Weekend At The Island

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The ferry ride, so cold that even the tourists scurry inside after snapping off a couple quick pictures, the Lady in the harbor looks on, majestically unconcerned. The cold doesn’t touch me, your voice echoes in my mind, sultry and filled with longing for my kiss.

Finally I reach the Island, I politely move ahead of the crowd, my body leading me straight to where your car is waiting. As I get in, your hands and mine caress each other as we grasp each others faces, kissing deeply, passionately.

The sound of car horns jars us back to reality, still kissing, I can feel your smile against my lips as we part. The ride to your house is a brief one, thankfully, and my hand is rubbing up and down on your thigh, making you step harder on the gas at every green light. On the curves, I touch your throbbing pussy, feeling how wet you are already, and you grasp my pulsing cock in your hand whenever you can. Sometimes I wonder if we’re going to crash, but I’m too far gone to care!

We don’t waste any time once we get inside, all week we’ve been dying for this moment. Our clothes disappear as if by magic, our mouths locked together, tongues seeking and probing, devouring each other, breathing the same breath.

My hands roam your body, pulling you closer by grabbing your ass in my strong hands, kneading as you moan against me. One hand cups your sopping pussy, almost lifting you in my palm as the heel of my hand presses hard on your clit. Your knees tremble as your head rests on my shoulder, I take your hair in my fist and kiss your mouth fiercely, as two of my long fingers slip inside of you. Reaching up, deeper inside, to massage your innermost place, feeling your body start canlı bahis şirketleri to convulse, as I rhythmically pulse my fingers against your g-spot. Your body spasms, again and again, all my strength devoted to holding you up by your pubic bone, as you gush hot wetness over my palm and wrist. I hold you close while the tremors subside, feeling your breath hot against my neck, just holding my hand still inside you.

You reach down now, to take my dripping cock in your hand, I love the look on your face as you measure it by sliding your little hand down it’s length, when you raise your fingers up to taste the clear fluid running from me with every throbbing heartbeat, I know what you want next.

I gently let go of your sweet little pussy, licking your sweet cum from my fingers as you watch fascinated, trembling. I want to be inside of you so much, but when you drop to your knees before me, everything in the world disappears, except the sight of you with my cock poised to enter your mouth. Your tongue flicks out and tastes me again, softly licking around the engorged head, gripping me firmly in your tiny hands. You feel it twitching, you look me straight in the eyes as you slowly try to engulf my cock in your mouth. When you feel it in the back of your throat, you realize there’s no way you can swallow it all, but to please me you try anyway.

It drives me wild, I can’t take it for very long, I want to grab your hair and fuck your face.

When I do, I see a look of fear and lust in your eyes, almost begging me to, and yet knowing it will gag you. For a little while I let you try to swallow my thick, long cock, but soon I want to fill you with it. I tease you, canlı kaçak iddaa telling you that someday I’ll come in your mouth, if you’re a good girl! You laugh too, but you wish you could make me come like that.

As you stand, I hold your breasts in my hands, licking them, nibbling on your erect nipples, licking, all over your neck and breasts as I lay you down on the edge of the bed.

The sight of you spread before me, my hands pressing your knees to your body, is such a turn-on. I put just the head of my cock in, as you look down to see it entering your tiny pussy.

My thumbs spread your lips wide, rubbing your clit as I sink my cock into you, slowly, an inch at a time, until I’m buried hilt deep in your body. I stay there, unmoving, as your hips arc and flex to accommodate me, you’re already beginning your second orgasm as I begin withdrawing it slowly, tormenting you in the sweetest possible way! My thumbs still rubbing your clit as I pull all the way out, then slowly slide into you again. Grinding deep inside of you now, my pubic bone rubbing against yours, sending you over the edge, again and again, just opening you up so I can go faster, harder, deeper. You’ve already come many times when I start really pumping into you, hands holding you folded, and wide before me, feeling my balls slapping wetly against your ass.

I use the bed springs to bounce you up and down on my rock-hard cock, In and out, faster and faster, your body completely clenched in one long, screaming orgasm, your head whipping your hair from side to side as you cum, uncontrollably, begging me to stop, screaming for me to fuck harder, you only know this sensation must end or you’ll explode, canlı kaçak bahis and then you do, as you feel me tense up and grow more erratic, you grab both my arms and stare at me as I say, “OH YEAH, NOW BABY, RIGHT NOW!” I shoot burning jets of cum deep inside you, as your body drenches my cock, milking me, as our juices blend into a froth, running out, down the crack of your ass as I keep pumping my hot cum inside you.

Your muscles clench and quiver around my still -hard cock, your eyes glaze as you keep coming and coming, my cock still buried deep inside you, still throbbing from the pleasure.

I lie atop you, holding you, kissing you, but it’s not over yet, and when I ask you; “had enough? or do you want more?” It’s a strictly rhetorical question! I put you on your hands and knees, entering your dripping pussy from behind, just to feel how deep you can take me.

My strong hands grip your ass, spreading you open, so that now my balls are slapping on your burning clit. You can only grip the sheets and moan now, this is my time, just fucking you for the sheer joy of making you come over and over again, reveling in this sensation of fulfilling you so completely.

Wanting you to beg me to come, harder and faster, I slam my cock into you, waiting for you to scream out every time you come, until you’re just limp and weak from coming. Thats the moment I love. When you say, “oh please, please come”.

And I do, grabbing your hips and pulling you back onto my cock as I thrust deep inside one final time, shooting my come inside you as you cry out in gratitude and pleasure.

Then, sated, I fall on my side next to you, kissing and caressing every part of you that I can reach, kissing your neck, feeling you sigh in contentment, as I snuggle up next to you.

This is the moment I treasure, glowing, hot, just happy to breathe in your scent, watching as you fall asleep in my arms….for a while…..

The end

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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