Train Ride Home

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This is based on a dream I had two year ago. I had started writing it the following morning, but moving around, I’d lost track of it. I finished it recently after I came across it backing up my system. The lead-in and foreplay is long for those who wish to get down to the nitty gritty immediately.


“Here’s your rhubarb and peach cobbler, topped with vanilla-bean ice cream, Navid. Please let me know if there is anything else I can get you. Enjoy!” said the waitress, with the slightest hint of New England charm and tease. She adjusted her bangs to show off her sparkling green eyes to match her congenial smile.

Into his first bite, Navid couldn’t help but run several scenarios through his mind as to the true intentions of the waitress. Was she slightly attracted to him? Or was she simply being cordial and hoping for a better tip?

Sure, she made small talk before he began his three-course adventure. She seemed genuinely interested in the conversations of wine and food pairings after the appetizer course. She even addressed him by name several times, implying his effort to introduce himself was not wasted. But, alas she must have quickly been deterred by his somber attitude after the entrée course. After all, the only thing she really knew of him was that he was celebrating a graduate school admission all alone. Surely, one would expect him to be far more elated and lively. Beyond that one fact, he was a complete mystery to her. His arguments against himself had won, and he fell to the only rational answer, that she was simply a pleasant person, and was doing her job.

He quickly finished his dessert and took one last sip of his mediocre Pinot Noir, the one he ordered against the waitress’ desire to pair something appropriate to his cobbler. Waiting for the receipt, he took one final look around the bar area and restaurant. He soaked up the full-bellied laughs of the jovial couples hanging off the other end of the bar. He too chuckled, but merely at the out-dated notion that bars were a great place to meet singles. He signed his receipt, leaving a generous tip, and swiftly walked along the narrow path leading to the exit.

The fresh, cool summer air felt great on his flushed-red face. He loosened the purple-striped tie enough to unbutton the second button of his off-white oxford shirt, and rolled up his sleeves. He ridiculed himself of his old-fashioned views, but maintained that proper attire was necessary to enjoy a fine dining experience, no matter what the circumstance. Besides, he figured this was the best he’s looked in weeks. This was motivation enough to take the longer route to the subway station as well as enjoy the wonderful post-thunderstorm breeze.

On his walk, Navid couldn’t help but think about his future. He had largely regretted not taking advantage of being in the city the past year. Sure he had co-workers he could call friends, but he never went out on a date nor had an opportunity to hook up. He promised himself that next year would be different. Becoming a student again would help him ease into meeting new women, and he simply had to take advantage of it. Besides, he couldn’t let his dry spell last forever.

Reaching the subway, Navid scanned his pass, and entered the station. He had a preference for the front of the train. The loudspeaker announced, “Attention Passengers, the next North bound train is now arriving.” He quickened his pace to the front as the train pulled in. As he waited for passengers to exit, he heard a soft voice far behind him exclaiming “No…No!” As he was boarding, he saw a petite woman running towards the door. Instinctively, Navid held the door open for the woman, despite the alarm ringing in his ear. The doors reset, and the woman made it safely onto the train. The doors snapped closed behind her, and the train quickly departed.

Out of breath, the woman thanked Navid and grabbed a hold of the safety railing next to him. He thought this was odd, as the train was fairly empty, and figured she would want to grab a seat considering her dash. He smiled back to her as acknowledgement of her courtesy, scanning her in the process. The woman was wearing a flattering floral summer dress of purple and white, along with pearl earrings and necklace and flat white ballet slippers. She was several inches shorter than Navid, with a curvy figure and petite waist. She looked a few years older than Navid, but did not bare any rings. Her skin was a dull bronze, and she had perfectly layered hair reaching her mid-back.

As the train continued, Navid could not get this woman out of his mind. He used every opportunity to turn his head to look at her. He caught her looking at him as well, each time offering an inviting smile. ‘Is she into me?’ Navid pondered.

After the first stop had passed, Navid was convinced something was odd, as she maintained her position close to Navid on an otherwise empty train car. He had plenty of opportunity, canlı bahis şirketleri and let his optimism from earlier motivate him to make a move. But what could he possibly say?

The next stop approached, and Navid could still not decide on what to say to her. What if that was her stop and he misses this opportunity? What if too much time with silence had passed and saying anything now would be awkward?

The train stopped, but the woman maintained her position. Navid took this as a sign. He had to say something. Navid settled that honesty was the only chance he had.

The next instance he caught her gaze, he somehow grew the courage to speak. “umm, I’m really bad at this… but I think… you look beautiful tonight, and I… uhh, wanted to, uhh, introduce myself,” Navid shyly mumbled.

The woman replied, “I’m sorry, did you say something?”

Navid panicked. ‘Shit, I could still back out,’ he thought. But he decided to repeat himself. “oh… ya, I was just saying… Hi, I’m Navid.” He put his right hand out to shake.

“Hi, I’m Laila.” She reciprocated his hand shake. They smiled at one another. Navid noticed Laila had a slight dimple on both cheeks, further accentuating her subtle cheekbones.

“Looks like you’ve had an eventful night.”

“Ya, I’m a little overdressed. My friends had tickets for the opera earlier today.”

“Oh, La Bohème is playing, right? What did you think?”

“Yea, were you there? It was good, the usual tragic love tale, but the music is just so beautiful.”

“No, I couldn’t manage to get tickets.”

“So then why are you dressed to impress?”

“Oh.” Navid laughed nervously. “I went out for dinner.” As Navid finished speaking, the train started to pull into his stop. “Well this is my stop. It was nice meeting you, Laila.”

She replied, “Not so fast, this is also where I get off,” with a seductive grin. He allowed her to exit first. Navid couldn’t help but notice her hands trying to smooth out the back of her dress, almost as if daring wandering eyes to peek at her curvaceous backside. Navid was careful not to let his glance become noticeable.

Trying to give himself courage, Navid thought, ‘this is your second chance. Don’t let it slip. She seems totally into you.’ Navid, thriving off this confidence, caught up next to Laila and inquired, “So if you’re not too tired from your evening, I was hoping you might join me for a glass of wine.”

“Sure, that sounds great.” They continued their conversation about their nights as they walked down the street to a wine bar.

After settling down with drinks, they spoke of their work and living in the city. Laila, like Navid, was a scientist, though Laila focused mainly on clinical research, and Navid on engineering. Laila was born in New England, and had never lived anywhere else. She loved the big city, and the culture it provided. Her aspirations were to become a physician. Navid, although reticent initially, was encouraged by Laila’s receptivity, and spoke about his opinions of the city.

He mentioned how he had gotten into grad school out west, and was looking forward to going back to his home state. Laila was delighted to hear the good news, and didn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate with a toast. Navid smiled. After the toast, Laila spontaneously closed in on Navid for a brief hug. Navid nervously wrapped her arm around Laila, and his hands firmly supported her back. The backless dress enabled Navid’s fingers to come in contact with Laila’s back. Without realizing, his fingers softly stroked her back, giving Laila goose bumps. He quickly leaned back and took a sip of his wine to wipe his conscience.

“So, Navid, what happened with your dinner date?” Laila inquired.

“Oh, to be honest, I was just celebrating by myself. I figured it had been a while since I’ve had an enjoyable meal.”

“Well, I’m glad you got to enjoy some time to yourself. My opera date ended up being kind of a nightmare.” She paused. “But I’m glad this night’s gotten a lot better.”

Laila brushed some lint off Navid’s shoulder as they both smiled and let her hand drop onto his thigh. She smiled and excused herself to the rest room. Navid used this time to clear his head a little and convince himself that Laila is clearly sending strong signals and that he’s not just misreading her interest in him. He also ordered two more glasses of wine.

As she walked back, he realized his thoughts were beginning to swirl again. He noticed immediately that Laila was clutching onto her purse very tightly. He also noticed she had a spring in her step, something he amounted to her being drunker than she had realized.

As she sat down, Navid noticed her mischievous smile. This was the first time Navid really noticed Laila’s amber brown eyes. The fire-red lipstick accentuated her delicious, pouty lips. Her cheeks were faintly pink, a concoction of blush and the alcohol effect. Her hair was pulled back by a band matching her canlı kaçak iddaa dress, giving Navid perfect view of Laila’s neck line, a beautiful patch of delicate skin just waiting to be kissed. Navid yearned to taste Laila’s glistening skin. His imagination got the best of him, and started to feel blood quickly rush to his extremities. He readjusted himself, uncomfortably, in his seat.

The conversation briefly returned to platonic items like similar interests in reading materials. Near the end of the glass of wine, Navid decided to again change the subject back to personal relationships.

“So what type of guys do you usually go for?”

Laila replied, “To be honest, there really isn’t a certain type. I like guys who I am comfortable talking with. Ooh, and a guy with soft lips.” Laila couldn’t help but lick her lips as she finished her statement. Navid blushed, and felt his lips being intently and desirably investigated. He could now feel that Laila had been inching closer to him throughout the conversation. Navid made up his mind. He briefly licked his lips, and slowly but swiftly leaned in toward Laila. His bottom, quivering lip first contacted Laila’s glistening bottom lip. The top lips then met, creating a moist, intimate connection between the two. Navid leaned towards the right, and slightly parted his lips. Laila refused to break the sensual kiss, and parted her lips to maintain the electricity of their first kiss. Continuing their kiss, Navid finally broke away to catch his breath. He could hear her whisper “wow.”

“I’ve been hoping you would do that… for quite some time actually.” Laila reminisced.

In place of an expected long awkward silence between the two came the waitress asking if they’d like anything else. Saved, Navid instinctively retorted, “I think the check would be great.”

As she quickly walked away, Navid noticed Laila biting her lower lip, anticipating Navid’s next words. Rather than ponder his haste to close the tab, Navid decided to push forward with Laila.

“It’s getting late. Why don’t I walk you home?” Navid inquired, nervously. His eyes scanned Laila’s hesitant hands, unsure whether to grab the almost empty wine glass, or her purse.

“Sure, although my roommate might not be finished with her romantic evening in with her boyfriend.” Laila replied, trying to seem as hesitant as possible. She stared at Navid while clutching the stem of her wine glass, taking the final sip. Her eyes pierced through Navid, almost as a challenge.

Navid swallowed forcefully, and summoned his alcohol-induced courage. “Well, maybe we can open another bottle of wine at my place. I only live a couple of blocks from here.” His heart stopped beating, waiting in anticipation for Laila’s response. He couldn’t move his eyes from her. Her lips moved in slow motion to him.

“Ya, that sounds like fun.” Laila replied, showing the same daring smile she had introduced herself with on the train. Navid took a breath of relief and could feel his heart beating again. He watched her eagerly stand up and grab her purse. He paid the bill, and followed Laila out the door.

On the short walk towards his apartment, they spoke of the beautiful star-lit night. However, Navid had a hard time focusing on forming articulate words. He was much more pre-occupied with the endless possibilities of how this night could end, the least of which ended with them enjoying breakfast together the following morning. He started to prepare himself for any excuse she might give to get out of entering his apartment. He even suggested to himself to offer her an opportunity to back out. But he was determined to see this through.

When they arrived, he fumbled with the keys, and jiggled the door open. He turned on the lights, and she walked past the entrance to the living room. He nervously offered a quick and abrupt tour of the place, pointing out the restroom, the kitchen, and the bedroom. Had he not been nervous enough to look at Laila during this brief tour, he would have noticed a mischievous expression on Laila’s face.

Instead, he told Laila to get comfortable on the sofa, while he fished out a bottle of wine and some glasses. She declined. Rather than ask, she assertively followed him towards the kitchen.

As he was grabbing two bottles from the rack, he noticed again that she had inched close to him. He could feel the radiating heat from the dining table light on his flushed face. Turning to ask Laila which bottle she preferred, he was surprised by the proximity she had maintained to him. She was in a confident stance, daring Navid to undress her with his eyes. In his attempt to avoid eye contact, he again noticed her glowing skin. It glistened from the humid indoors, and seemed to be screaming for Navid’s touch. His eyes averted to Laila’s voluptuous lips, glimmering from her constant licking and biting. He then noticed her eyes locked on his lips.

He thought to himself, ‘this is it; now or never.’

He leaned canlı kaçak bahis in and placed his lips assertively on hers. Their second kiss was a juxtaposition of their first. They’re lips were far more aggressive and adventurous. Laila was the first to part her lips, dominantly engulfing Navid’s lower lip. Navid instinctively parted his lips, and inched his tongue towards to meet Laila’s. The tide of assertion favored his lips as he took over their embrace. He pushed his body towards her, placed his hands on her waist, and guided her backwards. She placed her hands on the back of his neck, and tilted her head back to gasp from the heat of his lips. Before she realized it, he had worked his way kissing her neck and leaned her against the counter. The intoxicating fragrance from her neck only drove Navid to further devour Laila with his lips. She let out an inaudible moan, wrapping one of her legs around his.

Navid, gaining more confidence, slid his hands further back, grabbing Laila’s ass. He grinned to himself how perfectly they fit in his rugged hands. Noticing the counter, he scooped her up in one seamless swoop, and placed her on the counter. Laila’s legs parted slightly, and Navid pushed himself closer to her. His hands moved back onto her waist, as they maintained their sensuous kissing.

Laila could feel Navid’s excitement against her warm thighs, and it caused her already moistened pussy to burn red. He slid his hands onto her legs, and slid under the dress onto her smooth thighs. As his fingers worked their way to her inner thighs, he felt her warmth and wetness, and quickly realized that Laila was not wearing any panties. This caught him off guard, and put even more naughty thoughts in his head. He playfully bit her lower lip and pulled away from their electric kiss.

“No panties, huh? You’re so naughty.” Navid teased.

“Ya, I couldn’t let them get any wetter than they already were, back at the bar. I was wondering how long it would take you to notice.” Laila smiled and kissed Navid intently, as she hopped off the counter. She pushed him backwards, and moved her hands to his chest. She took her time grazing over his chest. Even through the shirt, she felt the tightness of his chest. Navid could see in her eyes an appreciation for the effort he took in working out. As he returned his arms around her waist to bring her closer, she began to undo the buttons of his shirt. A quick kiss was broken off by Laila in an attempt to completely remove his shirt. “I want to see what you’re hiding under here,” she smirked.

He replied, “Maybe it’s time you get to see the bedroom.”

He grabbed her hand and tugged her towards the bedroom door. Before entering, he pulled her close for one more kiss. Inside, he removed his tie and shirt, and walked towards the side table to light some candles. She followed him and continued to rub her hands over his shoulders and back, while kissing his neck as he reached over. She watched him pull his undershirt over his head, and continued to run her hands over his glistening torso. He quickly learned her preference for chest hair, as her eyes never once left his chest. She again bit her lip, and he noticed. He rushed over to kiss her, toppling over onto the bed together. He placed his hands into hers as he turned his head to kiss her neck and ear. His attention returned over her jawline and chin, and focused back on her succulent lips.

As their tongues explored each other, she assertively turned him onto his back, straddling his hips. They both leaned up continuing their electric kiss, while he reached behind to unzip her dress. She playfully pushed him back onto the bed, and stood up.

He watched as she slowly unraveled from her dress, slowly exposing her hourglass body. She gave him a mischievous grin as she noticed him eyeing every inch of her body. Her tone was uniformly a dull bronze, suggesting to Navid she loved to sun tan nude. Her fully shaven pussy was glistening and a radiant light brown to pink. Her lips were throbbing, engorged with heat. Her petite waist highlighted a healthy amount of baby fat near her stomach, which accentuated her curvy hips. Her soft purple bra disappointingly covered her generous breasts. Navid wondered to himself if her panties were part of a matching set.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him as he sat up. As he tried to reach behind and undo her bra clasp, she pushed him back, and shook her head. She smiled, and her hands dove at his trousers. She kissed him seductively as she undid his button and fly. She kissed her way down, focusing on his neck and shoulders. She took her time working her way down his torso. She seemed to enjoy teasing him, playing with his nipples with her tongue. As she reached his waist, she slid off his trousers.

She exhibited some impatience as she reached into his dark grey boxer briefs to handle his already erect cock. She looked up at Navid and smiled, teasing the head of his cock with her timid, soft hands. She continued to kiss around his waist and work her soft fingers around his cock. She finally pulled his boxer briefs down and Navid’s cock sprang out. Navid appreciated how her thin fingers embellished his otherwise average-sized cock.

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