Wedding Gown

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I’m not really sure of what made me do it. I think it was because I had received a wedding announcement from a dear high school friend of mine. That got me thinking about my own wedding six years ago.

Six years doesn’t seem that long to most people, but when you have a child, a mortgage, car payments, long hours at the office for the both of us, time just seems to get away from you, you know?

Like most couples, we had saved the top of our cake for some anniversary use. I guess I became overly emotion and pulled it out of the freezer. It was a simple cake, but, then again, it was a simple wedding — and we loved it. That part of the cake still looked as gorgeous as it did the day we were married. The tiny bride and groom atop the cake were facing each other, holding hands with smiles. They stood under a plastic arch which sported a small bell hanging above them. The three tiers were ivory colored with small pearls around the bottom of each layer. Gorgeous, full, pastel yellow frosting roses adorned the top layer — surely a sugar rush for even the bravest of five year olds! As it began to thaw, my nose was filled with the mouth watering scent of butter cream frosting. My tummy rumbled!

Other things were swirling around in my mind as I made my way up to the attic. I felt a little silly looking for my wedding gown, but then again, a part of me wanted to. I finally found it and brought to our bedroom. Pulling it out of the protective bag, it looked as pristine as the day I bought it. The strapless gown was white satin, and small beads and sequences adorned the bottom of it. The cathedral length train was my favorite part! I was on a ski machine for two months just to make sure I had enough leg power to haul it down the aisle! It wasn’t overly poofy, either; just slightly; not enough to get in the way. I never could stand poof. I held the dress up in front of me while looking in the mirror. “Oh, what the hell!” I said with a smile. I undressed and stepped into the gown. Sure, it was a bit tight in places that it wasn’t six years ago, but it still fit pretty good.

I took the veil out and attached to my long, free-fallen, honey blond hair. My pool blue eyes stood out against the white of the gown. I didn’t want to hide them today with the veil like I did six years ago. I gave myself a goofy smile as I pulled open my pantie drawer. Rummaging around my thongs and panties, I found something I had bought a few weeks ago, but never had the courage to wear it: a candy apple red baby doll style piece of lingerie. My 36C breasts barely fit into the cups — I’m pretty sure that’s the whole idea of it — and the sheer material revealed everything from my tanned skin, to my belly button, to a few light stretch marks here and there. That reminded me to pick up some more coco butter.

I pulled out a pair of separate stockings and a sexy black garter belt. I felt so silly at that moment, but in a fun way. Suddenly, I heard my husband’s pickup truck pull into the driveway. I threw the articles back into the drawer and raced to the kitchen to greet him at the door.

“Hi, hunny!” I smiled, standing in glory in the wedding gown and veil. He kicked his boots off and stopped in his tracks as he looked me over from head to toe.

“What’s going on, baby?” Tyler asked, a little shocked with a nervous laugh.

I shrugged. “I don’t know, really. Shelly’s getting married and I guess that made me remember our wedding day. I look stupid, don’t I?” I suddenly felt REALLY embarrassed.

His face softened as he stepped towards me. He caressed my face and smiled. “No, baby. No, you don’t. You look so beautiful — breath-taking beautiful,” he cooed, like the illegal bahis first time he saw me coming down the aisle of the church. I smiled as he ran his fingers through my honey blond hair. He drew my chin up slightly and kissed my rosy lips sweetly.

I pulled away and said, “I also heard our wedding song on the radio, too.”

He kissed me on the cheek and said, “I’ll be right back,” as he walked into the bedroom. I sat at the kitchen table, trying hard to not to give into the temptation of sneaking a finger tip full of icing. Within a few moments, Tyler came back into the living room. “Well, I know it’s not the tuxedo I married you in, but this may have to do,” he explained as he stood in his best (I believe the price was around $620) midnight black suit with a Mandarin collar and black onyx buttons. True, he’s gained just a few pounds here and there, but there’s a reason they call them “love” handles; because I love to grab his waist and pull him towards me for kisses.

Like a school girl in love, I ran to him and jumped into his arms. Luckily he had a strong back and could easily compensate for the sudden assault on him. My dress poofed around us as as we fell back onto the couch. He laughed as he stood up and set me to the floor. Tyler wrapped his right arm around the small of my back and held my hand to his chest with the other. Our foreheads met as I closed my eyes, inhaling the vanilla musk scent of his cologne. That smell always stirred up sexual desire with me — always. It was the perfect placement on him, too; right on his neck, the best place to kiss him. Even though there was no music, we danced in a slow, lazy circle. I sighed and asked, “Do you think I’m psychotic for wanting to wear my wedding gown right now?”

Tyler laughed and kissed my forehead. “No! I think it’s a cute idea. I see you took the cake out, too.” I nodded.

“I don’t know what got into me, Tyler. I really don’t.”

“Ssshhh,” he said as he led me to the kitchen. He took a knife and wrapped my hand around the handle of it. He gently curled his on top of mine as we made a slice in the three tiered cake. “You know something?” he asked as we cut out 2 pieces. I looked at him for an answer. He said, “You’re even more beautiful today than you were six years ago.” My pool blue eyes began to well up with tears. I smiled as he wiped them away.

Following tradition, we lovingly fed each other a small piece of cake. However, he also put a very small dot of frosting on the tip of my nose as well. He lovingly kissed it off. I took a finger full of frosting and placed it close to his lips. He grinned as he sucked it off. I could feel the tip of his tongue poke against the pad of my index finger. A jolt of sexual desire shot through me. I gasped slightly. I don’t even know how he heard it.

Tyler grinned as he kept sucking on the tip of my finger. My mouth opened slightly and my breathing turned a bit heavy. His chocolate brown eyes locked onto mine as he gave my finger one last suck. Setting the cake down, we kissed passionately. My knees felt a little weak, and he held me close to him, his lips exploring my neck and shoulders.

Gently, Tyler pulled the veil out of my hair and set it on the couch as we passed by it on our way to the bedroom. In the privacy of the room, we continued to kiss. I ran my hands down the front of his shirt, unbuttoning it slowly, button by button. His bottom lip quivered as he caressed my curves. Quickly, I slid his jacket and shirt off his shoulders and let them fall into a rumpled pile on the floor.

His erection pressed against the zipper of his pants. I quickly released the button and dropped the zipper. His silky boxers illegal bahis siteleri couldn’t contain the perfect erection. He gently nipped at my neck as he turned me around to face the mirror. He stood behind me as we watched our reflections — kind of like our own private, live porn movie. He slid his hands down the bodice of the gown, stopping to message my breasts through the fabric. I was bra-less so my nipples reacted very well to the satin feel of the inside. They stiffened to hardened peaks as he licked the outer curve of my ear. “Oh yes,” I sighed softly. He pulled me closer and I could feel his bare erection pressed against my ass through the dress. Being sneaky, I slipped a hand behind me and brushed it against his cock. I could feel it jump with delight. The skin felt like velvet. I wanted him pounding into my pussy right at that moment.

Tyler turned me back around to face him. I immediately dropped to my knees and teasingly licked the head of his cock. It was so warm and swollen. It would feel great when it entered my dripping wet pussy. He pulled me back up to my feet and walked me to the opposite side of the bed. I could feel my sweet juices running down the inside of my thighs. My clit was certainly begging for attention, for he could stroke it blissfully.

I could feel his hands slide down my ass and gather the bottom of the wedding gown in his hands. He carefully gathered it up above my waist, revealing the fact that I forgot to put panties on. He smiled and groaned with delight. He gently laid me back on the bed, but my legs still slightly hung off the side.

Tyler knelt between my silky legs, and it wasn’t long before I could feel his warm tongue licking against my freshly shaved pussy lips. I shuddered blissfully at the feel of it. I could feel him gently part them. His tongue found my clit as he slid his middle finger into my tight pussy. I cried out in ecstasy at the feel of my pussy being stretched slightly by his finger. This was one of the ways he knew to make me cum.

His finger was coated in my sweet juices and I felt him slowly pull it out. My clit was still certainly getting lots of attention from his warm tongue. I spread my legs wider and then pulled my knees to my chest to allow him better access — and better pleasure for me. This caused my ass to slide forward just a bit. Surprisingly, the wedding gown never got too bothersome or in the way.

Tyler slid his finger up to my clit and played with it. He commented, “You know, you smell like soap? You must’ve just taken a shower.” I smiled and nodded. Tyler bit his bottom lip and grinned. His tongue replaced his finger on my clit. He slowly traced my spread pussy lips with his index finger that had been pleasuring me so well. He traced a little lower down to my ass. My pussy got even more wet at the thought of what he was about to do. Now, I was REALLY thankful I decided to take a shower!

I could feel gently pressure against my ass as he slowly slid his finger inside it. My breath came much faster as I felt his finger enter my ass at the perfect pace. “Oh yesssss!” I cried. The combination of his tongue on my clit and his finger in my ass drove me over the edge almost. It was perfect resistance for him. I knew he wanted to try anal sex, but it was just too painful for me. He felt bad and this was the compromise we had decided on. Oh, am I thankful!!

I could feel an orgasm building up in my lower stomach and could contain it no longer when I felt him slide his index finger into my ass all the way down to his base knuckle. It triggered the most amazing sensations and my restraint came undone. I screamed his name as I gripped the comforter canlı bahis siteleri on the bed as my inner muscles spasmed in bliss. Slowly, he slid his finger out and wiped it off on the blanket. He also wiped his mouth off before he kissed me hard on the lips. I gladly rolled over on to my stomach for him. He, once again, gathered the wedding gown up and pushed it well above my waist.

I loved him doggie-style! It made his cock feel bigger — if that was even possible for it to be bigger, that it! He slowly slid all seven inches inside me, stretching my pussy to conform to him. I groaned low into the blanket as his groin met my ass. His groan was the same as he wrapped his hands around my hips and started pounding into me. As he did this, his balls swung forward slightly and would tap against my clit. Oh, it was my favorite feeling! I spread my legs a little wider to allow more of my clit to be accessible to this.

The fabric of his pants rubbed against my ass and heightened my sensations. Playfully, he spanked me and whispered into my ear, “What a good girl you are, letting me fuck you like this. Damn, this is so hot!” His breath was so warm and exhilarating. I groaned as I began to push back against his pounding, increasing the feel for the both of us. As I did this, Tyler gasped at the feel. “Yeah, that’s what I want. Good girl. What do you want, baby?”

“I want you to make me cum!” I said, breathlessly.

“You want my finger back in your ass?”

“God, yes!”

“You want me to rub your clit, too?”

“Yes! Yes!” I begged. “Please, Tyler! Yes! Fuck your naughty girl!”

He slowly replaced his index finger into my ass. The feeling of his cock added to the pleasure. Then he slid his hand around to my pussy and began to rub my clit in fast, up and down motions. It was like pleasure sensory overload! I felt so naughty, and I knew he loved it.

I was able to squeeze his cock with my inner muscles as it pumped in and out of me. This elicited grunts from him that made me think he was close to cumming. He loved to have his cock milked, whether it was by hand or with my muscles. He continued to pump and pound into me at an amazing rate. My body just couldn’t hold back the impending orgasm. Between his full seven inch cock pounding my pussy, his finger in my ass, and my clit being played with, the orgasm washed over me like a tidal wave. Every muscle clenched in my body. I practically pushed his cock out of me I came with such force! I felt him slide his finger out again and wrap his hands around my waist. He slammed into me so hard that my orgasm just kept going into another one. Three orgasms from this man!

I was so weak, but certainly satisfied by the time I felt him empty his load deep inside my sopping wet pussy. The warm rush was so wonderful to feel so deep. It was several moments before he could move or even breath, it seemed.

Slowly, he pulled his softening erection from me. “Wow,” was all he could say as he collapsed next to me on the bed. His eyes were frosted over with bliss. I stood up on shaky legs and slid out of the wedding gown. He smiled as I revealed my body to him. I crawled back onto the bed and grinned at him. “Come here,” he said as he held his arms out. I snuggled perfectly up to him as he pulled a blanket around us. Chill bumps appeared on my skin as he softly touched me.

I touched his face and said, “You know, Tyler, you didn’t even give me time to change into what I was GOING to wear for you.”

“What would that be?”

“Well, it’s red, sheer, and has separate stockings.”

Tyler became quiet for a moment as he was turning the wheels in this brain. A grin appeared across his lips as he thought about it. “Can you show me now?”

I decided to be a bit of a vixen and said, “I think I’m going to wait until our seventh anniversary to show you.”

“That’s in, like, 10 months!”

I grinned and said, “I know.”


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