them away?

So far this winter we’ve had ice, snow, no electricity and now floods. It’s very Biblical. It’s almost enough to make you want to marry someone so that you can come home, put on your Steelers number 7 jersey (nothing else) and wait for your man.

(By the way…I’ll get back to the story in a sec…did you hear that Ben Roethlisberger is hanging out with Natalie Gulbis? I was kinda holding out for her myself. Maybe it won’t last and she’ll call me all upset and will want someone to sleep with for a while. Naked.)

OK. I’m waiting for my man in my jersey (nothing else) and he comes home. I meet him in the hallway and kiss him passionately (I really wish it was Natalie instead. Sorry. Have you ever done a Google search under her name? God.) He puts his hand on my ass, lifting the jersey until he can feel my skin. I can feel his cock getting hard as we grind our bodies together, his fingers massaging my cheeks.

He pushes me against the wall, my bare ass touching the cold surface while he raises my jersey. His hands feel nice against my chest. I take the jersey from him and hold it above my head, pulling it off as he bends to take the first taste of my breast.

He doesn’t seem to notice as I unbuckle his belt, open his pants and reach inside his boxers. His cock isn’t fully erect, but I know it soon will be. I fumble with the rest of his clothes, anxious to get him naked. We kiss intermittently as I undress him, piece by piece.

By the time he’s naked we are both desperate to fuck. I hold his cock again and pull it against me. Now it’s hard and pointing up at me as we hold our bodies together. At the end of a kiss, my husband picks me up. I wrap my legs around his waist and hold on as he carries me to the top of the kitchen table. We fuck on that table as much as we eat on it.

I spread my legs and wait for him. Sometimes he licks me. Sometimes he thrusts his hard cock into me. Tonight he wants sex…fast and hard.

He lifts my ass off the table and inserts his shaft into my cunt until our bodies meet. I groan with pleasure as he begins to slide it in and out of me. I put one hand on my clit and the other on a breast, twirling a nipple between my fingers.

“Oh, yeah. Fuck me,” I tell him.

“I’m going to cum on your tits tonight. So be ready,” he says.

“I’m ready.”

It only takes a couple minutes for him to have to pull out and start stroking his cock as he leans over me. I wait for the wonderful feeling of his warm cum spilling onto my chest. His groans precede the first shot of cum by just seconds. I see a second and third pile start to build on my tits. I rub it over my nipples with one hand and play with my clit with the other.

About the time he’s done with his orgasm, I start mine. He watches as my body writhes on top of the table, little cries of pleasure coming from me each time I cum. I think about us in bed later that night fucking for real in the soft bed. I cum again.

When I’m done, he gets a towel and cleans me, spending lots of time around my breasts.

Natalie will have to wait.

Friday, January 7, 2005

Well, the tree dudes never showed up again today. Their loss. For the fun of it, let’s assume they found a house down the street with a desperate housewife babe in it that needed their services more than me. Maybe she paid better. Doubt it.

I’m off work on Monday, January 17th because of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Yea. I think I’m going to head over to Wheeling and spend Sunday and Monday at the casino over there. It’s not Las Vegas, but it’s OK for small time slot machine players like me.

I play nickel slots. Nine lines at a time. Would I be better off playing quarter machines two coins at a time and spending roughly the same amount each time? Somebody answer that for me, please.

That casino never struck me as the greatest place to pick up guys, but then I’ve never stayed overnight there either. Maybe I’ll be sitting at a machine waiting for an attendant to come pay me the 3500 coins I’m due when a good looking guy will sit at the machine next to me. He congratulates me. I say “Thank you”, wondering where a 30-year-old guy came from after seeing nothing but middle aged losers all day.

He says, “Looks like you’re buying.”

“All this will do is get me through tomorrow,” I reply.

Without hesitation, he asks, “You staying here?”

Immediately I realize he’s brilliant as well as good looking. “Yeah. Just tonight.”

He plays for a minute without luck. It gives me a chance to look at him closer-his light hair and blue eyes; his muscular arms under a golf shirt; his tight jeans.

“A friend and I came over from Pittsburgh for the long weekend,” he says. I watch him enter the bonus round on his machine and win 450 illegal bahis coins.

“Alright. Way to go,” I say, sliding around in my chair to face him better. My knees are almost touching him.

He looks at me. “So, why don’t you join us tonight. We’ll buy, despite your new wealth.”

I smile. He’s hoping beyond hope I don’t say something about the guy I’m with or the parent I’m entertaining. I’m hoping beyond hope his friend isn’t Godzilla. “Well, I don’t know. I’ll be playing til pretty late.”

A tap on my shoulder indicates the arrival of the attendant. Soon I have my payout and am anxious to continue the game of shy little girl with my new acquaintance.

“Where should we meet?” he asks abruptly.

I like his style, except I bet he’s this fast at sex, too. “I’m not that familiar with this place,” I lie. “What’s good?”

He points to a bar in the center of the room. “In there. You say when.”

“If you’re buying, how about eleven.”

“Perfect. I’m Kyle.”

I shake his large hand. “I’m Traci. See ya then.”

I feel confident leaving the area that I’ll be capable of leaving the hunk and his apish friend at the bar if I don’t like the scene. I mean, I’ve done that before. Countless times.

As the evening progresses, I see Kyle in the distance as I move from machine to machine, floor to floor. We never talk again, and that’s fine with me. I also never see him with anybody. That’s too bad. I hate blind dates.

At 11:10 PM I start making my way to the bar. I recognize Kyle from the back and see him talking to a guy on a stool next to him. To my surprise, it’s a fairly normal looking guy in his late twenties or early thirties, clean and decently dressed. Why can’t I have this luck at the machines?

“Hi,” I say when I get close to Kyle.

They turn in unison and greet me with an invitation to move to a nearby table. I agree. Kyle’s friend’s name is Chad and appears to be almost as shy as me. I kind of like him already.

I accept a drink from the men and we discuss our various wins and losses at the slot machines. Chad is the only one who is even slightly ahead and that results in him being chosen as the buyer of future drinks.

I determine fairly quickly that if we end up in a room I’m probably going to fuck these guys. The thought of it seems better each time my glass gets emptier. When Kyle finally does invite me to their room, I eagerly accept.

There is nothing fancy about the room. Two double beds, a couple chairs and a table. People don’t come here to spend their time in the room. Unless they are me and it’s late at night and I’ve had a drink and two guys invite me up. Then the room is important.

I figure if they are going to do much harm to me it will be as soon as we get there. So, when we spend a few minutes talking some more, I feel a little better. Good enough to finally say, “OK. Who’s going to get naked for me first?”

The abruptness of the question results in a momentary pause by the men. Then Kyle stands up and pulls off his shirt. He kicks off his shoes and starts to take off his pants. I watch with a grin on my face as he stands just a few feet from me in nothing but his boxers.

I expect him to want me to get in on the act before he goes on, but to my pleasant surprise his boxers end up on the floor and his large cock is in full view. He has a decent body and I feel the excitement growing deep inside me.

I don’t wait for an order. I stand up and slowly remove my shirt, facing Kyle and within an arm’s length of him. It had to be obvious to them that I wasn’t wearing a bra. Now they knew for sure.

Chad doesn’t move, except to watch me pull off my jeans. My tiny, red v-string brings approving comments and I smile at the look on Chad’s face as my naked ass stares him in the face. I pull up on the tiny string, forcing what little material there is in the front to nearly disappear. Kyle’s erection has doubled since I stood up.

I sit on the side of the bed and extend my legs one at a time while taking off the panties.

“Well, c’mon,” I say to Chad. “I want both of you.”

Kyle joins me on the bed as Chad strips. Kyle and I kiss and I love how he licks my nipples. His cock is warm in my hand as I grip it tightly. Finally, Chad is naked and we align ourselves on the bed with my head on a pillow. Chad’s cock is equal to Kyle’s if not a little bigger. This is going to be fun.

With a man on both sides of me, my tits each get a mouth and Kyle’s hand is on my pussy. I lay back and enjoy the attention my body is getting. I wait as long as I can before absolutely having to have a cock in my mouth. I decide to concentrate on shy Chad’s.

I move down and lift his cock so I can get my lips around it. Gently, I kiss and lick the very tip. Then I begin to slide it into my mouth. Deeper and deeper I take it, applying pressure with my lips as it moves in and out. Soon, it is hard and throbbing.

I move again to give me room to lick from the base to the tip. I’m on my knees now and Kyle is moving behind me. I feel his hands on my waist, illegal bahis siteleri then my hips.

A moment later, Kyle is entering me from behind. I feel his thick cock at the entrance to my cunt, then his legs are up against my ass. I love the sensation of his shaft moving smoothly in and out of my body.

I try to concentrate on Chad, but when Kyle begins massaging my clit with his fingers I can only think of the orgasm that is sure to come. Kyle squeezes my ass and occasionally puts his hands on my breasts. All I want to do is cum.

My head is bobbing up and down on Chad’s cock with more speed. His groans tell me he’s getting closer.

But, I cum first. I push my ass back into Kyle’s body and nearly scream with pleasure. He holds me tighter and plunges his cock as deep into me as he can. I want more and rub my clit to cum again. My near screams are muffled by Chad’s now-huge cock in my mouth.

At the end of my orgasm I feel the first splash of cum from Kyle enter my pussy. He pounds up against my ass and each thrust means more cum inside me. I frantically yank on Chad’s cock below my mouth, wanting to taste him.

I get my wish quickly. In fact, I get more than I can handle and cum drips down the side of my mouth and onto my chin as Chad cums over and over again. Kyle has pulled out of me by the time I suck the last of the cum from Chad. I use his cock to clean my face, licking it one last time.

I stay for another hour or two before heading back to my own room. In the morning I’ll think about slot machines again.

Saturday, January 8, 2005

Saturdays are cool. A lot of times I’ll get up and head to the local donut place and get a mocha and a cream filled donut…or two. I’ve actually written a story about the things you can do with cream filled donuts. Yum.

Then I’ll do whatever I need to do at home and maybe by early afternoon I’m ready to sit and watch TV or something. Sometimes I’ll get real lazy and go upstairs to my bedroom and open the drawer containing my toys. I only have a few-some I bought and some were gifts.

I like the thick plastic ones with ridges and a tip like a cock. I’ll open my jeans and let my fingers move inside on top of my panties. Before long the jeans and panties are around my ankles or on the floor. Then I grab the toy.

I rub it over my clit first, several times. Then I can move it down to my pussy, which will be wet. I let the moisture cover the end of the dildo and move it into place. Just the tip goes in at first and I bring it back to my clit. Then more of the toy enters me. I repeat this until as much of the dildo goes into me as I can take.

One hand pumps the toy back and forth while the other squeezes my tits and nipples and clit. Sometimes I cum in a matter of seconds. Other times it’s quite a few minutes.

I feel my orgasm build around my stomach and into my pussy. I slam the dildo in as far as I can and hold it there when my first orgasm starts. I lift my ass off the bed and begin to fuck myself with the toy. Fast and hard.

I think about a guy I met or some babe/dude from TV. Sometimes I’m being raped. But I always cum. I let the dildo stay inside me when I’m done, just as hard as when it started. It feels great. If I have all day, I might rest for a few minutes and start over again. The second time can be a lot more fun because it’s harder to cum but you cum harder. Does that make sense?

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Who do you think about during sex or masturbation? I watched enough football today to give me images for a week. You have players, cheerleaders, sideline reporting babes (does anybody besides me want Bonnie Bernstein?). She’s older than me. What age do you like?

A lot of times I want a kid. I want an eighteen year old blonde right out of high school. I want a girl who hasn’t been tainted by men, yet. If she’s had sex with a boy it was pure lust. None of this adult relationship nonsense.

I want a little girl who wants to try something different. I want us to become friends so she’ll come over to my house on a Saturday afternoon and just spend some time. She’ll wear a sexy little shirt with no bra and jeans that look like they’re going to fall off at any minute.

She’ll be short with thick blonde hair that goes down to her shoulders, a nose that turns up right at the end, and full cheeks. Her breasts won’t be too big for her little body. Her waist and hips will curve beautifully down to her shapely legs. No one piece of her will stand out. The total package is what I want.

She’ll be unsure of her feelings toward an older woman who acts a little like her, likes the same things she does and isn’t afraid of her body…like her. She’ll be attracted to me, just like she is to a couple of her female teachers. Except, unlike them, I invite her over. I talk to her, laugh with her, drink with her.

And I lay on the floor with her in front of the TV. We talk about guys and girls and life. I tell her it’s OK to do whatever she wants with whoever she wants, as long as she’s safe and intelligent about canlı bahis siteleri it.

She lays on her back and I touch her small belly ring. I let my fingers rest on her stomach, slipping lower until meeting the top of her jeans. I feel her muscles tense up and relax from one side of her waist to the other.

My hand moves up. Over the ring. Under her shirt. I feel her ribs and her breathing. I move closer to her and kiss the side of her face. My hand is moving her shirt higher. A finger finally touches the bottom of one of her breasts.

She looks at me and I ask her if she wants me to stop. She shakes her head “no” without saying a word. I slowly move my hand until it covers her breast. I just watch her for a second.

“Have you done this before?” I whisper.

“No.” The answer strikes me as honest. “But I wanted to try it.”

“Just do whatever you want,” I tell her.

My fingers find her nipple and begin to roll it back and forth. She closes her eyes and I squeeze a little harder. Then my hand massages her entire breast. To my surprise she lifts the shirt so I can see both breasts. I can take a hint.

My head moves down until I can lick the side of an exposed tit. I move until I can put her nipple between my lips. I feel her body react and open my mouth to taste as much of her as I can. My tongue flicks across her nipple until it doubles in size and I hear her first moan.

It’s a magnificent feeling having such a young woman next to me, wanting to experience something like this. I’m unsure whether she wants me to concentrate on her or if she wants my body. The answer comes when she lifts up my shirt.

I lean up and let her watch me take it off. My whole body tingles when I see her staring at my small breasts hanging above her. Then her hand tenderly traces my nipple.

I shift my body so that my breasts are directly above her mouth. A second later I feel her lips and her tongue. She’s so gentle at first. Then she puts her hand on my breast and tries to take it all into her mouth. She licks it and sucks it until I think I’m going to cum.

To slow her down, I remove her shirt. I’m on top of her body now, straddling her legs. I lay down so that my breasts rest on hers. I kiss her on the mouth. Our tongues touch and we kiss harder. Our bodies press together, her arms wrapped tightly around me.

“I want you,” I say between kisses. I don’t know what makes me say it, other than the fact I truly want her.

“I want you, too,” she says. “Show me how.”

The words almost make me cry. She says it in such an innocent tone and yet I can feel the sexual tension trying to escape from her. She presses her hips up against mine. I bet she’s wet.

To find out, I unzip her jeans and pull them down her legs. She doesn’t move as I take them off her. I move back up towards her panties and run my fingers along her thighs where the panties end. Then I push the font of her panties into the crack outlined under the thin material.

She sighs as my finger follows her pussy up to her clit. I feel the dampness already and can’t resist taking off the young girl’s panties.

I look down upon the beautiful, naked, youthful body. Soon, I’m naked too and more than ready to make love to this girl.

I feel her nervousness and decide to slowly lick her and suck her all over until she’s ready to cum. Between my mouth and my hands, it’s only a matter of minutes until I feel her first orgasm begin. I love her little screams. She obviously doesn’t hold anything back as I lick her clit harder and harder.

When she’s done, I spend time on her breasts, gently licking them. To my great pleasure, she flawlessly does to me what I just did to her. She seems to enjoy giving almost more than receiving. I assure her that over time she’ll only improve.

She assures me she wants more time with me. The words are music to my ears.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Would it surprise you if the guy next door spends every free, waking minute looking at porn on his PC? How about that couple across the street. Do you think she ties him up and blindfolds him before getting the whip out?

We have no clue what goes on behind other people’s doors. Your son’s teacher-the middle-aged woman in the conservative skirt-is probably cheating on her husband with a guy who fucks her from behind in his shower. Every Saturday.

What do you think? If 100 people read this story, are thirty of you having sex with somebody besides who you live with? Forty?

If you are only having sex with the person you live with, is it the kind of sex you’d do in public without embarrassment? I mean, is it socially acceptable sex?

I guess the first sex I had that was different was when a guy took me from behind. Now I love it, as long as it’s my pussy and not my ass. I know. That’s not the most unusual sex people ever had, but it was new to me. And the feel of his hand on my tit and clit at the same time he was inside me was incredible.

Then I got into group sex. First it was all guys, but then girls joined in and I was hooked…to groups and girls. Or groups of girls. When I’m with another woman I don’t like one to “play” the man or whatever you want to call it. I like sensuous women and that’s how I want to be for them. I like to tease another woman and to be teased.

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