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Big Dicks

You walk past an open patio door and out of curiosity you sneak a peek. You cannot believe your eyes when you catch a couple in a passionate embrace, both completely naked. He has his arms wrapped around her and he slowly drags his lips from hers and trails kisses down her neck to her breasts. She had nice firm large breasts with dark pink nipples that stand erect as soon as his lips touch them. She moans softly and runs her fingers through his hair as he works his magic on her tits.

You step into the shadows mesmerized…afraid to breathe in case they hear you and stop. You can feel your cock get hard and you are dying to reach down and touch yourself…

He pushes her back on the bed and begins to kiss his way down to her pussy. He spreads her legs and you can see that she has completely shaven her pussy and you can see the glistening pink lips from where you stand in the dark. He runs his fingers over her thighs and you hear her beg him to taste her…he chuckles and brings his lips to her thighs and kisses bahis firmaları her softly , in response she opens her legs further and leans up on her elbows and watches him as he teases her by kissing and kissing closer and closer to the sweet spot between her legs. He runs his fingers over the smooth lips and spreads them wide and runs his tongue from her ass to her hard little clit. She brings her hands up to her tits and begins to pull at her nipples while he works her pussy over like a pro. She begins to moan again, her breathe coming harder and harder as he inserts two fingers into her hole while he sucked on her clit. This drives her wild and she wraps her legs round his neck and brings his face closer to her pussy. His fingers thrust deeper and harder and she cums with wild abandonment, bucking and screaming as the waves roll over her one after the other…she lies back on the bed and gathers her strength.

You realize that you have unzipped your pants and have your hands on your cock, you have no idea how your kaçak iddaa pants got unzipped but you are stroking your cock like nobody’s business…

She smiles a wicked smile and sits up and pulls him down on the bed. She kisses him and savours the taste of her sweet juice on his tongue. She kisses him all over his body, working her way down his strong flat stomach until she gets to her reward…his rock hard cock. It has been standing at attention the whole time you have been watching. She kneels between his legs ad begins to roll her tongue around his head. She takes his balls in her hands and gently massages them as she takes him deeper in her mouth. He is now moaning as she goes from slow to fast in a split second and his entire cock is in her mouth. She sucks him fast and hard and his hands are wrapped in her hair and he moves her head in the rhythm that drives him wild. He is so turned that it does not take him long to cum, he fills her mouth with his salty cum and she pulls back and swallows every drop with relish. kaçak bahis She licks him clean and he grabs her and rolls her onto her back and enters her hot cunt in one swift motion.

You are stroking your cock in unison with him thrusting into her, she wraps her legs around his hips and he licks and bites her nipples as he pumps his cock into her wetness. You can feel the cum building up in your balls and you close your eyes imagining it was your cock ploughing into her pussy.

You open your eyes and you see that he is now kneeling in between her legs pumping her pussy with the same force, his ass is clenched in concentration and her hand is lazily stroking her clit as they both work themselves closer to a mind blowing orgasm.

He fucks her furiously until she screams with her second orgasm in mere minutes. He pulls his cock out and strokes it until he shoots his hot cum all over her tits. She giggles and reaches down and runs her finger through a puddle and brings the treat to her lips and licks it clean.

You look down and see the puddle of your own cum at your feet and wonder how you were able to cum so quietly that they did not hear…you decide to keep this house on your route in case you catch another show soon…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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