Video Ch. 2

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What happened? I don’t know. A couple of weeks after completing the first one, I was going over the story. I was asked to continue and possibly make it more exciting. How could I do that? It took a couple of nights to figure out the logistics, but here it is. 🙂 Enjoy!

Oh, it looks like a few of you didn’t like the first one by the way you voted. 🙂 So I should save you the trouble, it’s basically more of the same only now under the covers. Take care!

* * * * *

Still under the blanket, they watched the movie. About two thirds of the way into the movie, he glanced over at their friends.

They were all basically half asleep. It had been a long day. The women had been shopping all day and the men had been working on whatever they were working on in the garage.

He watched as the final person’s eyes closed. He reached over and gently squeezed her breast over her night shirt. He felt her hand reach up and half heartedly tug it away.

He leaned over and kissed her neck as he did earlier when he warned her of his intentions. Slowly his lips moved along the side of her neck.

She closed her eyes as she felt his lips on her neck. Her head had been laying on his arm as they watched the movie. She wanted to tug his hand away from her breast, but she wanted more. She didn’t quite understand it. While their little excursion to the bathroom had been very satisfying, what he insinuated when he whispered afterwards made her even more excited.

She sighed softly as his lips moved along her neck. She felt his lips gently massaging her soft skin along her neck.

He felt her respond to his kisses. He gently began to move his hand, cupping her breast and carefully teasing her nipple between his fingers through her shirt. His mouth slowly began to suck on her neck.

She started to pull away. She was afraid their friends could wake up any second now and see them.

He carefully squeezed her nipple as he felt her begin to move away. He felt her shiver slightly.

She started to lean back but her proper self began to assert itself.

He felt her stiffening and begin to move away. Carefully, he opened his mouth slightly and started to suck gently on her neck.

She bit her lip then. She felt herself melt and grow hot. His lips on her neck was bad, but the way he moved his lips when he sucked on her neck just shatters canlı bahis what resistance she had.

She felt him moving behind her. She felt him move closer. She let her head fall back down to his arm as his mouth continued to move along her neck. Kissing down the side of her neck, then slowly sucking back up along her neck.

His hand moved away from her breast and travelled down along her stomach.

She felt his hand moving down. She longed for his touch again so she leaned back. Her ass touched his hardness through his pants and her pants. Still, she felt him. It was hard and it was hot. She felt it throb between them. She heard herself moan slightly and turned her head slightly. She moaned into his arm more when his lips were repositioned halfway between the side of her neck and the back of her neck.

He felt her opening a way down. But he smiled to himself as his hand reached the top of her pants. Slowly, he began to pull at her pants.

She opened her eyes as she felt his hands start to pull at her pants.

He felt her start to pull away again. Almost urgently, a last ditch effort to stop. So he opened his mouth again as his lips reached just below and behind her ear on her neck. This time, instead of sucking, he let his tongue tip touch and flick gently against her. His tongue slowly circled along her neck, tracing a warm wet circle against her skin.

She shivered as his tongue touched her neck. She pushed her mouth against his arm then as his tongue started to flick and swirl small circles against her neck.

Carefully his tongue worked as his hand moved her pants down. Quietly he whispered between flicks or swirls.

‘Keep quiet, my dear. Let’s not wake our friends.’

She felt him shifting behind her. She knew her ass was exposed under the blanket so she couldn’t pull it away. She then felt it. His naked hardness throbbing against her ass cheek. She started to pull away because she knew she couldn’t be that quiet being that she is as excited as she was.

He moved his hard cock out of his pants and positioned himself behind her. He glanced at their friends, they were still asleep. He looked at her as he moved his cockhead between her cheeks.

He leaned forward and started sucking on her neck again. Slowly he kissed and carefully he sucked along her neck. All the while, his cockhead throbbed there at her entrance.

She bahis siteleri was so excited. She wanted him but she knew she couldn’t keep quiet. She felt him pushing forward and she attempted to move away. Her thoughts were numbed as she felt his teeth rake her neck. Not necessarily biting her but grazing her skin the way his lips teased her. She shivered and realized his cock was spreading her cheeks and entering her warm wet vagina.

He almost shoved hard as he felt her teeth on his arm. He gently held onto her neck with his lips, sucking and gently letting her feel his teeth. He moved slowly into her.

She felt every wondrous movement of his hardness enter her. She wanted to scream. She wanted to throw back the blanket and shove herself onto his hardness. But, she also did not want her friends to know. She bit harder. She wanted to get even somehow for this.

He felt her teeth on his arm still, but he moved slowly. Slowly he moved, stroking his hardness along the wet and warm insides of her vagina.

“Yes,” he whispered into her ear, “slowly, like that and they won’t know.”

She whimpered slightly as they moved. Rocking slowly under the blanket. They were slightly on their side and slightly on their knees.

“Shhh,” he whispered as he moved slowly in and out of her. “You’re so hot and wet.”

She squeezed her vagina around his cock and moaned quietly into his arm.

“MMmm, yes, move like that.” He whispered into her ear.

She half listened, concentrating on keeping quiet with every stroke and movement of his cock.

She nearly screamed as she felt his mouth on her neck again.

He kissed her neck, but only for a few strokes. He turned around again to watch their friends.

She felt him moving slightly faster. She heard him whispering again. She shivered and quickly glanced at their friends. She quickly placed her mouth back on his arm and closed her eyes as she felt him increasing his stroke.

He moved faster under the blanket. He wondered if he had teased her enough. He loved the sound of her voice when she was enjoying it, he wanted her to come. He moved the way she liked it, making sure to stroke his hardness against her a certain way from behind.

She grabbed the blanket and put it over her head and pressed her mouth against his arm. She moved with him, she couldn’t help it. She bahis şirketleri moved faster, wanting to feel it. Wanting it to flow out of her.

He moaned against her neck.

She felt and heard his moan against her neck and she lost it. She didn’t care if her friends heard. She had to feel herself release. She needed it. It built there.

Faster and faster it grew. The feeling moving through her.

His hardness stroking her vagina. Spreading her and filling her.

In and out.

He moved, moaning quietly into her ear.

In and out.

She heard him moaning, she knew that he was close too. She shoved harder against him.

In and out.

In and out.

“Shh,” she heard him say to her.

In and out. Faster.

“Yes, like this. Quiet.” He whispered.

Faster. In and out.

“Yes. Can you cum quietly?” he asked.

In and out. Fast.

“Can you?”

In and out. In and out. Fast.

“Can you do it quietly?”

She felt him start to slow down. She growled and shoved herself hard against him.

In and out, she pushed.

“We can’t do this if you can’t”

He felt one of her hands reach behind him and grabbed his ass, shoving him forward.

He glanced at their friends, they were still asleep.

In and out, she pushed faster.

“Can you do it quietly?” He asked.

She nodded against his arm, half whimpering with the effort of keeping quiet.

He shoved with her now. Faster and faster.

In and out. Quietly moving. Hardly able to contain their noises.

She really didn’t care at this point. She realized that he was worried and somehow that made it even more exciting. She moved faster.

He grunted.

“I’m going to cum.” he said into her ear.

She shoved harder. She was about to come herself. She wasn’t going to wait for him.

She felt herself stiffen then as she moved. A wave of pleasure burst forth from her. She shivered and moved at the same time. She whimpered and bit his arm.

He felt her come and that was all it took. He felt himself release before he could think of it. Her vagina sucking the juices from his cock.

She shivered even more when she felt his juices pushing up into her as her own juices flowed down.

They moved like that for a while until they couldn’t anymore. His hardness twitching slowly into softness inside her. Her warm wetness flowing down onto him.

She glanced around the room quickly to see if anyone noticed. She then quietly whispered to him with an impish smile, “Now how do you suppose we are going to explain the wet spot?”

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